Pete Harsh Chat 12/11/02

Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm, Walleye Central welcome for Pete Harsh!!!!
Driftr - Welcome Pete Harsh!!!
Driftr - Clap, clap, clap!
Gary Gray - Hey Pete
ETT - Clap, clap, clap! 
walleye hunter co - Hi Pete!!
Chatman - Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap!!!
skipjack - Yo Pete!!
feder - Welcome Pete!!
Harsh - Hello everyone. 
Chatman - Pete, congrats on being named/earning the title 2002 Ranger Cup Walleye Angler!!!
Harsh - Hello George.
Harsh - Thanks Ralph it was an honor I will not soon forget
Gary Gray - A well Deserved honor at that!!!!
Chatman - Approximately how many anglers were in the running for that honor in 2002 Pete?
feder - Have you seen anything in the 2003 line up for Lowrance? And does anything just jump out at you? I heard something like the old LMS-350 was coming out again.
Harsh - All Ranger anglers doing the PWT or RCL circuits Ralph.
Gary Gray - Good evening Ralph!
Gu - Pete, do you prefer mono or super lines for rigging and trolling?
Harsh - Hello Juls, congrats. again on landing the big one
Juls_OH - Hi everyone....howdy Pete! Sorry I'm late..;-)
Juls_OH - Thanks!
Chatman - No later than normal Juls.......LOL!
Juls_OH - ;-)
Harsh - For rigging I will take mono.
George Liddle - Hello gang!
Juls_OH - So Pete, can you tell us who your sponsors are? 
Gary Gray - Hello George, sorry I missed the Ranger Meeting.
George Liddle - Hello Gary.
Juls_OH - Pete must be "one finger typing" with his head down...hehe!
Harsh - Ranger boats, Mercury, Motorguide, G. Loomis, Walleye masters, WWW.Lake and still looking for 2003.
Gary Gray - Pete, you forgot Renosky!
Chatman - Still Looking? Hey they sponsor me too.......LOL!!
Juls_OH - Nice line up Pete. Speaking of Ranger, you started running the 620T this year, how did you like fishing out of it?
walleye hunter co - Me too Chatman!
Harsh - It's a good thing I can tie knots better than type!!
Juls_OH - Heheh!!
Walleye hunter co - I know how you feel!
Harsh - My 620 Tiller won me the Ranger cup and a number of other awards. It exceeded my expectations and for 2003 it will be even better!
Chatman - Are there changes being made to the boat Pete?
walleye hunter co - Pete, when rigging in a river system, how long do you run your leaders ?
Juls_OH - That's fantastic Pete, what you did this year, congratulations again!
Harsh - It is the driest boat I have found! 
Harsh - Ranger is adding a 25-inch transom and more electronics area.
Driftr - What motor were you running?
Harsh - Rigging in a river will depend on current and presentation but shorter is usually the rule.
Chatman - A 25 inch transom will be a big benefit to those of you who go backwards.....LOL!
Harsh - A 125 Mercury Tiller Driftr.
ETT - Pete, what's your preferred presentation?
feder - Pete, any thoughts as to maybe a 135 in the future or isn't it needed?
Harsh - The one that works the best at that moment. Probably live bait, it is what I am known for, but this year I made almost as much money on crank baits. Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks!
Juls_OH - ;-)
iamwalleye1 - Do you tip the cranks with anything?
Chatman - Pete, you mentioned the 620 won you the Ranger Cup. How important is boat control when backtrolling? 
Gu - Pete, if you had to pick one color for a crank bait, what would it be?
Harsh - A 135 Optimax would be great, but I am awaiting the new 115 Optimax.
Harsh - Speed does not win walleye tournaments, perfect boat control wins walleye tournaments.
Juls_OH - Pete, what are you planning on fishing next year? Both PWT and RCL? or....
Harsh - Crank bait color would be a natural finish in clear water and fire tiger for dirty water.
Harsh - I am fishing the PWT and the RCL Juls.
WW1 - Pete, who are you working with next year?
ETT - Do you do a lot of speaking??
Juls_OH - Cool!! That's a big line up.
Harsh - Good question, I'm not sure. Gary Gray for one.....
Gu - Pete, do you use the "Walleye series" Loomis rods?
Harsh - I am available for seminars.
Harsh - The Walleye Series Rods were designed by Dan Plautz, Jim Peterson Myself and the good people at G-Loomis.
Rick Gardner - Pete, I just wanted to stop in and say hello.
Gu - Pete, what's your age?
Harsh - Old, 50....
Gu - LOL!
JonDVM - What type of structure do you like to fish on large reservoirs? Like Sakakawea or Oahe?
Rick Gardner - I can't wait for 2003! I just hope I can keep up with you!
WW1 - Pete, heck that ain't old, you're just getting started!!!
Gu - Pete, when you rig would you say the norm is to fish individual marks or general areas with several marks??
Harsh - As long as we are healthy that is what is important.
Harsh - I will fish individual fish when I am looking for grandmas, numbers for small fish..
Chatman - That's for sure Pete, you have nothing without your health.....
Gu - Pete, do you believe sonar spooks fish?
Harsh - Any morning I wake up and still have a pulse I feel it will be a good day.
Juls_OH - Hey Pete, I know you're a tiller man, but what did you think of the new 621? Isn't she a beauty? ;-)
Harsh - Yes I do. Too many boats, too much sonar and they are gone. That's one of the reasons I like to fish by myself
George Liddle - Pete, good luck and thanks for your help this week end with Alex Marine. 
George Liddle - Signing off.
Juls_OH - Nite George!
ETT - Pete do you ever turn the sonar off?
Doug Burns - Goodbye George!
Harsh - George would not let me take the consoles out of it at the dealer meeting. The 621 is the answer to rough water!
Rick Gardner Pete - I'm really sorry I missed the Ranger get together. I heard you liked the new tiller design.
feder - Pete, great talking with you, I have a big Christmas party Saturday here and I need to get the place cleaned up, will keep in touch have good Christmas!!! 
Harsh - Gary Gray will be running a Yarcraft as far as I know, we are working together because we are friends.
Juls_OH - Pete's busy typing, we're just letting him catch up..;-)
Harsh - Thanks Juls!
Doug Burns - Juls, quit picking on the typing deficient.
Harsh - That time of year it could be anywhere but should be good.
Dan(oh) - Pete, what is your best/favorite presentation?
Harsh - Lake Of The Woods is a great fishery, year around!
Juls_OH - Pete, do you ever turn your sonar off while fishing? Say, in shallow water?
Harsh - That's a good question and tough to answer, be versatile.
Harsh - Yes shallow fish spook easily.
ETT - Pete what is your go to crank??? Make & color??
walleye hunter co - How shallow Pete?
Harsh - A lure you will want to try this year is Renowsky's.
Driftr - Pete, what do you consider shallow water?
Gu - I am wondering if Lake Of The Woods will be a trolling bite or a live bait bite. I don't want to troll too bad.
Driftr - Renowskys are good over this side of Lake Erie!
Harsh _ A sponsor for 2003, of mine. A well kept secret. 
Driftr - Have Renowsky's proven to be as good elsewhere?
Scott Richardson - Pete, good to "see" you, just saying hi....
Harsh - On Lake Of The Woods, jigging or rigging is my bet to win the PWT tournament. up there
Harsh - Hello Scott!
Rick Gardner - Pete, I know one of your strong points is your ability to react to changes. You did this very well at the PWT Championship. Can you give any clues about how you've developed that skill over the years?
Doug Burns - As Pete said Gu, either or.
Scott Richardson - Is it a 6th sense to know when to change location or presentation or fine tune?
Harsh - You must be capable of changing and mastering all presentations to even be remotely competitive these days.
Rick Gardner - Failure is a tough teacher because she gives the tough first, and the lessons come later!
Harsh - Amen!
Gu - How about the PWT tournament on Lake Pepin? Will that be trolling or bait?
Chatman - Only if an angler is wise to that Rick......
Doug Burns - But Pete, do you think you make your decisions more with your brain or gut instinct?
Harsh - Juls, it was good to see you on the circuits this year.
Chatman - How many guys have you seen beating their heads into the wall, over and over as they do not see the lesson?
Juls_OH - Thanks Pete, I had a blast! I'm really looking forward to next season too..;-)
Harsh - Both work and if you don't try both prior to the tournament expect to go down in flames!
Rick Gardner - Well Pete, my venison steaks are done, so I gotta eat. I'll see ya soon!
Juls_OH - Yummmm! Enjoy!
Doug Burns - Well I've got a lot of burn marks after last year.
Gu 1 - Pete, what is one major difference/improvement in your game over the past 10 years.
Harsh - Gut instinct is seldom wrong, you can out think yourself much more often.
Gu 1 - Pete, what electric motor do you run?
Harsh - Motorguide, on both the transom and bow.
Gu 1 - What is some of the most important advise you would give a rookie pro?
walleye hunter co - Congrats on your season Juls!
Gu 1 - Pete, do you like a plastic or metal clevis?
Doug Burns - Pete why do you need a bow mount?
Juls_OH - Thanks!!
Chatman - Pete, with a 115 OptiMax, and a trolling motor fore and aft, would you still recommend a kicker motor on a big tiller boat? And did/do you use one?
Harsh - Work hard keep your head clean, expect to lose and never quit. Experience and depth will come, but be patient.
Juls_OH - LOL Doug!! I don't think I have ever seen him on the front of the boat before...;-)
Juls_OH - That's great advice Pete...
Doug Burns - He goes up there to hook the strap on from the trailer.
Juls_OH - LOL!
Chatman - LOL!!
walleye hunter co - LOL!!
Harsh - Not with a 115 OptiMax, Chatman. The bow mount is for catching line and serving as a hood ornament, and once in a while for vertical jigging!!
Juls_OH - Heheh!!
Chatman - LOL!! Pete!
Gu - Good advice for rookies, but as far as how to go about pre-fishing, do you have any advise?
Gu 1 - Pete, what's the norm, 2 or 3 hook harness?
Harsh - I did take second place, with a bow mount at an RCL tournament. In a wheel boat! No one was more surprised than I was!
Chatman - Pete, with a Ranger 618 pushed by a 125 Mercury, would you use a kicker then, or just fore and aft electric motors for fishing?
WW1 - Pete, are you and Gary Gray going to fish any team events?
Harsh - Wow, lot's of questions...
Driftr - WW1, that is a loaded question.
Doug Burns - Pete, that just proves it's the angler, not the equipment.
Harsh -Chatman, with mid-range horsepower you should not need a kicker.
Chatman - Let's let Pete catch up with the questions a second here......
Harsh - I'm not sure on the team events WW1.
Juls_OH - Pete, someone wanted to know how you approach pre-fishing, what are your tactics?
Harsh - I will be fishing the RCL,PWT and anything else that fits schedule WW1.
Chatman - The chat is nearing the end, has Pete missed any questions so far?
Dan(oh) - Pete are you a full time fisherman?
Harsh - Pre-fishing, you cannot work hard enough. Never be satisfied with your pre-fishing time or results!
Harsh - Yes, when I am not hunting, Dan.
Juls_OH - Do you look at maps? Do you call various contacts before getting to the lake? Or do you just go out and start looking?
Doug Burns - Goodnight all. Well-done Pete.
Juls_OH - Nite Doug!
WW1 - Pete, how did you and Gary Gray get hooked up?
walleye hunter co - See ya Doug!
Harsh - I do use maps, but other people's advice seldom works for me.
Juls_OH - ;-)
Harsh - Gary and I are friends.
Gu 1 - Thanks Pete. good luck next year.
Harsh - Thank you all!
walleye hunter co - Thanks for your time Pete!!
WW1 - Thanks Pete!!
ETT - Nice job Pete!!!
Chatman - Well, as the sun pulls away from the shore and our boat sinks slowly in the west, it is with great sadness that we draw this chat to a close....
Juls_OH - Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap! Thanks for coming tonight Pete!
Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm round of applause for Pete Harsh!!!
Harsh - Sorry about the slow answers E-mail me at
T-Mac - Clapclapppclapclapclap!!!!
Warren MN - Thanks Mr. Harsh!!
Chatman - Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap!!!
Dan(oh)- Night.
Juls_OH - LOL!! Don't worry about it Pete, your typing skills were fine..;-)
Dan(oh) - LOL!!
ETT - Night all!!
Chatman - As I told you Pete, if I can keep up here, anyone can......!!!
walleye hunter co - Clap, clap!
Driftr - Good night everyone!
Dan(oh) - Thanks Pete!!