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Ted Takasaki Chat 7/25/01

chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm Walleye Central welcome for Ted Takasaki!!!!

Driftr - Welcome Ted Takasaki !!!

Ted Takasaki - For the uneducated what does "lol" mean?

SUPERTROLLER - clap clap clap

eyefish(mi) - Welcome Ted

chatman - Laugh out Loud

RickT - clapclapclap

Driftr - Clap clap clap1111

Ted Takasaki - Thank you

RickT - let out line

Ted Takasaki - Land O Lakes?


Juls - clap clap clap clap clap..welcome Ted!

Juls - heheh

chatman - Ya for Eric Olson maybe Ted.........

Ted Takasaki - Lot's of Love

Juls - ;-)

Juls - hi ya Ness

RickT - love our leechs

Ness - Hi, Juls :-)

Driftr - hey boatnut

Juls - Hey Ted...when i saw you at Mille Lacs...were you doing a show with Babe? when will that air?

Ted Takasaki - Yes, it will air sometime next winter

Boatnut - hi driftr,,,everyone!

Juls - i didn't realize that was you until i heard your voice...i didn't have my glasses on...;-)

Juls - cool

Ted Takasaki - We did well, but couldn't get a really big fish

Juls - biggest one i got up there was a 28 1/2 incher during the wave wacker but of course it didn't count then...;-)

Ted Takasaki - It's quite the fishery!

Juls - i loved it...i was impressed...

chatman - How is your year progressing Ted? What tourneys have you fished?

Ted Takasaki - I am in 10th for Angler of the Year and about 35 pounds into the Championship

Juls - bob crow and i took third in the wwa premier the weekend before the wacker..but the slot was still the old one, so that helped...lol

Ted Takasaki - Only PWT

Juls - Wahooo! congratulations...;-)

Ted Takasaki - Thank you, but I was a little disappointed about Sakakawea and the recent Soo tournaments

chatman - There you go! Nice job Ted..

Jim Z - Ted do you think rattle beads make much of a difference?

Juls - have you fished the dunkirk area before Ted?

Ted Takasaki - I haven't used them, so I guess they don't make much of a difference

chatman - The Soo was a tough one for a lot of people Ted. Unless a guy was fishn smallmouth...LOL!

Ted Takasaki - Haven't fished dunkirk

Ted Takasaki - Soo was tough...didn't catch a fish the last day and still finished 38th

Juls - ;-)

SUPERTROLLER - how did the winners catch fish at the Soo ?

lite2bolt - What do you think of the western basin of lake erie ted

Ted Takasaki - It's very rare when you have an opportunity to fish where the winner fished all by ourselves

Ted Takasaki - Pete Harsh and I fished the bridge all three days,....I just didn't get the bites

Ted Takasaki - Western Basin is awesome...many large fish in the spring and fall

SUPERTROLLER - by the locks ?

Korn - Enter Text Here - Whats your favorite river crankbait

Ted Takasaki - Down by St Joseph island


Ted Takasaki - Probably a rapala on a three way or handline

Korn - do you troll them as fast as cranks?

Ted Takasaki - No, slip back and forth slowly against the current

Bigeye - Ted ,our local lake is over 70 degrees and the 15 inch fish are lousy. How do you get the bigger ones this time of year/

Korn - will you live bait them if you contact fish or stay on top of them with the raps

lite2bolt - Well Ted we are still hitting them off of Pt. Auxpaux..trolling with 

thundersticks off the bottom . The fish havent moved to the Islands yet.

Ted Takasaki - Usually at this time, I would look at the weeds or suspended

Ted Takasaki - Tough to say...depends on the river

Ted Takasaki - Super



Korn - mississippi below bellevue

lite2bolt - Friend of mine hit a 23 pounder two weeks ago

Juls - since you have never been to dunkirk ted...can you give us your stradegy for tackling new waters like that?

Ted Takasaki - Probably would try live bait

Jim Z - will walleye suspend in reservoirs or just natural lakes?

Ted Takasaki - I have made several phone calls and it appears that the fish will be in the upper part of the lake.

chatman - Upper part ted?

Ted Takasaki - Given that, We'll start to isolate the location...I understand 9 to 10 mile north

Driftr - there is a nice school of fish headed that way now

Ted Takasaki - Walleye suspend in almost every lake/reservoir I know

chatman - And some rivers, right Ted?

Korn - What fish locator do you use

Driftr - I have been following them now for 5 weeks

Ted Takasaki - Upper part meaning suspended

Ted Takasaki - I heard that they are coming from PA

lite2bolt - i thought heat would drive them down ??

Ted Takasaki - I haven't found many walleyes suspended in rivers.

U.P. Pro - Hay Ted forget to call someone back after dinner?

Juls - lol

Ted Takasaki - It seems that the warmer the higher they suspend on the great lakes

SUPERTROLLER - I'm looking at deep suspended fish this weekend,,, 40 to 60 ft.,,,, dipsies or downriggers,,, harnesses or cranks,,, or try'em all ??

Driftr - they were up in the top 15 last sunday

Ted Takasaki - UP Pro. I came straight here...I'll call you right after

lite2bolt - So drifting with worm harness maybe more productive??

Ted Takasaki - I believe that spinners will be the ticket

Ted Takasaki - Driftr...got any numbers?

Driftr - ted , spinners & stingers

Driftr - yes I do ted

Driftr - :)

Ted Takasaki - Makes sense

lite2bolt - spinners as like used on bass?

Driftr - they want the big stingers now & will change to the small ones in a few weeks

U.P. Pro - Hay Driftr do pro kings work good to?

g crose (IA) - Drifter what are stingers?

Ted Takasaki - Stingers are spoons

lite2bolt - and spinners are ??

Korn - whats your favorite walleye lake and river

Juls - stingers=spoons spinners=blades

Ted Takasaki - My favorite lake is Lake Erie or Ft Peck and Illinois or Mississippi River are my favorite rivers

U.P. Pro - Driftr do pro king spoons work there?

chatman - Crawler harnesses with spinner blades lite2bolt...

Driftr - what are the boundaries in the PWT , Dunkirk

Korn - thanks ted

Driftr - UP , I never used them

Ted Takasaki - About 20 miles either side of Dunkirk

lite2bolt - ahh i c

lite2bolt - tyhanks chat man

Ted Takasaki - Give or take 5 milers

Juls - ;-)

Driftr - only NY waters?

Ted Takasaki - Only NY waters

Juls - how many days of prefishing will you be able to get in for this one ted?

L.Ecklor - Ted what is the biggest No snag you make

Ted Takasaki - I'll pre-fish 4 1/2 days

Ted Takasaki - 1 ounce

L.Ecklor - I've used it already for three way sinker , band was hoping something bigger was in the works we use clear up to 5 ounces now in a bell

Ted Takasaki - We're looking at heavier. Maybe next year.

chatman - - - Ness - Boss got sick of me I guess. She said I was not taking her seriously, whatever that meant. But we may be relocating so it saved me the trouble of quitting....

EyeBoy - Ted; have you ordered your new walleye ride, (boat) yet?

Ted Takasaki - The bigger prototypes work great as 3 way sinkers. We just need to figure out the line abrasion for heavier weights as a slip sinker

Tallmike - Have you started using flutter spoons on bouncers yet, similar to what some of the other pros are doing?

Juls - Hey ted, if you see Keith Segar there have him show you how he rigs his three ways with the No-Snags...it's pretty cool.. We were using them that way when i prefished with him at the Soo...

Ted Takasaki - Haven't ordered a new one yet...need to sell the one I've got

L.Ecklor - I'l be watching- is there anything else in the line that would be more snagless than a bell

EyeBoy - IC, lol

Ted Takasaki - On the great lakes it works good

Ted Takasaki - Pencil weights aren't too bad

Ted Takasaki - I'll have to talk to Keith

Juls - ;-)

chatman - Ted, can you give us a rundown on the whole No Snagg Line of products? And are there any new developements?

Ted Takasaki - Always looking for new ways to use em

Jim Z - Ted what is your favorite coldfront presentation

Ted Takasaki - Our new No Snagg product to next year is a NS Veg-e-Jig. It is a slender profile jig with 7 strand weed guard and a super strong super sharp Gamakatsu hook

Ted Takasaki - Lindy Rigging or jigging on coldfronts

Jim Z - thanks ted

Juls - heheh...like the name of that one...;-)

Ted Takasaki - Good...We were thinking Weed Wacker also

Juls - I like Veg-e...;-)

Jim Z - i heard gamakatsu was bought out and going to be discontinued is this true

EyeBoy - Vego-matic

Ted Takasaki - That's news to me. I hope not.

Juls - even the PETA people have to like that name..wink!

Ted Takasaki - Maybe Lindy will have to get into hooks

Juls - ;-)

chatman - Hey Now Juls no swearing here..LOL!

Juls - lol

Stizo - What's up? Long time no hear from!

Ted Takasaki - Rip lips must be a lead core troller on Red Wing or Skarlis

RIPLIPS MN - hi ted

Ted Takasaki - There's a Rip Lips "club" in Red Wing

L.Ecklor - Good choice of hooks. - I'm sure you are aware , but we are starting to see some colors on hooks really outperform others. Especially on lindys and Dubuque rigs when using a plain hook instead of a floater.

RIPLIPS MN - oh im a long way from redwing

Ted Takasaki - Got it

Jim Z - Ted will you be fishing the Vanity Cup in Canada this year?

Stizo - I am always having fun! ( :

L.Ecklor - Rip lips is a ex eastsider tranplanted to Minnesoata

Ted Takasaki - We're using Red Gamakatsu hooks for our NO SNAGG rigs w/ 7 strand snagg guard

RIPLIPS MN - so ted who is the best angler on the lindy team

Ted Takasaki - Not Vanity cup...not enough time.

EyeBoy - Ted; do you use circle hooks?

Ted Takasaki - Best angler is a loaded question...they're all the best

Ted Takasaki - Haven't used the circle hooks much.

Ted Takasaki - I like octopus style hooks the best

RIPLIPS MN - so is it true john tought you all you know

EyeBoy - IC

Ted Takasaki - John K?

Driftr - Ted, do you like using colored hooks

Ted Takasaki - He's a good angler

L.Ecklor - Red-Flourescent green and yellow(chartruesse) are all big hits right now, someone also mentioned a glow in the dark white the other night

RIPLIPS MN - is he still in ill

Ted Takasaki - Campbell and I learned together over the years. He got me started though

Ted Takasaki - I like colored hooks

Ted Takasaki - Campbell is just fine...he just likes to complain

chatman - In the No Snagg hooks ted, are the octopus the only style hooks used?

Ted Takasaki - Yes

Driftr - I had a bait shop owner tell me I read too many mag articles

SUPERTROLLER - never read too much

Juls - ;-)

Jim Z - What is your goto rod and real for jigging?

Ted Takasaki - But different colors - Red, Chartreuse, Glow and black

Driftr - ST, at Conneaut bait shop

Ted Takasaki - John is one of my best friends

SUPERTROLLER - he probably can't read

Stizo - Ted, What's new and exciting on the Lindy horizon?

Ted Takasaki - I have been using Pinnacle rods and reels for many years, but am 

looking into a change...will let you know when that happens

Jim Z - thanks

Driftr - Ted , do you troll a lot

Ted Takasaki - NO SNAGG Veg-E-Jig

Driftr - hi Sawt

Driftr - Swat

Ted Takasaki - I troll when needed and like to do it

Ness - Hi, Swat

Swat1 - Hi All

Stizo - What does "Veg-E-Jig" stand for?

Driftr - have you ever used Dipsey divers

big b - hey swat

pid - Why are you looking into changing from Pinnacle ? - 

Ted Takasaki - It's a weed jig

EyeBoy - Hi swat, nice to see you! }:-)

Juls - its a jig called the Veg-e-jig chris...slender profile with the seven strand wire guard.... he mentioned it before you came in

SUPERTROLLER - Vegg-ee jig,,, needs the two gg's for the No Snagg line

Ted Takasaki - Haven't used Dipsy's , but will this next week

big b - i use live bait

Ted Takasaki - Good idea, but too late


Juls - probably a lot like the timb'r rock but more sleek in profile ..for using in weeds

SUPERTROLLER - need better marketing people

Stizo - I'm trying to catch up. Lindy to me means the best jig on the market!!


Ted Takasaki - Very slender

Ted Takasaki - Eye let in the front

big b - leopard frogs are great for big eyes

Ted Takasaki - Wide gap hook

Juls - sounds perfect

SUPERTROLLER - like a slow poke jig ??

Ted Takasaki - There's a period where the frogs are running when the walleyes go crazy at night

Stizo - Ted, I learned jig fishing with a fuzzy grub, anything new planned for that program in the future?

Ted Takasaki - Kind of like a sl** Po**

Juls - ;-)

L.Ecklor - You beat me to the question Ted I thought it sounded like a weapon I already was using

Ted Takasaki - No new Fuzz E Grubs, but maybe a new live bait jig

chatman - Can you elaborate Ted?

Ted Takasaki - Top Secret

Stizo - How are sales, is the market treating you good?

RIPLIPS MN - hi john

john - hello

Ted Takasaki - Lindy is having a wonderful year, contrary to what's happening in the tackle industry

pid - Ted are you going to get any fishing time here in Brainerd this summer ?

Ted Takasaki - Not much...I'll head to Mille Lacs in August when the muskies are running

Ted Takasaki - Gull in the late fall

RIPLIPS MN - didnt know they run


idoc (mn) - ted, what type of presentation were you using on sakakawea at the pwt

Ted Takasaki - They'll run to our new tube bait

Stizo - Haven't seen you at an RCL yet? See you at Devils Lake?

pid - You were talking about fall fishing when the frogs are heading for the lakes, good fishing on N Long!!

Ted Takasaki - Jigging and Lindy Rigging at Sak

idoc (mn) - what bait?

Ted Takasaki - No time for RCL's..I'll be at the Championship in Green Bay.

Ted Takasaki - I've seen it at West Lake Okoboji

Ted Takasaki - The new Tiger Tube - 6 and 8 inch tube baits for big bass and muskies


Stizo - That's to bad.

Driftr - good striper bait too

Ted Takasaki - any big fish

pid - Ted, do you ever get to fish Big Spirit by Okoboji

Ted Takasaki - I got my biggest muskie there - 51 inches

EyeBoy - Ted; are any of the tube baits working well for eye's?

Ted Takasaki - Not much for walleye yet.

RIPLIPS MN - ted have you ever fished lake winnibigoshish

spampy - go IA

Ted Takasaki - No time on Winni...hopefully a tournament will come there soon

ChiEye - Is Wal-Mart a big customer of Lindy?

RIPLIPS MN - i live on winni

pid - I have fished it quite a bit, but tend to stay away from Okoboji cause of all the traffic

Ted Takasaki - Walmart is good customer

lindy makes. Are you planning anything bigger?

Ted Takasaki - Spirit was down for a while but i understand that it is coming back

spampy - swimmers itch just showed up on west.

Ted Takasaki - Sounds bad

Driftr - what is swimmers itch

Ted Takasaki - Any itch has got to be bad

pid - Yes, I have relatives that live around Jackson Mn and we fish it quite regularly. We trade off between Brainerd and there.

spampy - to many geese

idoc (mn) - ted, the lindy snagless sinker works great . I love it, but what is the biggest lindy makes and so you have any plans to make a 2 or 3 ounce sinker?

Juls - a parasite driftr...;-)

Ted Takasaki - 1 ounce right now...hopefully 1 1/2, 2 & 3 down the road

Chairman - I am trying.

ChiEye - Anymore tournaments for you this year?

Ted Takasaki - I have PWT Dunkirk and Championship left...RCL Green Bay

Ted Takasaki - Oh and one muskie tournament on Cass Lake

Chairman - Ted are you planning on the RCL tour next year?

Juls - i think the server is having troubles holding on to all of us...been awhile since so many people have been in here at one time..;-)

ChiEye - Why not Devils Lake?

Ted Takasaki - PWT has a great schedule next year.. I have more top 10's on Winnebago and Erie Pt Clinton than I can ignore

SUPERTROLLER - how do you qualify for Championship if you didn't fish any other RCL's

Ted Takasaki - Devil's lake is right before the PWT Champ...I need to focus on winning that one

Juls - Winnebago has been hot this year...next year should be an awesome bite for the pwt...should be a good show

ChiEye - Wal-Mart supports Lindy, right?

Ted Takasaki - You can qualify through the PWT tournaments. I have had 2 top tens this year


Ted Takasaki - Can't wait to get back to Winnebago

Stizo - You can also qualify though other associations.

Ted Takasaki - Walmart is an excellent customer of Lindy.

U.P. Pro - Bruce has the rcl said where they are going next yr?

Chairman - no, not yet.

U.P. Pro - i heard a few maybe

Chairman - I like the PWT east for me ted

chatman - Ted, can you give us a run down of your current sponsors?

Ted Takasaki - I do too,

Stizo - Ted, I too am a President and CEO of a large company. Don't you think you should support your customers interest. Fish the RCL. ( :

Ted Takasaki - Current sponsors are LIndy, Ranger, Mercury, Fish On, Stren, Flambeau, Bottomline, Rust Inhibitor

Stizo - By the way, I meant that with the utmost respect for you!

Ted Takasaki - Believe me I would love to fish the RCL. PWT still provides the best promo vehicle for right now. I am sure that I'll be fishing RCLs sometime down the road

Driftr - Ted, what is the purpose of Rust Inhibitor in the fishing industry

Ted Takasaki - I am very happy that Walmart is a sponsor of the RCL and want it to succeed in the best way.

Stizo - Good for you!!! Love to see you there. You are a fine competitor.

RIPLIPS MN - stizo do you fish the RCL

Ted Takasaki - Rust Inhibitor makes chips that go into tackle boxes to prevent rust

Ted Takasaki - Thank you.

Stizo - YES! Love it. It is good for our sport.

Chairman - Good call ted. The RCL will only get better

RIPLIPS MN - stizo have you ever did good in a RCL tourney

spampy - hi king

Ted Takasaki - Especially with Ranger behind RCL too.

Ted Takasaki - Minnkota and Polar wrap also

iamwalleye1 - are those ripper tuned to run straight?

L.Ecklor - Ted are the rust inhibitors available in stores

Juls - lol yes sir

Ted Takasaki - They are just starting to get distribution...check out www.theinhibitor.com

pid - Ted, when your fishing clear water lakes, how long of a snell do you use if you are using a no snagg sinker ?

Ted Takasaki - my typical leader length is 5 feet...adjust up or down depending upon how snaggy or water clarity

Juls - Ted, when do you choose to use the Rattln' No Snagg over the regular ones?

Chairman - Did you use the no-snagg at the Soo ted?

Ted Takasaki - I've been using the Rattlin' NS more often lately....

chatman - Has Ted missed any questions so far? If so, now is the time to ask him again.

Jim Z - Has anyone tried this walleye saver stuff you put in your live well to keep fish calm and healthy or is it a waste of money?

Ted Takasaki - I did when I was casting 3 ways

RIPLIPS MN - ted did you know sitzo

Ted Takasaki - Not by his handle

Juls - that's chris bahl

Ted Takasaki - Got it

RIPLIPS MN - have you talked to john latley

Ted Takasaki - That's why he was promoting RCL

Juls - ;-)

Ted Takasaki - I talked to JC Sunday

iamwalleye1 - ted what are the date for the rosemount show next year?

spampy - sorry

spampy - 

Ted Takasaki - I am not sure of the dates

Ted Takasaki - I will be at the ARlington show this next year

Ted Takasaki - I believe that one is the 2nd weekend in Jan

chatman - The hour is slipping away...2 minute warning!

Juls - wow that went fast!

Ted Takasaki - Everyone kind of gave my fingers a rest tonight

ETT - Ted was shot show good for you

spampy - Ted love to hear you fish IA keep it up.

iamwalleye1 - good you have anyways put on a great institute

Ted Takasaki - Good thing I can type 60 words a min

RIPLIPS MN - well ted i will tell john i chated with you

Ted Takasaki - Thank you...It's a fun event to put together

Juls - lol

Ted Takasaki - Thanks and tell him I said hi

Ted Takasaki - JuJu too

iamwalleye1 - thanks ted see ya soon

pid - Thanks Ted

RIPLIPS MN - talk to him evey day

Juls - when is the walleye institute next year ted?

Ted Takasaki - 1st saturday in March

Juls - i enjoyed it this year and would like to go again next year

chatman - Well Ladies and gentlemen, another hour has slipped away. A warm round of applause for Ted Takasaki of Lindy little Joe!!!

Ted Takasaki - Great

Juls - cool..i will make a note

Ted Takasaki - Thank you.

SUPERTROLLER - thanks for your time ted

Swat1 - Thanks Ted

Juls - clap clap clap clap clap clap clap..thanks Ted!!!

spampy - clap clap

Driftr - Thanks Ted !!!

Ted Takasaki - Gosh you guys are just too much

Driftr - clap clap clap

RIPLIPS MN - - " - - " clap clap

Chairman - ted you should have juls speak there from a ladies perspective

Ted Takasaki - You know that's a great idea

Juls - ummm...lol

Juls - ;-)

ETT - she'ds do great

SUPERTROLLER - when would anyone else get a chance to speak then?


Driftr - lol ST

Juls - my fingers talk better than my mouth does...lol

Juls - lol super...very funny...;-)

Ness - Naughty, ST

SUPERTROLLER - couldn't resist

Chairman - never pass up a chance...

Juls - your right...as usual

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