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Thermoil Chat 4/25/01

Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome our guests tonight, Glenn Bunnell and Terry Fellner of Thermoil!!!

Driftr - Welcome Glenn & - Terry!!!

Ristorapper(ND) - Clap, clap, clap!!!

Dan(MI) - Welcome!

Jiggereye - HI Guys!

Swat1 - Hi Glen and Terry! Welcome.

Glen Bunnell - Hello to all and thanks for stopping by.

Ristorapper(ND) - :)

Glen Bunnell - Dan(MI), did you buy any Thermoil yet??

Chatman - Let's start out wit a little basic info about Thermoil.

river king - Yes, what is Thermoil guys???

Dan(MI) - Glen, no sir. I just bought new boat, working on it, I'll have it soon!

Glen Bunnell - Thermoil is an oil additive that goes into batteries that basically extends battery life, eliminates corrosion and reduces water consumption.

Glen Bunnell - Thermoil also reduces toxic fumes, explosion, sulfation, etc.

river king - Glen, will it make them hold charge longer under power???

Jiggereye - Is Thermoil available in local stores?

Glen Bunnell - River king...yes. Because there will not be any corrosion, therefore there is no resistance.

Dan(MI) - I have two 12 volts, how much do I need?

Glen Bunnell - Jiggereye..no it is not, but it is available through Walleye Central.

Jiggereye - Okay

river king - Does Cabela's or Bass Pro carry it???

Glen Bunnell - Dan(MI), 2 bottles.

Chatman - Thermoil will help a battery stay in new condition, internally, for a longer period of time?

Ristorapper(ND) - Chemically, what is it??

Glen Bunnell - No, neither Cabela's, or Bass pro carry it, but we are working on getting Thermoil in there.

Glen Bunnell - Chatman...yes.

Dan(MI) - Do the same rules apply to charging them with Thermoil?

Chatman - I used it in my last boat and had the Old Motorguide Thermoil batteries in the boat before the last.

Glen Bunnell - Chemically it is 6 different types of oil that are blended together.

Glen Bunnell - Dan(MI) ...Yes.

river king - Glen, one battery in my 24 volt system runs down faster and takes longer to charge up. Do you think Thermoil will help this problem???

Ristorapper(ND) - How does it stop corrosion??

Glen Bunnell - If any of you know the Pro Larry Smith...he is working on his third year with the same batteries.

Chatman - How does Thermoil help a battery here? (corrosion question)

Glen Bunnell - River king...one battery is weaker than the other so it will not help.

Chatman - Let's go with charging and gassing off and corrosion .

Glen Bunnell - Thermoil prevents the mist from escaping during the charging process therefore stopping corrosion on the posts

Ristorapper(ND) - Ok..........

river king - I've changed that one battery 3 times in 2 years.

jeff - How about batteries with one or two years of use on them already...Will it help?

Ristorapper(ND) - Preventing the mist during charging also prevents the explosive gases from collecting.

Glen Bunnell - River king, Terry thinks the problem is that one battery is taking all the charge.

Glen Bunnell - Jeff...yes it will help.......

Glen Bunnell - Ristorapper..that is why it stops explosions.

river king - Could be, maybe I'll switch positions of batteries and try that.

jeff - Cost per battery?

Dan(MI) - Do explosions happen that often, never heard of one.

Chatman - Thermoil will slow the negative properties of a lead acid battery, at any time in it's life?

Ristorapper(ND) - So, one can charge batteries in a closed environment?

Glen Bunnell - River King, Terry is suggesting that you take a voltage reading after they are charged.

Glen Bunnell - on each battery.

river king - Ok, thanks.

Chatman - Thermoil is an additive, available right here on walleye Central Jeff.

Glen Bunnell - Dan(MI)..The explosions are very rare, but they do happen.

Ristorapper(ND) - You don't want to be around when it happens, Dan(MI)!

Glen Bunnell - Jeff...I know you won't believe this, but it is $10/bottle per battery!

river king - I've had them blow in a car.

Dan(MI) - No I don't that's for sure.

Glen Bunnell - Thermoil actually can be used in almost all battery applications.

Jiggereye - I would have guessed 19-29.

Ristorapper(ND) - What kind of life expectancy can Thermoil add to our batteries?

Glen Bunnell - Exide, the world's largest battery company, was worried about Thermoil entering into the market place so they made their battery blow up by putting spark plugs it the cells. We actually have the video

Dan(MI) - That's a video you may want to save.

Glen Bunnell - If you put two batteries side by side with Thermoil in one, and not the other and run them without maintaining either one of them, the battery with Thermoil would last 2-3 times longer.

Ristorapper(ND) - It's very much worth it then.

Jiggereye - That means 4-6 years?

Glen Bunnell - Ristorapper...The best part is that if you are not completely satisfied with the product, we will gladly refund your money, no questions asked!

Ristorapper(ND) - I've gotta try it then! Only one problem.

Glen Bunnell - Jiggereye..I know of people that have had their batteries for 6+ years!

Glen Bunnell - Risorapper...What is the one problem?

crn - Yes it worth a try.

jeff - Thanks for the info Glen, I think you have to have schizo in your blood to keep track of everyone and their questions. Good job!

Ristorapper(ND) - my trolling batteries are sealed.

Jiggereye - I rotate through about 8 batteries! That could make a huge difference.

Glen Bunnell - It is tough to answer questions this fast, but visit www.thermoilbatteries.com for a more complete answer under the Frequently asked Questions

crn - OK!

Chatman - We also have a link to the Thermoil site off the Products page, where you can order your bottles through Walleye Central.

Jiggereye - especially when they are sitting not being used

Chatman - Just a quick observation on battery life, I have a Motorguide, Thermoil battery as the start battery in one of my old boats. The battery is in it's 6th season and it's current owner says it is still going strong.

Chatman - I was sad to see the battery line go, but now with the oil available, I use it in all my batteries.

Glen Bunnell - Jiggereye...Well weigh the cost difference and I think you will see that Thermoil is well worth the $10!

Dan(MI) - Chatman, you said Thermoil Battery, do they have batteries too, or did you mean battery with Thermoil inside?

Dan(MI) - Oops! Never mind Chatman, I see you answered my question already.

Driftr - Can it be added to an in use battery?

Jiggereye - I meant that could make a huge difference in having to replace all 8 of them, and should be great for storing!

Glen Bunnell - Thermoil used to have batteries, but do to distribution conflicts from big battery companies, we went to the oil instead. Just take a look at the FAQ's on Thermoil's web site. This is explained in detail.

Glen Bunnell - Jiggereye..Yes Thermoil is awesome!

Ristorapper(ND) - How does one add Thermoil to a battery that is already topped off with fluid??

Ristorapper(ND) - And, how much goes in each cell? A little or a lot?

Glen Bunnell - Average is 2 ounces per cell, in an average battery.

Glen Bunnell - The best way to add Thermoil, and no one can get mad at me for this...take a hydrometer and remove some of the acid and replace with Thermoil

Glen Bunnell - I was going to tell you to do what I did, and use the wife's turkey baster!!

Driftr - :)

Ristorapper(ND) - Where do I put the acid??? Environmentally now??

Swat1 - Bet she was happy...LOL

Glen Bunnell - Juls...How was Erie????

Swat1 - :-)

Driftr - Wife will kill ya.

Chatman - Will Thermoil also slow sulfation and water loss Terry?

Juls - It was fantastic Glenn..except for the one blow day...had a great time.. --)

Jiggereye - It might improve the turkey taste next time or tenderize the meat!!!

Glen Bunnell - Add baking soda to the acid to neutralize it and then you can dump it down the drain.

Swat1 - In a glass container and add 4 tbs. of baking soda Risto.

Ristorapper(ND) - Thanks Glen, should have know that neutralize the acid with a base in basic chemistry!!!

Swat1 - It will neutralize it and then wash it down the drain.

Glen Bunnell - Chatman...ABSOLUTELY, it will drastically reduce the water consumption, and since there is no corrosion, now you have no resistance so it takes much longer for your battery to discharge, reducing sulfation.

Ristorapper(ND) - Sulfation causes battery death right ?  -

Juls - Thermoil sounds like a good product... --)

Glen Bunnell - Risorapper...95% of all batteries when dead, are dead because of sulfation.

Chatman - That would explain why I sell every boat, equipped with the same batteries I installed when I bought it.........I have never lost a battery, and I have kept several boats for 3 or 4 years...

Ristorapper(ND) - Where is the order form? You've convinced me but still can't get into those sealed batteries!!

Glen Bunnell - Juls...Absolutely, The Best!! Win the WinnebagoWalleyes Web site Tournament and you will find out for Free

Driftr - Is the cost $10 per battery?

river king - How many bottles do you need for 4 batteries???

Juls - I should get some for my riding lawnmower battery.... --) What is the site addy again Glenn? I missed it..

Juls - Heheheh cool...I will try and do that.. --)

Glen Bunnell - Ristorapper...The web site address is www.thermoilbatteries.com

Glen Bunnell - Juls...Absolutely

Juls - Got it...I will take a look later..thanks!

Glen Bunnell - River King...4 bottles for 4 batteries

Chatman - Just Go to the Products page here on Walleye Central and click on the Thermoil intro...

Ristorapper(ND) - Thanks Glen!

Glen Bunnell - Go to Walleye Central's web site under products for ordering information...help me out Chatman.

Juls - Ahhh there ya go being smart again Chatman...lol good thinking.. --)

Glen Bunnell - Terry's advice is never to use a sealed battery, always use a lead antimony which can be maintained. Once again check out the FAQ's

Chatman - From any navigation bar, look for the products link, go to the products page and the Thermoil intro is the 3rd or 4th one from the top of the page, click on the intro and you've got it....

Driftr - What was the cost of it? And, can it be put in a used battery?

Ristorapper(ND) - Less chance of explosion during charging, no corrosion, sulfation and no resistance this is a no brainier. Any side affects?

Glen Bunnell - Driftr...it can be put in any battery that you can add water to..the cost is $10/bottle which covers a 12 volt battery.

Chatman - Side effects? Only if ya drink it............LOL.

Juls - I don't know much about batteries...I will definitely have to check the FAQ's page... --)

Chatman - Don't do that though!

Glen Bunnell - Yes! Please don't drink the Thermoil!!!

Ristorapper(ND) - : )))

Juls - Lol, Ralph!!  -

Glen Bunnell - Terry says, "Side effects? None!" That is why the big battery companies do not want it on the market. When you run your battery out of water, that is called misuse and neglect and they do not have to warranty the battery.

Glen Bunnell - But guess what, you have to buy another battery!

Juls -  --)

Chatman - I see guys paying upwards of a hundred dollars every year or two for batteries, at 10 bucks a bottle it is worth every penny to at least double the life of a well cared for properly charged battery...

Eyez - LOL

Juls - You've got that right Ralph.

Glen Bunnell - If you drink Thermoil....(PLEASE DO NOT)...you will not corrode and will retain water!

Juls - Hahahahah...............

Chatman - Terry, what was the line you told me at the Expo about Thermoil?

Ristorapper(ND) - So you are an indirect competitor of battery manufactures?

Glen Bunnell - The line is, "Thermoil makes a bad battery better and a good battery great!"

Ristorapper(ND) - Do any battery manufactures put out any negative responses for Thermoil?

Juls - Is Terry somebody sitting next to Glenn or something? I don't see a Terry in here...

Glen Bunnell - To some manufacturers yes, the smaller companies endorse our product because this is their niche in the marketplace against the big battery companies.

Chatman - That was the line! Love it.

Glen Bunnell - Juls...Terry is the president of Thermoil

Chatman - He's the stealth owner...LOL.

Chatman - Seriously, Juls, Terry is sitting with Glen.

Juls - Gotcha... --)

Glen Bunnell - Yes battery manufacturers do not want it on the market. The more batteries they sell, the more money they make.

Chatman - Designed obsolescence?

Ristorapper(ND) - And we are just the opposite! The more I have to buy the worse off I am !!

Glen Bunnell - If you had a product and someone created something that made it even better, but extended the life of it, would you want it out there?

Chatman - Depends, if I was to have an agreement with the other product, and together we'd grab a huge share of the market, why not??

Glen Bunnell - Terry just informed me to tell everyone out there to e-mail him at  -

thermoil@famvid.com and he will let you know what the best batteries to buy are.

Chatman - Think of the loyal return business?

Chatman - Have you ever tried to find out how brand "loyal" Battery purchasers are, Glenn?

Juls - Terry, can I ask how you came up with the idea for this product? Is there a story behind it? Silly question I know, but I'm curious.

Glen Bunnell - Just a brief history..Terry has spent 9 years traveling across the US dealing with hundreds of battery specialists, and he knows a thing or two about batteries

Ristorapper(ND) - Curious too, Juls. That was on my mind too.

Ristorapper(ND) - Who developed it?

Glen Bunnell - It originated in Canada years ago and was used in submarines to  -

reduce the toxic fumes and explosion risk. And also to extend battery life.

Juls - Oh, I see..thats neat!

Ristorapper(ND) - How long has it been on the market ?? Haven't heard of it until today. Way to go Walleye Central!

Juls -  --)

Glen Bunnell - A chemical engineer in Canada was the first to come up with this idea, but we have improved it from there.

Glen Bunnell - Ristorapper..that is exactly the problem...It has been on the market for 9 years!

jeff - Had to check out your web site Glen. I knew you had be located in Wisconsin!

Ristorapper(ND) - This is a good forum.. Even though there are only a few people here, we can refer others to the archives after tonight.

Glen Bunnell - Thermoil's history is spelled out better on their web site at www.thermoilbatteries.com look under FAQ's or check out Walleye Central's Thermoil page and look under the FAQ's..........

Juls - Do you have any brochures? I could put them in the bait shop I work in....and some other shops as well.

Glen Bunnell - Juls....absolutely,,,,email Terry at thermoil@famvid.com and he will send you some.

Juls - Oky doky...will do... --)

Glen Bunnell - Mark Martin and Gary Roach have used Thermoil for 5 years, but were recently offered large battery deals and Terry could not compete.

Ristorapper(ND) - Do you plan on distributing the product nation wide through retailers in the future?? That would help get the word out.

Glen Bunnell - Risorapper...This is our plan, but it is tough. We need to create public demand for the product, then the retailers will stock Thermoil.

jeff - Does Thermoil have plans for a distribution network or are you primarily Internet based? Risto beat me to it.

Glen Bunnell - Yes there are plans for a distribution network, but need to start small and work up to it. It all takes $$$$$$$

Juls - For sure.

Glen Bunnell - Terry wants to know if any of you have a few million that you are not using right now?

Juls - Hehehe...I wish!

Ristorapper(ND) - Man I gotta know which is the best battery can't wait!!!!

Ristorapper(ND) - Sorry Terry.

Dan(MI) - If I did, (had millions) Dan(MI) would say Dan(Tahiti)

Juls - Lol!!!!

Ristorapper(ND) - I suppose I will have to find that out by e-mail.

Swat1 - Minutes yes, dollars No Glen.

jeff - No, but I have the contacts if you are interested Terry.

Dan(MI) - We're walleye anglers, all our $$ goes into fishin!

Glen Bunnell - Terry would rather not say, send him an email at thermoil@famvid.com and he will be happy to help.

Juls -  --)

Ristorapper(ND) - IF we had millions we wouldn't be here.

Glen Bunnell - Just remember, we do not want to talk negatively about a battery company, as the rules of the web site go..

Glen Bunnell - If we had millions, we would still be here.

Swat1 - Sounds good.

Juls - I know I would be here... --)

Swat1 - Wish I could just find a job. LOL

Juls - I would just have a bigger monitor here to look at...lol

Glen Bunnell - Swat1...what do you do?

jeff - Are you incorporated?

Glen Bunnell - Jeff...yes we are.

Swat1 - Orthopedic, PA., but will do just about anything right now.

jeff - Closely held?

Glen Bunnell - Jeff...for about 9 years.

Glen Bunnell - Jeff...yes, but we are looking for investors? Know any?

Glen Bunnell - Anyone out there from Wisconsin, besides Juls?

jeff - Yes. Who do I contact?

jeff - I'm from god's country!

Glen Bunnell - E-mail terry at Thermoil@famvid.com or call him at 800-221-5351

Glen Bunnell - Jeff...Obviously Wisconsin then.

Ristorapper(ND) - DC?? I wouldn't wish that on anyone from what I hear!

Driftr - do we get free shipping if we order tonight? :)

Glen Bunnell - Here is a quick story....Larry Smith, PWT Pro, used to go through batteries every year and sometimes twice a year. Switched to Thermoil and now is in his third year on the same set of batteries.

Glen Bunnell - By the way Larry finished 12th on the Detroit River in the PWT.

Juls - Cool!

Dan(MI) - If he jigged, I'm sure he ran those batteries down every night!

Glen Bunnell - Dan(MI) We are also sure, that is all he does is run his trolling motor.

Juls -  --) Is that the same Larry Smith who guides on the Bago chain? Or another  -


Ristorapper(ND) - Are there any affects as far as charging the batteries w/ Thermoil in them? Whether we hit em with 5 amps or 30 when recharging?

Glen Bunnell - You all know what it takes for a pro to endorse a product, making sure it does what it claims, but the pros mentioned only received batteries and no cash for endorsement.

Glen Bunnell - Ristorapper....to get the longest life out of the battery, the battery should be charged at 1/10th the batteries ampere hour rating.

Ristorapper(ND) - Good info.

Swat1 - Tough to buy groceries with batteries though...........LOL.

Ristorapper(ND) - :)

Glen Bunnell - That is how convinced the pros were of the product and if their batteries hold up longer than every one else, think of the cost savings.

Chatman - Risto, I haven't done anything special or different in charging my batteries...

Swat1 - Good point.

Glen Bunnell - Along with the potential for extended fishing time.

jeff - Anything I can do to check condition of existing batteries before adding Thermoil? Should I wait until I replace them? I'm not sure of their condition.

Chatman - Have Terry or Glen missed any questions? If so, now is the time to ask....

Glen Bunnell - Jeff...you can take them into a battery specialist and have the batteries tested to see how long the battery will maintain a discharge until it reaches 10.6 volts.

jeff - Thanks again Glen, I'm gonna call Terry in a day or so.

Ristorapper(ND) - Is that the same as load testing the battery?

Swat1 - Can you give us the Phone # again please Glen?

Glen Bunnell - Ristorapper..thank you..that was the word we were looking for.

Juls - I'll shoot off an e-mail for those brochures tonight...just so I don't forget to do it.. --)

Glen Bunnell - If you are concerned about adding Thermoil to an existing battery, check the FAQ's on Thermoil's web site and this should help answer some questions.

Glen Bunnell - 800-221-5351

Swat1 - Thanks

Driftr - Thanks

Glen Bunnell - You are welcome Driftr!

Chatman - The FAQ's are quite comprehensive and the info on the site is unbelievably thorough.

Driftr - I'll order a bottle tonight!

Glen Bunnell - If you think Thermoil is the product, talk to your local bait shop s and have them look at the Thermoil web site, then convince them to stock it in the bait shop near you.

Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm round of applause for Glen Bunnell and Terry Fellner of Thermoil!!

river king - Good night people! I will be ordering 4 bottles guys.

Juls -  --)

Glen Bunnell - River King...Thank you

Swat1 - Thanks Glen Thermoil sounds like a great product

jeff - Good luck! I Had a good time and will be back soon. Night all!

Ristorapper(ND) - Great visit tonight Glen and Terry thanks again and I will shoot an e-mail right away Terry!

Glen Bunnell - Thanks Dan(MI) finally got the sale from you!

Dan(MI) - You got it Glen!  -

Driftr - Clap, clap, clap!!!!!

Glen Bunnell - Thank you all for the very extensive questions, was certainly enjoyable.

Juls - Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap..thanks Glenn and Terry! Good job!

Chatman - Great hour guys, I can't believe it is gone already........clap, clap, clap!!!

Dan(MI) - Thank you Glen.

Glen Bunnell - Terry says please spread the word about Thermoil. We need all the help we can get.

Juls - Will do!

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