John Campbell Chat 3/13/02

Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm Walleye Central Welcome for John Campbell!!
Ristorapper - Welcome John!!
Chatman - Clap, clap, clap!!!
RRoller - Welcome John!
Chatman - So, John, where do we want to go tonight?
Dan(MI) - I want to go fishing!
harley mi. - Me too!
Chatman - LOL Dan.......
John Campbell - Me too!
Dan(MI) - John are you fishing the RCL in Detroit?
John Campbell - Yes, that will be my first tourney this year.
John Campbell - It will be different than last Time, when I won, because there are now no boundaries. 
Dan(MI) - Cool, nothings going yet, but any day Now.
colin - John do you think the bite will be in the Detroit River or on Lake Erie or St Clair?
Dan(MI) - I bet a lot of guys go south huh?
John Campbell - I had to skip some shows this year because of my two surgeries.
SteveM - Hi John! Hi Everyone! How goes it? 
Chatman - Do you think that will change things much this year John?
John Campbell - I believe it will be won on the River.
John Campbell - Unless of course the wind lays down for 3 -4 days, then the lake will be the best.
Chatman - Have you been pre-fishing yet John?
Dan(MI) - John, do you like to jig or pull cranks?
John Campbell - Yes I have been pre-fishing but for snook, mostly just to get the muscles working again.
tim - Has anyone here ever fished Lake Kipawa in Quebec?
John Campbell - I won't try for Walleyes until I come up north in two weeks.
Chatman - Snook don't count in the RCL! And, isn't that a very long run???
colin - John do you have the Ranger down there?
harley mi. - He should have came too Saginaw Mi.
Russ - John, do we have to use hand lining in the river? 
John Campbell - Yes, I do have the new Ranger flats boat, it is awesome! It goes near 70 mph! Just a little faster than my 620!
Chatman - Wow!
jjk - What makes it so much faster??
RIPLIPS MN - It must be nice to have 2 Ranger Boats!
colin - Yea, I drove one at Ranger in the fall. Fast boat! 
John Campbell - I will not hand line, because it is not a strength of mine. Probably jig and three way rig.
Chatman - The flats boat is loosley based off the bass line isn't it? It is a shallower boat than the 620.
Ristorapper - Handlining is legal for RCL then??
John Campbell - Yes the flats boat is shallower and is based on the 522 hull, it would be tough to ride on Erie!
Russ - Yes, Sonny said hand lining was legal in the RCL.
harley mi. - How is it going to handle in rough water?
Chairman - Hand lining is only not allowed in the PWT.
Chatman - Correct me if I am wrong, the PWT is the only circuit that said no to handlining isn't it?
harley mi. - That is correct.
jjk - I have a dumb question, what is hand lining??
luckyketch - Hand lining is legal at the Detroit River RCL torney.
John Campbell - I believe hand lining is legal in the RCL, Call Sonny to verify that. I haven't because I think I can do the same with 3 way rigs like in the Illinois River.
Dan(MI) - John, what cranks have worked best for you in Detroit?
John Campbell - Hand lining has been used on the Detroit River forever. There is no rod, just a big reel and a couple cranks on long leads!
jjk - I see, thank you.
John Campbell - I like the husky jerks and original floaters on the Detroit River. Then change colors with conditions.
luckyketch - A very strong forearm helps too!
Dan(MI) - Thanks.
John Campbell - The PWT allows short rods but no Hand lining. Many pro's have modified muskie rods to get it done.
tim - What is the best "all-aroung jig" for walleye in clear lakes?
Chairman - John why the flats boat?
colin - John, did you get your new boat yet?
Chatman - Does one size of crank work better for you day in and day out?
John Campbell - It does take some strength to Hand line. I'm not sure I could do that with my shoulder coming off the operation.
John Campbell - My best jig? A fuzzy grub in glow yellow!
tim - Thanks john, is this the name it is sold under?
John Campbell - I went with a Flats boat because, where I live in Florida, has a lot of water under a foot and large fish cruising around I wanted to catch.
tim - I am new to walleye fishing but I love it and I am trying to improve my odds for this Mays trip.
Dan(MI) - Just a tip for RCL guys, Canada licenses are hard to come by, the clerical union is on strike.
Chairman - Ok, it was not a tournament based decision then. I bought a 23 Center Console for this year.
Driftr - John, you will still have the 620 also?
John Campbell - Yes to the fuzzy grub, it is the color Ted Takasaki won the championship with and I have won over 100K with!
tim - Wow, I guess it works then!
Chatman - Is that a good all around color for you, or do you prefer it in stained or dirty water?
John Campbell - I just got my 620 at Ray's Sports in Grand Rapids, they say it is really sharp looking. I will see it in a couple of weeks.
Russ - Up here in Canada, we just go to any bait shop to buy our licenses.
RIPLIPS MN - Hey John, how is early spring fishing on Lake Winnibigoshish?
tim - John, where can I purchase these Fuzzy Grubs?
John Campbell - Funny, but I like the glow yellow Everywhere. I do fish many other colors though.
Chatman - I can understand that John, for me the color I use everywhere is Gold.
Chairman - RCL Co anglers will need Canadian, Ohio and Michigan licenses
Dan(MI) - Russ, I usually do it by phone.
John Campbell - Winibigosish is great, as is Leech Lake in early spring. Especially if you enjoy jigging!
RRoller - Firetiger fireballs for me!!
Russ - Canada is just across the border, if you have to go get one.
RIPLIPS MN - John, what is the best kind of line to use for jig fishing?
Shane - John, do you use one of those Genetrons?
John Campbell - I will Buy my Canada license on the river. The last time I called in for one and it took too long. My wife had to FedX it to me!!
tim - Has anyone here ever heard of lake Kipawa in Quebec?
tim - I like 6 lb. Berkely XT for jigging.
Driftr - John, who are your sponsors?
John Campbell - My jigging line is Stren, in 6 # gold or clear blue it's the only way to go.
RIPLIPS MN - Do you use a swivel?
Chatman - Just now I did, sorry I cant help ya there Tim. But a walleye is a walleye wherever it swims....
colin - John will you use 6# on the Detroit River?
John Campbell - My sponsors are Ranger Boats, Mercury, Lindy, Rapala, Stren, Flambeau, MinnKota, Shimano, Bottom line and Cannon.
Shane - Does anyone use a GENETRON?
John Campbell - I've been with most of my sponsors for 12 years or so.
John Campbell - I'll go to 8 # on the Detoit River because of the size of fish. 
tim - John, how about rattles on jigs, do they make a difference? Or is it just an advertising scheme?
jjk - I think they make a significant difference!
jerry - John, I got here late, so maybe this was already asked. Where do you think the Detroit River tourney will be won? Lake or river?
Shane - Chariman,I heard this thing can pick up a credit card on a tile floor?
Dan(MI) - Rattles work!
John Campbell - Yes I use a swivel, I get angry if my line keeps catching on my rod tip and twisting!! It breaks my concentration.
tim - Thanks Dan!
John Campbell - It will most likely be won in the river, unless the wind lays down.
jjk - Amen!! 
John Campbell - Rattles? Yes they do work, as does scent, at Times.
RIPLIPS MN - What kind of swivel John?
tim - Ok thanks, I apprecaite it.
John Campbell - I use a ball bearing swivel. Ball bearing swivels cost a bit more, but were fishing for a lot of money. So, I break down and buy the good kind!
BRS1 - I'm fishing a reservoir tournament in two Weeks, in New Mexico, any tips?
tim - John, what rod do you feel is the best type for jigging with 1/4 oz. jigs?
John Campbell - Rod, I use a 6 foot medium action Shimano for vertical jigging and a medium light for casting.
John Campbell - In New Mexico, at this time of year, I would fish shallow looking for wind swept flats.
RIPLIPS MN - John do you ever fish for pan fish?
RRoller - John are you fishing the Cabelas or the MWC tourney on Mille Lacs?
BRS1 - I will be pre fishing this weekend, live bait is allowed, but should I jig or troll?
Jeff - Hey guys, I only have a few minutes here, so do you mind if I ask a quick question?
John Campbell - Yes, I like Crappie and Bluegill, if they are big. I also fish yellow perch a couple times a year for meals.
Chatman - Ask away at any time Jeff.
Jeff - What was the popular Reef Runner in the RCL on Green Bay? I live in Minnesota and I am going to Green Bay this summer.
RIPLIPS MN - What other hobbies do you have John? 
John Campbell - I have a conflict with the Mille Lacs tourney. I am fishing Leech Lake and Winnebago back to back and I need time to pref-ish.
BRS1 - Jeff, Trailer Trash Pink and Purple Demon were the hot colors.
Jeff - Alright, thank you!
jjk - Purple Demon is a great color!
Jeff - Are those two the popular ones or is it basically a hit and miss?
John Campbell - I'm not sure what the best Reef Runner colors are.
Jeff - John did you fish the RCL at Green Bay?
Chatman - Like anywhere Jeff, colors can change frequently.
BRS1 - Good colors are Rainbow Trout, Bubble Gum, Texas Red, Trailer Trash, Purple Demon, they are all go getters in the desert!
RRoller - I heard Wonder bread was a hot color too.
Jeff - Alright, thanks all and goodnight!
John Campbell - Yes I fished last year and the year before at Green bay. Last year I finished 26th, My excuse is my shoulder slowed me down!
Jeff - Oh, that's not good are you doing better now?
jjk - What is your favorite 3-way rig setup?
Ristorapper - Your shoulder is fixed this year?
Jeff - John, did you make the long run to Green Island also?
RIPLIPS MN - How is you shoulder doing now John?
John Campbell - Three way's, a 10" dropper to a Lindy jumbo jig. Then a 40" leader to a Rapala floating crank is the best rig.
Dan(MI) - John, compared to other systems you've fished, is the Detroit River complex? 
John Campbell - My shoulder is good, don't punch it when you see me!!
Ristorapper - LOL!
John Campbell - This year the RCL will offer a most complex challenge, Lake Erie, Lake St. Clair and the Detroit River, all available in one tournament!! 
Ristorapper - Don't let your competitors know your weakness!!
Dan(MI) - John, on that jumbo jig, how heavy is it?
John Campbell - The Detroit River itself is like all other Rivers, except the current really moves.
jjk - Any advice for Mille lacs in the early season.
John Campbell - I use 5/8 and 1 oz jigs on a 3 way rig.
Dan(MI) - Thanks!
Jeff - Do any of you fish Lake Winnebago a lot?
John Campbell - Mille Lacs is usually good on the North end, early in the season.
Jeff - Man that lake was hot last year!
John Campbell - I only fish Winnebago when there is a tourney, I've been there 7-8 times.
Jeff - Last year my son and I had a good bite on Winnebago Point, trolling north. 
Jeff - We were using perch colored shads.
John Campbell - Where is Winnebago point?
RIPLIPS MN - If any one wants to look at John's web site it's 
Jeff - Winnebago point is on the South East end of the lake.
RIPLIPS MN - Great site!
John Campbell - My website will be on Walleye Central any day now. The developer and I went fishing today!
Jeff - If you know where Stockbridge is, (east side of lake) go south from there. It's the first point you'll see.
John Campbell - Ok, I have fished that area before. Thanks. 
Dan(MI) - John, how long have you been fishing as a pro?
Jeff - The average size of the fish was around 21 to 28 inches!
John Campbell - I started pro in 1988. I didn't catch a fish my first two tourneys!! Neither did Ted Takasaki, my partner! I blame him!!
BRS1 - LOL!!
Chatman - LOL!!
Driftr - LOL!
Dan(MI) - Do you have a real job, or do you spend all your time fishing, and promoting? 
Ristorapper - That's a good one John!!
Chatman - If a guy spent all his time fishing and promoting, wouldn't that be a real job Dan?? LOL!
Dan(MI) - Oh yeah, it's harder work than my job.
John Campbell - I am a national sales manager and work 60 hours a week when not at tourneys. I do promos on weekends only.
Dan(MI) - Wow that's busy!
BRS1 - That's nice to hear. It is possible to keep a day job and still be competitive!!
John Campbell - I think most of us have day jobs.
Chatman - Lot's of tourney anglers do just that BRS.
Ristorapper - What is your tourney schedule this year John?
John Campbell - 4 Winnibigosh tourneys, the Leech Lake PWT, 4 RCL qualifiers, maybe more.
Ristorapper - John what's your web site address??
RRoller - John is that the Winnie Walleye Trail?
John Campbell - It is still being tweaked a bit, but have a look.
RIPLIPS MN - Great site John!!
John Campbell - For info on the 4 Winnebegoshish tourneys call Todd at Nodak resort. I guess a lot of Minnesota guys are fishing it, and it's 30 minutes from my house!! I have a good partner too!
RRoller - Excellent site John!
John Campbell - Where is the Western Reserve Circuit fished?
RIPLIPS MN - I think.
BRS1 - Where is the Western Reserve fished?
MURFA - John, the Western Reserve Circuit is in North East Ohio.
Driftr - I am fishing the Western Reserve circuit this year too!
Chatman - Has John missed any questions so far? If so ask now as the hour is winding away...
RIPLIPS MN - John is it true that Pete Harsh has joined the Ranger Boats team?
John Campbell - I heard that Pete Harsh will be running the Ranger tiller this year.
RIPLIPS MN - I wonder if he bought a white one!!
Chatman - Pete himself has told me that RIPLIPS, and he has posted so on the message board here at Walleye Central.
Ryan Johnson - It's about time he came to his Senses!!!
Ryan Johnson - Just kidding!!
John Campbell - I can't comment on the color, but I drove the boat in Flippin, and it is real nice!
Chatman - Well, the hour has sneaked away, any final questions or thoughts for John tonight?
BRS1 - Thanks John!
Dan(MI) - Good LUck in Detroit, Thanks!
John Campbell - Thanks for having me!
RRoller - Thanks John and good luck
RIPLIPS MN - Thanks John, I hope you have a great year of fishing!
Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm round of applause for John Campbell!
Ristorapper - Good luck on the tour John!!
spampy - Clap!
m.m. - Clap, clap!!
Driftr - Thanks John !!!
Chatman - Clap, clap, clap, clap!!!!
colin - I've gotta go, thanks John see ya on the water!!
RIPLIPS MN - Clap, clap!
Russ - John you have to have another 
Chat! Everybody wants to chat with you!!
Ryan Johnson - Good job John!
Driftr - Clap, clap, clap!!!
Shane - Thanks John!
MURFA - Driftr, good luck! 
Russ - Clap, clap, clap!
ChrisNE - Clap, clap, clap, thanks!
Backwater Eddy (ND) - Thanks John.....clap........clap.....clap......clap!
John Campbell - Thanks again, see you on the water!