Julia Davis (aka: Juls) Chat 9/11/02

Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm Walleye Central Welcome to Julia Davis!!!!
chairman - Applause!!
Chatman - Clap, clap, clap, clap!!!
Jfish - Hi Juls! 
Julia Davis - Thanks Ralph nice to be here in the driver's seat for a change...LOL!
mnjimcarp - Hi Juls!
Magic Marker - Hi all!
Julia Davis - Rick just said, "Oh geez...a woman driver!" LOL!!
Buck - Hey Juls!
rogerm52 - Hello!
Chatman - LOL Rick!!
Chatman - It is nice to finally get you to be a guest Juls!
Bob - Hi Juls and everyone else! 
Julia Davis - This is the first time I wont have to whisper to everyone, while in the hosted chat. ;-)
Chatman - Where do you want to go tonight Juls?
Julia Davis - Anywhere you want Ralph.
Chatman - Maybe start with a little background, and how you ended up as Juls(OH) from Juls(WI).
Julia Davis - I moved from Wisconsin to Port Clinton Ohio, thus the change..;-)
Guest - Juls, now that you're a full time pro, is fishing as much fun as it was when you weren't doing it for a living?
Julia Davis - Yes, it's even more so, more work than I ever imagined too!
chairman - But is it still fun?
Julia Davis - Yes Bruce, I'm having more fun than I have ever experienced before!
Chatman - I suppose the lure of better and bigger walleyes didn't make the move a real tough choice....
chairman - That's the key thing.
Julia Davis - LOL! It was the perch fishing, I'm addicted to it. But you know the big walleye here were a super plus too!!
Chatman - Ahhh, for me it was the smallmouth fishing in the UP that made it real easy to come here!
Julia Davis - What really is the key is the chance to work for my sponsors other than just doing sportshows.
Bob - Juls, have you started chasing the smallmouth on Erie yet?
Julia Davis - We travel to five states doing promotions for Crown Royal, those gigs are a ton of fun!
Chatman - How about a quick recap of this seasons competitions? How'd you do in the tourney circuits?
Julia Davis - No Bob, not yet. We will start chasing them this fall.
Julia Davis - I think I was more midstream this year Ralph. Some better than others.
Julia Davis - I had the most fun at Saginaw because I beat my mentor and best friend, Rick LaCourse...heheh!!
Chatman - Was this year as much a learning experience as you had hoped?
Julia Davis - For sure Ralph, just as I expected!
Julia Davis - I learned more about what I was capable of doing, and it was a real confidence builder for me.
Chatman - I have to ask, did you find anything any tougher as a female angler to this point? 
Julia Davis - I'm really looking forward to next season, with an expanded schedule!
Julia Davis - It has been tougher having to prove myself in a "man's" game.
Bob - Will you be fishing more tournaments next year than you did this year?
Buck - Juls, how do you like living close to Erie?
Julia Davis - Yes Bob, all the RCL's, the Eastern Division of the PWT, one MWC and the Wave Wacker tourney.
Julia Davis - Yes Buck, I click my heels three times and say, "There's no place like home!"
Jfish - Are there any negative experiences you could share with us? Stuff that you've encountered on the tournament circuit?
Julia Davis - I love it here!
Chatman - That's a busy season to add on top of the promo trail and the spring shows!
Julia Davis - No Jfish, there have been none at all.
Jfish - Well that's good to hear!
Julia Davis - We will be on the road 250-260 days next year Ralph.
Chatman - Ya, that's a long run next year!
Julia Davis - I had great co-anglers, all anxious to learn, and not one negative response from any of them. 
chairman - That makes for a long year Juls.
Julia Davis - No, it makes for a fast year! ;-)
Julia Davis - I can't believe it's mid-September already!
Jfish - Juls, what boat are you currently running?
Julia Davis - This year I was in the Off Shore Tackle boat, a Ranger 620.
Julia Davis - Next year I will be in a Ranger 621.
Chatman - Speaking of Offshore and Ranger, can you list your sponsors Juls?
Jfish - Gee, I wish I could afford one!
chairman - Yipee! Staying in glass!
chairman - I've got a 620 for ya Jfish! :-)
Chatman - I've heard a lot of great things about the 621! I personally may end up in the new 618!
chairman - What was the single most important thing you learned this year Juls?
ebijack - Howdy!
Julia Davis - My main sponsors are: Off Shore Tackle, Crown Royal, Cabelas, Lindy, Lowrance, Walleye Central, Ranger, Mercury, Beckman Nets, Ocean Wave, Pradco, Gemini Sports Marketing...and a couple I know I'm forgetting off the top of my head!
Jfish - Juls, how does an angler go about getting sponsors so he or she can fish the circuits?
chairman - Well, there goes the neighborhood. Hi Ebi!
chairman - Yeah how, Juls?
Julia Davis - Chairman, just stick to your game plan, is the most important thing I've learned this year.
ebijack - It's been a long time everyone! Howdy Bruce and the many I haven't talked to in many moons!!
Chatman - Hiya Ebi!!! How the heck are ya???
Julia Davis - You can't cant catch fish at 50 mph!
chairman - :-) It's hard to do isn't it? 
Julia Davis - Yes it is.
Julia Davis - That's where the pre-fishing comes in and is so important.
ebijack - Congrats on hitting it hard this year Juls!
Chatman - Hey Juls, I bet you didn't expect to open with a pair of Chatmen, did ya?
Julia Davis - Thanks Ebi! It was nice to see you fishing some of the events buddy! Looking forward to seeing you in Detroit!
ebijack - Howdy "Chatman"!!!!
ebijack - Detroit? How about Huron?!
Julia Davis - Heheh right Ralph. ;-)
Chatman - Now all we need is Driftr and it will be three (Chat)men and a Lady!!! LOL!
Julia Davis - Well that's a given Tom. I just meant on the tourney trail this year! LOL!
ebijack - I hear the RCL is going to fill early for next year.
bob oh - Huron's looking good!!
Julia Davis - Whoever asked about how to get sponsors, I'll make this real short. You need to approach them with what you can do for them and then never promise what you cant deliver!
Julia Davis - Ebi, the way it sounds, the RCL is going to be the toughest circuit to get into next year!
Jfish - Thanks Juls , I asked about the sponsors.
Julia Davis - The last time I talked to Sharon Reynolds, there were 235 confirmed on both pro and co-angler with a waiting list on both! They have come a long way in just two years.
Chatman - Fantastic!
ebijack - Bruce is one sponsor who helps more "newcomers" than most.
Buck - Why will the RCL be so tough to get into this year?
chairman - Ya, where are all the doubters now eh? Go RCL!!
Julia Davis - Jfish, start visiting your sponsor and see what you can do to create sales and product demand. Learn everything you can about the product so you can talk about it in a authoritative manner.
chairman - Thanks Ebi, but even I am getting tough.
Julia Davis - This year its full, next year I feel it will fill very early. That is just a gut feeling that I get from everyone I have talked to.
chairman - And don't call on Monday eh? 
ebijack - You've been there a long time Bruce.
Jfish - I've read that many tournament anglers aren't to happy with the PWT and are going over to the RCL. Have you heard anything to backup that rumor Juls?
Julia Davis - Plus the carrot they are dangling for the angler of the year will be fabulous!!!
Julia Davis - Bruce is my hero, he gave me my biggest start!
Julia Davis - Not to mention he has been a very good mentor and friend as well.
ebijack - Juls, what was the biggest thrill of your first full year fishing as a pro?
chairman - It was just an investment, in a great person, on my part.
Julia Davis - I only know that the pay off for both pros and co anglers are. So much more fisherman friendly than the other circuits but there is a need and room for both.
lund - How so?
Julia Davis - The biggest thrill Ebi, was beating Rick at Saginaw!! Heheh! Oh and Bruce too by the way, sorry boss! I had to say it!
Julia Davis - Thanks Bruce! ;-)
ebijack - :)
Guest - LOL!
ebijack - Saginaw was ROUGH!
Julia Davis - Yeah, but it was a blast!!
chairman - I can take a wippin. I had one by some of the best this year :-))) And you too lil girl!
Chatman - When is it not rough during a tourney on Saginaw bay?
Julia Davis - And that 620 came back, in one piece, with an hour to spare and 29.7 pounds in the livewell!! ;-)
chairman - Just wait until next year. 
chairman - Ya wanna bet a pony tail :-)))))
Jfish - Is Saginaw Bay the roughest water you've ever fished in Juls?
Julia Davis - Heheh. Wait until the championship boss, you taught me good! ;-)
ebijack - When are you going to fish Saginaw Ralph? I want to be there!
Julia Davis - Chairman, you don't have a ponytail anymore! Rick got that one!! Heheh!!
chairman - Oh, I forgot about that. I won't have to wait til next year to whoop you! :-)
Julia Davis - This year Saginaw was the roughest water I was on Jfish.
Chatman - I'd love to get back there Tom, but the closest I will come in the next dozen months will be the WC Get together at Huron this fall.
Julia Davis - Green Bay is the leader for roughest overall though. ;-)
MikeS - Hey Juls, I was fishing pool 4 for the last 2 days and the bite was tough, tough, tough. Do you think hand lining the cans is going to win this year?
ebijack - Alright! Ralph, I'll see/meet you there!
Julia Davis - Mike, it could very well be a factor since we're fishing in Oct. this year.
Julia Davis - Those big sauger love hand lining presentations!
MikeS - Hmmm, you might be right.
ebijack - Juls, are you more confident in your hand lining abilities now?
Julia Davis - And I love the head end of Pepin! ;-)
fatboy - Hand lining, now yer talking!
MikeS - True about the sauger. The river was up over a foot and the walleye had lock jaw. The stripers were chasing shad around all over in the back waters!
MikeS - We pulled lead core and hand lined at the head of Pepin, NADA!
Julia Davis - Yes I am very confident in my ability to work the handlines. I love to teach someone who has never done it before too! I can teach them in less than 15 minutes. Well, the basics anyway. And I talk them through it all day long.
MikeS - I was with Hutch, and he's the king of hand lining!
Julia Davis - Yes he is!
ebijack - I think hand lining has finally reached a point where it's taken as a serious technique.
fatboy - Soon there will be the book "Precision Hand lining."
ebijack - If you really want to hand line, foot steering is the only way to keep both hands free.
Julia Davis - The PWT is talking about making hand lining legal in their circuit again.
Julia Davis - LOL! Fatboy...
Julia Davis - I like that idea Ebi!
Buck - How many of you are planning on fishing at Huron?
Julia Davis - Me, me, me, I am!!!
Julia Davis - We are expecting around 600 people this year!
Buck - That will pack the place out!
ebijack - I like the postings on Walleye Central's message board, to stop hand lining as a viable fishing technique is absurd!
Julia Davis - It is going to be bigger and better than ever this year!
Julia Davis - I agree Ebi.
ebijack - Me, Buck!
Julia Davis - They are using both sides of that building this year Buck!
Buck - That's good.
bob oh - And more fish cookers??? :-))))))
Julia Davis - We are going to make a post on the Walleye Central Message Boards, to see what to expect. That way we will have enough for everyone!
ebijack - Cookers and cooks!
bob oh - I wonder if anyone told the beer companies to up the draw? :-)))
Julia Davis - We're checking into getting a commercial fryer.
ebijack - There was a commercial fryer there last year and the year before.
Buck - That's a great idea.
Julia Davis - One of the charities the raffle proceeds will go to this year is the Mike James Memorial Scholarship Fund. And Norb Wallock Too!
Chatman - That's great Juls!
ebijack - Great!
Buck - I just hope the fish will work with us this year!
Julia Davis - We want to have at least two this year Ebi!
Guest - Wonderful!
Chatman - Two great causes!
bob oh - The fishing looks good so far huh Buck??
Julia Davis - If the weather holds up Buck, the fish will be there. They are catching limits right out of Huron, right now! If this holds, it will be the best fall at Huron yet!
Buck - Yea I think so. Big fish are still close to Geneva too!
ebijack - I have to go, hope everyone can make it to Huron! See ya soon!
Julia Davis - G'nite Ebi!
Chatman - See ya later Tom! Don't wait so long between visits!
bob oh - There are big fish close to Huron too. We just need good weather that week.
Julia Davis - I don't think this blow today hurt them at all. It's supposed to be nice the rest of the week.
Julia Davis - Don't forget the perch! The perch fishing is awesome by Lorain right now so it should be great into fall too!
bob oh - The perch have been good just about everywhere.
Julia Davis - There are smaller perch towards the Toledo area. The bigger perch are over by Lorain right now.
bob oh - The Perch are still bigger east right now. But if last fall is any indication, the west end will have biggest perch in decades!
Julia Davis - It's good to hear that...
A & R - Juls, I missed the beginning of the chat, do you know the RCL lineup for next year? 
Julia Davis - The Detroit River, Lake Sharpe, Lake Erie and Devils Lake are the RCL stops next year.
bob oh - Juls, when are they fishing Lake Erie??
Julia Davis - The end of May Bob.
A & R - Is this the order????
Julia Davis - Yes thats the order.
Chatman - The Detroit river tourney allows you to run to Erie if you want, right Juls?
bob oh - Where on erie juls??
Julia Davis - Detroit River, April 2-5th...Lake Sharpe, April 30th-May 3rd...Lake Erie, May 28th-31st..Devils Lake, June 18th-21st.
Julia Davis - Yes Ralph, they allow you to run to Lake Erie if you've a mind to.
Julia Davis - The tournament is out of Port Clinton, Bob.
fatboy - See ya folks! Give 'em a fighting chance!
Chatman - So it can kind of be like two Lake Erie stops...
Julia Davis - Oh you betcha!
mnjimcarp - I was late Juls, I wanted to hear if you knew the RCL sights for next year.
mnjimcarp - did you give any secrets out yet?
Julia Davis - Detroit River, April 2-5th...Lake Sharpe, April 30th-May 3rd...Lake Erie, May 28th-31st..Devils Lake, June 18th-21st.
mnjimcarp - I see, thanks!
Chatman - Juls, which MWC tourney are you fishing next year?
Julia Davis - the Spring Valley one of course! I love that one and its a good one to start the year off with! ;-)
Julia Davis - I'll have a different partner this year though. I finally get the big guy to fish with! ;-)
Chatman - Ya, and it is not to shabby a place to hand line.............
Julia Davis - You've got that right Ralph!
mnjimcarp - Juls, I have a serious question regarding hand lining.
A & R - Are you going to be doing any handling in the championship?
mnjimcarp - Is there any benefit to using a hand line in shallow water, say 10 feet or less? Or should a person just pull traditional cranks from rods?
Julia Davis - We have done well in shallow water. The MWC championship was won in 4ft of water!
mnjimcarp - Hand lining?
Julia Davis - Yes!
Chatman - Well the hour has slipped away, are there any last questions for the darling of Walleye Central before we close?
Julia Davis - We have the ability to control the boat and lines much better by handlining. We can get in tighter places and when there is a good school of fish we can sit on top of them.
Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm round of applause for Julia Davis!!!!
Chatman - Clap, clap, clap, clap!!!!
Slapshot - Clap, clap, clap!
mnjimcarp - Clappity clap!
mnjimcarp - Clap, clap!!
A & R - Thanks Juls, good night!
Julia Davis - Thanks for having me tonight Walleye Central! It was fun!! ;-)
mnjimcarp - Hey, thanks for the info Juls!
Julia Davis - There wasn't much but you're welcome!1 ;-)
Chatman - Anytime Juls!!