Jim Stedke (ETT) Chat 10/09/02

Driftr - Ladies & Gentlemen, a warm Walleye Central round of applause for Jim Stedke aka ETT
ETT - Shiftless is Rich's boat. It is at Huron
Driftr - clap clap clap
Juls_OH - clap clap clap clap clap...welcome Jim
Dan(oh) - clap, clap, clap
WalleyeWiz - clap clap clap
WV Musky - clap clap clap clap clap...welcome
ETT - thank you 
Juls_OH - brb..dang phone
perchjerker - ok clap thanks clap
Driftr - Juls, let the dog out too
WalleyeWiz - lol
Driftr - lol
Driftr - Jim, how about starting us off on a bit about yourself
IndianaWalleyeGuy - hi all
ETT - Most of you know me. I've fished Erie for over 40 years, too old too fat, too late smart
ETT - But I do like to help folks catch fish!!!
Driftr - that is a lot of lake experience
Driftr - what was the lake like when you started
ETT - Dad took us to Erie as kids in the 50s
IndianaWalleyeGuy - how is everyone?
WV Musky - Was the fishing better back then or now?
WV Musky - I mean was it better back then
WV Musky - sorry, I'm from wv
ETT - no I do not think it was
Juls_OH - how was your tournament year this year Jim? any wins for ya?
ETT - best was a 3rd Juls
Juls_OH - congrats...that's great!
Juls_OH - was that on Erie?
ETT - next year
ETT - yes
Juls_OH - what are you going to be fishing next year Jim?
ETT - wwa
perchjerker - Jim, take a stab at what bait will take the big fish this year at the get together
ETT - Ranger 621 
Juls_OH - cool...is that circuit getting bigger since they started it two years ago? do you see more entries coming in?
ETT - One of the family of Reef Runners
Dan(oh) - can you tell us about Reef runners new lure, have you used it and how does it work
ETT - no Juls It's not sadly
Juls_OH - what motor are you going to be running?
ETT - worse
WV Musky - What do you guys think of Wally Divers?
ETT - Z250 Yamaha
ChrisNE - is that the efi or hpdi?
Juls_OH - nice...;-) 
ETT - The Rip Shad is a small (2-1/4" ) lure . I have used it successfully. An other winner for Mr. Stecker
ChrisNE - that'll be nice! looking forward to feedback on that motor.
Stevew - How much gas does one of those big boys burn up in a normal day of fishing?
ETT - Wally Divers have their place 
WalleyeWiz - Jim ,shouldn't be able to use the new RR at the get together since no one else has them.lol. That will catch the biggest for sure
ETT - 15 - 30 gals
Driftr - our biggest last year at Huron came on a Wally Diver, 13.2 lb
ETT - It would scare me to have an oversized fish on that little lure. But I like fear!!!
WalleyeWiz - lol
Juls_OH - lol
ChrisNE - lol
ETT - I'm not a big secret lure guy, but Reef Runners catch me alot of fish.
ETT - tuning is crucial
Stevew - What are some of your favorite colors of those lures?
Driftr - sometimes the thing that shouldn't work does
WalleyeWiz - just picked up one of Scott's tuning tools at Highway 
ETT - Eriedescent, Rainbow trout, chrome blue, purple demon, Clown,
WalleyeWiz - Jim ,do you think the Black Light Perch will be a good color?
ETT - I really believe that any color has its time and place, 
ChrisNE - When do you break out the Cicada's and spoons on Erie?
ETT - wiz I'm not familiar with that color
ETT - prespawn
ETT - but I troll then too
ChrisNE - I see..thx.
Stevew - Do you use in-line boards?
WalleyeWiz - Its all Purple with black back lines. the bill is also purple. Picked up a couple from Walski
ETT - yes sir
Dan(oh) - should Erie have a closed season for walleye in the early spring
ETT - Oh OK that should be an excellent deep water ( smelt) color
Juls_OH - which boards do you like to use?
Stevew - How do you get a lure down deeper than its normal running depth behind an in-line?
ETT - The DNR says no, the reduced limit will take care of things
Dan(oh) - do you always use tattle flags
ETT - I prefer the Off-Shore boards juls
ETT - Steve snap weights or lead core
ETT - yes Dan my boards have tattle flags
ETT - with heavier springs
Stevew - do you ever run dipsies behind a board?
ETT - Behind full size boards Steve , Jets will work behind in-lines
ETT - 20 or 30 Jets
John Estes - Good Grief, now Jim gets out the Dipsey Doodles!
Juls_OH - lol
ETT - all summer long John
Stevew - Do you ever use fireline for trolling?
ETT - yes, but I like power pro better, Wears longer
ETT - much longer, and it's cheaper 
Stevew - so you said you use like 20-30 pound test power pro?
ETT - for Dipsys 30 - 50
Stevew - ok le board thing...thanks again :)
Stevew - what size and type leader?
ETT - I like 20 - 25 pound pure flourocarbon leaders with double ball bearing snap swivels
ETT - 6' long or longer
ETT - up to 10', but 6' most of the time
Juls_OH - Are you going to fish the RCL next year Jim? Seeing how you're in a Ranger now...;-)
ETT - I hope to juls
Guest - Have you used wire line for trolling much?
ETT - some , not much
Guest - What situations?
ETT - it takes about 10' of wire to gain 1' of 
depth . So long leads are the standard
ETT - depths below 45'
ETT - fishing depths
Juls_OH - Great Jim...it will be nice to see you compete next year!
Boatnut - Enter Text Here -made it/!
ETT - thanks Juls
ETT - Juls what area is the RCL coming to
Juls_OH - Detroit river in April and Erie at the end of May
ETT - where in Erie
Juls_OH - no boundaries...wink wink...
Juls_OH - out of port Clinton
ETT - Oh too bad!!!
Juls_OH - probably going to go out of west harbor launch I would guess
Stevew - I might have to get over to see some of that
Juls_OH - lol...I know what you mean...;-)
Boatnut - Jim, do you find jets to be very "speed dependent"?
ETT - It will be a show, Come to an April tournament if you want to see big fish
Juls_OH - for sure...dang..brb..dog
ETT - Boatnut, Jets are the least speed dependant diving planer out there
Boatnut - k...so dive tables still good at say....1.8 mph or so?
ETT - yes
Boatnut - kewl
ETT - the type and size lure has more effect than speed
Stevew - are jets as effective as dipsys in the same situations?
ETT - resistance
Boatnut - k...well...in Kentucky...usually I run spoons off of them for trout..but have been experimenting with worm harnesses for walleyes
John Estes - Jim tells me speed kills
ETT - No Steve, they don't go as deep
ETT - I'm usually one of the faster trollers in the area
ETT - usually, not always
Boatnut - you ever run cranks off dipseys? like ripsticks?
ETT - Mike blade size on harnesses makes a difference
Boatnut - ok
ETT - Yes shallow lures (stick baits)
Boatnut - k
Juls_OH - Who are some of your sponsors Jim? Guy like you probably has a bunch?
ETT - can be deadly on big fish
Boatnut - I'll keep that in mind :)
Boatnut - you prefer size 0 or size 1 dipsy's in western basin and why?
ETT - Norton Marine , Glyde Ryde (John Estes) here for moral support, or to check up on me. LOL, yamaha, Reef Runner, G Loomis, Beckman Nets,
ETT - a few more
Juls_OH - cool
ETT - Either will work but the size 0 allows for longer drops, which is often desirable
Boatnut - so if fish are spooky and depth not a big issue...go with smaller ones?
Stevew - longer drops?
ETT - Opps Ranger, better not forget them, I'll be swimmin
Juls_OH - sorry but I have to go....good luck to 
you next season Jim and thanks for sharing with us tonight. I'll see a bunch of you here tonight at the Get Together in a few weeks! g'nite...;-)
Stevew - swimming with a yammi strapped to ya.
ETT - the size ) will get you all the depth you'll ever need in the west end
Boatnut - cya at the get together juls
Juls_OH - I was going to say something about that Jim, but didn't know what your deal was...heheh
Juls_OH - nite
ETT - size 0
Boatnut - k
Boatnut - I'm running 30/8 powerpro on my dipsy rods....how much more depth am I going to gain percentage wise, versus the chart in precision trolling
ETT - go to the conversion chart and compare the 8 with the 20. Should be reasonable accurate
Boatnut - ok...gotcha..thanks
ETT - mike the 8 is closer to 10 really
Boatnut - oh really? k..didnt know that..thanks again
ETT - Dipsys are so speed dependant we're only guessing most of the time
Boatnut - yeah....kinda figured that
ETT - If we could only be as good as we think we are, the fish would be in deep trouble
Boatnut - LOL!
Boatnut - do you ever run "three ways" much, JIM? spoon and deep diving crank?
John Estes - Jim, are there times when pressure fronts totally shut off fish like they do me on reservoirs?
John Estes - Erie that is
ETT - Mike , seldom, too much tangling
Boatnut - k
ETT - for sure John
ETT - The fish deeper than 40' seem somewhat weatherproof on Erie
Boatnut - what about downriggers say at Huron? effective?
John Estes - In Missouri I have to speed plow cranks to get a reaction bite with these fronts.
ETT - for steelhead yes. Riggers aren't really important until you get east of Cleveland
dc/co - what part of erie are you fishing
ETT - west and central mostly , get east some
Stevew - What would you say is the max depth to work dipsys reasonably?
ETT - very effective but expensive John (lost lures)
ETT - 60' is when you start to loose control. 
Stevew - is there a lot of times in the central basin when you must go deeper than that?
ETT - driving the boat fairly straight is important Steve
ETT - no the Thermocline is almost always 54 - 58' down
John Estes - I just use something like those one eyed Reef Rnr second you and Denny sold me at the Cleveland show!
ETT - agree Driftr?
Driftr - I agree
Stevew - ok, so I should do the dipsy thing before I mess with the downriggers
ETT - LOL beat me up some more John...
ETT - I think so Steve
Driftr - dipseys tend to bow out & up the further out from max you go
ETT - in those depths I probably wouldn't set one past 2-1/2
Driftr - I have heard of ppl letting dipseys out to 220, but all they are doing is losing control
Stevew - Are there any decent low end rod/line counter reels that could get me by for another few years until I'm done doing the college thing?
ETT - I've caught fish at 240 back set at 2 but had no clue where I was at
ETT - In a word NO
Stevew - ha
Driftr - Airwave tipped me off to the out & up principal of the dipsey
ETT - the cheaper LCs will cost you fish and aggravation
ETT - I'd agree Driftr
dc/co - check the classifieds, I think there are some there for a decent price
Boatnut - try the swap board or ebay
Driftr - the hour has about come to an end, are there any more questions for Jim?
Boatnut - Ambassadeur supposed to come out with new line counter..not sure about price
ETT - for 2 years Mike
Stevew - thanks
John Estes - I told Ralph Jim was the best at communicating , was I wrong?
Boatnut - Jim's great!!!
Dan(oh) - no
ETT - thanks john, I appreciate that
Driftr - A big round of applause for Jim 
Driftr - clap clap clap
Boatnut - clap clap clap
Dan(oh) - thanks ETT
Boatnut - thanks Jim!
Stevew - thanks
Hooked On It - thanks Jim
John Estes - Thanks Jim
Driftr - thank you Jim for a great chat
ETT - thank you very much, and visit the BoatOhio site , the ask the expert page.... that's me