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Rod Wrangler Chat 7/18/01

Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm welcome for Steve Messenger and the Rod Wrangler!!!
Driftr - Welcome Steve Messenger !!!
knotter - Hi!
Driftr - Clap, clap, clap, clap!!!!
Lu (wi) - Hi Steve!
Chatman - Clap, clap, clap......Woo hoo!!
SteveM - Thanks Driftr!
WalleyeWiz - Hello Steve and all!
fish - Hey Steve!
SteveM - Howdy!
Chatman - Well Steve, where did the idea for the Rod Wrangler come from?
SteveM - Settin' in my boat day after day wonderin' where to put my rods.
SteveM - It took a couple years of looking but I finally got it. ( I'm a little slow)
Chatman - Kinda got tired of tripping over them Steve?
Driftr - Steve what did you do before Rod Wrangler?
SteveM - Yeah, between digging in rod lockers and stepping on them...
Eyez - I always pile them on the floor, my rod lockers are a bit less than adequate.
Eyez - Is there someplace that I can see a picture of the rod wrangler?
SteveM - Yeah, I know...even the good ones aren't "finger tip"
Chatman - Can you describe, basically, how the Rod Wrangler works Steve?
SteveM - Yes Eyez, try messengerboat.com or walleyecentral.com on the classified page. (banner)
Chatman - If you go to the classifieds page, here on Walleye Central Eyez, there is a banner there that leads you to the place where we sell 'em online. There are pictures there as well
SteveM - The thing fits right in the existing seat bases and holds 8 rods...right there and ready!
Chatman - Does the Wrangler only fit the one style of seat base?
Eyez - It looks like it fits my warrior seat bases.
SteveM - We have the Springfield Taper Loc and Swivl-Eze (1.77")
SteveM - We haven't really had a demand for any others yet.
Chatman - That is probably 80% of the fishing boats out there now....
SteveM - Yeah Chatman, I think that might be the case.
Chatman - Unless you have a 1950 runabout......with fins like the Batmobile!!
Eyez - I have a question about this for all of you then.
SteveM - I've just mounted a taper loc base on my shed wall and stuck the rod stand in horizontally. It works!
Chatman - Is the Rod Wrangler your only product Steve?
SteveM - Right now , yes, but we have two more coming out before fall if we can get them finished.
Mikej - What kind of stuff do you have coming out Steve?
Chatman - Are you at liberty to fill us in a bit? Or do we need to wait a little longer Steve?
SteveM - Nothing new for the fishing market, but we have a dog box that mounts in a hitch receiver. It swings away for access to the rear doors on Suburbans, Vans, etc.
Juls - That sounds cool1
SteveM - The other thing I'm working on is a device that rolls up marker buoys.
Mikej - I want one of those marker winders.
Juls - ;-)
Chatman - Me too!
Juls - Steve, how does it work?
SteveM - Necessity is the mother of invention...in other works it is a pain in the backside, manually winding marker buoys!!
Juls - Heheh!
Juls - I guess if your only workin' on it...you're not at liberty to say yet ...;-)
SteveM - It is hand held. There are spring loaded rubber cups, with a motor and trigger, that wind the buoy. And that's all folks!
Juls - Cool! 
Juls - Does the Messenger Rod Wrangler fit into any seat base?
WalleyeWiz - I just ate some fresh eyes an hour ago. Sooo good!
Bob Jensen - Hi Juls, hello to everyone else
Juls - Good to hear it Wiz...sounds good..;-)
Chatman - Steve, the dog box slides into a receiver? Kinda like that cargo shelf?
Driftr - Hi Bob!
Bob Jensen - Hi Driftr and Chatman.
Ness - Hi, Bob!
SteveM - The Rod Wrangler fits the Springfield Taper Lok, Swivl-Eze Wedge, and Swivl-Eze 1.77" post
Lu (wi) - Hi Bob!!
Bob Jensen - Hello Ness and Lu.
SteveM - Very similar Chatman but it swings out for easy access to rear doors.
Chatman - I imagine then it is a fairly substantial gizmo. Don't want Fido hanging on for dear life!
denny sd - Chatman I wouldn't put my dog in one of them on a bet! All dust and exhaust..
Chatman - Oh, I don't know Denny. If it is designed well it should work just fine.
SteveM - Yeah, the idea came from guiding a pair from California that had to ride in their suburban with skunk struck dogs!
denny sd - What good is a bird dog with a dirty nose?? LOL!
Bob Jensen - I haven't been here for a while. Seems like everything has changed.
denny sd - July walleye blues?
Bob Jensen - Or at least some things have changed.
Bob Jensen - How do I get the list of names of who is in here tonight?
denny sd - I'm waiting for fall when we can fish in the morning and hunt pheasants in the afternoon!
Chairman - Hit detach Bob.
Chatman - Hit detach, then maximize the window that opens up Bob.
Bob Jensen - There it is. Thanks Chatman and Bruce.
WalleyeWiz - Walleyes are HOT on Erie right now. And the tattle flags I just got, work great!
Chatman - That brings up a new topic. Lets talk a little about the walleye fishing in your area Steve.
Chatman - Where are your favorite walleye waters in Nebraska?
WalleyeWiz - They are great for the small eyes. I'm gonna get a couple more for the other 2 boards Bruce.
SteveM - I've done a lot of guiding at Calamus but Big Mac (McConaughy) is hard to beat! Big fish and plenty of them!
Chatman - Has Steve missed any questions so far? If so ask again............
Chairman - I see they had mixed catches at the Sault Ste. Marie today
Juls - Yeah Bruce, I noticed that too....
Chatman - Steve, I mentioned earlier I was on Merritt once, have you ever fished there?
Juls - I know of a few that were on some bigger fish pre-fishing than what they caught today....bummer!
Chairman - Yes, I hope it picks up.
Chatman - How would Big Mac and Calamus compare?
SteveM - YES...Merritt Reservoir is a great fishery. Check with Ron Seelhof he'll say the same.
Bob Jensen - Gotta go, see you all next time.
Driftr - C-ya Bob!
Juls - Where do you hail from Steve? Where is you business located?
Lu (wi) - Bye Bob!
Chatman - Ah, I don't know about that Steve! LOL! Merritt stuck it to me pretty good as far as walleyes went. (Bet then my handle is "Nofish" for a reason I guess. LOL! But we nailed the Largemouth bass pretty good.
SteveM - Calamus lot's of fish, and fair share of 8 pound, plus, fish. McConaughy has lots of fish, and a fair share of fish 12 lbs and over!
Juls - Where are you from Steve? Where's your business?
SteveM - I was raised around Calamus (Burwell) and now reside in Kearney.
Juls - Thanks!
Chatman - Jeez, any of the lakes there sound pretty good Steve. Are they all reservoirs, or are there any natural lakes?
SteveM - You're welcome Juls, and thank you.
SteveM - Everything here is reservoir and just like the Dakotas we have our problems with draw down...but we do have eyes!
Chatman - Do the lakes in Nebraska have a productive ice-fishing season?
SteveM - We have 15 or so reservoirs that produce eyes in varying degrees.
Chatman - About how long is the open water fishing season Steve?
SteveM - We have great ice fishing for perch, crappie, bass, pike, but alas we don't seem to do so well on walleye as a rule.
Chatman - I wonder why that is.
SteveM - We don't have a season here...ice off to ice on.
Chatman - Okay, no official season? But how long is the ice gone? How long from ice out to ice up?
SteveM - We don't have the pressure that the northern tier does. Someday we may but we get a lot of folks from up north who can't wait!
SteveM - We usually ice up in December and off in late March, Chatman.
Chatman - I generally road trip it down that way when I have had it with the winters up here. I have in-laws in Oklahoma City.
SteveM - Some great big water down in Okey land!
Chatman - I took my wife's uncle out, up here, last fall for walleye. Paul caught his personal best 2 times that evening! He tells me there's big striper water down that way though. (OKC)
SteveM - Yep!
Ness - What was or is his personal best, Chatman?
Chatman - He , my wife's uncle, caught a 6lb eye and then topped it with a 7 pound plus fish!
Juls - ;-)
SteveM - LOL!
Ness - Nice day for him :-)!
Chatman - It was a nice day for me too. I usually brag up a place, then take someone there and stink up the water......LOL!
Chatman - Any more questions for our guest tonight? We have about 7 min left. Now is the time to ask.
brunno - What is the price of the Rod Wrangler? Anyone?
Chatman - We have the Rod Wrangler here on Walleye central for 89.00 plus S&H Brunno.
river king - I've never heard of the rod wrangler, till tonight.
SteveM - I'd like to say it's been a real pleasure...I don't get on here as much as I should!
Chatman - Stop in anytime Steve!
Chatman - Any last questions? Any missed questions?
SteveM - Check it out, river king, on W.C. classified or messengerboat.com 
Chatman - Ladies and gentlemen a warm round of applause for Steve Messenger!!!!
Juls - Thanks Steve!
Ness - Thank you, Steve.
Driftr - Thanks Steve!
SteveM - Thank YOU!!!
Juls - Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap...thanks!
Eyez - Thanks allot Steve, sounds like you've got a winner of a product.
Driftr - Clap, clap, clap!
Eyesrfn - Clap, clap!!!
Chatman - Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap....ow! My hands hurt!.......LOL
brunno - Chatman. When will this chat be in the archives? I missed most of it.
Ness - Clap, clap, clap...
SteveM - Good night all and God Bless
Chatman - Brunno, I will have it edited and it should be up shortly after that. The only hang up this week is we are also doing the Live Leaderboard for the PWT tourney at the Sioux...

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