Crestliner Chat Live From The RCL - 5/29/02
(With John Janousek/ Crestliner and Sonja Pinkert/ Walleye Central)

Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm Walleye Central welcome for John Janousek of Crestliner boats!!
Chatman - Clap, clap, clap, clap!!!
John & Sonja - Thank you, thank you.
Chatman - And a welcome, once again to Sonja Pinkert, bringing the chat to you live from the lake Winnebago RCL tourney!!
TYEE - Thanks Sonja!
Chatman - Well John, can we start of with an introduction and some background on you?
John & Sonja - The sun was out and no long johns needed!
TYEE - Yes, isn't it great?!?!
John & Sonja - I work for Crestliner boats now, used to work for Northland Tackle for 8 years.
Chatman - Cool!
John & Sonja - I work at all the RCL and PWT tourneys along with sport shows in the winter months.
Chatman - How long have you been with Crestliner John?
John & Sonja - Since January 2002.
TYEE - why the change? did you leave Northland on good terms?
Chatman - I see Crestliner's popularity has grown quite a bit. Do you attribute that directly to the involvement with the RCL?
John & Sonja - Yes I did, still very good friends with John Peterson. 
Chatman - Or to product advancement coupled with the exposure of the RCL?
TYEE - John, what's the chat around the table on where the fish came from? Did everyone fish the upper lakes?
John & Sonja - Both, along with the development of an elite tourney boat. 
TYEE - We've had a very tough start to the year here on Winnebago and I'm sure that was the topic of discussion last night!!!
bigtimber1972 - John, I bought an 1850 SF I/O at the Chicago boat show. Is a 54-inch bow mount shaft long enough?
Chatman - I tell you, Crestliner has always had some very good boats, but the RCL 202 is a real honey!
John & Sonja - I would recommend a 62-inch. waves bigger than 2-3 foot and the motor will be coming out of the water.
GuestHuman - Will your new model Canadian come with a console option?
John & Sonja - Not for 2003 and no decision beyond that time.
Chatman - There are two basic rules out there on trolling motors Bigtimber, you cannot have a long enough shaft or too much thrust. Yes, size does matter!!! LOL!
bigtimber1972 - Thanks!
Chatman - Can we expect to see anything new on the horizon in 2003 John?
John & Sonja - Yes, we are introducing a new 19-foot tourney boat.
Chatman - That fills a gap in the line doesn't it?
John & Sonja - Yes it does.
Chatman - What can a perspective buyer expect to find with the 19-foot tourney model?
TYEE - Sonja? what's the chat after the weigh in?
John & Sonja - It will have a center isle rod locker like the RCL 202 and it will be rated for a 200 HP.
tj1n - Wow, how does it get rated for that big a power plant?
Chatman - The same basic features as the 202 RCL, just a tad smaller?
John & Sonja - Because it is a 19 foot boat.
tj1n - I have a 1950 it's rated for 185hp
John & Sonja - Yes like the 202 but 1 foot shorter to fit in the garage and trail down the road better.
John & Sonja - It is not a tournament series boat.
tj1n - What are the greatest surmountable differences?
Chatman - Do the tourney models have a wider beam, or more depth to allow the larger HP rating?
John & Sonja - It has a 96-inch beam compared to 102-inch beam.
Chatman - Thanks, what is the beam on the 1950?
tj1n - But the 1950 is much deeper...I'd think it would rate out higher.
tj1n - the 1950 is 96"
GuestHuman - I'm looking for a basic model like the Lund Alaskan. Which of your models would come closest?
John & Sonja - Crestliner Canadian, 18 foot.
Chatman - John, to clarify Tj1n's question, what is the difference between the tournament series and the 1950, that allows a higher HP rating?
tj1n - John other than the wider beam on the tournament series vs. sportfish, what are the other huge fishability differences other than the console? 
John & Sonja - The tournament series boats are designed for a high performance, higher speed and adverse conditions.
Chatman - Thanks.
John & Sonja - A lower profile, bigger casting decks, and more storage for starters.
Chatman - I sure like the layout of the RCL 202. But then I am primarily a jig fisherman and the layout would suit my fishing style much better.
tj1n - John, in your estimation what does it take for a amateur fisherman to gain sponsorship from a major boat mfg. such as Ranger, Crestliner or Lund?
TYEE - It sure is nice to see the results this fast, is there any talk about what worked for everyone today?
John & Sonja - Work with outdoor writers, TV programs, get to know local dealer and work with them, convince potential customers to purchase boats.
Chatman - Dress and act in a professional manner, on and off the water when at tourneys and while at shows as well.
TYEE - This weather should really change the results as the week progresses
TYEE - It sounds like a lot of brown nosing to get to that level?
tj1n - This is similar advice I've been given before. Where I'm from, Crestliner has a poor dealer, IMHO.
tj1n - Unfortunately.
Chatman - Not really TYEE, the bottom line in being sponsored is how well you can promote the product...
TYEE - Personally I have fished for myself and given local advice on the bite to many pros! The satisfaction of seeing them in the top spots is always a good feeling.
Chatman - There are many anglers in a similar situation such as you are Tyee. That is not really a bad place to be. And to be honest, no sponsor I have ever had wanted me to be a boot licker or compromise in any way.
tj1n - John, how is the Crestliner team doing in Wisconsin? I'm only familiar with the PWT guys therefore other than Rick Olson who else is up there in a Crestliner?
TYEE - It's always nice to get a ride or a few trips a year in exchange and many times their promotion of their products has convinced me to purchase them, so I guess it works!!!! Sure would be nice to see the promotion of products also work with the more serious fisherman than just through the pros!
John & Sonja - Danny Plautz, Jr., fishing is 2nd professional tourney is in 13th place.
Chatman - It does happen Tyee, guides and everyday serious anglers are on pro staffs all over the country. The Pro's just seem to get more attention.
John & Sonja - Andy Zimmerman is in 11th place.
TYEE - John as you can tell I have a Lund and am excited to see that Crestliner has introduced a good Walleye boat, Unfortunately I haven't made a decision on my next purchase.
John & Sonja - Other Crestliner pro staff includes Dave Hanson, Doc (Bruce) Samson, Aaron McQuoid, Dan Plautz, Sr., Irv Kraus, and Jim Hughes, to name a few.
tj1n - Thanks.
Chatman - What is the top selling model in the Crestliner line?
TYEE - I am a national sales manager for a local company and have thought about trying to promote myself in this industry but haven't taken the leap yet!
John & Sonja - I would encourage you to attend a tournament that is close to you to get a in person look at our Crestliner boats.
John & Sonja - The Fish Hawk series.
Chatman - Any specific model, or just the Fish Hawk line in general?
TYEE - I will be fishing the locally sponsored Otter street tourney and am considering the Merc. National, I will take you up on that!
Guest - John, why was the CVX 182 discontinued?
John & Sonja - Probably the 1750 if I had to pick.
Chatman - I have a friend who guides on the Mississippi and he has a 1750, it is also a nice boat.
John & Sonja - It did not sell very well.
tj1n - I've attended every PWT west division tourney for two years, including the championships for the past 4 years. Crestliner continues to gain market share in this region and continues to improve their product. Kudos to the co. you represent.
John & Sonja - Thank you tj1N.
EDT Mapguy - Hey, John, Mike from FHS here...sorry I'm late
John & Sonja - Hi Mike from John and Sonja.
John & Sonja - Check out the leader board for the results of todays RCL competition.
TYEE - John, will you be in Wisconsin anytime soon?
Chatman - Guest had a question that may have been missed, what happened to the CVX182 John?
John & Sonja - With the addition of the tournament boats, Crestliner has positioned itself for an increase in the market share.
John & Sonja - We did drop it from the line, it just didn't sell.
Chatman - In the aluminum bass boat market, a V hull does not sell as well as a modified v then?
TYEE - John, What percent of market share is Crestliner looking for? Do they think there is enough room here in Wisconsin to compete with Lund and Ranger?
John & Sonja - Right Chatman.
Mapguy - What about that new Tundra from Tracker?
John & Sonja - Yes, we feel we have a product that will compete or out perform any other boat line.
TYEE - Really? you have a lot of competition out there at least here in Wisconsin when it comes to rough water boats. 
John & Sonja - Ask any of the pros who run our boats about the ride in them. Many who have switched from glass to aluminum will feel that the ride is as good if not better in the Crestliner.
Chatman - I think a boat company in todays retail market has to have a competitive product and have faith in their boats.
CBR4me - I was lucky enough to fish out of a Ranger620 the last 3 days pre-fishing with a friend. Nice boat, I haven`t gotten to fish in the Crestliner yet ,maybe this fall, I know a guy who has one and he likes it.
Chatman - I suppose that is a statement of the obvious...
TYEE - I know Crestliner hasn't been a big front runner for the walleye circuit in the past. I think the ride in the aluminum like my Tyee is a little rough and a glass boat would definitely be better but when it comes to repairs isn't it easier to fix a glass boat?
Chatman - John can you list the Crestliner web site address?
John & Sonja -
Chatman - Well, that was easy!!! LOL!
TYEE - John, what is the centerline distance on the Rivets? .....thanks Chatman......
John & Sonja - No it is not easier to fix a glass boat.
John & Sonja - Crestliner boats are welded not rivets.
Chatman - When will the web site be updated to reflect the 2003 lineup John?
CBR4me - Although a boat can help make a difference, Isn't it how good the Person running the boat is?
TYEE - Really, I know there a lot more body shops available for glass then weld shops! Not knocking Crestliner here just trying to get an objective opinion!!!
John & Sonja - Sometime in July, we are doing photo shoots next week for the 2003 catalog.
Chatman - That has a lot to do with it CBR4me.
Chatman - Did you mean easier as in ease of finding someone to do the work, or easier in terms of doing the work Tyee?
John & Sonja - Crestliner has one of the best service departments in the industry and can usually repair any problem.
TYEE - I wasn't talking accidental repairs but stress and fatigue wear! Sorry.
John & Sonja - That is what we fix but with our uniweld design it is usually not an issue.
John & Sonja - Any final questions for John?
TYEE - Where would a local take a boat in for repair rather than the factory?
Chatman - Does the Crestliner web site have any information on the construction of the boats John?
TYEE - Thanks John, I will look at the new boats and get a good overview when I make my decision next year!
John & Sonja - Most dealers can do minor repairs, however if major repair is needed it can be shipped to the factory, with a turn around time of about a week.
John & Sonja - Yes the site does cover construction of our boats.
Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm round of applause for John Janousek of Crestliner boats!!!
TYEE - Thanks again!!!
Chatman - Clap, clap, clap, clap!!!!!
John & Sonja - Thanks everyone from John and Sonja....
TYEE - Chatman, thanks for the Monitoring!! Clap clap, clap!!
Chatman - Just doing my job......LOL!
Chatman - Thanks again John! And of course, Sonja!