Rick LaCourse Chat 1/9/02

Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm Walleye Central welcome for Rick LaCourse!!!
Driftr - Welcome Rick LaCourse!!!!!
Rick LaCourse - Please, no claps!!
Driftr - Clap, clap, clap!!!
Eyesrfn - Yeah, clap, clap!!
Mark Broderick - Clap, clap!
Juls - Hi all!
Dennis - Anyone been ice fishing lately?
Driftr - Yes, claps.. :)
SUPERTROLLER - He doesn't want the clap!!
Chatman - Wooo Hoooooooo!
T-Mac - Hi Juls!
Gilby - BigFoot! What's on tap for tonight?
Driftr - Hi Juls!!
T-Mac - Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
Rick LaCourse - What ever you all want to talk about.
Rick LaCourse - You know me I can talk about anything.
T-Mac - LOLOL!!
SUPERTROLLER - What is your walleye specialty?
chairman - What is this weather going to do to Lake Erie fishing this spring.
Rick LaCourse - Trolling.
SUPERTROLLER - Go with it.
Eyesrfn - What do you think the future of the PWT will be?
Rick LaCourse - I wished it had frozen hard to kill some bait!
SUPERTROLLER - Is there still ice?
Rick LaCourse - However, I talked to the DNR and it looks outstanding for next year.
Rick LaCourse - There is no ice.
T-Mac - Rick, are you doing whole PWT and whole RCL next year?
Rick LaCourse - I'm not sure about the PWT.
T-Mac - Oh, ok.
Rick LaCourse - We need it to stay as big as it is so we can all grow!
Mark Broderick - RCL looks fun this year!!
Eyesrfn - I was just curious with all the rumors flying around.
WalleyeWiz(OH) - A couple more weeks of todays weather and we'll be trolling again on Lake Erie.
Rick LaCourse - I'm fishing 14 tournaments next year!
Eyesrfn - Well, that's a few.
T-Mac - I like your schedule!!
Rick LaCourse - The PWT and the RCL both have good events.
Chatman - That will keep you hoppin!
Dan(oh) - What tournaments are you fishing besides the RCL and PWT.
Rick LaCourse - I've never seen it this late and not know where the Championship will be...
Eyesrfn - Same boat or a new one?
Rick LaCourse - Same boat this year.
Eyesrfn - I hear ya there, it sounds a little funny.
Rick LaCourse - I'm fishing 1 MWC and the Wave Wacker
Dennis - Do glow jigs really work?
Rick LaCourse - Like anything else, glow jigs work at times.
Chatman - All joking aside, that is one sharp lookin' Ranger! Especially behind the tow vehicle!
SUPERTROLLER - How about glow cranks?
WalleyeWiz(OH) - How about the Championship on Erie out of Huron?
Rick LaCourse - As Den says its Burple!!
Mark Broderick - I don't like the rumored sites either.
Rick LaCourse - They want a protected place and indoor weigh-in.
Rick LaCourse - It all depends Mark.
T-Mac - You don't want Bismarck again? Why?
Rick LaCourse - There are no secrets there anymore.
T-Mac - Ok.
Rick LaCourse - I'd like new water my self.
Mark Broderick - Talking about driving to Sakakawea.
SUPERTROLLER - I think slots stink for a championship too!
Mark Broderick - That's too far.
Rick LaCourse - I heard that.
WalleyeWiz(OH) - Rick what does it take to get on a manufacturers pro staff.?
Rick LaCourse - Well that takes in a lot of states.
SUPERTROLLER - That's true.
Rick LaCourse - A manufacturer wants you to show them you have a value to their product.
T-Mac - It also takes a good relationship with a dealer Wiz.
Rick LaCourse - You have to work hard at getting them, and even harder to keep Them!
SUPERTROLLER - Who are some of your sponsors Rick?
WalleyeWiz(OH) - I wanna be on T Macs pro staff!! LOL!
Chatman - Is chemistry, or hitting it off with a sponsor important?
T-Mac - LOL!
SUPERTROLLER - A staff of one?
Chatman - Or do you think more value is placed with what you do for them, how hard you work and how sincere you are?
T-Mac - Shhhshhhshsh!!
Rick LaCourse - Ranger, Mercury, Offshore, Shakespeare, Pinpoint, Northland, Gemini Sports Marketing, Northland Tackle, Dixie Marine...
Rick LaCourse - I'm Tired of typing.
SUPERTROLLER - Did you forget anyone Rick?
Rick LaCourse - Several somebody's!!!
T-Mac - Rick, how did you get hooked up w/ Crown Royal?
Juls - LOL!
WalleyeWiz(OH) - What would you suggest to someone that will be fishing as a rookie pro, on the PWT, to help them get on pro staffs?
SUPERTROLLER - Rick, can we get free samples at the tournaments?
Rick LaCourse - Start at the sports show's.
WalleyeWiz(OH) - Thanks.
Rick LaCourse - Everyone comes up wanting a free-bee!!
SUPERTROLLER - Ok, we're all freeloaders!
Rick LaCourse - You have to remember, Free Product? I've never heard of that!!
Gilby - Is Crown Royal going to expand its base in the walleye market at all?
Rick LaCourse - In the future, yes.
T-Mac - Good, I might have a chance!!
Rick LaCourse - Every piece of product costs money!
Rick LaCourse - So, there's no such thing as free.
Gilby - I heard rumors that Castrol is going to be running boats on the FLW circuit this year. Are they moving across the board as well?
Rick LaCourse - It's up to FLW Outdoors.
Rick LaCourse - They are handling all the sponsor boats.
Rick LaCourse - I see they signed Dennis Green!
Gilby - He'll be doing the commentary on PAX.
Mark Broderick - Don't want my opinion on that!!!
Rick LaCourse - LOL!
Rick LaCourse - I see the PWT finally announced their payouts!
T-Mac - LOL!
WalleyeWiz(OH) - The FLW has more than 1 Crown Royal boat. Are they going to ad more to the RCL tour?
Mark Broderick - How's it look Rick?
Rick LaCourse - Not at this time.
Gilby - I didn't see the payouts, are they the same?
Rick LaCourse - That is a different program.
Rick LaCourse - They changed it some, they are now paying down 35 spots.
SUPERTROLLER - Rick, how many places are they paying?
T-Mac - You are quick...Rick!
Rick LaCourse - WOW!
SUPERTROLLER - A mind reader!
T-Mac - LOL!
Rick LaCourse - Sometimes I scare myself!
Chatman - Psychic!
Dan(oh) - He's trying to get caught up!!
SUPERTROLLER - Great minds think alike!
Rick LaCourse - I'll never do it Dan (getting caught up)
Rick LaCourse - $52,000 to win
T-Mac - Yowza!
Chatman - That'd make it worth the trouble...
SUPERTROLLER - And a boat?
Rick LaCourse - $100,000 first place for the Championship. Which includes a Lund boat and Mercury motor.
T-Mac - Serious bucks!
Rick LaCourse - It's the same as last year.
WalleyeWiz(OH) - Rick, do you think a good jig fisherman would ever have a chance to win a PWT tourney on Lake Erie against the trollers?
Rick LaCourse - NEVER!
Rick LaCourse - It's the price increase in the value of the boat, I think.
Eyesrfn - Rick, did the pro entry fees go up this year?
Rick LaCourse - No.
SUPERTROLLER - Do you contact more fish trolling?
carbologist - No just amateur fees!
Rick LaCourse - It's $20,000 and the Boat!
Rick LaCourse - They didn't go up, did they?
Rick LaCourse - It's still $575 I thought.
Chatman - I am working on lining up Jim Kalkofen for a future chat....
Eyesrfn - That would be cool.
Popeye - Never is a long time!
Rick LaCourse - That's what they were, Carbologist.
slip-bobber(MT) - I think you are right Rick
carbologist - Actually, it used to be 350.
slip-bobber(MT) - Not for a long while.
Rick LaCourse - Sorry Popeye, but it's a numbers thing.
Rick LaCourse - Not that I recall.
carbologist - I was goin in one for 25th with company, now too much$$$$$
Rick LaCourse - It's been up around $500 for some time now.
WalleyeWiz(OH) - Rick, will the PWT ever go to a cash payout to the amateurs like the RCL.
Rick LaCourse - The difference between the two is Cash for the RCL and Prizes on the PWT.
Mark Broderick - Think the timing is good for Detroit River???
Rick LaCourse - I don't see that happening unless someone else buys it.
Rick LaCourse - Ohio.
SUPERTROLLER - Do you use Reef runners on Lake Erie, now or do you like something else?
carbologist - Thank you.
T-Mac - Rick, who has more cranks, you or ETT?
Rick LaCourse - I use Bombers, a lot.
carbologist - Erie Dearie's?
Rick LaCourse - 24A, 25A Super Rogues and Rogues.
Rick LaCourse - We have a lot of great baits!
SUPERTROLLER - Do you ever fall back on the weight forward spinners?
Gilby - When are the new Renowsky lures due out?
Popeye - Gotta love the Rogues!
Rick LaCourse - I have no idea Mark
carbologist - I like leeches but hard to find here!
Rick LaCourse - I haven't thrown one in years..
bob g - Rick, why don't Rogues come in more colors??????
Rick LaCourse - You can get them shipped in.
WalleyeWiz(OH) - where are you from carbologist?
Rick LaCourse - They will be.
carbologist - Ontario.
Rick LaCourse - Two different actions on the Rogues.
SUPERTROLLER - Rick, have you had access to new colors? And what are they?
Eyeman (IN) - You must be getting your 2nd wind on the typing Rick! :-)
Rick LaCourse - There will be several HOT new colors coming out.
SUPERTROLLER - Available when???
Rick LaCourse - I'm getting better? Ya think?
T-Mac - How about spoons Rick? Do you use them much for trollin?
Rick LaCourse - No, not often.
Rick LaCourse - They are in the new catalog.
bob g - Pradco Rick????
Rick LaCourse - Flakey Doctor, Simba, Green Pirate just to name a few colors.
Rick LaCourse - Yes.
WalleyeWiz(OH) - Rick, do you use Diawa line counters?
Rick LaCourse - Shakespeare
carbologist - Mitchell 440!
WalleyeWiz(OH) - Rick, how do you like them?
bob g - Can I order from them direct Rick?????
Rick LaCourse - I'm not sure.
Rick LaCourse - They work great!
Rick LaCourse - And half the cost too!
WalleyeWiz(OH) - Had a friend win 2 of them at the Walleye Central get together, but has not used them yet.
Driftr - Rick, do you use the tidewaters?
Rick LaCourse - Yes, the line counters!
Rick LaCourse - TW 10LCL.
Popeye - OK
Den - Bigfoot, the ice be gettin thin on Huron, wanna go???
Rick LaCourse - Let's go, I'm ready!
carbologist - There is no ice, nowhere!
Driftr - Has the lake frozen yet?
Rick LaCourse - I'm going nuts here!
Chatman - You could trolled on the bay here today!
Juls - It was 50 here today, I think. Now that's my kind of weather! ;-)
Den - I am going nuts anywhere, and anyway, lol!!
T-Mac - I went already!
Juls - I'm too busy to go nuts, too much to do!
Den - We need lots of liquid, snow, or rain, it don't matter.
Rick LaCourse - You have to work? NA, NA, NA, NA, NA!
Rick LaCourse - A sports show?
SUPERTROLLER - Rick, what shows will you be at this year??
Rick LaCourse - I'm not going to many this year.
Rick LaCourse - My time is mostly with CROWN ROYAL, doing seminars or working the booths and some seminars.
Rick LaCourse - Also some appearances for sponsors.
Chatman - Which shows?
Juls - Rick, how many promotions will you do for Crown Royal this year?
Rick LaCourse - I don't know the locals yet Ralph.
Juls - What is the promotion? What do you and Ortiz do at these promos?
Driftr - Rick, what do you do in a Crown Royal promotion?
Chatman - Ok, thanks,
Rick LaCourse - I'll be in Wisconsin and Nebraska in February.
Rick LaCourse - Minnesota and North Dakota in March.
Rick LaCourse - South Dakota in April.
Rick LaCourse - Minnesota in May and Wisconsin again in June.
Rick LaCourse - We'll do 120 promos for Crown Royal this year.
Juls - Now that's keeping you busy!
Rick LaCourse - Plus 14 tournaments...
Rick LaCourse - 12 days for Ranger...
Rick LaCourse - and photo shoots!
Rick LaCourse - I'll be on the road Approximately 300 days this year.
Juls - That's incredible, that's a tough schedule!
SUPERTROLLER - How are you going to have time to pre-fish properly?
Juls - Wow!
T-Mac - Can you combine some of those appearances, Rick?
Rick LaCourse - No.
T-Mac - Ok.
Rick LaCourse - That's tough to do, but we'll get them in.
Juls - Did they line them up better for pre-fishing opportunities this year?
Driftr - Will you be at Huron next year?
Rick LaCourse - YES I WILL!
Rick LaCourse - I did all the scheduling this year.
Juls - Smart move.
Gary Gray - Did you get your reservations over here yet Rick?
Rick LaCourse - I'm at the Super 8.
Gary Gray - Good.
Gary Gray - Lakes are about to open back up, over here.
Rick LaCourse - Well, so much for spearing.
Gary Gray - No kidding.
Den - Goooood!
Rick LaCourse - Is the ramp still closed Den.
Den - Not if we break de ice.
Gary Gray - How's the fishing by you?
Driftr - Den, how thick is it?
Rick LaCourse - I wonder if Catawba is open?
Den - The ice is burning off fast here though.
Rick LaCourse - Catawba would be better.
Rick LaCourse - I see they were taking some fish in front of my house!
Den - Wind may move enough water to break it up.
Rick LaCourse - Casting.
Den - Sounds good Rick!
SUPERTROLLER - Can we get the address?
Den - Just look for the pink boat and r.v.
Rick LaCourse - ?
Rick LaCourse - BURPLE.
Den - Oh sorry, burple.
Rick LaCourse - Your color blind!
SUPERTROLLER - Yo Hooo, party at Rick's!!!
Juls - LOL!
slip-bobber(MT) - Burple???
slip-bobber(MT) - LOL!
Den - Just on the water, LOL!
slip-bobber(MT) - LOL!
Rick LaCourse - I've got Rogues!!
Juls - Barney + purple = burple!
Driftr - LOL!
slip-bobber(MT) - LOL!
Eyesrfn - LOL!
Rick LaCourse - I have to learn that song!
Juls - Heheh!
Rick LaCourse - I'll borrow it from the Grand kids...
Juls - God help us! LOL!
Chatman - Has Rick missed any questions so far?
Rick LaCourse - I know someone that we'll call BIG BIRD!!
Juls - LOL!
Juls - Ouch!
Chatman - Now is the time to ask as we wind down...
Rick LaCourse - Man an hour goes fast!
Chatman - Time fly's when your havin' fun..
Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm round of applause for Rick "Bigfoot" LaCourse!!!!
slip-bobber(MT) - Look forward to seeing you this summer Rick, Son says Hi!
Driftr - Thanks Rick !!!!
Juls - Clap, clap, clap, thanks Rick!
SUPERTROLLER - Thanks for your time Rick, I've got to go.
Mark Broderick - Thanks Rick.
Eyesrfn - Thanks Rick, it was a gas!
Eyeman (IN) - Keep up the good work Rick!!! Got to run. Night all!!!!
Eyesrfn - A good time had by all.
Rick LaCourse - Later. 
Driftr - Clap, clap, clap!!!!
learnin2fish - Thanks for the info.
Den - Clap, clap, clap, clap!
Mark Broderick - Clap, clap!!
Rick LaCourse - We'll do it again real soon guys!