Sonny Reynolds Chat 12/26/01

Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm Walleye Central welcome for Sonny Reynolds of the RCL!!

Juls - Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap! Welcome Sonny!

Driftr - Welcome Sonny!

Jeff Berg - Hello all.

Driftr - Clap, clap, clap!

Backwater Eddy (ND) - Hiya-Hiya-Hiya!

Chatman - Weeeee! Clap, clap, clap!!

Bigfoot - Hi Gang!

johnnierat - Hi folks.

Sonny Reynolds - Glad to be here, thanks everyone!

Jose - Welcome Sonny!!

Chatman - You're welcome as always Sonny!

grizzly - Hello room.

TIM - Sonny, if I fished the first RCL Championship, would I have to re-register my boat to fish an RCL tournament in 2002? (Same boat and motor).

Sonny Reynolds - I'm sure every one had a good Christmas.

Juls - I sure did! ;-)

Sonny Reynolds - No, the championship rules have no bearing on the circuit tournaments

TIM - Will hand lining be "legal" at the Detroit River tournament? Is Hand lining considered fishing in a conventional sporting manner?

Sonny Reynolds - We have no rules regarding hand lining.

TIM - Good!

TIM - Juls, you oughta be happy with that.

Sonny Reynolds - Our rules say, in a conventional manner.

Juls - Yes I am Tim. ;-)

Chatman - Michigan recognizes hand lining as legal and a conventional method of angling.

Sonny Reynolds - By the way, brochures are being mailed at this time. We started Friday.

TIM - I'll still hope for calm winds! :)

Sonny Reynolds - Last Friday I might add...

Juls - Sonny, why don't you tell us what we can expect this coming season with the RCL Circuit. Are there any changes from this year's format?

Jose - Sonny, is there an RCL tournament on Lake Erie next year?

Sonny Reynolds - Yes there are some changes. One being a full field will now be 150 boats. 

Sonny Reynolds - We're not at Lake Erie this year, just the Detroit River. But, Lake Erie is not off limits!

Juls - Pray for calm winds! ;-)

bob g - Reefs.

Jose - Sonny, what does an amateur have to do get in one tournament?

Juls - ;-)

Sonny Reynolds - The last two days weigh-in s will be in a Wal-Mart.

Juls - Jose, just send in the entry fee, and show up! ;-)

Sonny Reynolds - If you are an RCL owner, you can enter on the 14th of Jan, if not then enter on the 16th.

Juls - I also heard the cut will go to the top twenty on day three, instead of 60 like it was this year. Is that true?

Jose - :-), thanks!

Chatman - Sonny, you sent out a press release recently. Can you re-cap what was in it?

Sonny Reynolds - Yes, that is right Juls.

Juls - And the payout is through 50th place? Is that true?

Sonny Reynolds - Juls, cutting the field to 150 also cuts the payback to the top 50 places.

Juls - Ok, gotcha. It sounds good1

Jose - Will they sign you with a pro when you arrive?

Sonny Reynolds - Yes Ralph. The press release stated there is no Operation Bass anymore. The company name is now FLW Outdoors.

Sonny Reynolds - Yes, you'll meet your pro at the rules meeting Jose.

Sonny Reynolds - We feel it's a good change. Operation Bass was not just a bass club anymore, and the new title will reflect that.

Chatman - Sonny, the tourney schedule is now set?

TIM - How do the bass boys feel about that? "snicker"

Sonny Reynolds - The schedule is set and firm.

Chatman - Has the web site address changed as well?

TIM - I should "look" before I "send"!

Sonny Reynolds - No problem Tim. It's a good change for all.

Jeff Berg - Sonny, do they know which events will be televised?

Sonny Reynolds - Yes as well as the magazine, which will have more walleye coverage.

Juls - Jose, you can get the brochure from the FLW Outdoors Website. Lots of info there!

Jose - Thanks, Juls.

Sonny Reynolds - The television schedule is not yet set, Jeff. Lot's of details being finalized at this time.

Juls - You can also get it from the updates page here at Walleye Central.

TIM - I recently renewed my Operation Bass membership, and got lots of Bass stuff in the mail. I assume my membership is now transferred to FLW Outdoors?

Sonny Reynolds - That's right Tim.

Chatman - Has the change streamlined things any Sonny?

TIM - OK. I wasn't able to fish any events last year, but hope to do 2 or 3 this year.

Sonny Reynolds - The magazine will be on newsstands, Nation wide, for the first time also!

Sonny Reynolds - Yes and no Chatman, you know how transitions are.

Sonny Reynolds - I think you will see lots of things happen in the future.

Bigfoot - I've been hearing from a lot of guys that are going to fish this year.

Sonny Reynolds - The TV show will start Jan 19, every Saturday.

Juls - Cool.

Sonny Reynolds - That's good Bigfoot, that's what we want to hear!

grizzly - What is the RCL?

Juls - Sonny, how long is the show? 1/2 hour? An hour?

Sonny Reynolds - Wal-Mart RCL Walleye Circuit.

grizzly - Ok, thanks.

Sonny Reynolds - The shows will be 1 hour long.

Juls - Ranger Crestliner Lund owners Pro/Am circuit Grizzly.

Juls - That's cool Sonny.

grizzly - Ahhhh, way outta my league!! LOL!

Sonny Reynolds - Just fish as a co-angler grizzly.

Juls - Yeah!! It's a blast! ;-)

grizzly - How do I find out more about that?

Sonny Reynolds - You don't have top be an owner.

Sonny Reynolds - Grizzly, just e-mail me your address, and I'll send you the info.

Juls - Click on the RCL logo or go to the tournaments page here at Walleye Central and click on the RCL logo.

grizzly - Ok Sonny.

Sonny Reynolds -

bob g - Sonny were can I see the new shows? Which network?

Jeff Berg - Is Sharon going to be joining you again next year?

Sonny Reynolds - You bet, I couldn't do with out her!

grizzly - Sonny what does it take to enter?

Sonny Reynolds - PAX is on most cable networks and direct systems.

Jeff Berg - Are we going to get any Castrol boats - or just the FLW?

Sonny Reynolds - I don't know at this time Jeff.

Sonny Reynolds - I know there is going to be Yamaha and two others though.

Chatman - Sonny, can you list the dates for this years events?

Bigfoot - I see the format has changed a little this year.

Bigfoot - And I think it will be better for the co-anglers.

Sonny Reynolds - Yes it will make the competition better.

Sonny Reynolds - April 3-6 Detroit River, May 1-4 Lake Sharp, May 29-June 1 Winnebago, June 26-29 Saginaw Bay.

instigator - How did the format change?

Chatman - Thanks Sonny.

Bigfoot - The new rule changes will force the pro's to fish as hard as they can all the days.

Sonny Reynolds - For sure.

Bigfoot - And not just try to make the cut.

Sonny Reynolds - And that makes it better for the co-anglers.

Bigfoot - Much better for the co-angler!

Sonny Reynolds - The payback has stayed strong as well.

Juls - That's always a good thing...;-)

grizzly - Do you have to be real good to fish the tourneys as a co angler?

Bigfoot - The pros that to make it to day three still have to understand, in-case of bad weather, those are the final standings!

Sonny Reynolds - Grizzly, not at all. It's the best learning experience you could have.

Juls - you just have to love fishing and love to have fun griz...;-)

Bigfoot - It's a learning experience for the co-anglers.

grizzly - Thanks I just wouldn't want to upset the other guy in the boat! LOL!

Sonny Reynolds - The future of the sport is the co-anglers.

Bigfoot - When we get done, we are best of friends most of the time.

grizzly - Kewl!!

Juls - You've got that right, Foot! I learned more from fishing as a co-angler than I would have on my own!

grizzly - That's what I'm looking for. I've got some of the basics, but watching TV, these guys are good!

Bigfoot - Plus there is BIG money on the line for co-anglers!

Sonny Reynolds - That's for sure!!

Chatman - An excellent point Sonny! For an average tournament entry fee, the co-angler is in line for big league money!!

Bigfoot - The money is just a little bigger for us though!! LOL!

Chatman - LOL! Yes Rick, but the Pro also pays more to play!

Sonny Reynolds - There is $15,000 to win as a co-angler, and that's cash!

grizzly - Wow!

Driftr - Nice prize!!

Chatman - Honestly it is a great deal for the non-boater. You need to bring little more than yourself, and you get to learn from some of the hottest anglers around.

Bigfoot - Make sure if you fish as a co-angler, ya have a good watch!

Bigfoot - You don't want to be late!!

grizzly - I'd be there the night before!! LOL!

Juls - And a guaranteed two days of fishing and possibly four!

Juls - LOL, Bigfoot!

Bigfoot - I meant for check in Juls.

Bigfoot - It could cost ya, big time!

Sonny Reynolds - The weigh in, the last two days, in a Wal-Mart will be a blast!! Good exposure!

iamwalleye1 - Where is the championship going to be this year?

Bigfoot - Red Wing Minnesota.

grizzly - How much to enter as a co-angler?

Sonny Reynolds - It will be on the Mississippi River, at Red Wing Minnesota.

Bigfoot - $500 to enter as a co-angler.

iamwalleye1 - On Lake Pepin?

Sonny Reynolds - Yes, actually all of Pools 3&4.

Bigfoot - Where ever ya can get to and back.

Juls - It will be held out of the Treasure Island Resort/Casino in Hastings MN.

Sonny Reynolds - Treasure Island and the Wal-Mart at Hastings.

iamwalleye1 - That's just north of Red Wing, Correct?

Sonny Reynolds - That's right.

Chatman - Yes, just a few miles...

iamwalleye1 - That is a nice place!

Sonny Reynolds - A great facility!

Jeff Berg - I made my reservation there already. It will fill-up fast!!

iamwalleye1 - I think I might have handed them some money in the past.

Chatman - Great place, except for that mountain you have to cross while pulling the rig....LOL!

Juls - LOL!

Chatman - Err, big hill I mean...

Sonny Reynolds - Yes Ralph, but you can coast down the other side.

Chatman - At 70 mph! On the brakes all the way!!!

Chatman - Hee hee hee!

Driftr - Just downshift Ralph.

Chatman - I did Jim. Downshift and riding the brakes, it still felt waaay too fast. I thought about tossing out an anchor.

Sonny Reynolds - It will be a great tournament tough, prime time for walleyes!

Juls - Oh yeah, that hill! LOL!! That one is a doozy!!

Chatman - Seriously, I loved the set up there for the MWC Championship, and I love the Redwing/lake City area. It is probably my most favorite place to fish.

Juls - I love it out there too.

iamwalleye1 - Me too.

Juls - Especially at that time of year...;-)

Sonny Reynolds - We're looking forward to showing the area a great event!

Juls - I know you guys will be welcomed with open arms out that way 

Sonny. They like our business, and like hosting the tournaments.

Sonny Reynolds - They are great to work with. We're finding that out already.

instigator - Earlier, someone mentioned a format change. What was it?

Chatman - I think that casino is where I first really met you and Sharon...

instigator - Oh, ok.

Sonny Reynolds - That's right Ralph

Sonny Reynolds - We will cut to the top 20, then the top 10. We pay 21 thru 50 after day two!

grizzly - Do you change partners each day as a co-angler, or do you have the same one for the whole tourney?

Bigfoot - You will change Pros everyday.

grizzly - Kewl!

Chatman - Has Sonny missed anyone's question so far?

(NOTE: Sharon Reynolds usually does the typing while Sonny hosts. At this point she logged in on her own computer.)

Jeff Berg - Evening Sharon!

Sonny Reynolds - Sharon's now on the other computer.

sharonr - Good evening to everyone!

Chatman - Your typing solo tonight Sonny???

Chatman - Hi Sharon!!

Sonny Reynolds - We are net worked at home.

Sonny Reynolds - Yes I am Ralph.

sharonr - Hi Chatman!

Sonny Reynolds - Can you believe that??

Juls - Hi Sharon...;-)

Juls - LOL!

sharonr - Hi Jul's!

sharonr - Well, will I see you all at the tournament's this year?

Bigfoot - I might make one or two...

Juls - LOL!

Chatman - I may be snooping around one or two for Walleye Central. And as a Co-angler...

Jeff Berg - I'll be there, at all 4 events.

sharonr - Ya right Bigfoot!

Bigfoot - Na.

Juls - I'm shooting for all 4, no, make that 5. ;-)

Sonny Reynolds - That would be great Ralph!

Bigfoot - HEHEHE!

sharonr - I'll be looking for all of you.

Sonny Reynolds - We are excited about the coming season, from the phone calls I get, there is a lot of interest in our program.

Chatman - Any last questions for Sonny or Sharon as we wind down?

sharonr - We will give away a lot of money and have a good time!

Driftr - I would really love to do just one tourney.

Bigfoot - The Detroit River is the one Jim!

sharonr - Driftr, what's stopping you?

Bigfoot - We'll have a ball in that one!

Jeff Berg - That will be a good tournament.

grizzly - Hopefully I'll give it a try.

Sonny Reynolds - I hope so Grizzly.

Juls - Go for it Griz!

sharonr - Yes, you won't regret it!

grizzly - It might be the Winnebago tourney.

Driftr - Actually, there is nothing stopping me now! :)

Bigfoot - LOL!

Bigfoot - Another prime time tourney Griz.

Sonny Reynolds - Why don't you get in them all Grizz? If you finish in 50th place, you have you entry fee back plus $25!!

grizzly - Kewl!!

Sonny Reynolds - Really, the co-angler side is a great learning ground plus the payback is all cash.

Juls - Cash is a good thing! ;-)

Bigfoot - Yup, cash works for me!

Chatman - Yup, me too!

sharonr - I don't know about you fishermen but, I'm getting bored and am ready to hit the tournament trail again!!

Juls - I hear you there Sharon!! The same goes for me too!! ;-)

Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, lets have a round of Applause for Sonny and 

Sharon Reynolds!!!

Driftr - Thanks Sonny!!!

Driftr - Clap, clap, clap!

grizzly - Thanks Sonny!

Mark - Thanks Sonny!

Jeff Berg - Thanks Sonny and Sharon. Nite all.

Clicker (Oh) - Thanks Sonny!

johnnierat - Thanks!

instigator - Thanks Sonny!

Tracy - Whistle, clap, whistle!!

Juls - Clap, clap, clap, clap, thanks Sonny and Sharon!

Sonny Reynolds - Thanks for having us everyone! I can't wait for April to see you all!!

Chatman - Thanks again Sonny and Sharon, it was great chatting with you, as 


sharonr - Good nite to all and we are looking forward to seeing you in 2002!!