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Lures and Tackle Chat 1/10/01

chatman-  Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome tonight's guest, Penny Plumley of Lures and Tackle Supply!!!

Driftr-  Welcome Penny Plumley !!!!

Juls-  clap clap clap clap clap welcome Penny!

Driftr-  clap clap clap

Penny Plumley-  Thank You

#1 Saugeye-  Welcome Penny

LS(nd)-  welcome Penny

chatman-  Penny, let's start out with a brief History of Lures and Tackle Supply and Weldon Tackle...

Penny Plumley-  Hi everyone and thanks for having me

Penny Plumley-  Lures and Tackle Supply is the distributor and sales rep for Weldon Tackle Mfg. which has been in business since 1954

chatman-  I see Lures and Tackle Supply has quite a selection of lures as well as Trolling products on the web site

Penny Plumley-  Yes we do and our product is backed by guarantee

chatman-  Let's talk a bit about the lures, all hand tied and hand made in the USA?

Penny Plumley-  Yes of course, and even our supplies are bought in the USA

chatman-  Any questions for Penny Tonight?

#1 Saugeye-  Penny, what is your web address

Juls-  I missed something..what are these lures exactly? sorry if you already said

Den-  is the Weldon CO. from Ohio?

Penny Plumley-  The company address is 18613 St. Clair Ave. Cleveland, OH 44110

chatman-  You can access their web site from the Walleye Central Sponsors links...

#1 Saugeye-  thanks

Penny Plumley-  We have jigs, rigs, trolling, leaders, planner boards and accessories

Juls-  ok thanks

chatman-  I was amazed at the wide variety of products you have available Penny, like the planer boards, and the plans to build your own etc..

Penny Plumley-  Hand tied means the jig heads are placed in a vice and tied by thread by a real person

Juls-  hahah yep...I know what hand tying is..just didn't know what was tied...- -)

Den-  they have some spinners, and very good jigs Juls

chatman-  Describe the line of hand tied jigs etc., please Penny....

Den-  penny, where do you work out of?

Penny Plumley-  The hand tied jigs are Mini Foo's, Steelheaders and mini eyes, this time of year used for steelhead fishing extremely good when used with a bobber drifting the rivers

Penny Plumley-  I work out of a shop in Cleveland, Oh

Den-  penny, are you going to be at the W.L.Baumler show this year?

chatman-  I see the variety of spinners and weight forward type lures, they look like several time tested lures

Penny Plumley-  Yes we will be there

Dan(oh)-  how long has the company been around

Den-  I will see you there, I have been using the products for over 25 years, as well as selling them

Penny Plumley-  Our weight forwards and spinners have been in production since 1954

chatman-  I like the weightless one's, although the name escapes me at the moment

Penny Plumley-  It's nice to know that I have a fan

chatman-  Look like an excellent long line drifting lure...

Den-  a lot of fans here in Vermilion Penny

Penny Plumley-  We have the JB4, a Bee Zee, also added some new blade combos with 20" leaders

chatman-  Where can someone find Weldon Lures other than on the net? Do you have a large distribution network?

Penny Plumley-  A lot of our light weight worm harnesses are used with our Arnie's Drifters

chatman-  and Besides Den's place...lol..

Den-  I have some in the shop chatman, lol

Juls-  - -)

Penny Plumley-  We are still building our distribution network but would appreciate all the help we can get through dealers and jobbers

U.P. Pro-  Penny do you have pro staffers that fish for Lure & Tackle supple co.

Penny Plumley-  Yes, look at our web site

EYESRFN-  do you have a address?

Penny Plumley-  We don't have any Pro Staff

chatman-  www.luresandtacklesupply.com

Penny Plumley-  Our address is 18613 St. Clair Ave. Cleveland OH 44110

EYESRFN-  cool thanks I have a small spinner Company here in Montana

chatman-  or you can find their ad on the Walleye Central Sponsor's links

Penny Plumley-  We'd be happy to do business with you we will be in touch

Den-  their weight forward has been a very well producer for many years

Penny Plumley-  That's our dinner winner

Den-  right, the yellow, with orange back

Penny Plumley-  We have several other colors to choose from too

Den-  works great with electric motor on very slow troll too

EYESRFN-  do you have a catalog that you send out

Penny Plumley-  Yes we can send a catalogue or you can visit our web site

EYESRFN-  ok thanks

chatman-  I also see you have a rather extensive selection of trolling gear. Wooden Planer boards, plans for home made boards and kits and the like...

Penny Plumley-  Yes we also have down rigger releases , stackers, and stacker releases. Our planner board kits and plans for building are great

Dan(oh)-  are most of your products for walleye fishing

Den-  and simple to follow too

Penny Plumley-  Our planner boards are made of quality redwood and we make them right here at the shop

Den-  good crappie and steelhead jigs

Penny Plumley-  No we also have bass, crappie, Stripers, cat fish and all game fish

Penny Plumley-  We have never had any complaints, most everyone who knows about us love the products

chatman-  I really love the small sizes of the hand tied jigs, I fish a lot of pan fish and stream trout and have a hard time finding a decent looking feathered jig.

Dan(oh)-  do your weight forwards come in different weights

Penny Plumley-  Try our mini eye, it's a jig head on a forged fly hook, 1/80 1/64 1/32 & 1/16

Penny Plumley-  They come in 3/8, 5/8, 3/4, 1oz, and 2 blade styles, French and Colorado hammered

Den-  Penny, I have won some tourneys on the weight forwards

Penny Plumley-  And just to let everyone know, I check all of the feather jigs myself and they WON'T fall apart

Penny Plumley-  Glad to hear that I could help you win

Den-  the steelhead like the 1/32 black, they are rough on them though

Penny Plumley-  For all you trout guys, as soon as the weather gets a little warmer, great fishing from Chagrin river to Elk Creek PA

Den-  how many colors do you have in the harness Penny

EYESRFN-  do you sell bulk blades, hooks, beads etc. or are they pre-tied

Penny Plumley-  We have approximately 32 colors in the worm harnesses and we can also take orders for special colors, check the web site

Penny Plumley-  All of our supplies are used for assembly of our products

chatman-  Penny, is Weldon a strong regional Tackle Manufacturer? It sounds as if many of the products are geared towards a Lake Erie market/

chatman-  www.luresandtacklesupply.com  

Penny Plumley-  Our worm harnesses are made with 45lb. test stainless nylon coated cable and we use Mustad hooks on all our products

Penny Plumley-  No, our market does very well in the inland lakes and through Kentucky, Tennessee, and states that are stocking walleye striper and other game fish

chatman-  I'd imagine then that the spinner rigs would hold up fairly well against a striper...

Penny Plumley-  Our Bee Zees and June Bugs are a solid stainless steel wire and are great for that

chatman-  It is also interesting to me, at least, that weight forwards don't seem to get much attention too far from Erie.......yet they will work......does this seem to be the case in your distribution of them?

Penny Plumley-  Yes, because the weight forward was a drifting and casting type of lure

Den-  theirs does work trolling too, the design stops it from spinning up to 3mph

Den-  the whole body I mean

EYESRFN-  if you are looking for a tester for some of your spinners would love to try them here in Montana

chatman-  But that is exactly how I use them, and they are sheer dynamite on smallies when tipped with a leech or Power bait!

chatman-  I know, wrong fish, now put down those torches and pitch forks!!!!

Driftr-  :)

Den-  the orange one tipped with a leech is deadly on Erie that way

Driftr-  Trolling den?

Den-  good for eyes that way too

Den-  yes

Den-  in less than 25 foot of water

Penny Plumley-  Many types of blades work best at certain speeds our French and June bug blade work very good at a low speed

chatman-  I did some real damage, with them, on Green Bay this year! On both eyes and smallies, too bad the eyes weren't in the MWC tourney!!

chatman-  How many different blade styles and colors are available Penny?

nokes-  Have any of you ever fished the PWT as an amateur

chatman-  I think a few here may have....I haven't......yet?

Penny Plumley-  We have approximately 10 blade styles and about 20 colors

chatman-  What about blade colors? Gold and silver? Painted?

Penny Plumley-  We have gold plated and nickel plated, and a wide variety of other painted colors to choose from

nokes-  I just joined the one on the Detroit river and was wondering if it is possible to pre fish with a pro

EYESRFN-  do you make up your blades or do you order from elsewhere and then put the rigs together

chatman-  Hey nokes, you should also post the question on our message board, many PWT pro's check in there, and we also have a pro Q&A board...

m.n.obucket-  penny are all your blades the big Erie styles??

slip-bobber(MT)-  Just ask them nokes. Most welcome the company

Penny Plumley-  We get our component parts from American suppliers and also have our own dyes

Den-  penny, do you use the heavy line on the harness too?

slip-bobber(MT)-  PWT will have a list of pros and phone numbers. Contact them and they should be able to help you out.

Penny Plumley-  No, our blades are approximately four different sizes and matched to the type of fishing conditions

slip-bobber(MT)-  that works too

chatman-  any final questions as we wind down tonight?

Penny Plumley-  45lb. test on harnesses leaders crappie rigs and etc.

Den-  I will look you up at the show penny

chatman-  Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm round of applause for our guest host tonight, Penny Plumley of Lures and Tackle Supply and Weldon Tackle....

slip-bobber(MT)-  they are drawn nokes

Driftr-  Thanks Penny, Great Chat !!!

Driftr-  clap clap clap !!!!

Penny Plumley-  Look forward to seeing you there

EYESRFN-  thanks for the good info

Den-  thanks penny, clap, clap

m.n.obucket-  Penny, thanks

slip-bobber(MT)-  clap,clap

nokes-  thanks

Penny Plumley-  Thanks guys for having me and don't forget to e-mail us

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