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Tommy Skarlis Chat 5/30/01

Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm round of applause for Tommy Skarlis!!!!

Driftr - Welcome Tommy !!!!!

Driftr - Clap, clap, clap!!

mmillelacs - Clap, clap!

Rob Ensor - Hi Tommy!!

Tracy - Clap, clap!

Eyesrfn - Clap, clap!

Ristorapper(ND) - Welcome Tommy! Congrats on your PWT win and hope to see ya here at the Championship, again, this year!

Swat1 - Welcome Tommy!

Tommy Skarlis - I am now qualified and I wouldn't want to be any place else than in Bismark, Mandan.

Chatman - I tell ya, I was at Bass pro with Chip and I was able to tell him of your win. You could not have knocked the smile of his face with a bat! I can only imagine you Tommy!!

Chatman - Bet you smiled all the way home....LOL!

Ristorapper(ND) - LOL!

fxdv18 - Hi Tommy, the wife says hi also, you are still on the fridge.

Tommy Skarlis - Chip is an awesome business partner, and the smile is still here!

Tommy Skarlis - I am in the fridge a lot too!

Swat1 - As long as they don't start calling you the fridge..LOL!

Tommy Skarlis - LOL!

Chatman - Hey, keeping in the fridge will give you a physique like mine...be careful Tommy!!

Ristorapper(ND) - How did things go at Mille Lacs Tommy?

Swat1 - So, Tommy, who are your sponsors?

Eyesrfn - Tommy, I saw you at Garrison. You were coming out of the store, lay off the junk food!!

Chatman - LOL!

Tommy Skarlis - Mille Lacs was awesome - I finished 30th.

Ristorapper(ND) - How was the fishing?

Tommy Skarlis - Have you ever been to Mille Lacs Chatman?

Eyesrfn - Did you live bait rig or slip bobber?

Chatman - I have only been there once, but I love that style of fishing. I love the light line, long rods, live bait rigging and big fish!

Tommy Skarlis - Sponsors are Evertroll, Ranger, Mercury, Pinpoint, Lindy , Berkley, Gemini Sport products etc.

fxdv18 - We will be up at Beulah and can't wait for the Bismark Championship. I'm sure we will look you up.

Tommy Skarlis - Fishing was great, I caught all of my fish on Lindy rigs with orange and chart. sinkers and orange # 8 hooks.

Chatman - Out in the Mud?

Tommy Skarlis - Please do, fxdv18

Driftr - Tommy, do you think the hook color helps?

Tommy Skarlis - The mud to sand transition, from the west side of Garrison reef to Pike point is where I fished.

Ristorapper(ND) - Were you using leeches?

Tommy Skarlis - Hook color did matter that day and yes I was using leeches.

Tommy Skarlis - I fished in 16 to 24 feet of water.

Chatman - How do you approach a Lake Like Mille Lacs while pre fishing? What types of strategies do you use to search a body of water that big?

fxdv18 - I heard the smaller the leech the better at the last tournament.

Tommy Skarlis - First try to figure out what position they are in after spawn. There were fish on the mud, but a lot more on the deep breaks out side of the spawning areas.

SUPERTROLLER - Post spawn fish?

Ristorapper(ND) - Tommy, how clear was the water?

Tommy Skarlis - Medium leeches were best, they had to be swimmers, and the blacker, the better.

Tommy Skarlis - Yes, post spawn fish.


fxdv18 - Will you be coming to Sakakawea at all before the closed or pre fish period?

Eyesrfn - Tommy, did you try slip bobbers at all?

Tommy Skarlis - Speed was crucial, after three days of cold front, they wanted it ssslllooowww.

Tommy Skarlis - I fished with slip bobbers and caught fish on them pre fishing. But I was more confident with Lindy rigs.

Swat1 - Did you run drift socks then? Must have been tough with the wind/waves you guys had.

Tommy Skarlis - Again, orange jig heads with the slip floats was crucial!

Tommy Skarlis - I Ran 2 drift socks, a wave tamer and a drift control.

Ristorapper(ND) - I noticed a few pros catching their 10# one day, zeroing a day and catching 10# again another day. What was going on? More than one D.Q. again???

Tracy - That makes moving quick and easy!!

Tommy Skarlis - I also used the electric to go into the waves with the Mercury 4 stroke for control.

Chatman - That is a favorite tactic for me in rivers Tommy.

Tommy Skarlis - The fish were constantly changing depths and aggressiveness, you had to figure out where they went and what they wanted.

Tommy Skarlis - Please, take me to the river!

Swat1 - That makes for a fun time...LOL!

Drew - Tommy what type of bite do you expect at the Sioux in July?

Tommy Skarlis - It's fun as far as being challenged, but frustrating too!

Swat1 - It sure is!

Tommy Skarlis - I hope it is vertical jigging in the current.

Ristorapper(ND) - Ever fished Sakakawea Tommy??

Tommy Skarlis - Never, just the water flowing out of it.

Chatman - The bite is a challenge up there in July. Unless you're chasing smallmouth that is! But they will do little good in the PWT!! LOL!

Eyesrfn - Tommy, do you think it will be a jig or spinner bite?

Tommy Skarlis - I am looking forward to Sakakawea, I have made a lot of good friends in that area and hope to see a lot of them.

Ristorapper(ND) - Sakakawea is a big hit on Lindy right now! Lindy only!

Tracy - Tommy did you fish the Sioux last year, and did you fish the bays on Drummond at all?

Ristorapper(ND) - I will be there as an amateur. I hope to draw you!!!!

Tommy Skarlis - I learned a lot about Lindy rigging in Mille Lacs.

Eyesrfn - Same here Tommy. I fished with mike Gofron on the second day.

Tommy Skarlis - Yes, yes.

Tracy - Was it worth the run?

fxdv18 - If you come up here early for pre fishing, before the actual pre fish period, I would be willing to go out with you. Contact me.

Tommy Skarlis - I did not make the run until the third day, I had 10 pounds. I finished 32nd, so I wish I would have ran more!

Tracy - I used to vacation on the island every year.

Tracy - Drummond island, that is.

Ristorapper(ND) - I'd like to hear about your win too this year Tommy any details on what won that one for you?

Tommy Skarlis - I was vertical Jigging, with homemade jigs and Jumbo Fuzz-E-Grubs tipped with shiners.

Drew - Tommy, did you stay in front of Humbug the whole time?

Tommy Skarlis - Yes from the middle of the island to the docks.

Drew - That's always a great spot for big fish!

Tommy Skarlis - On the first day, the fish were in 11 to 13 feet. The second day, 12 to 16 feet. The third day, 14 to 18 feet.

Drew - Do you think the pressure pushed the fish out?

fxdv18 - Are you fishing the RCL at Saginaw?

Tommy Skarlis - The water was warming and maybe the pressure pushed em out, I'm not sure But, the water might have been dropping too.

Ristorapper(ND) - What is your favorite presentation?

Tommy Skarlis - No, I am not fishing RCL at Saginaw.

Tommy Skarlis - Vertical jigging.

Ristorapper(ND) - I second that!

Tommy Skarlis - My 2nd is open water spinners.

Drew - Tommy, do you really think there will be a good vertical jig bite at the Sioux?

whale-eye - What is the future of the R C L?

Tommy Skarlis - They say there could be, I've got my fingers crossed!

Ristorapper(ND) - Tommy, how do you prepare for lakes like Sakakawea and Peck, with a large population of pike? Do you think about tying on a leader or not? By the way, a 53 1/2 " pike washed up on shore this week!!

Tommy Skarlis - I think that the RCL will Rock - I wish that I had enough time and energy to fish both!

fxdv18 - Walleyes just finishing spawn at Sakakawea.

Drew - I like to jig, but it has never treated me well in tourneys. I would prefer to troll.

Tommy Skarlis - If the pike become a problem, I'll either use a leader or the lots of rigs!

Ristorapper(ND) - OK.

Tommy Skarlis - Then Troll on Drew!!

Tommy Skarlis - fxdv18 I will e mail you.

whale-eye - Hey Drew, try using minnows.

fxdv18 - That sounds good.

Eyesrfn - Tommy, what line do you use while vertical jigging? What pound test line?

fxdv18 - Ristorapper, where are you from?

Ristorapper(ND) - Bismarck.

Tracy - Tommy what has been your biggest leap in position on the leader board?

Tommy Skarlis - 4-10 Fireline - Flame green or 6lb Trilene Solar.

fxdv18 - Me too.

Tommy Skarlis - What do you mean Tracy?

Eyesrfn - Tommy, do you use a lighter tip pole using fireline because of the non stretch?

Tommy Skarlis - Yes.

Tracy - I mean, from like 30th to 1st?

Tommy Skarlis - I went from 96 to 9th in "96 Winnebago.

Swat1 - That's cool under pressure. :-))

Tracy - Was that a cool under pressure moment?!

Tommy Skarlis - Coleman cool under pressure to be exact!

Tommy Skarlis - I still have the cooler!!

Ristorapper(ND) - Got get that SPONSOR in there!! Atta boy TS! LOL!

Rob Ensor - Tommy will you be fishing the Mercury National tourney?

Tommy Skarlis - I will be the Emcee at the Mercury Classic in Leech this weekend, and I am Emceeing the MN pro am bass tournament in Leech the weekend of the Mer. Nationals.

Eyesrfn - Are you fishing the wave Wackers?

Rob Ensor - We will miss you!

Tommy Skarlis - Yes, with Mike Schnettler.

Tommy Skarlis - I will miss you guys too Rob.

Eyesrfn - Good luck, nice prize in that one.

Chatman - That's great Tommy, but I was hoping to catch up with you at the Merc. National. Oh well.

Tommy Skarlis - It's a fun tourney too, a little laid back and the Herricks do a great job!

fxdv18 - I caught an 8.2# off the river here last week. Let her go so you can get it in September!

Chatman - You and Mike Schnettler ought to have a good time.

Eyesrfn - I fished with Glenn Rengo last day at Mille Lacs, sounds fun!

Tommy Skarlis - Mikes a great guy and a lot of fun.

Tommy Skarlis - Glenn is a ham, gotta love him!

Ristorapper(ND) - Can you fill us in on any of the details as to why you were down to your underwear at the Championship several years back? In the mouth of the Cannonball river and where was the camera boat at that time????

Chatman - Exhibitionist?

Chatman - LOL!

Tommy Skarlis - I needed the suntan, the camera boat got scared and left!!

Ristorapper(ND) - LMAO!

fxdv18 - A picture for the fridge!

Chatman - I bet that picture would be great for the diet!

Tommy Skarlis - I was in my Skivvies last year at the Sioux, and both times I was following Takasaki!

Ristorapper(ND) - Yea heard Ted took a wrong turn here.

Eyesrfn - Are you sure Ted wasn't following you?

Tommy Skarlis - Somebody teach Gary how to loose some weight so that he's not breathing down my back for Angler of the Year!!

Ristorapper(ND) - I think you will both be there when it is over!

Tommy Skarlis - Ted is a great guy, but he can get lost in a parking lot!!

Eyesrfn - Fix his anchor put it on remote control!

Ristorapper(ND) - PRESSURE!

Tommy Skarlis - Always a master of Physique, you stud!

Tracy - Just like on Erie in 99?

Gary Gray - 98.

Tracy - Or was that 98?

Tommy Skarlis - I hope it comes down to the two's of us!

Chatman - I dunno Gary, I am not sure I'd ever write you or Tommy off till the weigh in was done.

Tracy - I was even there to see that Gary.

Gary Gray - It was fun.

Tommy Skarlis - Gary and I have traded a lot of blows over the years, and I probably owe him three or four..

Gary Gray - Tommy is a Great competitor,

Tracy - I am sure that the last day was a blast for you!

Tommy Skarlis - Gary is a class act.

Ristorapper(ND) - Next tourney is the Sioux ?? And how are you preparing for that one Tommy?

Tracy - Exciting finish!

Tommy Skarlis - I Need to get through Sakakawea first

Gary Gray - Sakakawea is next.

Ristorapper(ND) - OK.

Tommy Skarlis - I'm tying up spinners and Lindy rigs for Sakakawea.

Ristorapper(ND) - How do you handle pulling spinners and crawlers, when those pesky perch will be eating the bait alive?

Gary Gray - Tommy are you fishing the Wacker, or Mercury National's?

Tommy Skarlis - Try Power crawlers!

Tommy Skarlis - Wave Wackers.

Ristorapper(ND) - Bring lots of bait along!

Tommy Skarlis - OK.

Gary Gray - Tommy, call me after chat, I have some info for you.

Tommy Skarlis - OK.

Eyesrfn - You've got to use mountain crawlers, they fight off smaller fish! LOL!

Tommy Skarlis - My turn to ask a question - what is everybody's favorite presentation?

bob g - A jig.

Ristorapper(ND) - Do you have pre fishing partners lined up or are you open for Sakakawea?? Vertical jigging then pulling cranks.

Kevin - They wont fight off sheephead, baaaaa! LOL!

Tracy - I love to cast flipping harnesses on Erie!

Eyesrfn - Finesse vertical jigging, with 1/16 to 1/8 ounce jigs

Buckets(Pa) - A Dipsy Diver with a Michigan Stinger spoon.

fxdv18 - Crankin' Reef Runners!

Swat1 - Depends on the water, but here on Erie it's trolling!

Tommy Skarlis - All full in Sakakawea for pre-fishing.

Chatman - Tossing reaally light jigs in shallow water, or pitchin' cranks.

Rob Ensor - Casting crank baits to shallow weeds

Tommy Skarlis - I thought you'd say spoons, Chatman.

Tracy - Light jigs, on shield lakes, in Canada.

Ristorapper(ND) - That has won the past few governor's cups here at Sakakawea, the last two years, Rob.

Chatman - Ah, I use them alot, but if I could pick where when and how....

Tommy Skarlis - I heard that the water is low, and it's a rig bite?

Tracy - Or countdown raps at night in the fall.

Ristorapper(ND) - Sakakawea is down at least 10 feet from last year!

Chatman - Blade baits are another little secret of mine too.....

Chatman - When the time is right. I have a, Catch and Release, Line Class World Record sauger on a blade bait!

Tommy Skarlis - The MO didn't need to get any higher!

Ristorapper(ND) - Favorite cranks Tommy??

Tommy Skarlis - Have been using a lot of frenzy's for casting - they are going to be working on some walleye cranks soon.

Tommy Skarlis - I am a crankbait junkie - have over 4,000 of them!!

Ristorapper(ND) - Think about bringing some reef runners for here they usually do well ask Keith Kavajecz from about 3 years ago.

Tommy Skarlis - In fact, I had to get a rider placed on my insurance coverage for all of my extra tackle!!!

Ristorapper(ND) - I hear ya on that one!!

Swat1 - Do you have insurance through N.P.A.A., Tommy?

Eyesrfn - And my wife said I had too much tackle! LOL!

Gary Gray - I have watched Tommy grow in the Industry, and I must say, he is a Class act, Great Fisherman, great competitor. Always willing to give you the time of day. Tommy has developed into one of the Best out there.

Ristorapper(ND) - I like what he is doing with the senior and junior anglers too Gary!

Tommy Skarlis - Yes, I do have the insurance from the NPAA, and it has worked out really well for me.

Chatman - Hey Tommy, I know we just got rid of the stuff, but are you and Chip gearing up for another season with the On Ice Tour?

fxdv18 - Any more info on NPAA members tournament?

Tommy Skarlis - Thanks Gary!

Tommy Skarlis - The, On Ice Tour is just getting fired up for next year, it never stops!

Tommy Skarlis - NPAA is discussing a members tourney, but they want to get it right.

Tracy - Thanks.

Tommy Skarlis - I just got word that I was elected as an NPAA Board of Directors

Ristorapper(ND) - Congrats!

Chatman - Way to go Tommy!

Tracy - How did you get your start Tommy?

Ristorapper(ND) - More work!!!

Tommy Skarlis - Fishing for bullheads on clear lake, and my Mom.

fxdv18 - Your support of kids is great. The 2 boys that lost their father on the river still talk about the shirts you gave them. Getting kids involved is very important.

Tracy - Will there be a review board to handle issues? Like the one last month?

Tommy Skarlis - The kids are our future!

Rob Ensor - Is it possible that the NPAA tournament will be this year?

fxdv18 - That picture is on the fridge also.

Tommy Skarlis - Don't know about a review board, but all issues are reviewed that come before the board.

Tommy Skarlis - No NPAA tourney this year.

fxdv18 - I took this year off to fish the locals, hope to make the jump up soon!

Tommy Skarlis - Make the jump soon!

fxdv18 - I'm building up the vacation time.

Tommy Skarlis - I hear ya!

Ristorapper(ND) - How many days on the water in a year Tommy? (don't count ice time!!)

T-Mac - Tommy... how do you like living in Walker?

kevin - I heard my dad went Monday evening. He only got one, 4 pound fish. We tore them up Sunday

Tommy Skarlis - I'm at about 150 days a year, and I love Walker!

Ristorapper(ND) - Are you a full time pro then Tommy??

T-Mac - Nice place! I used to live in Cass County, myself.

Tommy Skarlis - I am guiding now in Walker for the Leech lake guide coalition - 218 547 3212

Tommy Skarlis - Full time pro, yes.

T-Mac - Cool!

Ristorapper(ND) - Kool!

Tommy Skarlis - This is God's Country( along with everywhere else)!

T-Mac - What is your favorite way to fish, Tom? What's your favorite presentation?

Tommy Skarlis - I still miss Iowa!

Ristorapper(ND) - Do you see yourself doing this say 5-10 years from now? Still promoting the sport of fishing?

Tommy Skarlis - Vertical Jiggin'!

T-Mac - Amen !!!

Chatman - 2 minute warning!

Swat1 - I'll send you a couple ears of corn Tommy...LOL!

T-Mac - LOL!

Tommy Skarlis - Definitely! Full time fishing forever, when I retire I'll work with kid's and seniors even more!

Ristorapper(ND) - LOL! Swat 1!

Tommy Skarlis - How about we walk through the corn and shoot some roadies?

T-Mac - Now your talking!

Ristorapper(ND) - I'll throw a couple ears (Corn) in his boat here for the Championship!!

Swat1 - That'll work too!

Tommy Skarlis - Cackle! Cackle!

Chatman - Roosters that cackle really cheese me off, just beggin' to be whacked! LOL!

Swat1 - Bang!

Ristorapper(ND) - Now we're talking!

Tommy Skarlis - These grouse up here are fun, but I still love the Rooster!

Chatman - Pheasant Central

T-Mac - Now I got my dogs excited !! They're jumpin in my lap!

T-Mac - Springers!

Eyesrfn - I bet!

Chatman - Ladies and gentlemen, a warm round of applause for tonight's Guest host, Tommy "Golden Boy" Skarlis!!!!

Gary Gray - I have to go, see you all later!

Tommy Skarlis - I have a Visla and a Lab.

Rob Ensor - Good nit Tom I'll see at the Sioux.

Driftr - Thanks Tommy!

T-Mac - Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap!

Swat1 - Thanks Tommy Great Chat

Driftr - Clap, clap, clap!

Tracy - Thanks Tommy!

Ristorapper(ND) - Hey, congrats again Tommy! And I'll see you at Sakakawea and the championship!

Eyesrfn - Good talk Tommy! Tight lines!

kevin - Later Tommy!

Tommy Skarlis - Thanks to you all! You guys and girls are the greatest in the world!!

T-Mac - Have a good 2nd half Tommy !

Chatman - You Da man Tommy!!

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