John Campbell Chat 10/30/02

Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a Warm Walleye Central Welcome for John Campbell!!!
Walleyechaser24 - Hey John!
Chatman - Clap, clap, clap, clap!!!
Warren MN - Hi John!
Campbell - Hi guys! 
Chatman - So John, how's the weather in the sunny south?
Campbell - I thought about the topic when I caught a Walleye going 5mph and was reeling as fast as I could!
Campbell - And, it was a 7 lb. Fish too boot!!!
Chatman - Cool!
Walleyechaser24 - On what bait?
Warren MN - That's moving!!!
Campbell - Anyway I figure the crank was going nearly 10 mph!
Walleyechaser24 - John, was speed the trigger?
Campbell - Faster than I usually fish for sure!
Campbell - I think it was partly speed and partly I was turning the boat.
Chatman - Do you troll fast as a rule?
Campbell - I usually troll .8 mph to 2.5 mph.
Walleyechaser24 - The change in speed?
Campbell - However to trigger the fish I stop and start or turn often.
Walleyechaser24 - Just like a pumping action for muskie trolling?
Campbell - Yes, speed change and maybe direction change.
Walleyechaser24 - Is this any time of the year?
Warren MN - I like 24, I don't have to ask the questions!!!! LOL!
Campbell - In the early season I go slower and add changes, later I pick it up a bit.
Campbell - The 7 lb. fish I got in 50-degree water.
Walleyechaser24 - Thank you Warren, I speed type, sorry...
Campbell - One time I caught fish by stopping and letting the crank float to the top and stay there for a minute.
Chatman - I have had 'eyes do that at night John.
Walleyechaser24 - John, would you try to rate the different triggers?
Warren MN - How important is it to keep to the bottom and if so how close?
Campbell - The fish were so sluggish you needed to let it sit, no changes. Still, that is what triggered them!
Walleyechaser24 - Husky jerks fished like that in the spring works down here.
Campbell - Many times the fish are right on the bottom. Then I use lead core and try to be within 2 inches of the bottom. Sometimes I run the lure-pounding bottom!
Warren MN - Does a floating lure move out of that range or does it even matter?
Campbell - Pounding bottom definitely will trigger fish, if you can avoid snags!
Walleyechaser24 - What about the dust cloud this causes? Will that not run them off?
Campbell - I use floating Rapalas often, mostly trolling them, sometimes casting.
Warren MN - This is for natural and lures?
Campbell - Dust clouds are good, the activity triggers fish! That is why I use big jigs and beat on the bottom too!
Walleyechaser24 - That is contrary to what I have understood, thanks.
Walleyechaser24 - John, do you use a Rapala as big as a #9?
Campbell - I use natural bait on jigs when I want to trigger fish. I can move it around and control the action, versus a Lindy Rig where they do their own thing.
Warren MN - Thanks.
Chatman - Do you rip jig with live bait John??
Campbell - Rapala 9 and 11 mostly some 13 and 18 for pigs!
Walleyechaser24 - I saw a pig once, but it was swimming away from the boat!
Campbell - Yes, I often rip jig with 2-3 foot swings, it works well all season long.
Walleyechaser24 - Do you have any luck with spoons, John?
Campbell - Yes, I like jigging spoons to trigger fish. I fish them aggressively with 5-6 foot rips of the rod, and then let it flutter down.
Campbell - I like the spoons in clear water, places like the Great Lakes and in reservoirs.
Walleyechaser24 - So John, do you let it set on the bottom at all?
Campbell - Yes, let it sit for 5 seconds and rip again, watch your line as the spoon sinks. I use Stren clear/Blue HV so I can see the line.
Warren MN - How important are beads to you?
Chatman - That is a tricky proposition in a river John. I know as I use spoons all fall and winter long in the rivers...
Campbell - Beads on crawler rigs can make a difference at times, but I pay more attention to the blades!
Warren MN - Just a couple of years ago, it seemed like everyone had some thing with size or color they claimed caused their bite!
Campbell - I would bet they work well on rivers. Do you fish them the same way, or more subtle, Chatman?
Chatman - It depends on the day. As a rule I pop the spoons up off the bottom. About a foot or so. Then fall back down on a controlled line. Sometimes I really rip 'em too, but let them fall on controlled slack. By keeping some feel as the spoon falls you will feel many bites that may otherwise be missed!
Walleyechaser24 - John, what is the best approach on our reservoirs when the water is dropping pretty fast and you can't find the walleyes?
Campbell - There is also something to what color. What worked for me the first three days at Saginaw wouldn't buy a fish on day 4! It was a totally new deal!
Campbell - On falling water I go to the nearest good structure that is safely deeper from a walleye viewpoint.
Walleyechaser24 - John, what is your second structure choice?
Campbell - 10 plus feet of water, as an example, nearby. Somewhat near where they were before the water level fell.
Walleyechaser24 - Do walleye's not move farther than that?
Campbell - I like points on reservoirs, then inside turns.
Campbell - It all depends on the time of year and the bait the walleyes are chasing. I don't think in general they go very far though. 
Walleyechaser24 - I know they work, for sure, thanks.
Walleyechaser24 - Do the walleyes seem to prefer one color over another on most days?
Campbell - Also, to locate the walleyes when you have lost them, troll cranks or spinners to cover some ground. Or at a minimum, motor and graph the points if they are in deeper water.
Walleyechaser24 - I seem to lose track of the school easily.
Campbell - I like gold. Or I should say the walleyes do!! Then silver, then chartreuse. After that, I try anything else.
Walleyechaser24 - How can I avoid losing track of the school?
Walleyechaser24 - John, does the water have to have some color to it for the silver?
Campbell - Losing track of a school of walleyes is hard to avoid. The key is to recognize when it has happened and not beat on a spot for a few hours! Go back to pre-fishing to find them. Sometimes you run out of time though.
Warren MN - Do the average people use their locators enough?
Walleyechaser24 - Ya, I seem to always run out of time!!
Chatman - Time and walleyes are the two things you never have enough of!
Campbell - To clarify colors a little more, I like the metallic in clearer water and the bright colors in murky. 3 foot or better visibility is when I will work metallic.
Walleyechaser24 - Thank you on color, John.
Campbell - Locators, probably not. They fish too much where there are no fish and don't trust the locator...
Walleyechaser24 - Ah, trust. We need to talk about that if we can.
Campbell - Sometimes fish are very hard to mark. My Bottom line has a feature that exaggerates them when they are in the mud. Years ago I would sometimes fish and catch fish without marking them!
Walleyechaser24 - Ditto!
Walleyechaser24 - And then I would catch none with a screen full of fish marks!
Campbell - The opposite. I wonder if they are fish Walleyechaser, I guess you should drop a camera down and see what they are.
Walleyechaser24 - I thought about dropping my son instead, to see if the thing works!!
Warren MN - Have you ever run in tandem with another boat using a camera behind a lure?
Campbell - If they are walleye then you need to trigger them, somehow!
Campbell - I have rarely used a camera, what was your experience?
Walleyechaser24 - I like that idea Warren!!!
Warren MN - I haven't done it, but I'd give an arm and leg to see what they do around a rig...
Warren MN - How sensitive are the eyes to a boat. I see bass guys tossing 6 feet away to a hole...
Campbell - It would be interesting to see what caused them to strike. How long they followed and looked at the lure or how many you pass by.
Walleyechaser24 - First, I believe, they have to know that the lure or bait is present, right, John?
Campbell - In general I stay away and try to be quiet. In Saginaw, I had big fish swim bight next to my boat in schools! It was like I wasn't there!
Walleyechaser24 - This is the basis of the trigger.
Warren MN - But would they strike?
Chatman - That depends Warren.
Campbell - No although I didn't try to catch them, I caught others on my boards 50 feet away. I think they were everywhere, and only 1 foot down!
Chatman - I have had open water eyes hit crank baits 4 feet from the boat while I was trolling.
Campbell - Were you reeling it in or trolling that close?
Chatman - Trolling that close. I got the idea while we were filming on Winnebago one time in the early 90's.
Walleyechaser24 - So, walleyes are not afraid of the boat?
Campbell - My friend fishes muskie with 5- 10 feet of line out and you can see the baits!
Warren MN - That's interesting!
Chatman - We had one or two lines out for effect, while doing fill shots and explanations, and the lures were just barely under the surface.
Chatman - A 3 to 4 lb eye blasted one of the baits.
Warren MN - Along those lines, kicker motors or electric?
Campbell - I imagine there are times when almost anything might work. I wish that happened more often!!
Chatman - I troll in 2 or 3 feet of water all the time, with small cranks bouncing off the bottom. The lures can't be more than 10 to 15 feet back.
Chatman - I sweep them right alongside the boat.
Chatman - It doesn't work all the time, but I feel it is a triggering thing.
Chatman - Kickers when I can, but on Bago, I have the big motor in gear and that's it, fast and short!
Campbell - I know I have caught walleyes at boat side while casting shad raps, just before I pulled it from the water.
Walleyechaser24 - Is the trigger the lure or the action of the lure on the bottom?
Warren MN - I always pictured that as more of a smallie or northern action.
Chatman - I think the action and the speed, coupled with the boat. Maybe the crank looks like a rapidly fleeing baitfish and an easy meal.
Campbell - I see it as the changes put on the lure from bottom or adjustments you make.
Chatman - I do believe it is a triggering mechanism.
Walleyechaser24 - In that case, deep water techniques would say that you might not be on the bottom?
Chatman - That works well on Lake Pepin too. 
Campbell - The walleyes can be from the surface to the bottom. You can graph them if they are down deep enough, and adjust your baits. Usually a bit above where they are.
Walleyechaser24 - Can they see the bait better in shallower water?
Chatman - Most likely.
Walleyechaser24 - Can they not see the bait well in deeper water?
Campbell - Not really, it has more to do with water clarity. 
Chatman - John Have you fast trolled cranks, crashing along the bottom in deeper water as well?
Campbell - They see the bait differently in deeper water, as the light waves are different.
haugboss - How about murky water, are colors or action more important?
Walleyechaser24 - Then I would think that a trigger is real important to key on for deep water approach?
Campbell - I've tried it down to 15 feet, it probably works deeper than that.
Chatman - It worked a few times in 19 feet at Saginaw Bay.
Campbell - Usually deeper than that I'm more focused on the turns and throttle changes.
Chatman - I'd bet the speed, vibration and noise is the real trigger in murky water. Real bright cranks sometimes do not work as well as muted colors, even in murky water like the Illinois River.
Campbell - The same ideas apply for crawler harness fishing, although I don't bang them into the bottom!!
Walleyechaser24 - What do you describe as a muted color, Chatman?
Chatman - Tennessee Shad, Blue Shad....Crawfish...
Chatman - Bright would be Fire Tiger, Fluorescent Orange etc...
Walleyechaser24 - Thanks!
Campbell - I like motor oil and browns on the Illinois River, when I have 9 inches plus of visibility!
haugboss - Thank you.
Chatman - Is it ever that clear???? LOL!
Campbell - Not when we have a tournament!
Chatman - Chrome and Blue is usually good on the Illinois too...
Walleyechaser24 - It is in my reservoir most of the time!
Walleyechaser24 - I found that chrome works well at night too.
haugboss - The only time the water is that clear in Kansas is in the minnow bucket!!
Campbell - Yes reservoirs usually are clearer.... 
Chatman - Do you find that baits with rattles work better in a triggering role, especially with cranks John?
Walleyechaser24 - Have you ever fished Fontana, John?
Campbell - At times rattles are key. I like the rattle tot especially! It has an erratic, triggering action.
Walleyechaser24 - Rattles seem to work the best in real deep water.
Chatman - One of my favorites is the Rattle tot!!
Campbell - I've fished Montana, on Fort Peck.
Walleyechaser24 - That's a nice reservoir!
Chatman - What tourneys are you fishing next year John?
Campbell - I have 30 boxes of different cranks and basically use floating raps, shad raps, rattle tots, deep juniors 90% of the time!
Campbell - Next year I'll fish the RCL, Illinois River and possibly some PWT's. I'll need to check the schedules...
Walleyechaser24 - John, do the suspending baits work for you?
Campbell - I don't use them much, although I can see situations where they might be good.
Walleyechaser24 - They seem to work pretty good down here!
Walleyechaser24 - During the spring, mostly.
Campbell - Are you casting and retrieving in cold water and fishing sluggish eyes?
Walleyechaser24 - Yes, very cold!
Walleyechaser24 - I've got my toboggan on, usually.
Campbell - Makes sense, probably the best use of them.
Campbell - By the way, where is down there?
Walleyechaser24 - Walleyes will come up from below, I don't know how far though.
Walleyechaser24 - John, down here is North Carolina.
Chatman - As we begin to wind down, has John missed any questions so far?
Walleyechaser24 - Basically, I am a Detroit River transplant.
Campbell - The Detroit River is one of my favorite places to fish!
Walleyechaser24 - Are we out of time already? Detroit was my home for many years before.
Walleyechaser24 - Thank you John and Chatman for a very nice evening, it was great!
Chatman - John do you want to list your sponsors before we wind her down tonight?
Walleyechaser24 - Leave a few for us ok John?
Campbell - Ranger, Mercury, Lindy, Shimano, Flambeau, Bottom line, Stren, Rapala.
Warren MN - John, I really enjoyed this!
Campbell - Hopefully Chatman can have me back soon?
Chatman - Which boat will you be running this year John, the new 621?
Campbell - I will probably order the 620. Unless I order the 621 in the next couple weeks.
Chatman - I saw a 621 for the first time last weekend at the Ranger Boats/MW Marine Pro Staff meeting, what a nice boat!! A big water anglers dream come true!
Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a hearty round of applause for John Campbell!!!
Campbell - See you guys at the shows or next season on the water! Thanks.
Dan(oh) - Thanks!
eyeguy/mn - Clap, clap, clap, clap!
Chatman - Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap!!!
haugboss - Hoorah!!
slick - Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap!
Campbell - Thanks for having me on and the great conversation!
Chatman - Thanks John, come on back anytime!