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Sonny Reynolds Chat 6/20/01

Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm welcome for tonight's Guest host(s) Sonny and Sharon Reynolds!!!

Chatman - Weeeeeee!

Driftr - Welcome Sonny !!!

Driftr - Clap, clap, clap!

river king - Welcome Sonny and Sharon!

Skeet - Hi all!

wolfmaster - Howdy from Oregon!

Sonny R - Thanks everyone, for having us.

Driftr - Welcome Sharon!

Dan(MI) - Hello Sonny, everybody!

Chatman - Well, Sonny, lets talk about how the RCL season is progressing.

Sonny R - We are doing well, we had a 30% increase at Saginaw Bay!

Chatman - After a bumpy start with the Mississippi River not cooperating, it sounds like mother nature has been behaving a little.

Sonny R - Yes, we had 4 good days at Saginaw Bay.

Sheila - With no wind or rain?

Sonny R - Yep, I see that.

Chatman - Lets talk about Saginaw Bay a bit. Who won the pro and who won the Am side?

Sonny R - The only wind was on Friday, late in the afternoon.

TrollinND - I've been putting in many hours at work, and can't wait to fire it up in the morning!

Sonny R - Dan Plautz won the pro and Steve Campbell won the Co-angler side.

Chatman - It is really rare to have several days, end to end, with no wind and waves on Saginaw Bay.

river king - Chatman, it was calm for 2 weeks!

Sonny R - From what we understand, we were lucky!

Chatman - My buddy Dan pulled out a win! Awesome! And congrats to Steve Campbell!!

TrollinND - That's defiantly not North Dakota!

Sonny R - They both left the tournament happy campers!

Chatman - I know Dan from way back in the late 80's when he and his partner Jack Liban were butting heads with Bob Newton and I. Dan is a real class "A" angler!

Dan(MI) - Where were the winners fishing?

Sheila - Yeah, what was the best catching techniques going on?

Sonny R - If Rick LaCourse was not 8 minutes late, for check in, on the final day he would have won the tournament . It cost him $35,000.00!

Driftr - I didn't hear about Rick being late.

river king - 90 percent of the anglers were in the outer bay, pulling crawler harnesses.

Sonny R - The competitors were pulling cranks and harnesses, six to ten feet down.

Sonny R - Rick LaCourse had some fuel restriction problems, with his motor.

Driftr - That is a tough way to end!

Swat1 - Did all top 12 qualify for the championship though Sonny?

Sonny R - The anglers were north of the Charity Islands, fishing 6 to 10 feet deep. The fish were suspended.

Sonny R - Yes, Swat. All top 12 qualified for the championship.

Chatman - That is a tough deal for Rick. But he knows that can happen in any tournament.

Skeet - Sonny, who handled getting list to take out camera people?

Sonny R - Ken Shear was suppose to handle that.

TrollinND - The PWT will be at Sakakawea next week.

Sonny R - After the tournament, Rick made a great statement and showed his class!

Chatman - I have to ask him if he has a gold and purple velvet cover for that boat of his!!! LOL!

Lawrence Ecklor - Sonny are there still slots open for La Crosse?

Sonny R - Yes, pro & co angler spots are still open.

Skeet - Sonny how did you like holding a tournament on Sag Bay and are you planning on a return?

Chatman - Sonny, where is the next stop, and when for the RCL?

Swat1 - How do you feel the circuit is going for its inaugural year Sonny?

Lawrence Ecklor - Be glad you have a month before LaCrosse! The river was mud again today!

Sheila - I got a kick seeing non-RCL owner pros in the Co-angler side... that's cool!

Sonny R - We fished 96 boats at Saginaw and paid back on a full field. We would like to do this again at Lacrosse so lets get those entries in guys and ladies!

Chairman - Sonny, tell us what changes are in for the next weigh in.

river king - Sonny, are you considering the Detroit river for a tourney next year???

Sonny R - The next RCL stop is July 25th - 28th at Lacrosse.

Sonny R - We will restrict bags & time the weigh-in process better.

Sonny R - Yes we are considering the river, River king.

Sheila - What does "restrict bags" mean?

Chairman - The pros need to watch and make sure there is room for them in line too.

Sonny R - All though Lacrosse will be a catch and kill tournament we will run it like a live release.

Sheila - Oh, I get it, too many eager beavers...running up to weigh-in, all at once.

Sonny R - Restrict bags mean less bags used for weigh-in.

Chairman - Some did not put water in the bags either. They were new to lots of guys.

Chatman - Does that (non C&R) decision come from the DNR due to the time of the year Sonny?

Sonny R - We are also going to get more tanks.

Sonny R - Yes DNR made it a condition of our permit.

Chatman - How do you think the nay sayers will handle the decision to have a catch and keep tourney?

Sonny R - Yes, there were several factors that contributed to fish lost.

Lawrence Ecklor - All our summer tourneys here at Lacrosse are catch and kill.

Sonny R - We plan on donating all fish to local charities. That or hold a public fish fry.

Chairman - Lawrence, are the fish good to eat at Lacrosse?

Chatman - That's always a great way to utilize the fish caught.

Lawrence Ecklor - Both one of our Team Walleye and a WWA last year were catch and kill and the charities really appreciated it!

Chairman - That is a real good use of Walleye in my book!

Sonny R - We will have a great event at Lacrosse! A local TV station is getting real involved. Wal-Mart and other people are involved as well!

river king - How far is Lacrosse from Chicago?

Lawrence Ecklor - Your bass tourney was well received as always and I expect the walleye guys will become local hero's.

Sonny R - About 3 - 4 hours River King.

Lawrence Ecklor - That's about 350 miles.

river king - You must drive fast Sonny! LOL!

Sonny R - We hope so, we want the sport of walleye fishing to continue growing!

Sonny R - We are on the road a lot and Sonny don't drive S L O W.

Chairman - I like the format, keeps the 6 man teams equal to the independents

Skeet - You never answered Sonny, how did you like Sag Bay?

Sonny R - Absolutely, yes keeps it fair for everybody.

JimRK - Sonny, can you explain the 'discounts' that Sunshine mentioned on Walleye Central today for the co anglers?

Sonny R - Saginaw Bay is a great fishery.

Sonny R - We have programs for NEW fishermen.

ristorapper(ND) - Sonny, are there any openings at Devils Lake for co anglers??

Skeet - Please explain the club program.

Sonny R - Yes, we have openings for Devils Lake.

get jiggy in mich - How do you become a co angler?

Chatman - Just sign up Jiggy!

bubba - Hey, will a bass boat work for walleye fishing?

Sonny R - Give me a call on the club program at the office it's drawn out.

Sonny R - I guess so.

bubba - Because my stepbrother has a Nitro that he's selling to my Stepfather.

Chatman - Sure, why not Bubba? Just be wary in rougher waters.

Chairman - Sure bubba! Especially in a river.

bubba - That's good.

Sonny R - Jiggy, just enter the tournament as a co-angler.

Chatman - Makes trolling kinda tough though...Bubba

bubba - That's where I'm moving to, near a river.

Chairman - Bubba, you will be fine.

bubba - My Grandpa has a trolling motor he's gonna give me to put on the back of the boat.

get jiggy in mich - Do you have next years dates for Saginaw yet?

Chatman - Lot's of river anglers chase eyes from bass boats, and Jon boats and 14 foot semi v hulls and on and on...

Skeet - Didn't they flip a few of those bass boats a few years ago on sag Bay?

Sonny R - I am working on next years schedule at this time and hope to release it at Lacrosse.

Swat1 - If anyone here is thinking of fishing a tournament the RCL is definitely a class act and would be a great way to fish as a co-angler and learn what it's all about folks!

Sonny R - Thanks Swat1!

Stizo - How about some new stops? Further south, west?

Chatman - You can see all about the RCL this year right here on Walleye Central. From the main page click on the link that says walleye Tourneys, then click the RCL logo.

Sonny R - Bubba if you get a chance check us out.

Chatman - Or go to Right Sonny?

bubba - Well I'm only 13 1/2 years old!

bubba - But, I will!

Swat1 - For my money bubba I would go RCL.

L. Ecklor - Checked Mapquest - Chicago to Lacrosse 292 miles.

Sonny R - Correct, Ralph.

Chatman - You can never learn too much, to soon Bubba. It is young anglers like you that will be the top of the heap someday!

Skeet - I was impressed with the trailer and set up the RCL had. You looked very professional.

JimRK - How many pros and how many co anglers are in for Lacrosse?

Swat1 - Chairman can correct me but I don't think the PWT will let you fish if you are under 18 But the RCL does with a parent signature.

bubba - Is it in North Dakota?

Sonny R - Thanks Skeet! I wish you would've introduced yourself.

Chairman - That is the way I remember it, Chatman.

Sheila - Think you have to be 16 and up though.

bubba - Because, the only reason I'd do one is if it was held in North Dakota

Sonny R - Bubba, teens can fish the RCL, only if they are 16 years old and provide a parents signature.

bubba - OK.

Chatman - Kind of humbles you, doesn't it Bruce, when a young pup knows much or more at that age than we did, huh?

Stizo - Sonny, are you considering new stops to the walleye tour? West ? South?

bubba - Well I'll stick with the Derbies then.

Sonny R - We are looking at some places but we are limited because we need a Wal-Mart store.

Stizo - Where isn't there a Wal-Mart ( :

Sonny R - Bubba give us a call when you turn 16

bubba - Sure!

Stizo - Is the size of market a factor?

bubba - I'd be happy to!

Sonny R - Stizo, you would be SURPRISED!

Chatman - I think I was in a town called Po Dunk, that didn't have one, Stizo...LOL!

Sonny R - Not really, with our payback and the way walleye fishermen travel now, the size of the market has little effect.

Stizo - Sonny, how about Portland and the Columbia River or Bull Shoals as possible RCL sites?

bubba - I don't think I would do too good in tourneys.

bubba - Especially walleye tourneys!

Sonny R - Thinking about Bull shoals.

Chatman - Ooooh! I would love to fish there for eyes, Sonny!

Sonny R - Far west, maybe, in the future?

Stizo - We believe, KJ, Jason and I, we need to expand to new markets, just a thought Sonny.

Chairman - We have driven farther for tournaments.

Sonny R - We agree, but it takes time.

Skeet - What is the best time to catch you in the office Sonny. Want to give you a phone call.

Sheila - If only it weren't so darn far away... it'd be great!

Sonny R - Right now we are making an investment in our future and the future of the fishermen

Stizo - Another question, how about the idea of no "live" bait?

bubba - That would definitely stink!

Swat1 - Get Florida to plant some eyes Sheila and we can all come there in the cold months here. "-)

Skeet - Never!

Sonny R - I'm in the office 8 - ?

Skeet - You shouldn't have moved Sheila!

Chatman - How about no trolling??? Wonder if anyone would go for that?? LOL!

Sheila - Yeah, I wish it too!!

Sonny R - We thought about that too Stizo.

Chairman - That would make the lure manufacturers happy!

Sheila - Lots of fish here in ocean...hehe

Skeet - They bite too Sheila!

Sonny R - Bring me some Crabs!

Stizo - If one thinks about it, it would definitely grow our sport as well as endemic sponsorships.

Chairman - Yes it would. I think it is time for the next step.

Sonny R - You are absolutely right, you would be surprised at the # of anglers that are getting away from live bait.

Chairman - Plastics have come a long way!

Stizo - I would love to use a big fat night crawler in a bass tournament. But, because they made that decision years ago the "plastics" market boomed!

Chairman - And who pays the bills?

Stizo - I love live bait, but I love our sponsors and payouts even more.

bubba - I think plastics are ok.

Sonny R - And the plastic's keep getting better, from worms to minnow type lures!

Chairman - Someone would win and the others would learn to get better with plastics.

bubba - But we haven't learned how to catch 'eyes on artificals, like we have bass.

Stizo - Bubba, just leave it to the "Pro's". And, you are right on Chairman!!

Chairman - That is because we don't have to yet bubba!

bubba - And walleye get lockjaw, a lot!

Sheila - Oh yes we have bubba!

Sonny R - That's because no one works at it but a hand full of fishermen.

bubba - Sure.

Stizo - Also, because we don't have to, yet.

bubba - We can catch limits on a good day.

bubba - But, how about after a cold front?

Sonny R - Ask Ron Seelhof Bubba about plastics.

Chairman - And it is a shame not to be able to catch fish, because the local bait shops have the right bait for their friends only!!

bubba - Oh, I love using plastics.

Stizo - Amen, Chairman!

Chatman - I'm in that handful, often. I have had many occasions where plastics have out done live crawlers, or blade baits out do minnows...

bubba - I just know that sometimes they wont take them.

Chairman - Plastic in current will equal live bait!

Sonny R - There are more walleyes caught on tube baits, power worms & grubs then you know about.

Stizo - Our last tournament, Power Crawlers would have worked just as good as the live ones, my opinion.

Swat1 - A plastic crawler will help reduce the White Bass and other junk fish from hitting your rigs too

Chatman - Well, not so much on Winnebago The sheep head eat them like candy sometimes..

Stizo - Sonny, one "last" question. Have you given any thought to a required appearance guideline or Uniform? Image is everything. Every major sport has it in their rules. I want the sponsors, media, and fans to have the very best visual impression, thus credibility in our sport.

bubba - And its always nice 2 be able 2 put a nice big fat chub on a plain jig. or a big fat crawler on a hair jig!

Chatman - Shhhh...about the tubes Sonny!! LOL!

bubba - I mean, walleye will definitely hold a plastic longer then a plug!

Sheila - Good point Swat1

Sonny R - We feel that over the next few years you will see a lot of new methods and lures taking walleye in tournament fishing.

bubba - But I'm just here to learn so go on.

bubba - I use plastics a lot ok. All I'm saying is that be able to add a minnow, or whatever, will almost always take more fish.

bubba - But they will hold live bait even longer!

Sonny R - Younger fishermen are more aggressive and are willing to try more things and techniques to improve their skills

bubba - I am!

Stizo - Sonny, did you see my question about uniforms?

Chairman - Sonny, any TV plans for qualifiers next year?

bubba - Guess what I caught an eye on today?

bubba - A hula popper!!

Sonny R - No, Stizo, we missed that.

Sonny R - TV plans are being talked about.

Sonny R - We have to get this off the ground and keep showing growth!

Chairman - I understand that Sonny.

Sonny R - What was the question about uniforms?

Swat1 - Looks like you are doing an admirable job for an inaugural year though Sonny!

Chairman - I think the 02-year will be real good with the time needed to promote it.

Stizo - Sonny, how about the idea of a uniform or "appearance" requirement? We believe appearance/impression is everything to the credibility of the sport to sponsors, media and fans.

Sheila - Sonny, I always spread the day the RCL will fill before circuit begins!

Sonny R - We try, thanks!

Sonny R - That's our goal Sheila.

get jiggy in mich - I hope to be a co angler in future Sonny!

Sheila - Stizo, there's plenty of that in the rules.

Chairman - I tried to get into a bass event in Florida, and was 134 on the waiting list the second day of entry!

Chairman - And as a co-angler!

Sonny R - We agree as we go on new fishermen will see the need to represent themselves well.

Sonny R - Hope to see you soon, Jiggy!

Chairman - I think our walleye guys look pretty good and getting better.

Stizo - What can we do to help you Sonny?

Sonny R - Through our promotions Wal-Mart seminars and meet the Pro functions we are offering the fishermen opportunities and tools to represent themselves and there sponsors.

Sonny R - We need fishermen to enter our events and spread the word about the RCL circuit!!

Sheila - The RCL is a great circuit, the sponsors are awesome, and how about that cash payback - outrageous! Spread the WORD...

ristorapper(ND) - How do I get into the Devils Lake tourney as a co angler Sonny?

Chatman - What's new on the horizon for the RCL Sonny? Any new developments?

Stizo - We almost had 100 in the last event. And, we were missing key names like Anderson, Grothe, Seelhof, Skarlis, Takasaki, Good, etc. I am sure they had other commitments. But, we need you and the good folks at Wal-Mart. Thanks for the opportunity! I'm spreading the word!

Sonny R - We feel we have a program that will grow the sport and help everyone & other organization grow with it.

Chairman - Just call us or sign up online Risto!

ristorapper(ND) - At Operation Bass Sonny?

Sonny R - Enter the tournament as a co-angler, the co-angler side is open to the general public.

Chairman - Gary Parsons liked it. Now he knows what the second seat feels like.

Sonny R - Operation Walleye 270-362-5259 or hit the tournament link on the main page here on Walleye Central.

Stizo - By the way, KUDOS to Gary Parsons and his son Chase for fishing the last event as co anglers. Classy move, supporting a sport he helped build!!

Sonny R - We could not agree more Chris!

Chairman - He is looking forward to Green Bay.

Sonny R - I would think so.

Chairman - If I draw him I will teach him how to hand line. Ha ha!

Stizo - I wish and hope others will follow Gary's lead. It is OUR sport. Gary took the first step. Spread the word.

Sonny R - Sharon knows how to do that just ask Rick

Sheila - Ristorapper the brochures are in the mail to you! hehe

Sonny R - Spread the word Sheila!

Chairman - Yes she does.

ristorapper(ND) - thanks

Sheila - You bet I do sir!

Sonny R - How many of you are fishing Lacrosse with us that are on here tonight?

Chairman - You have to move back up north Girl!

Stizo - We are from Omaha and we will be at La Crosse.

Chairman - I am! And Devils lake too!

Sonny R - Just think if everybody that fished Saginaw entered Lacrosse and got one more person to fish we would have a waiting list 20 deep Pro & Co's!

Sonny R - Help us get there ladies and gentlemen!!

Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm round of applause for tonight's Guest Hosts, Sonny and Sharon Reynolds of the RCL!!

RIPLIPS MN - Great chat MR. and Mrs. Reynolds!

Driftr - Thanks Sonny & Sharon!

Swat1 - Thanks for a great Chat Sonny!

spampy - Clap, clap!!

river king - Thanks Sonny! Good night guys and gals!

ristorapper(ND) - Keep up the hard work and good word Sonny! Clap, clap, clap!

Driftr - Clap, clap, clap!

Sonny R - Thanks to Walleye Central for all their help and the great job with The live leader board!

get jiggy - Clap, clap, clap!

Stizo - Thanks for everything Sonny!!!! Spreading the WORD!!!!!!!!

JimRK - Gotta leave Sonny - wish you & the RCL great success

Sonny R - Thanks JimRK!

Chairman - Talk to you soon sonny.

Ness - Clap, clap, clap, clap!! Thanks.

L. Ecklor - Good night all I have a meeting to run to- everybody I talk to is very impressed with the RCL I'll see you in Lacrosse! Thanks Sonny and Sharon!

Sheila - Thanks a bunch Sonny. Go RCL..!!! Whoooopieeeee!

Sonny R - Thanks everyone we love you all!!!!

get jiggy in mich - Well guys, got to go put some blue gills in the frying pan. 

Good night all! Thanks Sharon and Sonny!

Sonny R - See ya in Lacrosse Lawrence.

Chatman - Great job Sonny and Sharon!!

Sonny R - Thanks Ralph, for everything!

Stizo - Love Ya!!! Jason, KJ, Josh and I are all here!

Sonny R - Keep up the good work guys see ya at Lacrosse!

Swat1 - No, thank you for a class A circuit Sonny!

Chairman - I will be there and early too.

Sonny R - Or so Sharon Say's SO!!

ristorapper(ND) - I hope to see you at Devils Lake Sonny!

Stizo - We're on your team general! Spreading the word!!! We want to do another Wal-Mart promo.

Sonny R - We are trying to set one up for Lacrosse. Are you going to be there Chris?

Stizo - ABSOLUTELY!!!! Wouldn't miss it. I am in for the year.

Sonny R - And the Years to come too! We hope!

Stizo - We'll grow old together! :-) You know how much I love this sport! Everyday I try to make it better!

Sonny R - We know you all do and believe us we all will grow old together if we have anything to say about it.

Chairman - I think you have a good core group and will spread like wildfire, next season, Sonny!

Sonny R - The RCL has just begun and new things will continue to happen as we grow!

Chairman - Wish I was a few years younger. Lots going on right now in this industry.

Sonny R - I know the feeling Bruce!

ristorapper(ND) - You are as young as you feel guys!!

Sonny R - It has been a pleasure and an experience watching the industry grow over the past 30 years!

Chatman - Bravo Sonny! I agree there. With that then, we have to say good night.

Chairman - The last 10 have been awesome!

Sonny R - Amen to that!!

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