Mike Gofron Chat 12/04/02

Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm Walleye Central welcome to Mike Gofron!!!!
Driftr - Welcome Mike!!!!
Juls_OH - Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap!!! Welcome back Mike! 
Driftr - Clap, clap, clap!!!
LundNut - Hey Mike!!!!
T-Mac - Clap, clap, clap, clap!!!!
Chatman - And a hello to Tami, mikes better half!!!
steve(IL) - Hello Mike!!!!
Chatman - Clap, clap, clap, clap!!!!!!
walleyechaser24 - Welcome Mike!
T-Mac - ~~~~~~~~~Yea!!!~~~~~~~~~~
Mike Gofron - I just got off the ice, caught 2 walleyes...
Juls_OH - Where were you Mike?
steve(IL) - Is the chain closed up?
walleyechaser24 - On what bait?
Mike Gofron - Just on the chain, here at home.
Chatman - Well Mike, when last we spoke you were on the heels of a fantastic season on the tournament trail. How'd ya fair this year?
Mike Gofron - I was using fatheads, Walleyechaser.
Mike Gofron - Not too bad. I took 7th overall, for the year, in the PWT and I took 2nd place in the RCL Championship.
T-Mac - Great!
Driftr - That's great Mike!!
Chatman - Hey, that is great! There are many, many anglers that would have gladly traded places with you!
Juls_OH - The RCL Championship was pretty awesome, I was root'n for ya Mike!
walleyechaser24 - Great job Mike!
Mike Gofron - Thanks , it was a great feeling.
steve(IL) - Mike, do you go all out when you fish the local CWS or just fish for fun?
Chatman - That's for sure Juls, even some of us Ranger folk were hoping for a good finish for Mike! LOL!
Plainhook - You go Mike!!
Chatman - It is easy to root for one of the good guys......
Gu - I never heard, what was the hot bite for the RCL championship?
Juls_OH - For sure Ralph, for sure!! 
Mike Gofron - Live bait and jointed Shad Raps, size #4 and #5. 
Plainhook - I watch you whenever I can. You sure can catch them.
T-Mac - Mike, live bait as in jiggin' or riggin'?
Chatman - What are your tournament trail plans for the upcoming year Mike?
Juls_OH - What are your plans for next season Mike? Both the RCL and PWT again?
Chatman - Stop that Juls!!!! LOL!! It is like Déjà vu, all over again!!
T-Mac - Is there an echo in here tonight???
Mike Gofron - Yes Juls & Chatman, I'm gonna try both!
Juls_OH - That's great! Best of luck to you!
Mike Gofron - The RCL is talking about awarding cash for top 30 anglers.
u - Hey Mike, can you tell us what type of rod and reel rigs you use for ice fishing?
Chatman - That is a tough schedule to keep sometimes, does Tami travel with you to many events?
Juls_OH - You've got that right Mike! Good money too!!
Mike Gofron - Ice fishing for me is mainly tip up fishing. But when I fish in deep water I use Med to Heavy back boned ice rods.
Mapguy - How many winter shows are you lined up for?
Mike Gofron - It is a tough schedule, the Kids and Tami travel with me in the summer months.
Mike Gofron - About 10 to 12 shows Mapguy.
Plainhook - Dad says I gotta go now. I will cheer for you Mike.
Mapguy - Ouch!
Mike Gofron - Thanks Plainhook!
Mike Gofron - Oh, it's not so bad, it just makes for long weekends.
Chatman - Is it very important to have the support of your family Mike?
T-Mac - For sure Mike!
Mike Gofron - Yes it is very important. I wouldn't do it if I did not have the support of my family.
Chatman - I have always found it to be so, and even more so when you miss it by a notch. Makes the ride home much better.
u - Mike will you be hitting the U.P. this winter?
Mike Gofron - That's for sure Chatman!
Chatman - Mike can you list your sponsors for us?
Mapguy - Cashing a check once in a while adds to the support too...LOL!!!
Juls_OH - Mike can you tell us who your sponsors are? Are there any new sponsors for you?
teddyz - Congrats Mike on consistency! You're a great fisherman! What's your favorite body of water to fish?
Mike Gofron - Yes, I will be in the U.P. this winter. Chief, Mark Martin and I are hosting an Ice Fishing vacation in February.
Chatman - Our Kids Ice Fest is also in February on Little Bay de Noc! This will be the 5th one for us.
Juls_OH - That's cool! 
Mapguy - I was just gonna ask that Juls!!!
Chatman - How come my echo has Jul's voice tonight??? LOL!
Juls_OH - LOL!!
Mike Gofron - Thanks Teddyz!
Mike Gofron - I have no new sponsors to mention.
T-Mac - That's cuz all your sponsors are happy with ya ..Mike!
Juls_OH - Mike, how about telling us who you do have? Some may not have seen your previous chats, if you don't mind of course...;-)
sticky - Congrats on your showing in the RCL Championship, I got to fish with you day 1 at 2001 RCL in the noise, I had a blast!
Driftr - Who are your old sponsors? 
Mike Gofron - Too many to type and try to keep up here tonight. Just check out my website for my sponsors.
Doug Burns - Hello everyone.
Mapguy - Unfortunately, I gotta run Mike. All the best to you!! You too Juls!!
LundNut - I don't know if you seen the question, but what is your favorite body of water to fish Mike?
walleyechaser24 - I have a question Mike. What is the first thing you do before a tournament, during your first day of pre-fishing?
Juls_OH - Do you mean on your Pro Page here on Walleye Central? Or, do you have another page somewhere?
Juls_OH - Thanks Mike M!! Have a good one!
Mike Gofron - I look at the water temp, and look at the graph all day long
steve(IL) - Yeah, besides the Chain, what is your favorite walleye water?
Mike Gofron - The Mississippi River
LundNut - Really???
Mike Gofron - My web site is www.mikegofron.com 
walleyechaser24 - Do you use a particular search lure and technique once you find them?
Juls_OH - I'll bet your pleased that the RCL Championship will once again be at the Mississippi River again...;-)
LundNut - What do you recommend using, for river fishing, this time of year Mike?
Mike Gofron - Live bait, very slow in the river, tipped with a fathead.
steve(IL) - Small jigs?
LundNut - Rigging or jigging Mike?
walleyechaser24 - Mike, do you stay once you contact them, or do you keep looking?
Mike Gofron - Juls I am very pleased the RCL will be there again! Also the PWT!
Mike Gofron - I'd use a big jig and a snell.
mnjimcarp - Mike, do you expect big fish during the June PWT on the Mississippi?
LundNut - Mike can you explain the snell part?
steve(IL) - A three way? Jesus-on-the-cross stuff?
Mike Gofron - I keep looking for more and better fish Walleyechaser.
teddyz - Mike how good are the x-16 units? Can they pick fish off the bottom in a basin?
Mike Gofron - Same size fish, but they might be a little bit smaller for the PWT.
mnjimcarp - I see.
Juls_OH - Are you using a big jig as the dropper and the snell on the three ways?
Mike Gofron - Lowrance's X-16 is the best sonar unit I have ever used!
Mike Gofron - Yes Juls, that's the rig.
Doug Burns - Mike, the article on pre-fishing came out great. Csanda said it would be in the next issue.
walleyechaser24 - Thanks, do you stay with what until the last ones bit, or do you experiment?
LundNut - Okay, now I understand the snell thing!! LOL!!
Mike Gofron - Cool, thanks Doug.
steve(IL) - Throw jigs!
ebijack - Mike, how much time do you spend reviewing lake maps before each tourney, even though you have fished the lake before?
steve(IL) - Don't you think the better fish spook from under the boat w/ electronics?
Mike Gofron - I spend about 2 -3 hours Ebi.
Mike Gofron - Yes Steve.
u - Mike do you work spoons much?
teddyz - Mike to what do you attribute your ability to consistently finish in the top against the worlds best walleye fisherman?
Mike Gofron - No, I don't use spoons much.
Mike Gofron - Patience Teddyz, patience.
steve(IL) - Do you turn your electronics of or turn down the power?
ebijack - Mike do you use the Navionics chips for each lake you fish in your x-16?
Mike Gofron - I will turn them off in very shallow water Steve.
Mike Gofron - Yes, I use the chips for each lake.
teddyz - Mike, typically how many spots do you fish a given tournament day?
Juls_OH - I'll have to remember that...;-)
Mike Gofron - Hopefully one spot gets the job done, but up to 6 or 8 spots.
sticky - Mike, what do you consider as shallow water?
teddyz - Ok, how long will you sit in one spot before moving?
Mike Gofron - Shallow water is about 3 to 10 feet. 
LundNut - Mike, what would you suggest when trying to find walleye in a very clear, high fishing and boating pressure, and a ton of bait fish lake? LOL!! Besides a lot of luck? LOL!!
ebijack - Mike, do you eliminate a lot of the water before you pre-fish and stick to the water you have chosen?
steve(IL) - Do you avoid community holes or have confidence to catch fish in the pack?
Mike Gofron - It depends on the history of the spot, usually not more than 2 hours.
Juls_OH - Mike can catch fish in a pack if need be, you should have seen the crowd around him at Red Wing! It was unreal..
Mike Gofron - I usually always try to avoid the pack, but sometimes that doesn't work!
Mike Gofron - Yes, on the Illinois River. 
steve(IL) - I saw the photos and bought the RCL video - yuck!!
Chatman - I can say 2 words to agree with you there Mike, Spring Valley!! LOL!!!
Mike Gofron - Thanks Juls!
Driftr - Sometimes the pack finds you!
sticky - Mike, are you saying that the electronics move fish when you are less than 8 ft?
Juls_OH - They usually find you Mike!! Hey, you're just a popular guy ...ha, ha, ha!!
teddyz - Mike what trolling motor do you use? Does it have an autopilot?
Mike Gofron - I use Motorguide, no autopilot, just constant.
steve(IL) - Stick your hand under your transducer some time and decide for yourself.
Mike Gofron - Yes, electronics do move fish.
teddyz - Mike, do you have any tips on fishing Lake Erie?
Chatman - Can you imagine what 50 boats on one spot sound like to the fish with 50+ transducers clicking away???
steve(IL) - Fish the fringe baby!
river_eye - Mike, in what situation is presentation more important that location?
steve(IL) - Troll the fringe!
Mike Gofron - Trolling on cranks and night crawler harnesses, .7 to 1.3 mph 15-18 ft. down on Lake Erie.
teddyz - Thanks Mike!
walleyechaser24 - On a 3-way?
Mike Gofron - In a pack of boats Rivereye, I love my jigs!
sticky - Rattle jigs?
Mike Gofron - Yes, a 3 way is a good way of learning the spot on the spot.
steve(IL) - And that green line!! 
Mike Gofron - Sometimes I'll use rattle jigs.
u - Mike, what are the simple rules of jig fishing?
Mike Gofron - The green line guaranteed!!!!!!!!!!
steve(IL) - I've been using the yellow stuff.
Mike Gofron - Make contact with the bottom at all times while vertical jigging.
Doug Burns - Mike, do you use different rods for casting jigs and vertical jigging?
Mike Gofron - No I use the same rods for both.
river_eye - Rather, how do you decide that trying more spots just isn't going to help you?
walleyechaser24 - With your trolling motor Mike?
Chatman - Mike do you feel the High Visibility line is effective in clear water as well as stained?
u - Yes, how about the color thing?
Mike Gofron - Try the new Iron Silk, it is awesome!
Mike Gofron - I use color line in clear too, always!
sticky - Why green and not clear line?
ebijack - Mike, do you use the hotspot maps to help eliminate water?
u - Mike, how about jig colors? 
Mike Gofron - With the green line, you can see the fish bite before you feel it!
eyebuster - Mike, do you use a mono leader with your green line?
Mike Gofron - I do use hotspot maps.
walleyechaser24 - What is your rule for leader length for a harness?
Mike Gofron - I use Chartreuse jigs mostly.
Mike Gofron - I prefer a 4t o 6 foot leader on a harness.
teddyz - Mike, what are some of the most important things you have learned about tournament fishing from when you first started until today? 
u - How about ice fishing?
LundNut - What line do you use for harnesses and do you make your own?
Mike Gofron - I use 10lb XT. 
steve(IL) - Mike, are your jigs custom made or store bought?
sticky - Iron Silk is awesome, even for ice fishing! The 6lb. is unbelievable, it doesn't break!!
Mike Gofron - I love Northland jigs!
steve(IL) - Is Iron Silk mono or braided?
Mike Gofron - I have learned it is not all about catching fish, it is also being professional and promoting your sponsors as well as yourself.
Mike Gofron - Iron Silk is monofilament.
LundNut - Mike, what do you suggest for someone that wants to get into tournament fishing?
walleyechaser24 - I like that! 
Mike Gofron - Talk to guys fishing the circuit. 
sticky - Mike, have you tried the fireball-rattlers?
Mike Gofron - Minnows on spinner rigs can be key sometimes!
teddyz - Mike, who do you admire today in the professional walleye circuits? For fishing or otherwise?
Doug Burns - Minnows on Spinners is extremely overlooked.
Mike Gofron - Fireball rattlers are just as good as buckshot jigs.
walleyechaser24 - How deep for the minnow rigs on an average?
LOTWguy - We use spinners and minnows lots up here.
Doug Burns - That's were I learned it LOTWguy!!
u - How long do use a boat before getting a new one Mike? 
T-Mac - The reefs are covered in snagged spinner rigs on Lake Of The Woods!!
Mike Gofron - I admire Keith and Gary, they have done a lot for the industry. and are terrific guys.
Mike Gofron - I use a boat for one year.
steve(IL) - Mike, what's your favorite rod for throwing 1/16th & 1/8th oz jigs?
steve(IL) - Go KK!
LOTWguy - Some are for sure T-Mac!
Mike Gofron - I use Series One Rods, by Berkley.
ebijack - The Detroit River bottom has to be multi colored with jigs!! The fish must have to spawn on the jigs! :)
T-Mac - LOL! Ebi!
Juls_OH - LOL!!
Chatman - It must look like aquarium gravel!!! LOL!!!
LOTWguy - Yup, there's no doubt about it, too many folks draggin' bottom!
ebijack - Mike, how much water do you try to cover in one day's pre-fishing?
Lund - Sorry to come in late, but has the topic of rip jigging been dealt with?
walleyewrangler - Mike, why the Lund 1900 series instead of the 2025?
Mike Gofron - It depends on the body of water. Sometimes I'll cover 2 miles sometimes 20 in a days pre-fishing.
sticky - Do you prefer console or tiller boats Mike?
Mike Gofron - A little better boat control and fuel costs with the 1900.
T-Mac - LE?
Mike Gofron - I run a console boat.
Mike Gofron - Yes T-Mac, but I might switch to an SE. 
T-Mac - Really?
steve(IL) - Didn't you fish out of a 219F or 320A years ago?
sticky - Do you back troll for position or are you up front?
T-Mac - IFS, or SE?
Mike Gofron - No, Steve, I didn't.
Mike Gofron - I prefer to fish from up front.
walleyechaser24 - Mike, what are some of the applications you use with the Driftmaster sock?
sticky - Do you have better control up front versus wave whackers?
mnjimcarp - Mike, are you using an electric motor on the stern this year? And what size gas trolling motor on stern?
Mike Gofron - Drift control, trolling and controlled drift for jigging.
LundNut - What structure do you look for in clear lake with lots of shad in it?
teddyz - Mike, thanks for the chat! You are truly one of the world's best walleye fisherman and a true professional! Best of luck this season!!!
Mike Gofron - Thanks a lot Teddyz!
steve(IL) - Do you have any side-finding technology on your boat?
sticky - Thanks Mike, good luck in 2003!
Mike Gofron - A bow mount trolling motor and a 15 hp. Mercury Kicker on the stern.
mnjimcarp - Cool.
Mike Gofron - Thanks Sticky!
LOTWguy - Mike, will you be up here on Lake Of The Woods this coming May?
Mike Gofron - Deep-water rock humps, Lundnut.
steve(IL) - Good luck in 2003 Mike!
Mike Gofron - Yes I will be on LOTW this May.
LundNut - Thanks. What presentation would use for that structure Mike?
Mike Gofron - There is no side finding technology on my boat.
ebijack - Mike, how do you determine crank bait size for trolling?
Lund - Re: Jack Spoons, what is the depth you would start considering to vertically use them?
LOTWguy - Cool, good luck to ya, I'll be checking the weigh-ins again next season!
Mike Gofron - Live bait on a Roach Rig Lundnut.
Doug Burns - I'm glad he doesn't have side finders, I can't beat him the way it is.
LundNut - Thanks again Mike.
Mike Gofron - Ebijack, the depth of water I am fishing depends a lot on crank selection.
Mike Gofron - Thanks Doug!
ebijack - Mike, do you always run one bait high when trolling?
Mike Gofron - I hope to be in the top ten.
Mike Gofron - Ebijack, yes unless it is 0 to 03 feet.
LOTWguy - Gosh, I'd have to wager you would.
Mike Gofron - Thanks, I do love that body of water!
Mike Gofron - And the people are truly great up in the Lake Of The Woods area!
walleyechaser24 - It sure has changed in 22 years...
LOTWguy - Me too, that's about the only thing that keeps me sane up here!
Mike Gofron - I bet.
LundNut - Mike, what would you use on the roach rig for bait, or does it depend on the water temperature?
T-Mac - Mike, why do you think you have been able to be so consistent?
Mike Gofron - I would use redtail chubs in cool water.
u - How long did you fish before joining up with a circuit Mike?
T-Mac - Consistently outstanding, I mean?
Mike Gofron - Then I'd switch to leaches and crawlers in warmer water.
Mike Gofron - It's all based on time on the water and staying focused U.
steve(IL) - Do you go all out when fishing local CWS tournaments?
T-Mac - All good answers! Thanks Mike.
Mike Gofron - Steve, Yes I actually do. Not as much pressure but I have fun
steve(IL) - :-)
Steve(IL) - It's humbling water.
Mike Gofron - That's for sure!
LOTWguy - Mike what/ where is CWS?
Doug Burns - Mike, were you able to stay focused the day after the Skin & Fins.
ebijack - Mike, what keeps you coming back after a few tough tourney's?
Mike Gofron - CWS tournament fishermen are competitive
steve(IL) - CWS is on the Fox Chain of Lakes, Northeast Illinois.
Mike Gofron - Northern Illinois Fox Chain of Lakes.
LOTWguy - Thanks
Mike Gofron - Doug, not at all.
LundNut - Later guys. Thanks for the suggestion and best of luck next season!!!!
Mike Gofron - Thanks LundNut!
u - Mike can you suggest any good readings for walleyes?
Doug Burns - We had some big fun though!
Mike Gofron - Well, all of the reading out there is pretty good.
Mike Gofron - I hope to do the skins and fins next year.
Lund - So, do you and the family ever get out fishing just for fun?
Mike Gofron - Not as much as I would like to, but yes we do Lund.
Doug Burns - I'll be there every year I hope. It is a great event.
ebijack - Everyone take care! I hope to see ya on the water! 
Chatman - We have about 5 minutes to go, has Mike missed any questions so far?
T-Mac - Tami, you are doing a helluva good job tonight!!!
Mike Gofron - Thanks T-Mac!!
steve(IL) - Do you get your big motor tweaked for performance?
eyebuster - Thanks Mike and good luck in 2003!!!! So long everybody!
Mike Gofron - No, I don't tweak my motors, I run 'em stock.
LOTWguy - Mike, what's your game plan for LOTW? No secrets just generalized thoughts maybe?
Mike Gofron - Thanks Eyebuster!
Chairman - Mike you do a fine job representing the Professional fisherman. Thanks! 
u - Yes, great chatting with good luck in 2003! I hope your lifting the big ones!!
steve(IL) - Thanks for your time Mike!
Mike Gofron - Hopefully I'll find fish on the reefs but it may be too early for that LOTWguy.
Mike Gofron - I hope to get lots of big ones! LOL!!
mnjimcarp - Mike, keep up the good work and keep raising the bar in walleye fishing!!!
Doug Burns - Hey Mike, do you think you could slack off a little next year and give the rest of us a chance?
LOTWguy - You're right, iy might be a bit early Mike.
T-Mac - ;-)
Mike Gofron - I slacked a little this year.
mnjimcarp - Good night all!
sticky - Mike, you've gotta send me your autographed green LUND shirt to hang as a conversation piece in my restaurant/tackle shop!
Mike Gofron - Where is that Sticky?
Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm round of applause for Mike Gofron!!!
LOTWguy - Thanks Mike, good luck in 2003, and to all Merry Christmas!
Driftr - Thanks Mike !!!
sticky - My shop is in Manitoba, Canada.
Driftr - Clap, clap, clap!!!!
Warren MN - Mike enjoyed the chat!
u - Thanks Mike!!
TEX - Good luck, Mike!!
steve(IL) - #1 in '03!!
Chatman - And a special thanks to Tami Gofron for sitting at the keyboard too!!!!
T-Mac - Excellent job...both Gofrons!!
walleyechaser24 - Thank you, Tami and Mike, for a good chat tonight. Good luck in 2003!!
ChrisNE - Great job fielding questions Mike!!!! Clap, clap!!
Doug Burns - See you at the sport shows Mike. Clap, Clap, Clap.
Mike Gofron - Sticky, e mail me your address in Canada.
T-Mac - Clap, clap, clappppppppppp!!
skipjack - Thanks!
Chatman - Clap, clap, clap, clap!!!!!
Juls_OH - Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap!! Thanks Mike and Tami!! 
Chatman - Great chat Mike, glad to have you here again!
Mike Gofron - Thanks everyone for the opportunity.
LOTWguy - Yes, thanks to Tami too!!!
Chatman - Anytime Mike!
sticky - Thanks Mike, Good Luck
T-Mac - Have another great year ,Mike!'
u - I'll see you on the ice and on the water Mike!
Mike Gofron - I'm gonna try my best!
ETT - See you in the spring Mike!
T-Mac - Mike, you always do!
Chatman - Good luck next season and thanks Tami!!
Mike Gofron - Thanks Chatman!