Mark Dorn Chat 4/10/02

Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm Walleye Central welcome for Mark Dorn of the RCL!!!!
Chatman - And Sonny Reynolds as well!!
stevemn - Clap, clap!
mnjimcarp - Clap, clap, clap, clap!
Melonbob (ON) - Clap, clap!!
Mark Dorn - Thanks, Ralph!
mnjimcarp - The RCL is awesome!!
Chatman - Clap, clap, clap, clap!!! *Standing on his chair*
Swede - Clap, clap, clap!
Chatman - Well Mark where would you like to go tonight?
Mark Dorn - Let's talk about the upcoming RCL's.
Chatman - That is a great idea, where is the next stop for the RCL?
Mark Dorn - Lake Sharpe, at Pierre, is coming up in a couple of weeks and the pro field is full. However, co-angler openings are still available.
Chatman - Approximately how many Non Boater spots are still available?
Mark Dorn - Dick Knutsen of Fargo North Dakota owns Genetron.
Mark Dorn - Several co-angler spots are open.
stevemn - Genetron's phone number is 701-298-0900.
Paul Wright - Mark and Sonny; I am trying to do my part. I am bringing a co-angler with me for Lake Sharpe. I can't wait!
stevemn - Mark, did you envision competitive fishing in '84 as it is now?
Mark Dorn - Thanks Paul!
Chatman - What type of weather, and water conditions can an angler expect/prepare for at Lake Sharpe Mark?
Mark Dorn - Never in my wildest dreams did I think we would be at this point today!!
mnjimcarp - Thanks for all you have done Mark. Many of us realize the impact you have had on the sport.
stevemn - And we ain't seen nothin' yet!
Mark Dorn - We hope for calm weather and great fishing at Sharpe!
Chatman - I think professional Walleye Fishing as a whole is only beginning to see the tip of the iceberg right now....I can't wait to watch this all unfold..
Mark Dorn - That's for sure!
stevemn -
Jenn - Mark, maybe you explained this already. Have the rules been confirmed as to how to qualify for the championship, from an RCL qualifying tournament, that is NOT an RCL tournament?
mnjimcarp - A good question Jenn!
Jenn - We were talking about it at a tournament on the weekend, Mnjimcarp, and no one knew.
Mark Dorn - The rules are in the brochure, any event you fish register that event by sending in a championship entry form.
ETT (Jim Stedke) - Mark, how many pro spots left for Saginaw Bay?
Jenn - Ok. I don't have a brochure with me, can you let me know how many pro's are you accepting from each of these tournaments?
Mark Dorn - Hey Jim there are not that many, it's the only RCL not full on the Pro side.
ETT (Jim Stedke) - Ok thank you. I'd better get off my butt and enter!! LOL!
mnjimcarp - Is Saginaw Bay tough to fish?
Mark Dorn - Jenn, a full field is 150 pros and co-anglers.
Jenn - Thanks Mark, but let me specify my question a bit better...
stevemn - Now ETT, another one to lose sleep over...LOL!
ETT (Jim Stedke) - For Saginaw Bay, use crank baits and just go hunt 'em up!
Jenn - Are you taking the top 5 Ranger, Crestliner and Lund Boats? Or the top two of each from each tournament?
calvin - Mark are you going to be at the Wave Wackers this year?
Mark Dorn - I'm sorry Jenn, we will accept a total of 60 each from all of the non-RCL events.
SonnyR - If anyone wants info sent to them give us a call and we will get it right out to you!
Mark Dorn - I would like to get embarrassed in the WaveWacker again this year but my schedule won't allow it.
stevemn - LOL!
calvin - Ha ha, we'll miss ya!
Jenn - Ok, thanks Mark. I have to run to a Walleyes Unlimited meeting. Good luck to you this year Mark!
Mark Dorn - Be sure to check out the Detroit River RCL television coverage on PAX next Saturday, at 3 PM Eastern time.
Sheila - Mark, Sonny: got my renewal card today. It cracks me up that it still says "Operation Bass" on it!!
Chatman - Mark can you run down the RCL schedule for the rest of the year?
Juls_OH - Cool...thanks for the heads up Mark!!
SonnyR - The new FLW Outdoors cards are not far off.
Sheila - Good deal!
SonnyR - Lots of things are in the works, it just takes some time.
Mark Dorn - Pierre and Lake Sharpe on May 1-4; Lake Winnebago, May 29-to June 1; Saginaw Bay June 26-29 RCL Championship, Oct 2-5.
Chatman - Has Mark missed any questions so far?
geo - Is Winnebago full on the pro side?
Paul Wright - What about the weather at Lake Sharpe?
Mark Dorn - The Championship is at Redwing MN., with a 1.4 Million dollar purse!!
Ristorapper(ND) - Is lake Sharpe full on co-angler side??
SonnyR - Yea! Sharon's home, we got a typist now!!!
Juls_OH - LOL!
Mark Dorn - Four days perfect weather & limit catch's coming up!
stevemn - We've heard that before!!!
targa - We all wish for that!
Mark Dorn - Winnebago's pro side is full, with a short waiting list.
ETT (Jim Stedke) - The PWT's timing may be best ever!
Mark Dorn - There are still co-angler openings available, call in soon!
stevemn - Sure, rub it in ETT!!
ETT (Jim Stedke) - I don't mean to do that Steve.
stevemn - Just kiddin' LOL!
ETT (Jim Stedke) - Good, LOL!
Swede - Are there any openings for a nutty Swede?? LOL!
Juls_OH - You betcha!
Sheila - Mark, how do you like your new job so far?? Are you staying in Minnesota, or are there any plans to move?
Mark Dorn - I've already moved to Benton Kentucky. It was 72 degrees and sunny today!! Jackie & I LOVE IT!!
Sheila - Great, congratulations!!!
stevemn - It snowed in Nisswa today!!
Ristorapper(ND) - Crappie country!
Juls_OH - I'm jealous, but that's good news. We have a 70 degree day expected here tomorrow, finally!!!!
Juls_OH - ;-)
Recardo - Hey Mark, it was 76 here in Nebraska today.
stevemn - You guys are killin' us here in Minnesota, LOL!
Juls_OH - Hey Sonny, can you change your speech at the rules meeting just a little bit? Just a tiny thing....;-) "Gentlemen, tomorrows events will start at," "Gentlemen your return times are"....LOL! *wink*
Juls_OH - I feel left out..:-(
stevemn - LOL!
Ristorapper(ND) - LOL! Juls!
Sheila - "Ladies and gentlemen, ...." LOL! Good one Juls!
Juls_OH - ;-)
SonnyR - To Ladies and Gentlemen, you got it!
Driftr - Juls, maybe you were allowed to stay out longer :)
Juls_OH - Thanks boss!
Juls_OH - LOL!
Chatman - Or, how about "Hey y'all tomorrow you come in at"....
Juls_OH - LOL!
SonnyR - We are trying to teach Mark to talk Right!!
Juls_OH - Heheh!
ETT (Jim Stedke) - I wonder how long it will take Mark to develop that southern drawl??
Sheila - Ha!
ETT (Jim Stedke) - LOL! Right!
Chatman - It'll take about 2 days!!
Mark Dorn - Never, you'all!!
Juls_OH - LOL!
stevemn - That's all WE need LOL! LOL!
Paul Wright - Mark will learn it quicker than Sonny learns EH.
Juls_OH - ;-)
ETT (Jim Stedke) - Right y'all.
WI2KY - Southern drawl not likely, I still talk like a cheese head 5 yrs later!!
Sheila - I hope you guys are scouting out southern walleye locations. 
SonnyR - Really, we are proud to have Mark down here with us. He ad's a great deal to our staff and the plans for the future!
WI2KY - Cumberland!
stevemn - Can we have readable boat numbers to guide us at the take off our next event?
Ristorapper(ND) - Couldn't have picked a nicer guy Sonny!
bigfish1965 - Niagara Area, Canada.
Mark Dorn - Several southern waters are on our short list of sites.
Chatman - There is sure a lot of experience Mark brings to the table...
stevemn - Mark has more history than most in the game. He's a big advantage to have on board.
SonnyR - Listen to your radio, you know your boat number, just come out in order.
SonnyR - He will help get us where we want to go faster for sure. He has the knowledge that we we're just learning now.
Chatman - Where is the Lake Sharpe tourney Headquarters?
Chatman - Can you give us a lay of the land?
Mark Dorn - Lake Sharpe HQ is at Steamboat Park and then at Wal-Mart Friday & Saturday
SonnyR - The registration is at the Best Western, Ramkota
kc 1 - Is the RCL looking to hold a tournament on Lake Sakakawea any time soon?
Mark Dorn - It is also on the short list!
Chatman - For anyone not familiar, can you run down the schedule of events at a typical RCL? You know, format weigh-ins and such.
kc 1 - Or how about Fort Peck?
Mark Dorn - Fort Peck is great water also, we will get there, sooner or later.
stevemn - It is a long ways to WalMart at peck! LOL!
kc 1 - Mark, are there any plans to add more tournaments in the future?
Ristorapper(ND) - And Sakakawea!!
Juls_OH - I love Sakakawea...;-)
kc 1 - Come on out Juls, I'll take you any time you want!!
SonnyR - We start with a full field the first two days then we cut to the top 20 pro's and co's and they start from zero. Then we cut to the top 10 for day four. Friday and Saturday's weigh-in is at the stage in a local WalMart lot.
Ristorapper(ND) - It's gonna be a good body of water to fish this year!
Juls_OH - Thanks kc..;-)
Chatman - And, are there events for the families and general public that attend the weigh in?
Ristorapper(ND) - What kind of weights/fish are we expecting from Sharpe??
Hooked On It - 32 lbs.
stevemn - Mark, what was the winning weight at the Lake Sharpe PWT last year?
SonnyR - We try to arrange kids programs. We have several of the pro's, those that missed the cut, bring their rigs and are available for the public to talk to.
Mark Dorn - The slot limits will keep everyone in this right up to the end. My prediction is 40lb's to win.
stevemn - For a four day total??
Ristorapper(ND) - Only one over 18" slot???
kc 1 - South Dakota didn't lift their slot limit like North Dakota did.
Swede - How does it work over there? Are all fish returned after the weigh-in?
SonnyR - They can weigh 6 with 2 over 18"
Mark Dorn - Oop's!! With the RCL start from zero Format, 16lbs. to win. I forgot where I was for a moment!!!
SonnyR - Yes, we practice live release.
stevemn - Well, that's better! LOL!
Swede - Ok Sonny.
Swede - And if there's a dead walleye?
SonnyR - We have a tank truck that we take to Wal-Mart the last two days. And it works great, we only lost 3 fish in two days at Detroit!
Sheila - Is there culling allowed from the box at Lake Sharpe?
SonnyR - No.
Mark Dorn - No.
Sheila - In the box, and done. Got it!
kc 1 - To only lose 3 fish in a tournament is pretty dang good!!
Paul Wright - Mark, what presentations worked best?
Sheila - Man that makes for many a tough decision!
SonnyR - Just like the Championship!
kc 1 - Sonny and Mark, that's a credit to your people!
stevemn - Yes a great job by the staff and the anglers.
SonnyR - Thanks, we try hard to do our best.
Chatman - We have a few minutes to go, has Mark missed anyone's questions so far? If so now is the time to ask as we have a little over 10 minutes left...
stevemn - Mark, let's do something to honor Bob Probst Sr. at Pierre.
Ristorapper(ND) - It's right in his backyard, good idea!!
Swede - What about if there's a dead walleye before the weigh-in?
ETT - I have an idea. Why not let him fish as a celebrity, just for the fun? (no money)
stevemn - And, make it a surprise for him! I hope!!
Mark Dorn - I talked to Bob about a month ago when I was in Pierre, he is doing great!
Chatman - I sure miss havin Bobby around on the circuit. The man has forgotten more about fishing than I'll ever know!!
SonnyR - Swede, we have an 8oz penalty for dead fish.
Paul Wright - Thanks everyone, see ya in Sharpe!
stevemn - See ya Paul!
SonnyR - Looking forward to it Paul.
Chatman - Mark, when will the RCL Detroit River tourney air, and where?
Chatman - and where, sorry
Chatman - I know you mentioned it before, but thought it might be a good heads up again.
mnjimcarp - April 20th on PAX.
Mark Dorn - Next Sat on PAX TV 2:00p.m. Central time.
Chatman - Thanks Mark and Mnjimcarp!!
Chatman - Are there any last questions for our guests tonight? Speak now or forever hold your piece.. or at least until Mark returns...LOL!
TEX - Thanks!
Mark Dorn - Thanks everyone see ya at Pierre!!
Stacker - Thanks Mark!
Sheila - Sonny, you really lucked out on catching Mark for the RCL circuit. I wish you much success Mark. And, it's good to hear of you & Jackie moving to Kentucky! I'll see you out there!!
mnjimcarp - Good luck Mark and Sonny. Thank you!
stevemn - See ya at Pierre, Mark and Sonny!! 
TEX - Thanks Mark & Sonny!!
Billy(MB) - When is the next RCL tourney??
Ristorapper(ND) -Is it a half hour show ???? I work on Saturday and I've gotta set the VCR.
SonnyR - Our next tourney is the first week of May at Lake Sharpe.
ETT - Thanks Mark & Sonny... nice job!
Swede - Thanks Mark & Sonny!
Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm round of applause for Mark Dorn and Sonny Reynolds of the RCL!
Chatman - And thanks to Sharon Reynolds for handling the typing duty on Sonny's end!!!
SonnyR - Thanks ya'll, come fish Lake Sharpe with Us!!
mnjimcarp - Clap!
stevemn - Clapppppppp!
Billy(MB) - Clap!
mnjimcarp - Clap!
ETT - Clap, clap, clap!!
Swede - Clap, clap, clap!!!
ChrisNE - Thanks guys...clap, clap, clap!
TEX - Clap!
Chatman - I'll see you at Winnebago guys!
Chatman - Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap!!
Carl Crawler - Clap!
Ristorapper(ND) - Clap, clap, clap!
yolandawetone - Ditto!
Hooked On It - Clap, clap!!
Driftr - Thanks Mark & Sonny!!!!
Sheila - Good luck and thanks Mark!!!!
Driftr - Clap, clap, clap!
Sheila - See ya out there...
Chatman - Great Job Mark!!
Mark Dorn - Thanks Ralph!