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Michael Meyer Chat 4/7/01

Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome tonight's guest, Mike Meyer Jr!!!!!!!!!

Driftr  - Welcome Mike !!!

Den  - hi mike

Swat1  - Welcome Mike

Ristorapper  - hi Mike

MikeM  - Hello fellow MM

Backwater Eddy (ND)  - Howdy Mike

Eyesrfn  - hi mike

Juls  - clap clap clap clap clap..welcome Michael!!

Michael Meyer Jr  - thanks

Chatman  - Well Mike, where do you want to go tonight?

Juls  - Michael, how did you end up at Spring Valley?

Michael Meyer Jr  - back to red wing I'm broke

Michael Meyer Jr  - Spring Valley

Juls  -   ;-)

Michael Meyer Jr  - I started to learn hand lining

Juls  - how did you like it?

Michael Meyer Jr  - I want my rod back!!!!

Juls  - hahahaha

Backwater Eddy (ND)  - lol

Chatman  - Well, that answered my question Mike............lol........

Eyesrfn  - too many calluses?

Juls  - if there were he did it wrong..lol

Backwater Eddy (ND)  - You need magic finger Juls to show ya her touch

Michael Meyer Jr  - It was different. Now for Dubuque

Juls  - I'm looking forward to Dubuque...I have never been there before...

Juls  - I guess you wont be taking the hand line reels with you this time huh?

Chatman  - The revised forecast for Dubuque is a much better river than it has been...

Juls  -   ;-)

MikeM  - Went to the river some years back with the MWC...interesting water

Driftr  - are there more teams signed for Dubuque?

Michael Meyer Jr  - Found a good Kirby Puckett batting glove

Ristorapper  - for hand lining?

Ristorapper  - just kidding

Michael Meyer Jr  - hahaha

Chatman  - Do you wanna talk a little about your win at Lake City last year Mike  -

Michael Meyer Jr  - mounted the reels on the windshield. That worked different

Juls  - on the windshield??

Backwater Eddy (ND)  - so you could use it and operate the boat at the same time?

Juls  - why did you put them there I'm wondering?

Michael Meyer Jr  - I run a remote kicker and that worked well. Only one lost weight

Backwater Eddy (ND)  - OK

Chatman  - I also suspect there is not as much of a risk of getting the line caught in the prop then either....

Michael Meyer Jr  - still have 10 fingers

Backwater Eddy (ND)  - lol

Backwater Eddy (ND)  - do they ever back troll hand line's?

Michael Meyer Jr  - saw Grandpa Joe doing it backwards

Juls  - no BE

Backwater Eddy (ND)  - why

Chairman  - why would you back troll hand lines?

Backwater Eddy (ND)  - slip the channel better

Backwater Eddy (ND)  - ???

Michael Meyer Jr  - I see there is about 12 tourneys in red wing this year maybe I'll move there

Swat1  - Actually I think you would have less boat control in current when back trolling. ?????

Juls  - your going to have to call me BE and I will explain hand lining to you....I started to last time when you got cut off...lol

Backwater Eddy (ND)  - I back troll rap's all the time on rivers

Chairman  - you are making a simple presentation difficult eddy

Den  - bad line Juls, lol

Juls  - lol

Juls  - I agree with Bruce

river king  - eyefish, aka Rod Hill is in 2nd place at PWT Detroit tourney

Swat1  - me too

Juls  - saw that Roy...cool..  ;-)

Backwater Eddy (ND)  - ah yer just chicken

Chairman  - the jig bite got hot when Edison fired up the plant. everybody was at Trenton.

Michael Meyer Jr  - the wind blowing up current may be what slowed the HL bite. It was great till Friday

river king  - not everybody Bruce but a lot of them were

Chairman  - I know, I was there, just got here at Erie today.

Chairman  - what gear lis cold here too 37

Michael Meyer Jr  - wish I was there

river king  - the big weights didn't come from Trenton channel

Juls  - we did well on Saturday...didn't do so well on Sunday but that is because we made a wrong decision..the bite was there..if you talking about spring valley Michael?

Juls  - had a limit by 8:30..culled the rest of the day

Chatman  - Hey mike, can you tell us who your sponsors are?

Michael Meyer Jr  - Ranger Evenrude? Macs Offshore Frankies Marine

Jess  - Got my husband a 619 Ranger

Chatman  - You bought hubby a boat?

Ristorapper  - lucky man

Michael Meyer Jr  - good choice

Chairman  - you the girl Jess!!!

Chatman  - Got a sister?

Ristorapper  - :-)

Chatman  - or ya wanna talk to my wife??? LOL

Juls  - cool Jess!!   ;-)

Smitty  - I was thinkin the same thing.. Lucky guy!!!!

Juls  - lol

Jess  - thanks for your help, I posted about the fastest walleye boat a month ago

Juls  - O.K......I remember that..  ;-)

jerry  - We hammered the big girls on DePere last night.

Chatman  - I remember it and the ensuing fire fight very well.............

Jess  - he picked a Ranger not for speed, though

Juls  - Michael...what tournaments are you fishing this year? anything other than the MWC?

Jess  - fishability and durability or something

Michael Meyer Jr  - WWA both team and premier and three RCL

Juls  - Michael Meyer is our host tonight until 8pm....if anyone has any questions for him..fire away..  ;-)

Juls  - cool Michael...best of luck in all of them!

Driftr  - I may go to a Lund at summers end this year...wife approving of course

Driftr  - hahahaha

Jess  - that is what I like to hear

Michael Meyer Jr  - WWA team with Jackie

Ristorapper  - Which 3 RCL's mike?

Chairman  - Need amateurs for the RCL here at Erie

Michael Meyer Jr  - Devils and LaCrosse and Green Bay?

Driftr  - Bruce , how many are signed so far

Ristorapper  - Read Juls post They still need some??

Chatman  - Are you planning on returning to Lake City this year to defend your title Mike?

Ristorapper  - May look ya up at DL

Michael Meyer Jr  - YES to Lake City

Michael Meyer Jr  - I cant do the same at hunters point. scheduling

Chairman  - about 90 pros and 70 co's

Chatman  - Hunters Point Mike?

Juls  - OK

Michael Meyer Jr  - on

Michael Meyer Jr  - On Mille Lacs Cant repeat there

Chatman  - What do you consider your home waters Mike?

Michael Meyer Jr  - St. Croix River

Michael Meyer Jr  - Grew up on it

Michael Meyer Jr  - and in it

Ben  - When does the RCL come to Devils Lake?

Chatman  - What are your strong points, favorite tactics, for chasin walleye's?

Ristorapper  - Sept. 5-7 approx

Michael Meyer Jr  - My handle is Slip_Bobber

Ben  - Is the field full?

Ristorapper  - doubt it

Michael Meyer Jr  - I also like to pull boards very shallow

Ben  - I'm not very familiar with the circuit, is there anyway I can fish that tourney without fishing the rest of them?

Michael Meyer Jr  - run them into shore

Ristorapper  - What ya pulling behind shallow boards MIKE?

Ristorapper  - yes Ben

Chatman  - Me too, have to keep the outside boards rod in my hand to keep the line out of the trees sometimes....

Ben  - Are you going to fish it?

Chairman  - openings at each site now Ben

Michael Meyer Jr  - shallow shads 10 to 25 ft back

Michael Meyer Jr  - that's what the steering wheel is for

Ristorapper  - :)

Ben  -

Ben  - all right, who should I contact to get into it?

Chatman  - That's true Mike, but I have found that sometimes being able to have the board run under overhanging trees reaches untouched water...

Juls  - go to www.operationwalleye.com..all the info is there Ben

Chairman  - operationbass.com

Ben  - thanks

Juls  - or that one too...they both get you there...just click on the RCL logo

Ben  - Devils Lake

Chatman  - You can get there from Walleye Central too, go to Walleye Tourneys and click on their logo....

EyeBoy  - Chat  - what boards do you use?

Michael Meyer Jr  - I run them right into the rocks. It seems to trigger. The rod is in my hand

Chatman  - Wille Boards with the snapper clip on the tow arm....

Juls  - that's what you did at Pepin last year to win it didn't you Michael?

EyeBoy  - thanks

Michael Meyer Jr  - yes on offshore boards

Ben  - fish the river very often

Juls  - cool...never would have thought of that...  --) very interesting

Den  - gotta hold tight to the fishing rod Juls, lol

Juls  - lol

Swat1  - Are you using the new snapper releases from Off Shore now Michael?

EyeBoy  - When running your boards in that close  - do you run surface cranks, or shallow divers?

Michael Meyer Jr  - NO! I'll go back after the boards

Michael Meyer Jr  - 7 - 9 shallow shads or 5 shads

Juls  - so you want those cranks slamming into the rocks huh? making a lot of commotion? is that right?

EyeBoy  - K-O

Swat1  - I took the new pin release and put it on the back of the board so if the front comes loose the back one will still hold but it allows the board to not dig in and come in easier

EyeBoy  - Bumpin and bangin?

Juls  - do you leave both sets of trebles on , or do you take the front one off?

EyeBoy  - good question

Michael Meyer Jr  - I'll try that Swat

Chatman  - What about speed Mike? How critical is it for you, and what speed are we talking about here?

Michael Meyer Jr  - Tight to shore its usually 2.0

Chatman  - I know a lot of Pepin anglers troll a lot faster, have you found higher speeds productive at all Mike?

Michael Meyer Jr  - I took 2nd at the NAWA championships in 99 doing 4.5 - 5 mph with boards

Driftr  - how deep is the water they are running in

Swat1  - that's making them skip along...lol

Michael Meyer Jr  - 5 - 8 ft

EyeBoy  - They're water skiing at that speed.......lol

Michael Meyer Jr  - That's why I need to come off

Swat1  - Good point

Chatman  - What line and pound test are you using Mike, those speeds and the rocks can be tough on your line....

EyeBoy  - What about the hooks?

Swat1  - Michael you said you like to use slip bobbers what situations do you like them in?

Michael Meyer Jr  - Berkeley XT 10

Chatman  - Good stuff, I had a record eye on that very line and it broke at 16 lbs..........

jerry  - Which RCL's are you going to fish Michael?

Michael Meyer Jr  - Shallow in the wind everywhere but Mille Lacs

Swat1  - Why not Mille Lacs?

Michael Meyer Jr  - Devils Lacrosse

Michael Meyer Jr  - I L

Swat1  - I did really well with them there a few years ago

Michael Meyer Jr  - I live on the MUD

Chatman  - Slip sinker rigs?

Cranker  - Yo

Chatman  - Let's chat about the mud flats a bit mike..........

Swat1  - Mud holds some nice fish there

BirdmanMI  - you ever fish Detroit, Michael?

Ristorapper  - Have you fished Devils Lake before Mike?

Michael Meyer Jr  - Egg sinkers Fire line and 10 ft snells

Chatman  - What pound test, and why egg sinkers?

Swat1  - plain hooks or floating jig heads?

Michael Meyer Jr  - 8 fire line 6 XL snells colored 6 hooks

Michael Meyer Jr  - tried to fish Detroit once. Ran out of Toledo. Took my lower unit off on the way

Den  - ouch

Chatman  - How long a rod for slip bobs, and how long for live bait riggin?

EyeBoy  - Ouch

Swat1  - Got to close to Turtle island huh Michael.

ShadMan  - Michael now why on earth would you want to do that????

Michael Meyer Jr  - 8.5 for bobbers 7.5 for rigging

BirdmanMI  - what kind of line is best for jigging such as the Detroit R.

Chatman  - How about action, what type, Graphite? Im7 ?

Michael Meyer Jr  - Tourney was out of Toledo

Michael Meyer Jr  - Swat No the edge of the channel about 8 miles out

Ristorapper  - What rod / reel for your planer boards Mike??

ShadMan  - Hey Swat how about a boat ride one of these days? Maybe make my way over that one of these days?

Swat1  - That would be right around Turtle island Michael. A very nasty place!!!!

Swat1  - Sure just tell me when Shadman

Michael Meyer Jr  - 27LC Diawa and 9' Diawa down rigger rods MH

Swat1  - I hit there last weekend and I know the area or at least I thought I did

BirdmanMI  - what kind of line would you use for jigging the Detroit R

Chatman  - We have a few minutes yet, any missed questions for Mike? ask now....

Michael Meyer Jr  - fire line for pitching and XT for vertical

BirdmanMI  - thank you

Mike Radunz  - Can any one tell me how good the walleye fishing is in south Dakota on lake Oahe

Swat1  - Oahe is a great fishery

Chatman  - With the flame green Mike, do you run monofilament leaders all the time?

Michael Meyer Jr  - on snells I run moss green

Chatman  - Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm round of applause for tonight's guest host, Mike Meyer Jr!!!!!!!!!!!!

Driftr  - Thanks Mike !!!

Swat1  - Thanks Michael Great chat

Driftr  - clap clap clap

Juls  - clap clap clap clap clap clap...Thanks Michael!! Nice job!

jerry  - Thanks Mike..clap, clap, clap

ironmike512  - clap clap clap

Chatman  - Another great chat Mike! Lot's of useful info. Good luck this year...........

Juls  - YES! Good Luck this season!

Michael Meyer Jr  - Thanks. Had to type myself sorry for being a little slow

EyeBoy  - Thanks pard.

Juls  - lol......no problem......you did just fine...  ;-)

Chatman  - No problem Mike, it went great!

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