Bait Rigs Chat 6/12/02

Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen a Warm Walleye Central Welcome for Joe Puccio of Bait Rigs!!!
Chatman - Clap, clap, clap, clap!!!
bob oh - Hi!!
river king - Clap!!!
bob oh - Clap, clap, clap!
Driftr - Clap, clap!!
Chatman - So Joe, where do you want to go tonight?
slickster(MN) - Hello all!!
Driftr - Welcome Joe Puccio!!!
Joe PUCCIO - Great, lets get started.
Jenna - Hi Guys!!
Chatman - Let's start with a little background on Bait rigs...
Chatman - How long in Business etc...
Joe PUCCIO - Bait Rigs started in business in 1986.
Joe PUCCIO - Bait Rigs is owned by Joe and Tony Puccio. 
Jenna - So do you have a website Joe??
Joe PUCCIO - We specialize in jigs and rigs.
Chatman - What was the very first offering from bait Rigs?
Joe PUCCIO - Yes, we have a website. It's, Check us out!
Joe PUCCIO - We have an extensive walleye pro staff.
Chatman - Including the dashing and Handsome Ralph Muccilli?
Chatman - LOL!!!
bob oh - Joe, what's your most popular rig??
Joe PUCCIO - There is more about the company on our website.
Chatman - Seriously though, do try and see the bait Rigs web site. Tons of good information and tips there.
Joe PUCCIO - The most popular rig is our AstroBrite Crawler Harness.
Driftr - Driftr would like to be on that staff too!!
Jenna - Where is BaitRigs located Joe??
Joe PUCCIO - Driftr, go to the website and e-mail me regarding pro staff.
Joe PUCCIO - We are located in Madison, Wisconsin.
Chatman - How many products does Bait Rigs currently offer Joe?
Driftr - Joe, I will do that in about 4 weeks!
Joe PUCCIO - We have over 700 items in our catalog.
bob oh - Joe, do you have Erie guys using your rigs?
Joe PUCCIO - Yes, we have a rig called the Pro Erie Rig, designed for Lake Erie
bob oh - I'll take a look! Thanks!
bob oh - Are any charters using it Joe?
Driftr - I do use Bait Rigs products alot!
Joe PUCCIO - Yes we have charters using our rigs and spinner blades.
Chatman - Gotta love them Odd Ball Jigs!!
Driftr - I love 'em Ralph!
Chatman - Can you tell us what's new on the horizon with Bait Rigs in 2003 Joe?
bob oh - I think I've got a bunch of the blades??
Joe PUCCIO - Is everyone aware that Bait Rigs has Oddballs in 5/8 and 3/4 oz?
bob oh - I'm thinking about trying those next spring.
bob oh - I use some pretty big jigs when Erie's rough!
Chatman - Great for heavy current (Detroit River) and 3 way rigs!
Joe PUCCIO - What's new? New glow colors for Oddballs and Slo-Pokes, and a new line of high performance panfish jigs.
Chatman - Cool!
Chatman - Can you tell us a little about the panfish jigs? Would they also work under a slip bobber for walleye?
Joe PUCCIO - Another new item is our Esox Cobra jigs for muskie and pike....
Joe PUCCIO - New panfish jigs are super with slip bobbers these small jigs have a big bite and are great with live bait.
Chatman - Sounds like I coulda used them at the Merc. National last weekend....
Chatman - There is always next year...
Chatman - How is the old standard, the Slo Poke doing? What is the size range on that jig?
Joe PUCCIO - Slo Poke sizes are; 1/64, 1/32. 1/16, 1/8, 1/4, and 3/8. Slo Pokes are doing GREAT! as always.
Chatman - Well, I won a tournament with them a while back. But then I was a believer before that!
Chatman - And the Weed Master Jig is a jig that should be of interest to many anglers, are they doing well?
bob oh - Joe, what length leader do you like for a rig for bouncers, for casting??
Joe PUCCIO - WeedMasters are being used in weeds and wood by all our pro staffers, with super results. 
Joe PUCCIO - Rig lengths for bouncers range from 3 - 5 feet.
Chatman - They worked extremely well in the cane beds of Poygan and Butte des Morts this last weekend as well.
Chatman - Just in case there is any question, I am a Bait Rigs pro staffer from waay back....
bob oh - You're kidding :-)
Chatman - But I encourage you all to ask away, anything you want to ask Joe, that is why he is here...
Joe PUCCIO - WeedMasters were used by Daryl Christensen successfully in the cane beds last week too.
Chatman - *trying to stay impartial*
bob oh - Anglers troll a lot of spinner rigs on Erie Joe and the feeling is you have to fish them real slow, you agree???
Guest - Joe does Weedmaster have an Internet site?
Driftr - I finished 12th at Mosquito pout of 53... the weeds killed me!
Chatman -, and you sound like the weedmaster would have helped ya Jim!!
Driftr - I would like to have had a weed approach.
Joe PUCCIO - Not always, we often use Willow Blades at higher speeds.
Guest - Thanks!
bob oh - OK.
bob oh - Higher -- over 2.2???
Joe PUCCIO - Willow blades are used at higher speeds for hot fish or as a location method.
Joe PUCCIO - Yes, 2.2 will work for #4 willows. We usually use 2 blades in tandem.
Jenna - May I ask a question?
bob oh - Many are trolling spoons at high speeds, on Erie, right now.
Chatman - Joe, how often would you recommend an angler run the rigs very high in the water column when looking for open water fish, like those on Erie, Saginaw bay, Little bay de Noc or Green Bay?
bob oh - Jump on in Jenna!
Jenna - Well, could you please tell me what hot fish are??
Chatman - The ones in my frying pan?
Jenna - LOL!!
Joe PUCCIO - Fish will often rise up on spinners in many bodies of water.
Chatman - Seriously Jenna, hot means very active.
Jenna - Oh..ok..thank you!!
Joe PUCCIO - Yes, active fish
Joe PUCCIO - Most times the #5 Colorado deep-cup blades are best on Erie
Chatman - Be sure to use heavy line when tying a rig with #5 blades!
Joe PUCCIO - Yes, heavy line is best, including Fireline
Chatman - The #5's have so much torque and force they will twist line lighter than 17lb test!
Joe PUCCIO - Good advise!
Chatman - Fireline is awesome in that role.
Chatman - Has Joe missed any questions so far?
Driftr - I do well with a willow hammered copper on Erie too!
Joe PUCCIO - Yes, and Fireline has no memory....
Driftr - It depends on the day.
Joe PUCCIO - Erie anglers need to take a look at our AstroBrite Blades especially the new melon patterns in copper and silver.
Chatman - Joe, lets talk a little about the Willow Spoon.
Joe PUCCIO - These blades were designed by Erie Charter Captains!
Driftr - Joe, I have always been successful with a watermelon pattern and I have painted mine in the past.
Joe PUCCIO - Willospoons are hot right now under slip bobbers.
Joe PUCCIO - A great way to fish willos is to reverse hook minnows under bobbers. 
Chatman - What size do you recommend an angler start with, under a slip bobber, for walleye?
Joe PUCCIO - Most people prefer the small Walleye willows with bobbers.
Chatman - I use the smaller ones on 3 way rigs as well.
Joe PUCCIO - Another effective way to fish willos is behind bouncers with a short lead of 24 to 30 inches.
Joe PUCCIO - 3-ways work well too!
Chatman - I know the saugers on the Illinois River will really clobber them, but you need a heavy jig or weight on a 3 way, or a bouncer to get them down.
Joe PUCCIO - The thing about the willos is they have a vertical and horizontal wobble. This makes them effective at various speeds.
Chatman - Joe, what sizes are they available in and what weights?
Joe PUCCIO - Willos come in 3 sizes 3 1/2-willow blade, 2-1/2 willow blades and the little guy #1 willow used for panfish.
Joe PUCCIO - Willos are essentially a flutter live bait spoon and weigh less than 1/32 oz!
Chatman - It is important to note they are very light for their size and do not make a good casting lure
Joe PUCCIO - Yes, the willos are a rigging and ultra light jigging spoon.
Chatman - Joe, Bait Rigs has an array of products that are not quite like anything else on the market, how do products like these come about?
Joe PUCCIO - Ideas come to us from fisherman. We help bring them to market.
Chatman - Even the bait Rigs bottom bouncer is not quite like any other, can you explain how so?
Chartertalk - Joe, what is the web site address?
Joe PUCCIO - Pro Staff guys give us a lot of ideas for products.
Joe PUCCIO - Our bouncers are made with tempered S.S. wire, not spinner bait wire like most others.
Joe PUCCIO - This makes a stiffer bouncer like a graphite rod it transmits bottom info to the tip of your rod!
Chatman - Great.
Chatman - We will be winding down in a few minutes. Are there any more questions for Joe tonight? Have any been missed?
Joe PUCCIO - We pattern our bouncer after the original Missouri River bouncer. Still the best design out there.
Chatman - There is a lot of attention to detail on the products then?
Joe PUCCIO - Yes, we use the best components available and spend a lot of time on the details.
Joe PUCCIO - I can be reached anytime at,
Chatman - I know there is even R&D time put into the shape of the jig heads in each size, to get each to perform as well as the other.
Joe PUCCIO - Yes, R&D, we took 2 1/2 years bring the Odd'Ball to market
Joe PUCCIO - The original Slo-Poke is now in its 3rd generation design
Joe PUCCIO - Before we drop off I want to thank everyone for joining in!
Chartertalk - Joe, thanks for your time!! 
Guest - Yes, thanks Joe!
Chatman - Thanks to you too Joe!
Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm round of 
applause for Joe Puccio of Bait Rigs!!!
Tracy - Thanks Joe!!
Chartertalk - Clap, clap, clap! 
Driftr - Joe, I will e-mail you.
Driftr - thanks for the chat
Driftr - G'nite all! 
Chatman - Clap, clap, clap, clap!!!
Joe PUCCIO - Good night everyone
Tracy - Nite Joe!
Chatman - Thanks again Joe!