Reef Runner Chat 5-15-02

Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm, Walleye Central Welcome for Scott Strecher of Reef Runner!!!
RichardM(AB) - Clap, clap!!
CarpetBagger - 3 cheers for reef runners
ETT - Clap, clap, clap!!!
CarpetBagger - Hip hip....
iamwalleye1 - I 2nd that!!
Dan(oh) - Great lures Scott!
yooper - I 3rd that!!!
Reef Runner/Scott - Thanks 
Swede - Hi guys!
EyeBoy - *Waves* Evening all!
Kdog - A big, OHH YEA, for Reef Runners!!
CarpetBagger - Hey, I am new to the Reef Runner program. I just switched to them cause I don't like the new Storm lures!!
Chatman - Hiya Swede, what time is it over there?
CarpetBagger - I'm jumpin on the Reef Runner Bandwagon!
Swede - It's 2:05am here.
Chatman - Wow! You don't sleep much do you?? LOL!
ETT - So, Scott a few guys were talking about the hooks on Rip Sticks straightening out, any ideas why?
EyeBoy - I Love the cheap sunglasses color!
iamwalleye1 - Carpetbagger, you will love them once you get the hang of tuning down!
Swede - Naw, I'm going for Zander's in the morning so...
CarpetBagger - LOL! I've never even run them seriously...ever!
Reef Runner/Scott - Possibly a bad tempering Batch?
yooper - Too big of fish?
SUPERTROLLER - Why did you switch away from the VMC hooks?
Dan(oh) - You need to try them more carpetbagger.
Swede - It is hard finding Reef Runners in Sweden Scott.
CarpetBagger - I'm just going to sit back and pick up some tips, hopefully!
yooper - I had three bad lures in a row... 
Snowman - What is Reef Runners best selling color overall? 
yooper - 2 were Ripsticks and one a Little Ripper.
Reef Runner/Scott - Rapala now owns VMC Hooks. We can't get hooks from them.
Chatman - You will Carpetbagger....Scott is the man to listen to and talk to. They are his lures...
Reef Runner/Scott - Chrome Blue is the best seller.
CarpetBagger - LOL! Can I get a shirt? LOL!!
iamwalleye1 - And work great!
Reef Runner/Scott - Carperbagger, after I get one!
ETT - For a mere 45 bucks, he'll make one special for you!
Swede - Why not shift to Eagle Claw Hooks?
Reef Runner/Scott - Amen!
Kdog - Is there any chance of getting some Gamagatsu's on Them?
iamwalleye1 - I sure do like the trailer thrash pink color!
SUPERTROLLER - I recieved some less than sharp hooks, this spring, with the ones you're using now. How long is your contract with Eagle Claw?
Reef Runner/Scott - We are currently using Eagle Claw.
Chatman - You can always change 'em yourself Kdog...
Reef Runner/Scott - We are looking at other hooks Now.
Kdog - I do, LOL!
yooper - Scott, do they make reverse barbs?
Swede - Ok, I've never had any problems with Eagle Claw Myself.
Reef Runner/Scott - Gamagatasu are too much money for the hook.
CarpetBagger - All I know is Gamagatsu's are damn sharp! I use them on my harnesses.
Swede - How about Daichi?
Chatman - How about Excaliber Scott?
CarpetBagger - Mustad?
Reef Runner/Scott - We can't use Excaliber, they are Pradco's.
SUPERTROLLER - I now buy Owner and Daiichi.
Chatman - Ohh ok, that's right.
CarpetBagger - I had a question!!
Reef Runner/Scott - Maybe Mustad? Triple Grips?
CarpetBagger - What is the best way to run a Reef Runner?
Kdog - Scott, is there any chance of making a shad type Bait, like the Shad Rap, with ratles in it?
Swede - Mustad then?
Chatman - But that brings out an important point, sometimes a lure manufacturer cannot use certain hooks for certain business reasons.
CarpetBagger - I fish deep water, 70+ feet.
Yo Adrian - Scott what kind of warranty is there for Little Rippler lips breaking off?
CarpetBagger - How do I get one to that depth?
iamwalleye1 - Carpetbagger, get a Precision Trolling book and you will get all your depths from that!
Reef Runner/Scott - There is a new bait for 2003 coming....
iamwalleye1 - ?
Swede - Looking like?
SUPERTROLLER - Any hints on it ?
Reef Runner/Scott - Send any broken lures back for replacement!
EyeBoy - What might that be?
Kdog - Let's here about it Scott!
CarpetBagger - LOL! Go break the bills off your old Lures!!! LOL!
yooper - Just troll with snap weights to get the lure down.
Reef Runner/Scott - Sorry no hints, my wife will kill me!
Chatman - Even someone like me that sends 'em crashing through shallow rocks??
Kdog - I make key chains out of them!
Kdog - Grrrrrrrrrrrr!!
Chatman - Sometimes stickbaits with broken lips make good topwater baits.
EyeBoy - Crank bait, spinner bait...????
Yo Adrian - Thank you Scott! I have heard nothing but great customer service stories. Thanks.
iamwalleye1 - Good one Kdog, I have some for you!
CarpetBagger - Yooper, how far back from the snap should they be, and what Reef Runner should I be using?
Reef Runner/Scott - Crankbait! Shad Style!
Chatman - Nah, I won't part with some of my veteran Lures, no matter how beat up they are. Until the snag gods take them from me...;-)
ETT - CB you can run Rip Sticks behind Dipseys
Swede - Do you mean, like a Shadrap?
Yo Adrian - Scott you bring a new lure to the table. But no table talk?
CarpetBagger - Hmm....ETT I may try that!
CarpetBagger - That's a good idea.
Kdog - Scott, any chance of a shallow diver like the shallow Shad Rap that we can use off leadcore?
Reef Runner/Scott - Yes you can run a Ripstick and Little Ripper w/Dipsey Divers.
SUPERTROLLER - Or you can use downriggers Carpet Bagger.
ETT - They work!
Jeff (JBL) - Scott, I have a couple REEF RUNNERS (out of 150 or so) that just won't tune, could they be defective? The bb's are not stuck either.
CarpetBagger - what about with snap weights? should i use the deep divers?
Reef Runner/Scott - No, it (THE NEW LURE) will be a deep diving version and you won't need lead core!
SUPERTROLLER - that sounds like just the ticket Scott.
Swede - How deep?
Chatman - I use deep divers with snap weights, I just calculate how deep the lure runs. Same thing with a downrigger.
Reef Runner/Scott - Jeff-could be old wires. Send them back and we'll check them.
Kdog - What sizes?
Jeff (JBL) - Thanks Scott!
EyeBoy - Another new page for the precision trolling book.....aaaarrrrggg!!
Swede - And how long will the bait be?
Reef Runner/Scott - Don't know how deep yet but we're guessing 15-18ft.
CarpetBagger - Ok I will have to put an honest effort forth to try this all out.
Swede - 6"?
Chatman - Ha, ha, ha! Page? Another version!!
Reef Runner/Scott - No smaller.
EyeBoy - Another chapter...LOL!!
yooper - I just go by the trolling bible that is my biggest tool in my boat.
Kdog - Wow, I'm hoping 2-3."
iamwalleye1 - It will be like a machinists hand book soon!!
ETT - I'm just sitting here laughing Betsy....
Reef Runner/Scott - So does my wife!
CarpetBagger - LOL! Does that trolling bible give me anything on no streach ripcord?
ETT - Yes, Carpetbagger.
iamwalleye1 - 10 lb XT and snaps!
SUPERTROLLER - The same idea as Fireline.
yooper - Yep!
CarpetBagger - Ok I'll have to grab one of those!!!
Swede - Is it possible to order directly from you Scott?
yooper - It's cheap at $22!
EyeBoy - One must WAG if you are not using the standard.
Reef Runner/Scott - What makes you think Betsy is here?
Chatman - LOL!! I call it the SWAG method myself, Scientific Wild A$* Guess. I guess I use more research into my method!!!! LOL!
CarpetBagger - LOL! See, I'm coming in here to listen and learn, now I'll just be spending more money!!
Chatman - Wouldn't all the superlines be handled like mono lines? Line diameter would determine depth?
yooper - Yep!
ETT - I can just tell!
Kdog - Scott, I like that Huckleberry color!!!
SUPERTROLLER - Yes Chatman, but no stretch still makes them dive deeper..
Reef Runner/Scott - Has anyone used Eagle Claw 
Kahle Trebles?
yooper - Nope
iamwalleye1 - Nope
robert(bracketpro) - They are very good hooks!
EyeBoy - Are they any good??
CarpetBagger - Ok, mainly I fish the Central Basin, 50-75'deep for walleyes. Occasionally I'll make a trip to Port Clinton. I'm just gettin started in the Reef Runner program, what should I buy? Colors and sizes?
Chatman - Yes, but I meant, Ripcord at a certain diameter will allow the same depth as Fireline of the same diameter...
yooper - Ripsticks, in Fire Tiger!
Reef Runner/Scott - Reef Runners, all colors!
SUPERTROLLER - Yes, Chatman.
yooper - Red and Copper color.
Chatman - The Kahle and Excaliber's are where I go when fish are nippin the back hook and tossin the baits before the net..
iamwalleye1 - Give Den a call he will set you up!
CarpetBagger - Of course you will tell me that! I bought some off Den at the Cleveland Boat Show.
Kdog - LOL!! Good one Scott!!
CarpetBagger - Not too many, but a few..
yooper - I have four of every color!
Chatman - See ST, I'm not as stupid as I look!!! LOL!
CarpetBagger - WOW!
ETT - Carpetbagger, e mail me I'll give you as many colors as you want! 
CarpetBagger - LOL!! Just the ones that catch fish!
Jeff (JBL) - Send Den some Huckleberry, he hasn't been able to get them in for a while now.
Jeff (JBL) - I keep buggin him about it!
iamwalleye1 - Galyans has them on sale for $4.00 buy 4 get one free!
Reef Runner/Scott - We are working overtime in production.
Kdog - I'm trying to get them off Den too JBL!!
Kevmc - What about size, how much does it matter for cranks?
Chatman - Stop tellin me that stuff!! I will end up spendin my whole paycheck!!!
Swede - Do you need workers Scott?*Smile*
EyeBoy - Scott, how many baits do you put out a day??
Reef Runner/Scott - Galyans has them for $4.99
Reef Runner/Scott - It varies Eyeboy.
yooper - Gander mountain, $3.79, on sale.
iamwalleye1 - On sale for $4.00.
Chatman - It is still fairly hard to find Deep Little Rippers in stores 'round here....
Goldpig - I saw them today for $4.99 at Galyan's
yooper - Thats a lot!
CarpetBagger - That was what I bought, mostly Deep Little Rippers.
Reef Runner/Scott - Gander Mountain has a slow shipment plan.
iamwalleye1 - Schaumburg, IL.
CarpetBagger - They are in the boat. I have a few...
CarpetBagger - Maybe 15 or 20.
yooper - I have to buy a lot at once.
Swede - It is hard to find any Reef Runners here in any Store.
Chatman - I have to travel at least an hour to find a good selection of them. Or do the online or mail order deal.
CarpetBagger - Gander Mountain in Monroville has alot of them.
SUPERTROLLER - My selection is usually limited to what colors I already own. I wish the stores would get some imagination and courage to order the different colors you make available, Scott.
yooper - I have to go an hour also.
Reef Runner/Scott - We're working on getting dealers to believe in Reef Runners too!
ETT - Scott how is the retail store site coming?
Chatman - Escanaba or Green Bay for me.
Chatman - Gladstone too. 
CarpetBagger - Well I just need some color and size preference to get started..
Reef Runner/Scott - The site is almost finished. Holding for more product availability.
yooper - Gladstone too!
Chatman - Start with the basics Carpetbagger.
yooper - Marquette for me.
Chatman - Start with colors you like and have had success With in other lures.
ETT - Good, that will help.
Kdog - Reef Runner is going to have a store?
CarpetBagger - Chatman I have Rainbow trout, Purple Demon, Perch, Green Perch, Fire Tiger, Eriedescent, and Gold Eriedescent.
iamwalleye1 - Trout and blue chrome.
CarpetBagger - And some others I can't think of at the moment.
CarpetBagger - Oh yeah, I've got a Rebel Queen off Den!!
Reef Runner/Scott - A limited online store!
iamwalleye1 - Thank's Scott, got to go!
Reef Runner/Scott - See you Iamwalleye1!
Swede - Shipping overseas Scott?
Kdog - Good idea Scott!!
Reef Runner/Scott - We can ship anywhere..
yooper - Bayshore Resort has a good selection!
Chatman - Now you're talking! I can use that to suppliment what I cant find in the local bait shops.
Kevmc - Scott, what is your web site? www.? 
Chatman - Yes Yooper, Connie and Naomi at Bayshore have a huge selection of Reef Runners!
Kdog - Custom color Huckleberrys?
Reef Runner/Scott -
ETT - How are the tuners doing Scott?
Reef Runner/Scott - We appreciate everyone's patience with our production delays.
Chatman - LOL! Ya gotta ask sometimes Kevmc, you never know till you ask.
Dan(oh) - Are you going to take any time off and do some fishing?
CarpetBagger - Huckelberry?? I've never heard of it...
Tracy - Are you ever going to make Gold Plated 5/8ths spinners again???
Reef Runner/Scott - Tuners are going great and working well.
SUPERTROLLER - Scott, are your spoons selling as quickly as the cranks seem to be?
Reef Runner/Scott - 5/8Spinners? Actually they will be available later this year!
Reef Runner/Scott - We sold the Slender Spoon line to Custom Jigs n Spins.
CarpetBagger - Wow Reef Runner is cool!!
Tracy - Yes! The old Reef Runner weight forward!!
Reef Runner/Scott - Tracy, have you used them in the past?
Tracy - I lost my last Gold one last summer.
Tracy - Yes, I love them.
Reef Runner/Scott - Bummer.
Tracy - I need one !
CarpetBagger - And here I am messin around with 
Bomber A's and Thundersticks all these years..
Kdog - I heard Reef Runners were responsible for that huge bag Ted Takasaki caught.
yooper - I caught a lot of hogs last weekend, just playing with them!!
ETT - LOL bad plan Carpetbagger!!
ABfisher - hey there all! I am kinda new to the walleye fishing scene and was wondering what people think is the best tackle ?
Chatman - Scott, can we talk a little about the proper action for a Reef Runner? And tuning them?
Reef Runner/Scott - Thanks for switching Carpetbagger!
CarpetBagger - Hey I cant help it, I was new once!! LOL! I'm still in the process of switching over.
Reef Runner/Scott - Ted Takasaki did catch them on Reef Runner's so did Tommy Skarlis.
CarpetBagger - Wow the pros even use em!! Heck, I'm sold!!!
Reef Runner/Scott - Sure Chatman. Make sure they run straight by following these directions..
Tracy - Scott so that was a yes on the weight forwards being made again?
Kdog - Good.
Reef Runner/Scott - Slightly bend the top eye to the left if running right and right if running left
CarpetBagger - Hey I'm excited!1 I like this stuff, when I hear about a lure that works day in and day out.
ETT - Yes Tracy, later this year
EyeBoy - LOL!!
Tracy - Kewl!
Reef Runner/Scott - A tuning tool helps you not twist the wire form.
Carpetbagger - I wan't something other than worm harnesses that catches fish!
ETT - Also, do not over tune, sneak up on the sweet Spot!
Reef Runner/Scott - Amen ETT!!
EyeBoy - How about lipless cranks??
CarpetBagger - I cant get a walleye to bite one of those great Michigan Stinger Spoons!
Kdog - Scott, how bout a musky Reef Runner? Lake St. Clair fisherman mite love that.
FishNfun2 - Scott, Do you get much feedback from fishermen that catch walleye on other lakes besides Erie??
FishNfun2 - With the reef runners??
Chatman - The Reef Runners have kind of a unique action though. A wide ranging type wobble right?
CarpetBagger - I fish Erie and I can only seem to get the fish on the harnesses anymore..
Reef Runner/Scott - We get a lot of feedback from most of our pro-staff guys.
Reef Runner/Scott - A musky bait may be in the Future, but not next year.
FishNfun2 - Do they get walleye on them in other areas? Probably an ignorant question..
ETT - Den catches Muskys on the Reef Runners with a big nasy treble on the rear only!
EyeBoy - They do just fine in Montana!
Reef Runner/Scott - Sorry, hard to follow who's asking what when and to who...
CarpetBagger - Reef Runners! Must buy with next pay check!! (zombie effect)LOL!!
Chatman - I do well with them on Little Bay de Noc, Green Bay, and Winnebago.
Kdog - I use them on inland lakes in Ohio and catch walleyes on them as well.
Buck - I have caught fish using them in inland lakes in Ohio.
Chatman - Without all asking at once, has Scott missed any questions so far?
CarpetBagger - I haven't caught a fish on them. But then again I've never fished with them!
ETT - They have won more tournaments across the country than any other lure.
CarpetBagger - Do you think I should use just these from now on?
FishNfun2 - I have had good luck with them on Erie. I will try them in the UP in 2 weeks. :)
Reef Runner/Scott - I'll put Reef Runners up against any bait in any water!
Chatman - Well, ya gotta get them wet for them to work Carpetbagger!!! LOL!
Swede - Even over here Scott?
Reef Runner/Scott - Yep!
Erie - Lil' Rippers are a great summer bait for shallow water lakes!
Chatman - Give them a fair trial Carpetbagger.
CarpetBagger - I will.
Reef Runner/Scott - They're hot in Michigan now.
CarpetBagger - It's just, harnesses have always outfished lures in my boat.
CarpetBagger - Off a Dipsey Diver, how long of a lead should I run?
Reef Runner/Scott - Have I missed any questions?
Swede - Why not put blaze Orange color on the tail?
Chatman - They (harnesses) may still, due partly to your 
fishing style, but give the Reef Runners a good season of use wherever you'd use cranks....
ETT - 6 - 10 feet with a Dypsey, your normal leader length.
Reef Runner/Scott - I think tournaments should be no live bait.
CarpetBagger - Ok.
FishNfun2 - Scott, do you have Bass Pro and Cabela' selling them yet??
SUPERTROLLER - HotNtots vs. Reefrunners in Lake Macatawa in Holland Mi. The HotNtots always catch fish, Reef Runners have yet to get bit running side by side. Why? I can't figure it out.
Reef Runner/Scott - Bass Pro and Cabela's have had them for a few years.
CarpetBagger - Must be the old HotNtots!
Kdog - Scott, with Rapala messing up the Storm line it's good to see a manufacture here asking what we the Fisherman are interested in. They ought to follow your lead!
Reef Runner/Scott - Hot n tots have a faster action, It's not comparing apples to apples.
SUPERTROLLER - It's dirty water most of the time. That explains their preference for more active lures.
Reef Runner/Scott - Thanks for the vote of confidence Kdog!
FishNfun2 - Well, Have to run. Scott you have a great company and a good line of lures. The best to you!
Reef Runner/Scott - You can't get a Hot N Tot any more can you?
CarpetBagger - In some places you can.
Reef Runner/Scott - Thanks to you guys FishNfun2!
Chatman - In clearance bins and smaller bait shops there are still some left.
Kdog - From one Buckeye to another, I tip my hat to you Scott! Great product!!
bob g - Scott some of the rip sticks I bought had messed up bills on them.
Reef Runner/Scott - Thanks again, we're trying Kdog!
SUPERTROLLER - I have 3 tackle boxes and have a large supply of back-ups to last for years and years.
CarpetBagger - Well from this board I can tell your doing better than the rest!
ETT - Just give them half a chance and they will prove themselves to you.
Reef Runner/Scott - BobG, Messed up how?
Chatman - It is all about sales Carpetbagger. If the lure isn't popular, or liked it won't sell.
CarpetBagger - Reef Runner, the Microsoft of fishing lures!
Reef Runner/Scott - I don't want to be that big!
bob g - Scott, the bills were two small in front and to thick.
EyeBoy - The Bill Gates of the Lure industry?? LOL!
Reef Runner/Scott - HaHa!!
CarpetBagger - See I'm good for a few good ones, here and there!
Reef Runner/Scott - Bob G, just send one back and we'll take a look. Sorry for the trouble.
CarpetBagger - Personally, I don't care if I have to troll a 5 gallon bucket. If it catches fish, I'll use it!
Dan(oh) - Scott, are there any lures your discontinuing, bad Sellers etc.?
bob g - No problem, just wanted you to know. Thanks! 
Reef Runner/Scott - We will discontinue a few colors this fall.
EyeBoy - If your going to sell 'em of like Risto's, I'll take the first box!! }:-)
ETT - And fill in with new colors????
SUPERTROLLER - Scott, how many colors are in your regular line now, and how many special colors do you offer?
CarpetBagger - Scott I'm taking you like the chrome blue color. Should I pick one up?
Reef Runner/Scott - I wish more guys like you would say they used the lures. 
Chatman - Chrome Blue is an excellent open water/clear water color.
Reef Runner/Scott - There are currently about 70 total colors.
Swede - Are there any Holofoil colors?
Chatman - But then I have also done well with that color on Lake Winnebago and Lake Pepin too!
Jeff (JBL) - Pink Squirrel? What a name! LOL!
Kdog - Chrome and Blue is a real good color Carpetbagger.
Tracy - You should name a few colors after Den and ETT!
Reef Runner/Scott - Holofoil colrs 70,71,72 are available now at Galyans.
bob g - You need chrome blue with orange belly????
EyeBoy - What would Den's look like??
Reef Runner/Scott - Can we cal them Grumpy Old Men???
Chatman - LOL!!!
EyeBoy - LOL!
Tracy - Hahahaa!!
CarpetBagger - LOL!
Dan(oh) - Good one!!
Jeff (JBL) - *snicker*
SUPERTROLLER - What color are they?
Swede - Chrome & green is best here. 
Reef Runner/Scott - #70 is Chrome w/Blue.
CarpetBagger - White with grey beards?
bob oh - They've got one for ETT, Gray Ghost, LOL!
Kdog - Den's might look like a musky, LOL!
ETT - LOL, the special colors he made for me would NEVER sell!
Chatman - But you catch fish with them, and that is what counts..
kc 1 - I haven't been able to find a perch one, do you make one or is the store just carying them?
Reef Runner/Scott - Ask Jim Ugly catches fish!!!!!
Kdog - What color are those specials ETT??
Reef Runner/Scott - Perch is still available.
EyeBoy - Yeah ETT??
kc 1 -Mmaybe I just see it.
ETT - Ugly, that's the only way to describe them!
EyeBoy - Make a train take a dirt road??
Reef Runner/Scott - What lure would you like to see next?
Kdog - Ugly is in the eyes of the lure holder, LOL!
CarpetBagger - Scott, how about Purple and Black?
ETT - Color or style Scott?
Erie - aA smelt body lure.
Tracy - Prism!
Jeff (JBL) - A creme body with light orange Back/head.
kc 1 - Crappie colored.
CarpetBagger - i like gold
SUPERTROLLER - #9 Shad Rap size, shad style bait.
CarpetBagger - Anything gold works in my boat!
Dan(oh) - It can't look uglier than a sheephead!!
Reef Runner/Scott - Body Style???
Chatman - Gold, with a black Back and a red or orange spot under the bill...
ETT - Carpetbagger, Purple demon is purple and pink, a good deep water color.
CarpetBagger - How about gold and green prism?
Kdog - Scott, you've got my needs covered with the shad style bait. Thanks, they should be good for inland Ohio lakes.
bob g - Something like the Rogue?
CarpetBagger - Or Watermellon?
Chatman - Has Scott missed any questions so far?
kc 1 - What about designing one that would be a good casting bait?
Chatman - Ask now as we have only a few minutes left....
ETT - I've got watermelon too!
Chatman - I toss 'em all the time Kc 1.
Reef Runner/Scott - The new lure will be a good casting bait. Also try the Ripstick, it works great!
EyeBoy - What minimum leader length from a dipsey, would you recommend for best action???
CarpetBagger - ETT they make watermellon and Gold/Green?
SUPERTROLLER - Chartreuse belly with an orange Back. Yeah, like your flame color.
Tracy - Scott I have to go, thanks for bringing back the weight forwards!! I'll be looking for the Gold Plated ones!
ETT - Watermellon, green no.
Reef Runner/Scott - Thanks Tracy! Say Hi to Wags for me!
CarpetBagger - Hmm...what is watermellon called?
Tracy - I will thanks!
Reef Runner/Scott - Watermelon #37 or Metallic Watermelon.
Chatman - Scott, can you list your web site address again?
ETT - Thank you.
Reef Runner/Scott - Find us at
Chatman - Well the hour has slipped away. A warm round of applause for Scott Strecher of Reef Runner!!!!
Kdog - Scott, do you need anyone to promote the new style shad bait your coming out with?
Jeff (JBL) - Scott, will you be adding some of the custom colors to the website? I'm seeing some new lures now that aren't on there.
ETT - Blueberry Muffin, Shrimp, and Confusion too Carpetbagger. 
robert(bracketpro) - Scott, stay on it and stay focused! Your products are excellent. Take care all!
CarpetBagger - I'm on the site now, drooling!!
SUPERTROLLER - Thanks for your time and patience Scott.
CarpetBagger - Um, yeah. Just send me one of everything...LOL!!
EyeBoy - Take care all.
Reef Runner/Scott - Please keep Norb Wallock and my production manager Pam in your prayers. They need it.
Swede1 - Thank you Scott!
Chatman - We will Scott.
Chatman - Clap, clap, clap, clap!!!!
CarpetBagger - Maybe 2 of each. I'll have to check my Account!!
ETT - Great job Betsy, you too Scott!
Chatman - Thanks Scott, and feel free to stick 
around a bit if you can.
Dan(oh) - Thanks Scott, great lures!
Reef Runner/Scott - Thank to everyone here for making Reef Runner what it is today.
Chatman - Thanks to Betsy as well!
Reef Runner/Scott - (Betsy) I'm gonna teach him how to type someday! 
Kdog - Great job Scott and great products!!
ETT - Thank you Scott, you made them, we just catch fish with them!
boatnut - Or they catch us! :)
Chatman - Scott can you enlighten the rest of the room, what's going on with Norm and Pam?
Reef Runner/Scott - Both are in to a battle with cancer.
Chatman - I am truly sad to hear that, we will keep them in our prayers here.
Reef Runner/Scott - Chatman, thanks for having me.
Chatman - Anytime Scott!