JNB Originals Chat 5/8/02

Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm Walleye Central Welcome for Joe Beech!!!
captjoe - Hip, Hip, Hurray!!!
Chatman - Welcome Back Joe!!
Johnnie Candle - Whistle! Whistle! Clap, clap!!
Joe Beech - Thanks everybody, it's good to be back.
Chatman - It's been too long since our last visit Joe!
Joe Beech - I'll say, but lets get to it.
Chatman - Let's start out with a little background on you and your products Joe.
Johnnie Candle - Joe, it looks like everyone on Walleye Central has a bunch of your stuff already. You have done too good of a job marketing to this group!!
captjoe - Chatman, this is my first time on the chatroom, so if I screw up let me know. 
Joe Beech - Our products are manufactured under the Tamer Group label, we manufacture twenty different items for the general public and the commercial fishing industry.
reddog - Evening folks!
Chatman - Twenty products?!?
Chatman - I guess I didn't do my homework!!! LOL!
Joe Beech - Yes, it's grown to twenty. Several different sizes of each of our products, most of them for bait storage.
Chatman - Can you run down a list of those we might know about, or should know about?
Joe Beech - New for this year because of the response to our Leech Tamer we are producing a mesh bag that will fit into any live well, bait well, cooler, almost any container. These come in several different sizes, from one to thirty gallons.
Chatman - 30 gallons? Wow. That'll hold a bunch of leeches..... ;-)
Joe Beech - Leeches, minnows, night crawlers, or just about any other critter that you can stuff in there.
Chatman - What was the thought behind having one as large as 30 gallons?
captjoe - Imagine asking your wife to stick her hand into a 30-gallon leech container! Honey, get me some bait? OK?
Joe Beech - Let's get Johnnie to weigh in on this, as he has used this on the water and saw it at sport shows.
Chatman - LOL!
Chatman - Okay Johnnie, Fire away!
Joe Beech - The thirty gallon is mainly for the commercial bait industry.
Joe Beech - It's used to keep large amounts of leeches or minnows separated from other baits.
Johnnie Candle - The idea came from guys like Joe and myself that had no separate bait container in their boats. Now we can separate our bait by type, put it in our live well, and not have to chase it and not beat up our fish either.
Chatman - I immediately thought of being able to have a mesh bag that could act as a live well liner of sorts, lift your catch out in one swoop. No more chasing that last fish around....
captjoe - Do the bags hold water or are they porous?
Joe Beech - They contain no water, they are made to be used as liners for containers that you already have. They also can be used as a float pail or a trolling bucket. They make no noise either in the live well or alongside the boat.
Chatman - What is the mesh material made of Joe?
Johnnie Candle - Joe, they would make great chum bags for salt water fishing as well.
Joe Beech - All of our products are made from materials that do not absorb water, so they will not rot nor are they affected by sunlight, very durable.
captjoe - What size bag would you recommend for leeches to fit into a normal bait well?
Johnnie Candle - I still have my original Leech tamer from 3 years ago. Good as new!
Joe Beech - Good idea Johnnie, we already sold a bunch to fishermen in Florida.
Chatman - That may depend on how many leeches you typically carry Capt Joe...
Joe Beech - Capt Joe, the Original one-pound bag works great in any bait well
Chatman - LOL!
captjoe - Usually one to two pounds of leeches.
Joe Beech - You bet, the original would work great.
captjoe - Any other products?
Chatman - Yes, lets talk about the Wave Tamer Joe.
Joe Beech - You can see all our products at our website: www.driftbag.com.
Joe Beech - We have a new model for this year, the 30" bag. This bag also doubles as a trolling bag. We are also making bags up to eight feet in diameter.
Johnnie Candle - The bags are great. They practically put themselves in the water, never tangle and float so when your klutzy fishing pal forgets to fasten the rope, you don't loose the bag.
Chatman - Do you have a recommendation as to what size bag for certain size boats?
captjoe - I've got to get something different this year. My old drift bag is getting rotten. About 11 years old. Just got a different boat, a 2121 Warrior with a 9.9 kicker and 225 Opti Max. What size bag would you recommend for drifting?
Chatman - :-)
dreamer - Joe, I've purchase a new Lund Pro-V 1800 with a 175 Opti Max, but not kicker at this time. I've heard of tying a drift back to front of boat to slow trolling speed any comments on this method?
Joe Beech - We don't recommend certain bags for certain boats because conditions constantly change. All of our bags work well with just about any type of boat.
captjoe - Most of my trolling was with a 206 Crestliner with a 130 Honda. Always back trolled with a 48" bag, no problem at all!
Joe Beech - Capt Joe, if you're going to use it strictly for drifting, go with the 52", for trolling go with the 40".
Joe Beech - Dreamer, you bet. Run the main rope through the trailer strap eye and bring the excess rope up to a cleat and use either the 30" or the 40" to drift or troll, forward or backward, it works great.
Johnnie Candle - A great way to slow trolling speed with no kicker would be a thirty-inch bag on each side of the boat. Tie the front rope on your front cleat, then tie off the back of the bag even with the stern. This way the bag will not get in the motor. A bag on each side does not make the boat pull one way or the other.
Chatman - That method works well dreamer, if you hung the bag from the back of the boat, it may make fishing difficult
reddog - Why the different sized bags Joe, as per drifting vs. trolling?
Joe Beech - Always, always, always fish your bags from the front of your boat. Use the trailer strap eye whenever possible because that is the center of your boat.
Chatman - As you can see, there are several options available to use a bag to slow your drift or troll.
Joe Beech - Reddog, if you're going to strictly drift go with the biggest bag you can, as you can always open the outlet end to reduce drag or close it to increase. It's much too difficult to troll the bigger bags.
reddog - I gotcha, I never thought about lessening the restriction. Thanks!
Johnnie Candle - Joe, what is your most popular size now. The 48 or 60 incher?
dreamer - What does the bag tied to the front trailer eye do to the boat? Anything?
captjoe - Joe, what helps your bags open easily. I've got a bag with floats on top, weight on the bottom center. It seems that half the time I have to play with the bag to get it to open right Joe Beech - Very few drift bags can be trolled. The Wave Tamers are made out of materials that can stand up to most any abuse.
Joe Beech - The 52" bag is our most popular at this time.
Johnnie Candle - That shows what I know!!
Joe Beech - Keeps it tracking straight, either forward or backwards.
Chatman - And it slows down your trolling speed.
dreamer - I was referring to damage scratching etc to the boat.
Joe Beech - Capt Joe, our bags have a spring in the opening, this is the secret to the Wave Tamer, coupled with weights, floats and vents, means that the bag will open immediately every time.
Joe Beech - There is no damage to the boat, as everything is encased in fabric.
Chatman - I have never had one scratch a boat yet Dreamer.
Joe Beech - Trust me, having sold many thousands of these, we haven't had one complaint.
captjoe - How much room does it take to stow a 52" bag? I'm assuming not much.
Joe Beech - Takes very little room, the entire bag rolls neatly around the float and comes with a mesh storage bag for easy storage.
Joe Beech - The 52" bag will take a 20' boat in a 25 mph wind and slow it 55%!
captjoe - I'm guessing they are available in most fishing stores?
Joe Beech - Just about everywhere, from Cabela's to specialty shops everywhere.
captjoe - What else do you manufacture, besides bags, bait tamers and tackle tamers?
Joe Beech - Bags for storing Planer Boards, Bottom Bouncers. Mesh Storage Bags, that will store anything.
Chatman - I tell you what, a bag or two for the planer boards and rod holders make them awfully easy to locate in the storage boxes...
Joe Beech - Hey Johnnie got a couple of phone calls from guys that saw the Planer Tamers in your boat last week.
Johnnie Candle - Those things are awesome. What a way to stay organized. The neater the boat, the better, I hate tripping on things.
Johnnie Candle - I put mine under my passenger console. Keeps boards out of the way until I want them in the way.
Joe Beech - You're right Johnnie, nothing stays put when you're traveling in rough water. It's nice not to have to worry about your gear or your own safety.
dreamer - Thanks for the information guys. I'm looking forward to trying the trolling with a bag off the front. I'm gone.
Joe Beech - Chatman, are you running a Ranger this year?
Chatman - As of this moment, no. I am in the process of a house hunting so, the boat is on hold for now.
Driftr - Joe, do you have a website
Joe Beech - Yes, our website is : www.driftbag.com
Driftr - Hi Scott!
Chatman - Howdy Boss!!
Joe Beech - Hey Scott!!
reddog - Hey Scott!!
Joe Beech - Scott, how did you like your Bait Tamer?
Golden - Hi Guys!
Golden - Love that bait tamer, you come up with some great ideas!
Golden - Good show at the PWT Jhonnie C!
Joe Beech - Golden, you coming to any tournaments?
Golden - Thought I'd pop in and say hello, but I really need to get back to work. I'm way behind!! Again ;-)
Richard M (AB) - G'nite Scott
Golden - Have a good evening everyone.
Driftr - C ya Scott!
river king - Later Scott!
Joe Beech - Bye Scott!
Chatman - Is there anything new on the horizon we should be watching for Joe?
Joe Beech - There's always new things on the drawing board. Stay tuned!
Chatman - Has Joe missed any questions so far? If so just ask again...
bigfish1965 - I just got in...but I want to use a drift sock as a trolling sock...do I need to do anything special?
Joe Beech - Chatman, just to wet your whistle, Scott Fairbairn, Mark Martin, and Jimmy Bell all have a prototype that has drawn rave reviews. Stay tuned!
Joe Beech - Bigfish, just run your main rope through your trailer strap eye. This will be the exact center of your boat, and it will track true, forwards or backwards.
bigfish1965 - The front hook?
reddog - Joe, prototype of a what?
Joe Beech - Yes, its the front hook.
bigfish1965 - So it would be under the boat while trolling then?
Joe Beech - Yes, its under the boat.
bigfish1965 - Cool!!
Joe Beech - I'd tell you about the prototype but then I'd have to shoot ya. ;) LOL!!!
bigfish1965 - I never even thought of doing it that way!
Joe Beech - Bigfish, it works great! give it a Try.
reddog - I took the bait then, at least I get an "A" for listening Joe.
Chatman - LOL!
Driftr - Joe , tell us, we know you can shoot 
Straight! :)
Joe Beech - What and mess up all the suspense!? No way man! You're just gonna have to wait!!
Chatman - Joe so those interested can see the products, can you list your web site addy again?
Joe Beech - It's www.driftbag.com
Joe Beech - You can get back into Walleye Central from there as well.
Chatman - As we start to wind down, any more questions for Joe Beech tonight?
Chatman - Has Joe missed any questions?
bigfish1965 - TY Joe...tight lines bud!
Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm round of applause for Joe Beech!!!
Driftr - Thanks Joe Beech !!!!
Chatman - And a thank you to Johnnie Candle for stopping in as well!
Driftr - Clap, clap, clap!!
Chatman - Weeeeeee!
Chatman - Clap, clap, clap, clap!!
reddog - Thanks Joe, I gave up watching president Bush to come in here! LOL!!
Joe Beech - Thanks for all your great questions and we'll see ya on the water!