Chris Bahl (Cabela's) Chat 11/20/02

Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm Walleye Central welcome to Chris Bahl!!!!
Chairman - Yeahhhhh!
Chris G - Clap, clap!!
Juls_OH - Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, welcome Chris!!
Ness - Clap, clap, clap!!
Randy - Welcome Chris!
Chatman - Clap, clap, clap, clap!!!!
Chris Bahl - Thanks team!
MikeSD - Welcome!
Chatman - Chris are you out in Nebraska?
Chris Bahl - Yes, Sidney.
Chairman - Are there any new Cabela's stores planned in the next couple of years Chris?
Juls_OH - How about a re-cap of your season Chris. You've done a lot this year with tourney fishing, tourney directing etc. What can we expect to see out of you next year? 
Chris Bahl - We will be opening store number 9 in Hamburg, PA next August!
Randy - Chris, how has the Cabela's affiliation with small local clubs worked out?
kdog - Chris is the MWC gonna have a eastern division and if so do they have a tentative schedule yet?
Chris Bahl - Great, to be frank, it has been overwhelming Randy!
Chris Bahl - Yes the MWC will have an eastern division schedule, to be released soon.
kdog - Are they coming to Mosquito Lake, in eastern Ohio?
Chatman - How are things shaping up for Cabela's next year Chris?
Juls_OH - You did an outstanding job this year if you ask me. I know you will only improve upon it next year, since it is your style to always do better.
Chris Bahl - The east will be mostly in Pennsylvania in '03. Then we'll go from there. How about a west and south division?
Chris Bahl - Thanks Juls!
Chairman - Is the MWC eastern going to be team or pro-am Chris?
Juls_OH - Just schedule the south division for the cold months and I'm in!! LOL!!
Chris Bahl - They will be team events Chairman.
Randy - Chris, I am the Communications Director for the Walleye Angler's Trail. Cabela's certificates are a great draw for out events.
Chris Bahl - Thanks Randy! 
ferris - Chris has the Cabela's Championship location been announced yet?
Juls_OH - Will you be fishing all the RCL tournaments, again, next year Chris? 
kdog - Ok, any news about the Cabela's National Team tourney? Has a site been selected???
Randy - Excellent question Ferris!
Chris Bahl - We have not announced a site yet. I have narrowed it to three probable sites. I have been busy traveling and just got back from the Redfish Championship!
Chatman - Did you fish The Redfish Championship, or run it Chris?
Randy - Chris, can you share the 3 possible locations?
kdog - The three finalist are,,,,,, drum-roll please,,,,,,, LOL!!
Chris Bahl - The National Team Championship was a big success and the response has been overwhelming. Next years event will be bigger and better. We are also looking at the same format in bass and redfish.
Chris Bahl - I ran it. 
Juls_OH - Cool!
Chris Bahl - Can't share yet. But I will say they are non-traditional walleye sites, if you will.
Chatman - That should make for interesting events Chris.
Juls_OH - Chris, you missed my question, will you be fishing all the RCL tournaments next year? Or, will you be too busy now with running tournaments?
Chris Bahl - I think everyone will be pleased with the site. I am very happy with the response from the communities interested. They love you anglers!!
Chairman - that sounds like fun, I might have to find a team circuit to fish and qualify!
kdog - In other words, not in the Midwest?
ChrisNE - I like the nontraditional twist!
Jeff Berg - Is this for 2003?
Randy - Chris, can you narrow it down to a specific region?
Chris Bahl - I'm fishing them all! The RCL is doing a great job and I want to be a part of it. I wish I could spend more time at it!! The championship ripped my heart out, I still have nightmares. ( :
Juls_OH - LOL!!
Randy - Chairman, consider fishing the Walleye Anglers Trail next year!
Chairman - Yeah, it was tough Chris.
Juls_OH - It's great to hear that, we would miss you if you didn't fish them!
Chris Bahl - Kdog, we have the MWC now for the Midwest.
Chairman - I still smile when I think about Jack though. 
kdog - Yea, not many come through Ohio though Chris.
Wally - MWC coming to Erie at all?
Chris Bahl - It could have been worse, I could have been 14th!!! I was really proud of Bruce. We talked about that at Saginaw!
Juls_OH - ;-)
Chris Bahl - I hear you about Ohio. I wish we could get more communities charged about tournament fishing in Ohio. Please advise!
Gu - Chris do you have a date and location for the Nationals?
Randy - Chris, can you explain the selection process being utilized for next year's championship?
Juls_OH - Hey Chris, did ya hear? They're not outlawing hand lining!! Heheh, wink, wink!
Chris Bahl - We are looking at the first and second weekend of June for '03.
Mapguy - As a policy Juls or just certain waters?
Chris Bahl - They should just because then you'd win a tournament. And Rick!
Juls_OH - As a policy, hand lining will be legal in the RCL and PWT tournaments!
Mapguy - A good thing?
Juls_OH - Heheh Chris...;-)
capt.nick - Juls, you mean they are bringing hand lining back to the PWT?
Wally - Chris, any info about new Fish finder/GPS combo's coming out for 03?
Chairman - in the PWT yes. And cane poles too!!!!!!
Juls_OH - PWT is bringing it back for next year, the RCL was discussing outlawing hand lining, but they kept it in.
Chris G - Really? Cane poles!
Chairman - Yes, for Winnebago.
Chris Bahl - Great new stuff from Garmin. I haven't seen anything from the others yet. Garmin was just in here and they are really doing some exciting things!
Juls_OH - For the cane beds on the Winnebago chain.
kdog - Yea, I heard today there was some BIG news in GPS/combo units!
Chris G - Ah!
Mapguy - 10-4 on Garmin!
Juls_OH - What boat are you running next year Chris? A Ranger 620 or 621?
Juls_OH - Are you still going to have the Pink Bunny boat? ;-)
Chris Bahl - The 620. Although the 621 may have an advantage this year in the RCL. Great riding boat!! 
Chris Bahl - Pink Bunny!!!! 
Juls_OH - Yeah!!!! He looks good on your shirt. ;-)
Chris Bahl - I'm branded as the bunny boy! ( ;
Juls_OH - LOL!!
Chatman - LOL!!
Chairman - It could be worse.
capt.nick - Yeah, the "Pickle" or "Barney" boats.
Chris Bahl - Nothing tougher than a bunny boy in a yellow boat Bruce!! 
Juls_OH - What motor will you be running Chris?
Chairman - That was a tough combo eh? 
kdog - Do you have a set of bunny ears Chris?? LOL!!
Chris Bahl - Still working on that. 
Chris G - Chris, at the MWC Championship, I saw a boat cover, with the Cabela's logo on it, over a boat. Was that yours? If so, where can one get logos like that put on?
Juls_OH - Pink and yellow are complimentary colors though, so it still looks good. ;-)
Chris Bahl - I do! 
Chris Bahl - That cover was on our Cabela's promo boat. We are working on some stuff for our pro-staff and that was one of them. We actually had Ranger do that for us. Still a little pricey though.
Gu - Chris 1st time on this, maybe you have answered this already but will the Cabela's Nationals conflict with the PWT date? I have already signed up for the western half of the PWT. 
Chris Bahl - We will not try to. I will have to look at the PWT schedule. 
kdog - Juls, have you seen the new Rip Shad??
Gu - The PWT has a tourney the 11-13th of June and there are at least 4 teams that I know of that have signed for the PWT as well.
Juls_OH - Kdog, no I haven't.
Chris Bahl - I used the Rip Shads at the RCL Championship. Awesome bait!!
Chairman - Oh! now I find out! :-)
Juls_OH - LOL!
Chris Bahl - You knew. 
Chris G - Chris, the Championship won't be on the Merc. National weekend in Fond du Lac will it? I think that is the second weekend in June...
kdog - Is it comparable to a Shad Rap Chris and if so a #5 or #7 Shad Rap?
Chris Bahl - #5. 
Juls_OH - The 2003 Merc National should be scheduled for June 7-8th.
Chris Bahl - The Merc. National is a concern. 
Chris G - Thanks Juls!
kdog - Great!
Chairman - You have that weekend open, eh Juls? :-)
Juls_OH - Nope, we will be at Mille Lacs fishing the Wave Wacker on the 5th-6th.
Chairman - Oh no, not there again!
Juls_OH - It's still up in the air, I don't like what's going on with that fishery, so its still a decision we have to make.
Randy - Chris, it seems from all the chat that the first 2 weekends in June are full.
Chris Bahl - We are concerned, but not have many options on the schedule. 
Chatman - Come to Bago Juls!! It's not like ya don't know the lakes there. And the fishery is strong.......come to bago........(trying to hypnotize you)........come to bago........ ;-)
Chairman - It is going to get harder too, more tournaments all the time.
Juls_OH - The RCL at Devils Lake is the third weekend of June. 
Chris Bahl - However, keep in mind we drew from 25 states last year and all of the anglers were qualifiers. 
eye stryker - It is basically like this now, the circuits try to not conflict. But conflict is inevitable. So an angler has to choose, and cannot complain if he cannot fish every event he wants.
Chairman - That's where I will be, I like Devils Lake!
Chatman - It's getting so a person needs a plane to get to 'em all nowadays.......
Gu - The last week in June would be ideal for no conflict with other major tourneys.
Juls_OH - Do what you have to do Chris, build it and they will come. They always do...;-)
silverbellies - I'm aching to get back out. Looks like I'll be out Sat, Sun, Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun divorced on the following Monday.
Chris Bahl - It's not just with walleye either, I deal with bass, crappie, catfish, redfish, kingfish, etc. The thing is growing. 
Chatman - LOL!! Silverbellies!!
Chairman - That's right. Print the checks, someone will be there to claim them! :-)
Chairman - Has it been worthwhile for Cabela's to be so involved?
silverbellies - Chris, So no word when and where?
Chatman - It has been great from an anglers and spectators standpoint for sure.
silverbellies - Chris, that is the Cabela's National Team Championship........
Juls_OH - Come on guys, he can't announce anything here. It's not finalized yet.
Chris Bahl - I hope that the title of National Champion is more important than the check. If not, then our sport is in trouble. We need a foundation, money is like sand. 
kdog - How about a time when things will be finalized, by the first of the year??
Chris Bahl - Take peace in knowing that communities have courted the NTC from coast to coast. The process has been difficult. We are very close and on the same time frame as last year.
Chris Bahl - Yes, definitely by the first of the year.
Gu - Chris does not need to announce it, but can give us his thought on when and where......
silverbellies - Chris, is Kearney ever going to get a full sized store? Or at least fully stocked with all of the catalog items?
Chatman - We'll wait for the news.......
kdog - I hope this month flies by! LOL!!
Chairman - December is going to be busy!
eye stryker - But if he says where and when he thinks it might be, isn't that an announcement? And what if he is not correct or something gets changed? Then what would be said a month down the road by those who made plans on a maybe? 
Juls_OH - Hey Chris, I just want to thank you and your staff for changing the Spring Valley dates, so that those of us fishing the RCL Detroit can start the year at Spring Valley like we always do.
Randy - Chris, I agree the NTC is very big deal, however a little guidance for local tournament organizers selecting dates next spring would be a big help.
Chairman - The big players need to announce dates early so the local teams can set theirs.
kdog - How bout a question about Cabela's Guide Wear? Is it tough enough to hunt in and not rip going though briars??
Chris Bahl - Thanks. We felt that it was important to continue to kick the walleye season off at Spring Valley. It is the Daytona 500 of walleye fishing, right?
silverbellies - Thanks for the info Chris and the hard work!!!
Juls_OH - I would agree to that Chris! I love fishing Spring Valley, and the community there loves us!
Chris Bahl - I hear you Randy. However, we are on the same time frame as last year. 
Randy - Chris, Spring Valley is extremely important to the Walleye Anglers Trail. We will be there the weekend before.
Juls_OH - Just save some fish for us Randy!! LOL!!
Zach B - I'm looking forward to it randy, hopefully the weather will be better than last year!
Chris Bahl - By the way, I met many Redfish anglers who follow the PWT and the RCL. I found that interesting. 
Randy - Hi Zach, I hear you. Last year was terrible!
Chatman - If you thought the weather was bad, you should have fished for four days with a mean case of the flu like I did!!! LOL! 
Chairman - I saw a redfish tourney on TV, it looked like shallow water bass fishing!
Juls_OH - Why are the Redfish guys only allowed to weigh in two fish usually? are they hard to catch or are they rare? What's up with that?
Chairman - I know. I caught them in Florida.
Chairman - And bigger too!!
Chris Bahl - The Cabela's National Team Championship crowns the National Champion of team walleye fishing. The first time in our sports history to have a such a title, that anglers qualified for like traditional sport in our country.
Chatman - Snook is one fish I'd like to chase too!!
Gu - Chris keep up the good work on the national tourney, I hope to find out when and where soon. 
Chris Bahl - Great question Juls!!! You must follow the Redfish Tour? Because many state laws only allow one redfish per angler per day.
Doug Burns - Juls, Redfish have made a great comeback in the last ten years. Limits and slot sizes are still very stringent in most states.
Juls_OH - Oh, not really, but our bosses at JDC marketing do and I think they were at your tourney last week?? I'm not sure though. I talked to Joe Crosby one day about it.
Juls_OH - I see, thanks for the info Chris and Doug!
Randy - Chris, I recently heard that ESPN2 is going to have TV coverage of the RCL, do you know anything about that?
Chris Bahl - I think that each series, bass, walleye and redfish, can learn from each other. I found it funny that many at the Redfish Championship, big event by the way, referred to bass, walleye and redfish as the "big three." Interesting.
Chris Bahl - Randy, I don't. Bart Schad told me, last week in Florida, that the FLW signed a deal with OLN.
Chatman - Chris, will we see anything new from Cabela's for 2003?
Chris Bahl - New at Cabela's in '03? We are mailing a "Walleye" catalog and a new guidewear system is being launched that is incredible!
Chairman - That sounds great. Will you use the pro staff for models?
kdog - I'm interested in the guidewear, how soon will it be out? What's new about it?
T-Mac - Model = right up your alley Bruce!
Chairman - Well, it gets them some good exposure. 
Chairman - Ha, ha T-Mac!
Doug Burns - Better use Chairman to show the back of the guidewear.
Chris Bahl - The guidewear will be out the first of the year. New features include a sweet Windstopper zip-in liner.
T-Mac - LOL Doug!
Chairman - and I just ordered one! 
Juls_OH - I got married in my Cabela's guidewear a couple weeks ago!! LOL!
Chatman - How bout using Juls to model the Ladies Guidewear?
Chatman - Wedding veil and all?
Tracy - She looked good in it too!!
Juls_OH - Windstopper liner? Realllllly???? Too cool, awesome stuff!!
Chris Bahl - I'm trying to get Juls to wear our logo right now!!
kdog - Is it tough enough to hunt in??
T-Mac - Juls does everything in Guidewear, hehhehe!!
Juls_OH - No veil Ralph, LOL! Get real!
Chairman - I have photos of her and Pat Chrysler in it.
Chatman - LOL!!
Chris Bahl - Yes, it is tough stuff! Jeff King wears during the Iditarod!! What does that tell you!
Juls_OH - I'll call you tomorrow Chris, heheh!
T-Mac - Guidewear is super!
Chris Bahl - I need pics of you getting married in guidewear!! Good Stuff!!
Randy - Chris, I want to pass along a compliment for Steve & Gaylene Simmons. Great work with the Cabela's Bus!!
Chairman - I have them, they'll be sent tomorrow...
Juls_OH - Ok, I have got tons of them, I'll send them tomorrow.
Chatman - What a marketing angle that would be, good looking enough to get married in!
Chris Bahl - Steve and Gaylene represent Cabela's well. Thank You, I will pass it along to them.
Juls_OH - LOL!
T-Mac - Tuff enough to get married in!
Chris Bahl - I love it. 
Juls_OH - My dad thought it was cool, but my mom, a mom and wanted the dress but we were on a cold beach at Lake Erie. I dressed like I did for the Detroit tourney! LOL!!
Chatman - We have a few moments to go (about 6 min) has Chris missed any questions so far?
T-Mac - Chris, I got here late. Sorry. What Ranger hull are you running this summer?
T-Mac - The 621?
Chris Bahl - The 620.
T-Mac - Ok, thanks. I was curious as I am a Ranger dealer.
fatboy - Chris, may I ask about any thoughts on the co-pilot from Minnkota ?
Chris Bahl - I like the 621!! 
T-Mac - Me too!
Randy - Chris, thanks for time this evening, let all us know the 2003 NTC date as soon as you can.
Chris Bahl - I love the Genesis. Have not run the co-pilot.
Chris Bahl - I will Randy.
Chatman - I am looking forward to driving the 621 at the factory next month.
T-Mac - I drove one in Sept , Ralph. A really sweet boat!
Chairman - I am still in the 2002 620 next year.
kdog - Can you buy the co-pilot as an add on to additional autopilots?
T-Mac - Is it hard to sell that yellow one? 
Chairman - And I am still running the 23 footer next year as well! :-)
Chairman - I'm not even trying T-Mac.
Chatman - The 621 looks like a great hull design T-Mac, although I will most likely run a 618 next season.....
Randy - Zach B, have a great holiday season. I appreciate everything you do for the WAT.
T-Mac - :-)
dr eye - Chris please consider the PWT and RCL dates that have already been set when choosing the Cabela's National date, thanks!
Chatman - Ladies and gentlemen, it is time to speak now or forever hold your peace and miss out on any questions.......
Chatman - Hey Juls!! Where have you heard some of that line recently???? LOL!!
Chris Bahl - You got it. 
kdog - Time for work, thanks for the Cabela's info Chris! I can't wait for a final decision, good night room!
T-Mac - Nite!
Ness - Nite, Kdog!
Chris Bahl - Thanks kdog!!!
Swede - Chris, what materials do you prefer in a boat Aluminum or Glass?
Chairman - Chris, we all appreciate everything Cabela's has done.
Chris Bahl - Glass. Can't beat the ride!
Chairman - As a manufacturer, I have never worked with a better company!
Chris Bahl - Thanks Bruce!
Chatman - Ladies and gentlemen, a hardy round of applause for Chris Bahl of Cabela's!
fatboy - Thanks Chris! Live well!
Chatman - Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap!!!!!!
Dan(oh) - Thanks Chris and Cabela's!
T-Mac - Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap!!
Juls_OH1 - Darn it's all over? Shoot!!!
Tracy - LOL!
Juls_OH1 - Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap!! Thanks Chris!
Chairman - Thanks Chris, talk to you soon!
Tracy - Thanks Chris!
T-Mac - LOL Juls!
Chris Bahl - Thanks Team!! Our pleasure.
T-Mac - Good luck on tour '03 Chris!!
Chatman - Any time Chris! Great chatting with you again.