Colin Crawford Chat 2/20/02

Driftr - Ladies & Gentlemen, a warm Walleye Central applause for Colin Crawford!!!!!
Driftr - Clap, clap, clap!
ristorapper - Clap, clap, clap, clap!
TEX - Hello Colin!!
Dan(oh) - What do you do Colin?
ChrisNE - Hi Colin!
YAMAHATODD - Hello Colin!
Colin - Hi all, I'll give this a shot. 
Driftr - Colin, can you start off by telling us a bit about yourself?
Colin - I started out fishing in a club atmosphere and went from there.
Driftr - Where did you start Colin?
Colin - I spent my rookie year in the PWT, fishing and traveling with Ted Takasaki.
ristorapper - Fun!
Dan(oh) - As an amateur?
Driftr - You had an excellent mentor!
Colin - I've done a lot of fishing on the Illinois and Mississippi Rivers.
Colin - Yes as a amateur Dan.
Dan(oh) - Colin, where are you from?
ristorapper - And what is your status today?? PRO?
Colin - I now live in Vilas Co., in Northern WI.
Colin - Yes I have fished the pro side since 1998.
Dan(oh) - Both the PWT and the RCL?
Driftr - And what events will you fish this year?
Colin - Yes Dan. Last year I fished all the RCL's and 2 of the PWT's.
Dan(oh) - Colin do you have any advice to someone who wants to start fishing tournaments?
Colin - This year I will fish all RCL's and 1 MWC tournament.
ristorapper - What kind of rig are ya running??
Colin - Dan do yourself a favor and fish the Amateur side of a circuit for a whole season. You'll get to know the other guys you will find out who you can get along with or not.
YAMAHATODD - Do you run a Ranger?
Colin - Yes, I run a Ranger 620.
ristorapper - With a 225 4 stroke?
Driftr - Colin, who are your sponsors?
Dan(oh) - Should I start by fishing local tournaments?
Colin - No, it is not a 4 stroke. Down at Flippin in December, I drove a Ranger 23' Bay boat equipped with one. I didn't like it, the motor that is.
TEX - Where did you fish during the RCL Championship and how did you do?
Colin - My sponsors are, Ranger, Mercury, Lindy and Lowance.
Colin - I would by all means start fishing local tourneys Dan.
ristorapper - Your best finish in the tourneys last year??
Colin - I fished the river, didn't do too well.
Colin - I think I placed 50 something at Sault Ste. Marie.
YAMAHATODD - Leeches and jigs?
TEX - Good job!
Dan(oh) - How many ways, or presentations, should you know before going big time?
Dan(oh) - I just know how to troll pretty well.
ristorapper - Me to Dan(oh)!!
Colin - You should be knowledgeable in many presentations, but like anything else you will get educated at every tourney.
YAMAHATODD - That's a fact!
crn - What date are you coming to the Detroit River Colin?
Colin - There is nothing wrong with trolling but you will run in to areas that you need to jig or pull bouncers.
TEX - What will you do at Detroit Colin?
ristorapper - I need advice on bouncer set up. Especially rod and reel combos, I'm just learning. 
Colin - Right now, I will be at the Detroit River on the 28 of March.
TEX - Good luck!
crn - Colin, come by the Dip Net Bait, this is Cecil.
Dan(oh) - Me too Ristorapper!
Colin - I use 7' medium to medium-heavy rods and make sure your bait casters have flippin' switches on them! I also would think about right and left hand retrieves as well.
Colin - Hi Cecil, buddy!
RRoller - Colin, what is your presentation preference on the river?
Dan(oh) - Will a 6'6" medium action 1/2 to 1 .5 oz. lure weight work for a bottom bouncer rod?
Colin - I prefer to jig and pull three-ways where legal.
Colin - That rod should be ok Dan.
Dan(oh) - Over 2 oz. Would you go with a medium heavy rod?
TEX - Who are you working with this year Colin?
Colin - You can, Dan. I think it matters more what your tip action is and how fast you're moving.
ristorapper - Remember Dan, your line needs to stay from vertical to no more than 45 degree angle with the water. So, will a 1.5 ounce bottom bouncer do that in your situation?
ddave - Colin, what weight line do you use?
ristorapper - And is it braided or monofilament?
Colin - I don't have a team, per say, but I network with a couple of people.
Lund - Colin, have you ever tried rip jigging for 'eyes in the weeds?
TEX - Ok thanks.
Colin - I use 10# test mono or 4-10lb test Fireline.
Colin - I did some of that on Leech Lake in 1998.
Driftr - How does one rip jig?
Colin - Rip jigging is a lot like long lining a jig. But your jig needs to be heavy enough to keep it down.
ristorapper - Can you give us an example of a lure used to rip jig?
Lund - We usually use that technique during spring, in the shallow weeds, vertically.
Lund - Best lure? An orange, round jig head with black twister tail grub and strong wrists!
Lund - Let the jig drop into the weeds, then rip it as hard as possible for 5'! Then let it settle again, deadly on inactive eyes!
TEX - Colin, do you guide in Vilas County?
Driftr - Colin, what is your bread & butter presentation?
Colin - That would have to be jigging, since I guide here at home and there is no trolling in the north woods of Wisconsin.
ristorapper - What brand name reel do you use for bottom bouncing??
Colin - I use Abu-Garcia 3000t reels. 
TEX - Do you fish Trout Lake? I have had good luck there.
Colin - No that is in Boulder and I live over in Phelps.
ristorapper - And the Abu 3000t has a flippin switch??
Lund - Where are you located Colin?
Colin - Yes they do, they are a low profile reel that sits in your hand real nice.
Driftr - Colin, do you ever use snap weights?
Dan(oh) - When do you use a medium heavy rod for bottom bouncing?
Colin - I use snap weights when trolling harnesses any thing from 1/2oz to 3oz.
Colin - I will use medium heavy rod, with a fast action tip, when I am running 3oz weights and deep water.
Driftr - Has Colin missed any questions?
Lund - Colin, here is a scenario for you. A moderate breeze over weed flats on a cloudy day. Would you prefer to back-troll or use the drift sock?
Colin - I would use a drift sock, I think it would be much quieter.
Lund - I agree Colin. It is amazing how sound will bother the fish, but the drift sock means nothing to them.
Driftr - I like a drift sock myself.
Lund - A drift sock is great for crappie fishing too!
Driftr - As we wind down the hour, it is time to get in any last minute questions to Colin...
Dan(oh) - Well, thanks for the info Colin!
Colin - Any time Dan.
Colin - You can e-mail me at anytime!!
Driftr - Folks, A round of applause for Colin Crawford!!!
TEX - Thanks Colin for your time and good luck this year. I hope to see ya at Redwing. Bye!
Driftr - Thanks Colin !!!!
Dan(oh) - Thanks for the info.
Driftr - Clap, clap, clap!
ChrisNE - Clap, clap, whistle!
ristorapper - Clap, clap, clap, clap!
RoyGPA - Thanks Colin!
Driftr - Good luck to you in the up coming season!
Colin - Thanks folks, this was fun!

Chatman's Note: Once again a big thank you to Colin Crawford for stepping in at the last minute. And a thanks to Jim "Driftr" Hall for assuming the moderator role again. A job well done to you both.