Mike Michalak (Fishing Hot Spots Maps) - 2/6/02

Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm Walleye Central welcome for Mike Michalak of Fishing Hot Spots!!
Driftr - Welcome Mike !!!
Driftr - Clap, clap, clap!!
T-Mac - Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap!!
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - *Bowing from the Waist* Hello Walleye Centralers!
Dan(oh) - Hello all!!
Juls - Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap! Welcome Mike!! ;-)
livebait - Welcome Mike!!!
wasteh2o - Clap, clap, clap!!
JIM C - Hello.
Chatman - Clap, clap, clap!!!
Stacker - Hi all!
walleyes13 - Good evening.
Chatman - Well Mike, what's new in the world of Fishing Hot Spots?
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - Don't know where to begin...lots of postings recently.
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - Most of it dealing with GPS?
Chatman - It's always b to start at the beginning....
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - We finished up a lot of the South East and are moving back up north this year.
walleyes13 - Do you have any idea when you will have a region that includes the Dakotas?
Chatman - What is new in 2002 for anglers using Fishing Hot Spots?
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - The Dakotas are on the list.
walleyes13 - That's great!
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - for 2002 we have Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina and Florida.
Driftr - Mike, any of Pennsylvania?
Chatman - Georgia??? Kaz will love that!! LOL! Givin away all his hot spots?
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - We're working with Pennsylvania right now, we may do the WHOLE STATE!
SUPERTROLLER - Are you just updating old Maps or creating all new ones?
walleyes13 - Mike, do the regional maps that can be put in the x-15 contain the contours too?? And if so, how big does the body of water have to be to contain these contours? 
Driftr - Great!
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - We mugged Kaz for all the info we could get!!
MadMax - Are you going to be doing more lakes in Wyoming and Montana?
Chatman - I don't think you had to pry too hard with Kaz. He talks more than me!!! LOL!
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - The data for Lowrance all carries full contours.
Driftr - How about GODS country, oops! I meant Ohio?
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - Digitally we have several maps for Wyoming. We're working on Montana, Flathead, Peck, etc.
Dan(oh) - Mike, Den from Sportsman's outpost wanted me to say I to you from him. His computer is broken.
Chatman - God's Country is out MY front door Driftr!!!
Chatman - LOL!
walleyes13 - How big does the body of water have to be to carry contours?
Driftr - LOL!
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - Pymatuning gets an update for Ohio, and we're looking more around Cincinnati.
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - Thanks Danoh!
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - We've done lakes under 100 acres. You'll get the contours but no GPS.
walleyes13 - That's great!! I look forward to the maps for South Dakota!
Chatman - Is fishing Hot Spots working towards one day becoming the map authority in the country and parts of Canada?
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - Canada's a tough nut to crack, but the tourism folks are with us. Our LOTW, Eagle, Rainy maps are all doing well.
tomd - Mike, how many companies are making GPS compatible maps out of the Hotspots maps??
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - right now Garmin, Navionics, Topo-Log, National Geographic and two more I can't say yet.
tomd - Ok, National Georaphic. Is that downloadable as contours too??
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - It will be tom d, in their TOPO software.
tomd - Ok, I have their Wisconsin, full state maps.
tomd - They are good, the topo series, for hunting.
Mark Lassig - - Mike did I catch the implication right there are hot spot maps that can downloaded into Lowrance GPS units?
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - This is neat stuff, I have a prototype for the Palm...cool!!
Dan(oh) - What do you do Mike?
tomd - Mike, do you know when the National Geographic maps for Canada, LOTW, will be available??
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - I'm president of the outfit and handle all the marketing and such.
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - Not yet Tom d. Later this year for sure.
walleyes13 - Mike, is there any ideas as to when the Dakota region of maps will be out?
tomd - Ok, and that will be compatible with my new global map 1600?
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - No, on that one too w13. The problem is, we have to do these one at a time and it takes a while
JIM C - Mike, how tight can you zoom in with Lowrance's X-units and your maps?
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - if Navionics takes it Tom d, it'll work.
tomd - Ok.
tomd - Mike, this is a tough question, and I am not trying to be a wiseguy. Why do your maps cost $25 through Navionics and theirs (based on yours) cost $125??
walleyes13 - I was just wondering. I'm very glad its in the works. Just keep up the good work!!
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - That depends on the map scale Jim and how the digitizing affects it.
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - Thanks!
Todd_NE - Mike, let's take a guy like me with a one season old mapper. With no HotSpots and no "WAAS" (hope that's right). What should he do to improve his map system?
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - First, remember they're not our maps. We just license the information. These are Garmin and Navionics products
tomd - Ok. Go on....
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - Like any Computer Todd, upgrade.
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - The technology is moving fast, and like anything else, prices will drop.
tomd - I have heard through the message board here on Walleye Central, that their maps seem to be more accurate. Although the poster said that may have been just one lake. What is your opinion???
tomd - (I am going to buy the LOW, which is why I am asking)
JIM C - Mike, zoom will vary by lake? Do you know of an approximate range on the Navionics?
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - not sure what you mean, but all the data on these programs come from us. It's the most detailed available.
tomd - Ok.
tomd - And their stuff is based on your data, right???
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - Yes, Jim. The zoom may vary. A smaller body of water may allow a tighter range but it depends upon compression, memory and other hardware/software constraints.
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - Yes Tom d.
Chatman - By far and large though, GPS is much better that it ever was......
tomd - I agree with Chatman!
tomd - The GPS stuff now is incredible!!
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - It could be a touch of the government. Selective availability has been lifted, but there are times when they'll dink with the birds up there.
tomd - Ahhhhhhhh!
tomd - Good point, Mike!
T-Mac - Tom d, my global map 1600 shows me on Shore, many times when I am not.
tomd - Is it the 1600 T-Mac????
T-Mac - Yep.
tomd - Now I am concerned.
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - Those are questions for Lowrance to answer.
tomd - Because I just bought one at Cabela's oncloseout.
T-Mac - At least you are ok in daylight Tom!! LOL!
tomd - I figured I would learn on "old" technology and then upgrade in a couple of years when the new stuff has been fully Tested.
Todd_NE - I live that dream with my Garmin too T-Mac!
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - It's really not that Old, it's the same principal. This applies in a $200 unit as in a $1500 unit.
tomd - Mike, should I be comfortable with my 1600? 
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - Yes.
tomd - That is comforting.
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - It's all in how you fish, and use the equipment.
tomd - Maybe I should buy the $25 map and try it to see how it works before spending the $125.
tomd - Does that make sense????
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - That's not a bad idea.
Todd_NE - Mike, I think you missed my earlier question. What do you suggest for guys that have a year old unit or so with no aftermarket maps and no "WAAS"?
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - Grab a familiar lake and run with it Todd.
tomd - Another good idea.
MadMax - Will the X15 and the 3000 have WAAS on it this year?
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - WAAS isn't all that necessary yet, unless you want to find a specific rock. That year old unit will be fine.
tomd - Just so you know Mike, I love the hotspots products. I probably have $250 worth of your maps!!
tomd - And I have been on a lot of the fishing outings with you guys.
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - Mad Max, again, that's a Lowrance Question.
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - Thanks Tom d!
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - I miss those adventures!
tomd - Did you guys stop having them????
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - We have more...LOL!
tomd - LOL! I will probably get them for my 1600! LOL!
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - We licensed off the adventures in '97
tomd - Oh, ok.
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - Does anyone fish Lake Winnebago?
geo - I do.
spinner - Mike, can your stuff be loaded into a Lowrance Global Map, hand held, without too much trouble?
Juls - Yes, I do Mike.
tomd - Yup, I do.
Chatman - All the time Mike.
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - We have all new info coming. All the GPS points for the new reefs.
tomd - And I will do a lot more on Winnebago this spring.
Chatman - Well, a lot anyway.
tomd - Wow! When????
Chatman - Great Mike, they way Jimmy C and the boys keep adding those reefs you'll need to update frequently!!
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - It could be in our next printing. Just hit a Fleet Farm, Gander Mountain, Wal-Mart, Bob's Bait or anyplace in the Valley and check 'em out. Some are already there.
Chatman - Not that more reefs are a bad thing.......
ETT - Disregard if this is a repeat, but does your X-15 cartridge compare favorable with the Navionics cartridge?
JIM C - How soon will Navionics offer your updated info?
tomd - Mike, a more personal question, is Russ W still there?
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - It's not "our" cartridge. You can either use the map create from Lowrance or pick up a Hot Map from Navionics.
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - New updates just hit JimC.
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - Yes, we're still stuck with Russ!!
Chatman - LOL!
tomd - Lolol!
tomd - He is a friend of ours.
geo - I ordered mine today, will the updates be on it?
T-Mac - Mike, what is your web address?
ETT - Sorry , above was concerning Lake Erie.
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - His new muskie book comes out in a couple months. One by Pete Maina is out next month.
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - www.fishinghotspots.com 
T-Mac - Thanks.
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - What was that geo?
geo - I ordered mine today will the updates be included, do you know?
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - What did you order? Which map?
geo - Region 5.
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - Fresh updates! Brand spankin' new.
geo - So the updates will be on then, cool!
tomd - Mike, thanks for the input. I appreciate your time. I feel good about my 1600 now and comfortable with the maps I am going to order. 
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - No Problem Tom d, you're ahead of the game.
tomd - We fish low 2 weeks a year and I retired last July, so I may do it 3 times this year for 2 weeks each.
tomd - Good luck with your maps, keep them coming.
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - Tom, got room in the boat?
tomd - Lolol! Sure do!
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - Will do.
Chatman - I envy you for that Tom d!
tomd - Retirement was a long time coming.
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - Have you guys seen the map server on our site?
JIM C - Mike (or ETT ) Navionics for the western basin of Erie on the Lowrance X-15. How tight will it zoom in?
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - Not sure Jim but you should be under half a mile at the least.
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - We just redid Erie, so it should be pretty good.
MadMax - So, the only way to get the updates on a region is to buy a new region map?
JIM C - How about Saginaw Bay or Winnebago?
Jeff - Yes Winnebago!
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - They're working on that Mad Max. Contact either Garmin or Navionics for specifics.
spinner - Mike, is your company going to be at the Indy boat show this month?
Jeff - Fantastic fishing there this past year!
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - Winnebago was mentioned Earlier, new stuff coming. Saginaw was new last year.
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - We don't do consumer shows any more, we have too many dealers.
Jeff - How about Sturgeon Bay, any time soon?
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - We only hit some of the larger dealer shows in support.
wasteh2o - Mike you been there 26+ years?
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - I've been here going on 11.
TBO/MN - Hey Mike thanks for the book, picture for book. Great deal.
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - thanks
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - We all want to know that.
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - I just wanted to say that we really appreciate all the feedback from everyone. 
Chatman - If Mike missed any questions, now is the time to ask again.
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - It only makes us better, and our partners Better.
Paul Wright - Mike, I have 2, X15s, do I have to buy 2 MMCS from Navionics? Or can they be copied from one to the other?
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - Is anyone interested in our new Dination Series wear? Walleye, muskie, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass hats & t-hits.
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - You will not be able to copy them, they're encoded.
ETT - That's a bummer!
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - We have great fish pic's on the shirts, and a killer logo on the hats!!
Paul Wright - OK, can I damage one if I try to make a map from Map create?
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - You shouldn't.
Chatman - Mike, the new maps, for Winnebago and Saginaw, are they the electronic maps or the waterproof paper?
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - Both Chatman.
Chatman - Cool! Even with all the great Lowrance stuff, I can't go without a good paper map!!
ETT too - Mike what's is the difference between Navionics and your cartridge?
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - That's what we do because the paper will never be replaced.
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - We don't have a cartridge. We license our data to third parties for their own use.
Chatman - Especially since they are real good at blowing out of the boat, and we will always need another!! LOL!
ETT - And that 3rd party is??
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - But remember Chatman, they float!
g.crose(ia) - Mike I didn't understand, is it possible to load a Hotspots map on a Lowrance GPS?
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - The third parties are Garmin, Navionics, Topo-Log, national geographic, etc.
Chatman - Ya, but at 55 mph, trying to make a 15 min run to weigh in with 10 min to go, you don't go back!!! LOL!
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - Yes, g.crosse(ia), with Navionics or map create.
ETT - Ok thanks, got it
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - That's true Chatman!
Chatman - I've only lost a few......dozen!! But they are immediately replaced, especially when you update them.
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - I can't wait to get back up north and work on some more here.
Chatman - Are there plans to upgrade the Spring Valley/Illinois River map?
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - Yes, in fact we're working on the Chicago Top 30 book and more of it will be in there. We're onto rivers in about another year.
Chatman - Don't rivers pose extra challenges due to their constantly changing nature?
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - Exactly, that's why we took a step back from them.
audrey - Mike (mapguy) Michalak, what about The Detroit River?
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - More Mississippi pools are in the works and The Detroit River is brand new.
Chatman - That would also be why they were always a little more....vague..shall we say? They were still the best things out there mind you, just not as detailed as the lakes.
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - That's good to hear, thanks!
Chatman - I still have a few of the Mississippi river books! 
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - We have a lot of changes going on here and you will be seeing some of it soon.
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - If anyone ever has questions, I'm a Walleye Central regular or you get me directly at mikem@fishinghotspots.com 
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - Take a look at our map server on our site and let me know what you think. Click the icon in the lower right corner and cruise!
Chatman - Are there any last questions for Mike tonight? We will be winding down soon, now is the time to ask.
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - Gee...no extra time?
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - LOL
Chatman - We are just winding down, not done.......LOL!
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - Ahh, gotcha!!
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - Hey, thanks everyone...please keep in touch. We take all your comments and ideas seriously or I wouldn't be here tonight!
paul wright - Thanks for your help!
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - Also, if you click on our logo on the Walleye Central site, you can get maps here and WC benefits!
g.crose(ia) - Mike, I just visited the Hotspots web site, are the digital maps what is used to download to a GPS and is there instructions on loading with the maps?
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - Our CD is a computer planning tool only. It's not meant for GPS.
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - You need Hot Maps by Navionics or MapSource from Garmin.
Chatman - Keep up the great work Mike!
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - Thanks, Chatman!
Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm round of applause for Mike Michalak of Fishing Hot Spots!!
wasteh2o - Thanks Mike. Bye all.
Driftr - Thanks Mike !!!!!
risto - Thanks Mike, clap, clap, clap!!
MadMax - Thanks Mike!
Driftr - Clap, clap, clap, clap!
Chatman - Clap, clap, clap!!!
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - You're welcome! See ya on the message boards!
walleyes13 - Thanks for the info tonight everyone. Have a great season and good luck on the fishing season!
risto - I recently visited your web site, coool!
ETT - Thanks! Clap, clap, clap!!
Juls - Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap!! Thanks Mike!
Chatman - Feel free to stay late and come back often Mike!
Mike (mapguy) Michalak - Always do!