Camp Walleye Chat 1/30/02

Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm Walleye Central welcome for Sonja Pinkert of Walleye Central and Camp Walleye!!
Driftr - Welcome Sonja Pinkert !!!!!
Driftr - Clap, clap, clap!
Ristorapper - Clap, clap!
mapguy - Hey, hey!
Moose - Hello! 
Chatman - Clap, clap, clap, clap!!
The Guide - Clap, clap!
mpl - Welcome Sonja!
colin - Hiya Sonja!
Sonja Pinkert - Hi everyone.
Moose - Clap, clap!
Chatman - Well, let's start from the beginning Sonja. What is Camp Walleye?
Sonja Pinkert - 3 days, 3 nights, food, lodging and fishing with top pros!
Sonja Pinkert - 6 camps, starting in March, that run through September.
Sonja Pinkert - 1st, March 7-10 Wisconsin River/Dells.
Sonja Pinkert - 2nd, April 4-7 Detroit River.
Sonja Pinkert - 3rd, May 16-19 Lake Mille Lacs.
Sonja Pinkert - 4th, June 6-9 at Rainy Lake.
Sonja Pinkert - 5th, July 25-28 at Lake Of The Woods.
Sonja Pinkert - 6th, September 5-8 at Sturgeon Bay.
Chatman - What are the participation fees? How much does it cost to go?
mpl - Sonja, what does a weekend like this run, dollar wise?
Sonja Pinkert - Cost for the LOTW is $999.95 and the other 5 camps are $699.95.
Ristorapper - Who is behind Camp Walleye? Walleye Central??
Sonja Pinkert - Walleye Central is behind Camp Walleye.
Ristorapper - How many years has Camp Walleye been held?
mapguy - Are there group seminars? Individual instruction? Etc?
mpl - Sonja can you tell us about the itinerary and who some of the pro's might be?
Sonja Pinkert - This is the first year for Walleye Central hosting Camp Walleye. We are excited about bringing it to everyone.
Driftr - Sonja, is the Lake Of The Woods in Canadian funds or is that American?
Sonja Pinkert - You register on Thursday afternoon, with an evening meal to follow.
Sonja Pinkert - Friday morning you have breakfast, go fish for 4 hours, have a sack lunch and fish another 4 hours. Dinner and socializing follow.
Sonja Pinkert - Saturday is the same as Friday. Sunday you have breakfast, go fish for 4 hours and then a luncheon before you leave at 2 pm.
Sonja Pinkert - The Camp Walleye in Canada is in US funds.
Ristorapper - Is there any night fishing??
Juls - That sounds great Sonja!
mapguy - Lake Of The Woods is a lot of real estate. Will there be certain areas to fish?
Sonja Pinkert - There is possible night fishing, as we get into the summer.
Chatman - And the cost is nearly all-inclusive.
The Guide - Who are the pro's Sonja?
Sonja Pinkert - L.O.T.W. will be based out of Wiley Point and we will be fishing right in that area.
Chatman - You basically need to get there, right?
Juls - After you fish the first four hours do you come in for that sack lunch and switch partners, and go out again for four hours? 
Moose - Do the pros bring all the gear?
Juls - Or are you on the water for 8 hours?
Sonja Pinkert - You do switch partners after 4 hours.
Juls - Ok.
Moose - Is there any literature that you could send us?
mapguy - How are boaters/non-boaters handled?
Ristorapper - So is it possible to fish with 5 different pros?
Sonja Pinkert - Pros are already signed up, but still figuring out which ones they can be at are, Gary Gray, Rick LaCourse, Tommy Skarlis, Keith Segar, Daryl Christensen, Ted Takasaki , etc.
mapguy - Nice lineup!
Ristorapper - Why is L.O.T.W. so much higher in price than the rest?? Is it because it is closer to me??????? LOL!
Chatman - I assure you it is not that reason Risto...........;-)
Sonja Pinkert - We will have 1 pro for each 5 participants, so 1/2 day in a boat with a pro, the rest of the time with other participants along side the pros.
Ristorapper - :)
Sonja Pinkert - Wiley Point is one of Totems Resorts, which is a 5 star resort for the past 15 years. We wanted to start out in Canada somewhere really nice, and we are.
Ristorapper - Ok thanks sounds good.
Sonja Pinkert - Yes I can send brochures and information, just email sonja@walleyecentral and request it with name, address etc.
colin - Where is the launch site at the Dells?
Sonja Pinkert - We will launch below the Dells Dam.
Chatman - Rivers Edge Resort, or Rocking Chair, or both?
Sonja Pinkert - Rivers edge for now.
mapguy - Any idea on attendance? Educated guess?
Sonja Pinkert - We are hoping to have 25-50 at each Camp Walleye location.
Sonja Pinkert - We can accommodate up to 100 at Canada (L.O.T.W.)
Ristorapper - Sonja, if I have a weakness, say live bait rigging, can you recommend one site over the others where I may get more experience at that technique?
mapguy - If a spouse (or daughter) is in tow, will that cause housing problems?
Sonja Pinkert - Shouldn't be a problem.
Driftr - Or sweetipie? :)
Chatman - How will guests affect angler's costs Sonja?
mckoz - I am gonna bring my wife and daughter. Are there water parks, maybe?
Chatman - At the Dells Mckoz?
mapguy - I was just going to ask that. For L.O.T.W. is that $999.95 apiece?
mckoz - I'm thinking about it. I have to give them a reason to come along.
Sonja Pinkert - Chula Vista resort at the Dells is working on a family package deal for us.
mckoz - That's the one I'd like to see.
Sonja Pinkert - L.O.T.W. currently is $999.95 each.
Chatman - There are some really neat indoor water parks at the Dells. Year round warm water!
Sonja Pinkert - Chula Vista is very nice. 2 indoor water parks.
Moose - So would this be like a charter trip?
Sonja Pinkert - I have visited every resort location and picked ones that anglers would feel comfortable with. Remember I am a country girl from South Dakota so fancy is not my taste.
Sonja Pinkert - You are encouraged to bring your boat if you have one to fish out of. No boat try going to the Rainy Lake or L.O.T.W. locations. Both have nice boats to rent.
Chatman - Part of it will Moose. You will fish 1/2 day with a pro in the pros boat. Then you are paired with other participants to fish. However, you eat, learn from and spend time with and around the pro's.
Sonja Pinkert - This is our first year of Camp Walleye and we have lots to learn.
Ristorapper - Sonja, do we use pro's equipment or bring your own??
Sonja Pinkert - Every time we eat the pros will be talking about the body of water currently fishing, what techniques to use, Q&A sessions, etc.
Moose - Ok, that sounds good.
Chatman - That's the purpose behind asking the anglers that would attend what they think. This way we get a feel for what is wanted by most.
Sonja Pinkert - Both. Bring your equipment with, to ask how to rig differently or to show a technique of yours to the others.
mapguy - We did adventure travel for years, you're on the right track.
Sonja Pinkert - Thanks mapguy.
Sonja Pinkert - Everyone wanted Walleye Central to do tourneys, and I have been a tourney director for the MWC in the past. We wanted to go a different direction.
mapguy - Probably a good idea.
mapguy - Sometimes competition can scare people away.
Chatman - I think it removes the down side to tourneys that some anglers fear.
Sonja Pinkert - The pros are not fishing a tourney, so we hope they will tell us all more than when fishing for $$$
mapguy - Keep dreaming'. LOL!
Chatman - If a guy fishes a tourney as an amateur, and does poorly, he may go away from the weekend feeling bad about his or her choice.
Chatman - With Camp Walleye, you are there to learn, to meet and to enjoy. How can you go away feelin bad?
mapguy - Amen!
Sonja Pinkert - I have decided camp walleye is the new 3 F's!
Sonja Pinkert - Fish, Food and Fun!!!
mckoz - Sonja, it sounds like fun. I just have to convince the family that while I'm fishing, there will be something for them to do.
Sonja Pinkert - I feel the socializing and networking that will take place after dinner will be the highlight on the weekend.
mapguy - Isn't it always?
Chatman - At the Dells Mike?? Just hand them a brochure from the tourism folks there! You won't need to utter a word. And Madison is just a short shot to the south...
Sonja Pinkert - I have been around anglers enough to know what necessities are needed to make a great weekend.
mapguy - The only things I need are fish!
Ristorapper - Any door prizes, etc. at each event? Maybe it's a good idea if sponsors are willing to kick something in?
mckoz - Perhaps one of those 620's??
mapguy - I new this would come up...
Sonja Pinkert - We will be having door prizes and drawings everyday.
Chatman - One for everyone Mckoz???? LOL! You buyin? ;-)
Juls - LOL! Mckoz!
Sonja Pinkert - And maybe a motor to put on the back too!!!!!
Sonja Pinkert - Each of the pros are encouraged to have their sponsors provide door prizes or samples for the participants.
Sonja Pinkert - What would you all like to hear about or have discussions about, at a Camp Walleye?
Moose - So if this year is bad turn out, will there be a next year?
mapguy - Patterning fish.
Chatman - Acquiring and maintaining sponsorships, for those interested in going pro. Or just learning new techniques.
Chatman - Weather vs. fishing on that system. 
Sonja Pinkert - We are hoping for a good 1st year, so yes there will be a year two.
Chatman - With one year to go on, what would constitute bad? Sonja?
Sonja Pinkert - Not being able to pay the bills.
Sonja Pinkert - Of those here tonight, which Camp Walleye is of the most interest?
mapguy - Big water, Sturgeon Bay or L.O.T.W.
rickn - It sure sounds like fun, but I can't do it this year though.
Chatman - Sonja that will depend on the angler. Big fish and Big water guys will have their own favorites as will the family travelers or those attending one close to home.
Sonja Pinkert - Well start saving $ and vacation time for next year.
mapguy - Where, besides the Walleye Central site are you marketing this?
rickn - Time is not the problem! Need I need $! 
wasteh2o - Where is Camp Walleye located?
Sonja Pinkert - We are at the 5 All Canada Shows, the two Walleye Expo shows and the 10-day Minneapolis show in March.
Ristorapper - Is this all your baby Sonja? Who else is helping you on this one??
Sonja Pinkert - March is the Wisconsin Dells
Sonja Pinkert - April is the Detroit River, May is at Lake Mille Lacs, June is at Rainy Lake, July is L.O.T.W. and September is on Sturgeon Bay.
wasteh2o - Thank you.
Sonja Pinkert - Wayne Stensrud will be the head Camp Counselor and I will be helping.
Chatman - There is also a promotion with Crystal Pierz, right Sonja?
Sonja Pinkert - All Canada also did inserts in the 5 cities that they held their shows.
Sonja Pinkert - Yes, Crystal Pierz Marine is doing a promo, "Buy a boat - Go to Camp."
Ristorapper - If you buy a boat, you get free admission to camp?
Chatman - How does that work, other than the obvious............
Sonja Pinkert - Yes, free camp.
Eyeagra - Is Pierz Marine opening a new store in Fargo North Dakota?
Sonja Pinkert - Yes they are opening a store in Fargo.
Sonja Pinkert - If you have specific questions regarding Camp Walleye, please email me at or call 952-949-1109.
Chatman - As we wind down are there any questions Sonja may have missed?
Driftr - Sonja, tell us about yourself, your fishing life & how you got involved in Walleye Central?
Ristorapper - A great photographer, I know.
Sonja Pinkert - I was the Big Stone Lake Area Chamber Executive Director for 5 years and helped with the MWC tourney for a total of 5 years, and was tourney director 2 years.
wasteh2o - How much is Camp, how many people can you handle at a Camp?
Sonja Pinkert - John Hertensteiner contacted me about the Marketing Director position for Walleye Central. I had worked with Scott, also, when he fished Big Stone for a couple years.
Sonja Pinkert - Camp is $699.95, per person, for all Camp Walleye locations except L.O.T.W. Lake Of The Woods is priced at $999.95, per person. All Camp Walleye events include lodging and food.
wasteh2o - Thank you.
Sonja Pinkert - We can handle any where from 25 to 300 at certain camp locations.
Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm round of applause for Sonja Pinkert From walleye central and Camp Walleye!!
Driftr - Thanks Sonja!
mapguy - Standing ovation!
Juls - Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, thanks Sonja!
Driftr - Clap, clap, clap!
wasteh2o - Thanks Sonja!
T-Mac - Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!
Sonja Pinkert - Thanks everyone, for joining the 
chat this evening. It is always fun.
Eyeagra - Clap, clap, clap!!
T-Mac - Applause!!!
IBFISHN - Clap, clap, clap!
npaa94 - See ya Sonja!
Ristorapper - Clap, clap, clap!! Good luck with Walleye Central's Camp Walleye 
Chatman - Clap, clap, clap, clap! Thanks Sonja!