Doug Burns Chat 2/27/02

Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm Welcome for Doug Burns!!
Driftr - Welcome Doug Burns !!!!!
Driftr - Clap, clap, clap!!!!!
Ziafen - Hello everyone.
Ristorapper - Welcome Doug Burns!
bracketpro - Hi, Doug!
RickT - Howdy Doug.
Dan(MI) - Good evening all.
Steve H. - Hey Doug, Steve H. from Dodge, just south of you. How are you doing tonight?
reddog - Hello room.
Denied(Oh) - Speech!
gofish(pa) - Hello everyone!
Doug Burns - Hello everybody, is there anything special we should cover tonight?
Doug Burns - Hi, Steve H. I'm doing fine, just waiting for the season to start.
Chatman - Well, Doug, can you start us off with a little background on yourself?
(KP) - Your the Man Doug!
Driftr - Please, tell us about you first.
Chatman - :-)
Doug Burns - First off, a thank you to my lovely wife for typing tonight. 
reddog - Our thanks to your wife also Doug!!! LOL!!
(KP) - Typing, big deal...can she FISH?
Driftr - LOL!
Ristorapper - lolo 
Chatman - Welcome and Thanks to Doug's wife.........
Doug Burns - Now about myself, this will be my fourth year on the PWT circuit. I've been fishing professionally and guiding for 14 years.
Ristorapper - Where ya from Doug? 
Doug Burns - A little bit more about myself. I write for numerous magazines and have published one book, entitled "Twelve Days In Walleye Heaven."
Doug Burns - Yes, she can fish as long as I find the fish for her.
Driftr - She can type too!!!
Denied(Oh) - Walleye heaven?? Must have been at Erie!!
Todd_NE - One of the greatest books out there! 
Doug - A must read for interested or current tourney fisherman, super insight.
Doug Burns - I live in beautiful northwest Iowa, by the Iowa Great Lakes. 
Ristorapper - What does the title of Twelve Days refer to?
Doug Burns - We have two beautiful children, who also love to fish. 
Doug Burns - The book, "Twelve Days In Walleye Heaven" is about my amateur experience on the NAWA circuit.
Doug Burns - My book, "Twelve Days.." is about the 12 days of tournament fishing for the four NAWA tournaments.
Doug Burns - One thing I would like to mention is my seminar series, for the upcoming month and a half.
Chatman - Where will you be Doug?
Doug Burns - I will be at WalMart in Maple Grove, Minnesota on March 9 and Apple Valley, Minnesota March 10.
Todd_NE - What are some hot Berkley products out there this year Doug?
Doug Burns - I'll then be in Council Bluffs, Iowa on March 16th also at WalMart and Lincoln on March 17th. 
Chatman - Is this a promotional tour for the book Doug?
Doug Burns - Then I'll be in DesMoines, Iowa on March 23rd and Ames, Iowa on March 24th.
Doug Burns - There are new Power Baits coming, but can't say too much about them yet. I have had a chance to sample them and they're fantastic!
Steve H. - Where will you be in Ames?
jerry - Doug what time at Council Bluffs, Iowa?
Doug Burns - No, this is not a promotional tour for the book. I do kids' fishing seminar at 10:30 a.m. One o'clock is the depth-finder seminar with a 3:00 walleye seminar.
Doug Burns - All seminars listed so far are at the local WalMart.
Doug Burns - Times are the same at all locations. 
jerry - Thanks!
Steve H. - What is your plans this year for tourneys?
Doug Burns - Full PWT circuit and WalMart seminars follow on each Saturday of the PWT.
reddog - Power Minnow, Is that the rip jig one?
Steve H. - Is Wal Mart a major sponsor this year?
recardo - They are great seminars if you have a chance, try to make one.
Doug Burns - A Power Minnow will work on a rip jig presentation, but I like a little more subtle action to it. Keep the jig a quarter ounce or less.
Doug Burns - No, WalMart is not a major sponsor. These are promotions for Berkley products.
Ristorapper - Who are your other major sponsors Doug??
Doug Burns - I will have copies of the book at all of these seminars.
Doug Burns - Other major sponsors are Ranger Boats, Mercury, all of the Pure Fishing line, Bottom Line Electronics, MinnKota, and my lovely spouse.
Chatman - The last one you list is the most important!
Rapala-Dude - What seminars Doug?
Doug Burns - Most definitely. She has put up with a lot while I pursue this career.
recardo - Doug how important are electronics in today's walleye fishing?
Doug Burns - To Rapala Dude: The WalMart seminars throughout March were listed at the top of the page and will list them again at the end of the chat.
Rapala-Dude - Thanks Doug!
Doug Burns - Recardo, very important. The fish are about a quarter-inch apart. Ha!Ha!
Chatman - How did you fare last year on the walleye trail Doug?
Ristorapper - Best finish/worst??
Doug Burns - I finished 17th in Angler of the Year race and was in the money for the last consecutive five tournaments.
Rapala-Dude - I may have missed this part but are you going to fish any of the RCL tournaments this year?
Doug Burns - My best finish was 10th at St. Mary's, and we don't need to talk about worst (108th at Frances Case).
Doug Burns - I'm looking at the Detroit RCL, and probably all my schedule will allow.
Chatman - Speaking as any tournament angler Doug, we have all been in 108th place, more than we'd care to admit...
Ristorapper - How'd you do on Sakakawea?? I sat across from you and Jonnie Candle at the walleye school prior to the PWT event.
Doug Burns - Yes, you can't catch fish all the time, but consistency will pay off.
colin - I'm with ya!
Doug Burns - My first year on the PWT I finished 124th out of 125 for the year. My ONLY saving grace was Steve Fellegy finishing 123rd.
Doug Burns - Sakakawea was 30th place with Big Fish on the last day.
Doug Burns - I think I remember you Ristorapper. Johnnie Candle is my partner on the circuit. Hope to see ya' again this year.
Ristorapper - Me too!
The Guide - Doug are you going to be in the PWT at Chamberlain?
Doug Burns - The PWT looks like great water this year. I can't wait to get started. There are still some amateur openings too.
recardo - What body of water is your favorite to fish Doug?
Doug Burns - Yes, The Guide, I'll be at Chamberlain. 
The Guide - Maybe you'll draw me as an amateur?
Doug Burns - My favorite body of water is Lake of 
the Woods. I caught my largest walleye there, just shy of 32 inches, while on my honeymoon.
Doug Burns - My mouthy wife asked me if I wanted the net or the camera first!
jumbojim - LOL! That's funny!!
Ristorapper - Fishing on your honeymoon??
Doug Burns - That would be fine, Guide, I'd love to draw you.
Doug Burns - Yes, I married a wonderful woman and We went to the resort I used to guide at, Sunset Lodge on Oak Island.
jumbojim - Oh, that sounds cool!
SteveW - I might take a trip to Lake of the Woods this summer sometime.
Ristorapper - What area on Sakakawea did you fish last year Doug?
Doug Burns - SteveW, my favorite time on LOTW is mid-July, reef fishing. I like to jig with 3/8th to 1/2 ounce jigs tipped with Power Bait. RED shad is a good color.
SteveW - I'll keep that in mind, thanks.
Doug Burns - I fished Pepsi Flat on Sakakawea and a small nondescript bay between Indian Hills and Nishu Bay.
Doug Burns - To refresh my seminar dates: All are at WalMart stores. March 9th Maple Grove, MN; March 10th, Apple Valley, MN; 
Doug Burns - March 16th, Council Bluffs, IA; March 17th, Lincoln, NE; March 23rd, DesMoines, IA; March 24th, Ames, IA.
Doug Burns - We'll have Berkley give-aways and sample products and specials on Berkley products.
Doug Burns - Have I missed any questions yet?
SteveW - What do you think of the Saginaw Bay tournies, Doug?
The Guide - Doug, so have you got your plan for Lake Francis Case?
stevemn - Does tapping your boots on the floor of the boat make a difference Doug?
jumbojim - LOL!
Ristorapper - DOUG, what is your favorite presentation and what will you do to finish better in South Dakota this year?
Rapala-Dude - Doug, what are your feelings towards the payout of the PWT verses the RCL?
Doug Burns - In all my seven years on the pro trails, I've yet to visit Saginaw Bay, but am looking forward to it.
Doug Burns - Hello, Fellegy. They can't hear foot tapping through a Ranger's floor!
another Burns - Doug, what reels to you run with leadcore?
jumbojim - Good answer! LOL!!
stevemn - Yeah right! LOL! LOL!
Doug Burns - My favorite presentation is jigging power bait. To finish better, I'll try to catch bigger fish.
Ristorapper - LOL!!
Doug Burns - I was too selective the final day and didn't weigh a full limit in South Dakota.
Ristorapper - That makes sense.
Doug Burns - With lead core, I run Abu Garcia Big 
Game reels with the lever drag.
Doug Burns - Sometimes I carry two reels with segmented lead core and two reels loaded with ten colors of lead core.
Todd_NE - When will Abu bring out the rumored linecounters?
another Burns - WOW! Ten colors of leadcore?
recardo - Do you do any trolling with fireline?
Ristorapper - Doug what is your choice for bottom bouncer reels?
Doug Burns - I have no idea on the line counter reels. We keep bugging them.
Doug Burns - Yes, I troll with Fireline. Probably 70% of the time. The only time I don't troll fireline is when the fish want a more subtle action on the bait.
Doug Burns - I use Spider reels with a flip-n-switch. I am checking on the number of them.
Todd_NE - Doug, illustrate why Fireline might be a better choice than PowerPro? If you have some thoughts.
Ziafen - Isn't this exciting!
Doug Burns - I have not used PowerPro, and cannot comment on that.
Chatman - That brings up a good question Doug. How do you know, how do the fish tell you, they want as more subtle action?
slickster(MN) - Try powerpro some time Doug.
The Guide - Doug, how much leadline do you let out for a particular depth?
slickster(MN) - I think you will be satisfied with it.
Doug Burns - They don't bite on a hard action. I generally start out trolling two Fireline rods and two Mono rods, whichever gets hit more is how the fish tell me.
Chatman - That is a good strategy!
Den - Doug, do you use leadcore in warm water too?
Doug Burns - That depends on the lure that I'm pulling as to how much leadcore to let out. The Precision Trolling book is a good place to start when learning to troll.
Doug Burns - I've only been using LeadCore for two years. So far, I have not found a difference between warm and cold water.
Den - Thanks.
another Burns - Doug, what are you running for electronics?
The Guide - I always figured 6 ft of line to a foot of water and that works pretty good for me.
Ristorapper - The same bait on mono runs different than on fireline Doug? 
Dan(MI) - Doug how do you feel about the Detroit River tournament coming up? 
Doug Burns - My electronics set up consists of a BottomLine NCC 6500 on the dash coupled with a Tournament 4300 on the dash and a Tournament Master HR on the bow.
Doug Burns - Yes, Ristorapper. FireLine has no stretch and causes the bait to work a little harder. In other words, has more wobble and roll.
WalleyePrincess - Hey Doug what are your thoughts on dragging bottom with a drop weight in a three way rig?
Ristorapper - Gottcha, thanks.
Doug Burns - I'm look forward to finishing better than 65th on the Detroit this year.
slickster(MN) - Doug, do you ever use a fluorocarbon leader for jigging?
Dan(MI) - I hope so.
Doug Burns - I try not to drag bottom with a three-way rig, but will constantly drop to make sure that I'm within 6 inches of bottom with my weight.
WalleyePrincess - Thank you.
JIM C - Hi Doug! I read your book "12 Days in Walleye Heaven" with interest. Do you still believe in the magic of a lucky fishing hat?
Tracy - I do! LOL!
Doug Burns - Slickster, yes sometimes I will splice in a fluorocarbon leader with FireLine or Solar XT. This cuts down on the visibility of the green line but still allows me to see my line.
another Burns - Doug, who do you network with on the tourney trail?
Doug Burns - Jim C., yes, I still have plenty of golf hats!!!
SteveW - Doug, what is your experience with the depth difference running a lure on fireline rather than on the 10 pound mono they use in the precision trolling guide?
Doug Burns - My partner on the tourney trail is Johnnie Candle and on a limited basis, Scott Peters.
Doug Burns - Steve W., I see about a 15% increase with FireLine for trolling.
another Burns - Good to see a North Dakota boy on board with ya!
Ristorapper - You and Jonnie could do stand up Comedy, why fish??
slickster(MN) - Doug, have you noticed a big difference while jigging for walleyes in stained water with the fluorocarbon compared to the no fluorocarbon leader rod?
Doug Burns - Ristorapper, It's as hard to break 
into stand-up comedy as it is professional fishing, and I don't think my bank book could afford another venture.
bob oh - LOL!
Den - LOL!!
Doug Burns - Slickster, have not used Fluorocarbon in stained water, I don't see the need for it.
slickster(MN) - I understand, thanks.
Doug Burns - Earlier, someone asked about reels for pulling bottom bouncers. I use Mitchell Spiders with a flipping switch, the Spidercast Pro.
Dan(MI) - In Detroit would you rather Jig or "Poleline" like Walleye insider article? 
recardo - Is there much ice on the lakes up your way yet?
Doug Burns - I put those reels on a seven foot medium action, Berkley SERIES One rod.
Chatman - That's a great question Dan!
bob oh - Doug, have you tried the Garcia Eon?
Dan(MI) - Thanks, but it can change the day before tourney!!!!
Doug Burns - Dan M., I would rather jig any time over any method of fishing, but in a tournament, would consider pole lining if I thought it would help me win.
Doug Burns - Bob O., I just received two Eons. I will be running them this year.
bob oh - Which ones?
Chatman - A jig angler can compete quite well at Detroit River.
Doug Burns - Dan M., I will carry rods for pole lining on tournament days just in case I need to switch.
Dan(MI) - I've had bad luck jigging when it gets muddy.
Driftr - Especially a local jig angler.
Dan(MI) - Good call Doug!
Doug Burns - I don't know the exact number, Bob, on 
the Eons, but they are the small ones.
bob oh - Thanks.
Doug Burns - Yes, Chatman, a jig angler has won both major Detroit River tournaments in the past.
Chatman - Hand/pole liners pray for high, muddy water in the Detroit River.
Doug Burns - Dan M., that's what I hear that mud can really shut down the jig bite.
Driftr - Is a hand liner same as pole liner?
Dan(MI) - A pole liner is a jigger who just adapted but never handlined.
Doug Burns - Driftr, yes, pole lining is something that was developed by the PWT anglers because hand lining was deemed illegal.
Dan(MI) - It's the same presentation though, Driftr.
WalleyePrincess - Doug do you ever use planer boards with leadcore line? And if so, how much does the weight of the line effect the tracking of the line?
Dan(MI) - Good question.
Doug Burns - Yes, I use boards with segmented leadcore.
the legend - What are your options in Detroit, if it is muddy?
Doug Burns - I haven't had much luck with more than three colors of leadcore. The boards are too hard to read with more leadcore than that.
Doug Burns - Trolling noisy crank baits in Detroit on muddy water.
Dan(MI) - Doug what kind of noisy crank baits, what sizes?
Ristorapper - What time of year is the Detroit River tourney?
Dan(MI) - Early April Risto.
Doug Burns - Detroit River is first week of April.
the legend - What do you think should or can be done about the commercial slaughter of Lake Erie?
Doug Burns - The Legend, I am not a biologist and I don't play one on t.v. I don't know what to do about Lake Erie.
Chatman - Has Doug missed any questions so far?
Doug Burns - Thanks to my wife. She is now leaving to put the kids to bed.
Dan(MI) - Gonna take off, good luck in Detroit! 
Ristorapper - At what age did you start fishing
recardo - THANKS MARI!
Dan(MI) - Yeh Doug, what kinda crankbaits will you use in Detroit if its muddy?
Doug Burns - 5 years old. A family friend Clarence would take Craig and I one saturday and our older brothers the next.
jumbojim - Well, gotta run and do some chores. Very informative session, but am building a new chopper and the welder calls
Ristorapper - What is your go to lure/presentation when the bite gets real tough?
Doug Burns - Dan; Rattlin rogues, Power Minnows and lots of experimenting!
Chatman - Doug, can you list your seminar schedule and sponsors one more time?
Doug Burns - Risto, a jig with power minnow.
Dan(MI) - Ok thanks, I've had good luck with small rapalas, originals down to #5's.
Doug Burns - My Sponsors: Ranger, Mercury, Bottom Line Electronics, Berkley, MINN Kota
the legend - If it is true about Detroit river being early, when you guys are in the tourney in April and everybody is catching smaller fish, what should you do to get the big females to hit?
Doug Burns - My Seminars: Wal-Mart Stores 3/9 Maple Grove Mn, 3/10 Apple Valley MN, 3/16 Council Bluffs, IA, 3/17 Lincoln, NE, 3/23 Des Moine, 3/24 Ames IA.
Doug Burns - Legend, fish the big lake for big fish at that time.
Chatman - Doug, where can we find your book, "12 Days In Walleye Heaven"?
the legend - Doug thanks, yes the book where at???
Doug Burns - My book is listed on Walleye Central.
bracketpro - Doug, good luck this year and please 
be safe. I gotta go the orders keep comin in! Ralph I will see you at the show take care all!
Chatman - See ya Bob!
Doug Burns - Goodbye, Bob!
Chatman - Well, the hour has slipped away.
JIM C - It's an excellent read...(Doug's book)
Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm round of 
applause for Doug Burns!!!
recardo - Good job Doug !!!
Driftr - Thanks Doug !!!!!
stevemn - LOL! Hang in there Doug, see ya in 
Detroit! LOL! Gotta go!
Ristorapper - Thanks for chatting Doug hope to 
see you in Chamberlain and Devils Lake. Best wishes to you and yours in the upcoming season.
JIM C - Clap, clap, clap!
Doug Burns - My seminar schedule will be up on my website in a few days.
Driftr - Clap, clap, clap!!!!
bob oh - Clap, clap!
RoyGPA - Thanks Doug!
ChrisNE - Great job...
Tracy - Good luck on the river!
Chatman - Great chatting with you Doug. Feel free to stick around as long as you'd like.
SteveW - Thanks a lot Doug.
Doug Burns - Thanks everybody, looking forward to doing it again!