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Sam Anderson Chat 1/17/01

Rob Ensor / Chatman - Let's get started Sam what are your plans for this year

Driftr - Welcome Sam Anderson!!!!

Driftr - clap clap clap

Juls - Wait, wait, wait...you need the lead off!...lol

Juls - Ladies and Gents please welcome our host tonight, Sam Anderson

sam anderson - I have been running mercury outboards since I began guiding at the ripe old age of 14.

Sunshine - clap etc.

Fish'n Fool - hi sam

sam anderson - This year I have been fortunate to come on board with Ranger Boats...I will be running their 620 model with a 225 Mercury Opti-Max engine for power.

Juls - What circuit (s) will you fish this year Sam?

Juls - what color Sam?

Den - pink


Fish'n Fool - lol

Fish'n Fool - with lace????

Swat1 - Nah, that's Meliens color...lol

Juls - that would be cool reelman... - -)

sam anderson - I was smart...after heading down to the boat show in St. Paul MN last week...I brought my lovely wife and let her pick the colors

Swat1 - Smart man

Juls - good thinking...what did she pick?

Fish'n Fool - sam they are roasting you tonight lol

Den - good way to do it

REELMAN - what happen to Champion ???????

sam anderson - She had help from the people at Frankies Live bait and marine...and their top guy John Loab to go through all the particulars

Juls - I see..

Juls - are you doing all 6 of the PWT this year Sam?

Rob Ensor / Chatman - Sam What do you think of the married life?

sam anderson - Alright guys, the colors are red, black, white and pewter...but that does not mean I catch more fish...

Juls - I can assume that now that your in a ranger you will also fish the RCL?

Juls - nice colors...your wife has good taste... - -)

SUPERTROLLER - just don't catch less

sam anderson - Yes for the late comers I will be fishing the RCL ...

Sunshine - Sam, do you use fluorocarbon line?

Den - great

sam anderson - However, I will fish the PWT western side as well

Den - you gonna be busy

Juls - sounds good..good luck to you Sam

sam anderson - It has become hard to juggle a busy schedule and travel all over the country...and stay married

Juls - what is your favorite presentation Sam?

SUPERTROLLER - do you troll much in the western side ?

sam anderson - So the reason I choose to do the western division only of the PWT is mainly for travel reasons and being in the Midwest more

sam anderson - My Favorite presentation is probably LINDY RIGGING

Den - who are your sponsors sam?

sam anderson - However, I love to troll crank baits for walleyes year round..

Rob Ensor / Chatman - We will miss you in the East

Den - good Erie guy

sam anderson - In fact, I would say that if there were one lure that I use more than any other it is a crank bait

SUPERTROLLER - favorite ?

sam anderson - Yes...I will miss the east and the camaraderie with the guys and fishing nuts

Rob Ensor / Chatman - What has been your experience with cranks in cold water?

Juls - what is your "go to" crank Sam?

sam anderson - But this change is not forever...and if there is anything that I have learned in my 27 short years is that time flies and you better plan ahead to reach goals and spend time with the people who are most important to you

sam anderson - Cranks in cold weather

Juls - good advice

Den - very true

jerry m - amen sam

sam anderson - Well there are many cranks that I like to use in cold water

sam anderson - One of the newest and most exciting is...

SUPERTROLLER - such as ?

sam anderson - the NEW TAILDANCER from Rapala

Fish'n Fool - drum roll

Juls - give him time to type...lol

Fish'n Fool - why????

Juls - have you had a chance to use them Sam?

CWS - Will you still be fishin the Wavewacker??

Juls - looks like a cross between a reef runner and a Wally Diver

sam anderson - I don't know if many of you have seen the lure yet ...but after spending time over at Rapala and seeing these lures in the tank

Sunshine - I've been playing w/ my taildancer.......lol.....looks like a Wally 

Diver, what's different about it

sam anderson - the lure is going to catch big walleyes both early and late season

Juls - why?

Juls - does it have a good wobble at slower speeds?

Swat1 - How does the action compare to a Reef Runner or a Wally Diver Sam

Juls - I haven't seen it in action yet...but I would think it would move a lot like the reef runner

Fish'n Fool - sam when pulling spinners what colors will you pull deep and then shallow???

sam anderson - I like the tight roll like a floating rap yet has a little more tail kick when pulled forward with some speed

SUPERTROLLER - why Did Rapala change the Thundersticks after they bought Storm?

Juls - hhmmm interesting

sam anderson - It does have similarities to the RR but has a very different rattle system that blows any other crank away for it's high pitched sound

Juls - has rattles?

sam anderson - I am not sure why they changed the Thundersticks?

Juls - didn't know that


Fish'n Fool - when will they be available

solarfisher00 - what speeds do you generally troll cranks at?

sam anderson - Yes!! It may be the very first balsa bait that has rattles contain within

Juls - cool

sam anderson - When the water temps are below 50 I like to go slower and use baits that don't have a tremendous amount of action

Sunshine - like?

Swat1 - So they are made of Balsa and not Plastic????

SUPERTROLLER - how slow ? what baits ?

sam anderson - when the water gets above 50 then you can start playing with speed for every ten degrees you can often times get away with another .5 mph

ETT - Sam , Rattles ?? Glass, brass, or steel??

REELMAN - do you use fire line or mono with the cranks

RED1 - You find cranks more effective than worm harnesses if so why?

sam anderson - I believe that the rattles are glass....I was just looking in my catalog

sam anderson - I use both Fireline and normal mono...

sam anderson - When I am contour trolling/or fishing dirty waters or water with current I am using Fireline

sam anderson - When I fish clear or open water I usually fish with straight 10lb mono


sam anderson - I like the stretch that regular mono offers especially in rough water...

sam anderson - when you are pulling boards you can usually have 200...250...and even 3000 ft of line out...

sam anderson - the stretch gives you that safety net of not tearing the hole gap in the fishes mouth and then cost you a fish on its way to the boat

sam anderson - Yes XT


Fish'n Fool - sam I don't have a reel that holds 3000ft LOL


sam anderson - OK guys yer razzing me aren't you


Fish'n Fool - yep!!!!

Rob Ensor / Chatman - Have you used the new T- sticks and are they much different?

Fish'n Fool - your turn fair play LOL

sam anderson - we'll what's the word on the street for controversy between the GIANTS / VIKINGS game?

REELMAN - what electronics will you run this year

sam anderson - the new Thundersticks are very similar to the old ones...except, they catch more fish

Fish'n Fool - what sam

Fish'n Fool - do you like the colors???

sam anderson - The colors are awesome...

sam anderson - the new crank from STORM you should check out is the new Thundercrank

SUPERTROLLER - looks like colors to catch fisherman

Fish'n Fool - I have the new holographic is the thunders like that

RED1 - How's the thin fin

sam anderson - It is similar to the Nils Master baits...but are even better they don't foul up at all like the Nils Master's do

solarfisher00 - how deep do the Thundercranks troll at?

REELMAN - what electronics will you have on your new boat??

sam anderson - I usually only use the thin fins if I am casting shallow water...but when its rough and the fish are tight to the rocks there is no finer

sam anderson - Hey reelman, I have still not decided on electronics yet

REELMAN - okay solarfisher00 - hi T-mac

sam anderson - I have run Lowrance forever..now with the new changes...BIG changes I am trying to decide on what to go with

colo dave - what do you think of the new x-15

sam anderson - to be honest I have not used it yet...it looks great!!

sam anderson - The people that I trust say that it is the next major leap for electronics

Rob Ensor / Chatman - What site are you looking forward to the most this year?

James Morris - you're talking about the merger/takeover/buyout, right?

sam anderson - If I had to pick one site it is definitely RED WING!

SUPERTROLLER - your strength ?

Mud Duck - good choice

REELMAN - what is your full time regular job ??

sam anderson - After the last tournament there and not winning after going into the last day with a major lead it was a tough loss!!!

Den - why red wing?

solarfisher00 - when is your favorite time of year to fish red wing, and what is your favorite technique there?

sam anderson - The last time we where there two years ago I had a 3-4 lb lead on 2nd place and the top five would have a tough time catching me...if the fog wouldn't have kept us in for the first three hours of the last day

Rob Ensor / Chatman - What do you think the bite will be like at that time of year?

Dunn - Sam, What kind of mind set do you get into the day before a big tournament?

sam anderson - During the Spring time of the year I love to pull shad raps for big sauger and walleye

Kert McKeone - have you fished the suspending rouge and how does it compare to the super rouge?


sam anderson - The bite should be great

jerry m - sam I'm new to the walleye game I'm set up a 18 ft alum boat 40 horse for walleye rig it for me

sam anderson - The mind set I prepare before every tournament is that practice is what makes anyone compete

sam anderson - If you practice hard, taking the test is easy

Kert McKeone - I prefer the largest which I think is 4.5 or 5"

sam anderson - sometimes things start clicking...when they do you try to do everything you can to keep the momentum rolling

James Morris - a size 9

James Morris - sounds like find the predominant pattern and stick with it until they fish move on

sam anderson - unfortunately you have variables that are out of your control...like the weather, other fisherman pushing you out of your area that you've been fishing alone for two days, and then weekend fisherman...

sam anderson - When we start our tournaments we start midweek when there is no pressure...

SUPERTROLLER - Sam, what size shad raps,,, how deep?

sam anderson - by the weekend the tourist, resort people, and vacationers are all on the same body of water...most of them know the spots so you have to share the fish

James Morris - good point, the pattern changes with variable changes

Rob Ensor / Chatman - Going into a tournament how many spots do you need to feel comfortable

sam anderson - So, the mental game is huge..the anglers that I know well really have the mental game down big...but even the best angler have slumps

gary - how do you determine whether to pull spinners or cranks ?

sam anderson - People like Gary Parsons, Steve Fellegy...and others they are the best anglers I know but when they get into a slump

sam anderson - You can be Mark McGwire and go a week or two with out a homer

U.P. Pro - What tour. are your dad fishing this year sam

Fish'n Fool - a slump can be really hard on your head

sam anderson - PWT & RCL

sam anderson - Has anyone been out ice fishing lately?

jerry m - ya

sam anderson - I Was out on RED Lake last week in MN

jerry m - Erie Catawba

Rob Ensor / Chatman - how was the fishing

sam anderson - Know I've heard of cranking for crappies in open water...like down in AR and over in WI on Lake Winnebago...but

Fish'n Fool - I was at Depere got 1 7# put line down and hit and that was it

sam anderson - Red Lake we hammered big crappies on the smallest jiggin raps with a half of a wax worm

sam anderson - big crappies up to a 1 1/2LB

James Morris - nice

Fish'n Fool - nice sam in WI., we have a problem with slush on the ice

sam anderson - Anyway...we were in about 11 ft of water and we were catching all of our fish 1 ft off the bottom

James Morris - same in IL

sam anderson - We went out of west side resort and went strait west for about 5 mile until the first big pack of houses

Rob Ensor / Chatman - What shows will you be at this year?

sam anderson - there was no slush where we were

Fish'n Fool - we have die off's 3 lakes now no oxygen

Dunn - Sam, What type of electronics do you use?

sam anderson - I am going to be in the Ranger Booth this weekend on Sat. appearing in Frankies Live bait and Marine dealership


T-Mac - Sam ...you in a RANGER now?

sam anderson - After that I will be at a few of the Bass Pro shops , Chicago, MI Milwaukee and few others

sam anderson - Yes I am now a proud owner of a Ranger boat

Dunn - Sam, When are you going to be at the Bass Pro in MI?

James Morris - sam, what challenges did you face going pro as young as you did and how should a person go about overcoming those challenges?

sam anderson - I am not sure of the date, their spring classic

Dunn - Sam, Alright.

Dunn - I'll probably be down there for that.

T-Mac - Cool... on the Ranger, Sam

sam anderson - At a young age the biggest thing that was a handicap was experience and the whole mental game that is played by the veteran

James Morris - experience that leads to confidence?

Dunn - As a young guy, who went through the first trials with some great accomplishments, what would you suggest for the new guys getting into the Pro side of things? Say 16-21 years of age.

Rob Ensor / Chatman - I remember your first PWT, you did well.

James Morris - yeah, I'm 21 and looking at the profession

Juls - how do you approach a new lake Sam? what are some of your pre fishing tactics?

T-Mac - Then you get old....eventually, and it gets tougher, again

sam anderson - you just have to put your head down and be ready to fail...I'm not saying that you want to fail or that failing is good...but anyone who has ever played at the top of there sport has had to overcome hurdles along the way

Dunn - 17 here.

sam anderson - It is how you accept the challenges that are presented to you

Den - true

Dunn - Thanks Sam.

T-Mac - On the old part, Den?

Den - you cant help yesterday, gotta go for now

Den - lol, T-Mac

sam anderson - The most important thing if you're looking for sponsors...is SALES and hard work...and HONESTY

James Morris - thanks sam

Dunn - I appreciate the answer Sam. Thanks!

sam anderson - If you go to a show and sell a lot of merchandise for a dealer, but do it by lying to a customer...long term you will not last

James Morris - did you fish the circuit before looking for sponsors?

T-Mac - Amen to that, Sam

Tracy - Sam what do you do when you're on a hot bite but your sponsors tackle is not getting bit?

sam anderson - If you are honest, up front with people and give them options...even if a certain product or company doesn't sponsor you people respect that

sam anderson - And that's all you can try to work towards

Den - well said

T-Mac - You have to be honest...it is your integrity on the line

sam anderson - I use the tackle that is getting the job done

Tracy - Does that pose many problems?

sam anderson - The sponsors that I represent want to see me win! Part of what sponsors want is the best angler or experts in their field

solarfisher00 - what would you suggest as a first step for someone thinking about going pro?

sam anderson - If you win , but not on their product...hopefully you can help that manufacturer design a product that is better than the product you won with

James Morris - ideally, you'd want to be sponsored by what you have success on anyway

Tracy - Wondered how pros dealt with those types of issues, thanks

sam anderson - Absolutely, if Mercury makes the best da*n engines out there...it makes sense to run them

T-Mac - lol

Tracy - do they?

T-Mac - lol

Driftr - lots of lake

T-Mac - LMAO

sam anderson - I'm sure there are a handful of anglers lol at me

T-Mac - I thought it was a good statement... Sam.. just struck me funny...sorry

Rob Ensor / Chatman - Any other new products coming the market?

Juls - and many who wish they were you Sam... - -)

James Morris - yeah, but it's hard to laugh when you're at the top of the podium and their in the crowd

sam anderson - has anyone had the opportunity to see the new tools that Rapala is now getting into? There just sweet..totally gripped and easy to use in cold weather....

James Morris - :)

James Morris - no, I've only seen their new line and the new graphics on their lures and the Taildancers

sam anderson - PLUS they help keep your hands from getting ripped to shreds when your fishing big eye waters at catching lots of them

James Morris - are the tools out yet?

Rob Ensor / Chatman - Are they SS

solarfisher00 - yea the tools look really nice, im hoping to get the entire set

sam anderson - we'll check em out...many stores are just seeing them for the first time...

James Morris - thanks for the heads up

Driftr - As we wind down the hour, are there anymore questions for our guest?

sam anderson - I forgot to mention earlier...about the Rapala Taildancers... they supposedly only have capacity to make 300,000 the first year...so grab a few early on

Fish'n Fool - sam are you doing the walleye university this year again

sam anderson - One question to the the group...how many people use sea anchors?

Driftr - Sam did you mention your sponsors?

T-Mac - Sam, I do

Den - I do

sam anderson - no on the walleye U

cubby - does anybody use Heddon Sonar lures

solarfisher00 - I use Sonars

SUPERTROLLER - drift bags

T-Mac - use drift socks a whole lot

sam anderson - sure Heddon sonar lures are great for big river eyes near the dam

Den - A lot of wind

T-Mac - even in calm if I am back trolling w/ kicker

sam anderson - I have been working very closely with a company named Drift Control Sea Anchors...they are trying to build awareness of their socks and I plan to give demonstrations at upcoming shows...

Driftr - Please give Sam Anderson a round of applause!!!!!

T-Mac - Sam...you use wave tamers?

cubby - I catch walleyes and perch through ice with Sonars

Driftr - Thanks Sam

T-Mac - Thanks Sam

Den - clap, clap, clap

solarfisher00 - thanks for coming sam

Tracy - clap clap clap


sam anderson - If anyone ever has a question regarding sea anchors send me an e-mail at sam.anderson@bayandbay.com

T-Mac - clap clap clap clap clap

James Morris - "applause"

solarfisher00 - clap, clap, clap, clap

Fish'n Fool - clap clap clap

#1 saugeye - Good chat Sam

Rob Ensor / Chatman - Thaks Sam

Dunn - Clap Clap Clap, Thanks Sam!

sam anderson - Hey thanks a bunch guys...the hour went so quick! Walleye central is the greatest thing since sliced bread

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