Fishing Hot Spots Chat 8/28/02

Chatman - Ladies and gentlemen, a warm Walleye Central welcome for Mike Michalak of Fishing Hot Spots!!!
SUPERTROLLER - Clap, clap, clap!!
Chatman - Yeeeeeehaaaaaaaaa!
ChrisNE - Clap, clap, clap!! Welcome Mike!!
Gary Gray - Clap, clap, clap!!!
Mapguy - Hello troops!
Juls_OH - Hi all! Hi Mapguy...;-)
fatboy - All right then, what about maps for my Etrex?
perchjerker - Hey guys!
Mapguy - Check with Garmin on that one.
Shawn - Mike are there maps for Alabama?
fatboy - Yeah, I did check with them, very pricey.
Mapguy - Before we get going, I spoke with Norb Wallock just before logging on. He's doing okay and doctors say his body has to do the rest.
Mapguy - When we hit our knees tonight, keep a couple words for Norbie...
ChrisNE - Mike, that's good to hear.
fatboy - Will do.
Mapguy - We have maps in Alabama, is there anything special?
Shawn - Lake Martin is near where we live.
Mapguy - Martin has never been mapped or surveyed prior to impoundment. We're hoping to get there in the spring.
Shawn - That's ok it will bee a couple years before I can get there to fish it!
Mapguy - Man, if we don't have it by then, I'LL complain!
SUPERTROLLER - Are you working on anything new for the manufacturers you supply Mike?
perchjerker - Mike, I have the digital map on CD Rom and every time I fire it up, it asks me to check my registration info and either print it or e-mail it in. I did that and it won't stop bugging me. It drives me nuts.
Mapguy - We're in development right now. It's saltwater first
Mapguy - You haven't installed the upgrade from our site or holding down the "shift" key when launching Perchjerker, what operating system are you using?
perchjerker - Yea, I did the upgrade, it did it with Windows 98 SE and it still does it with XP.
perchjerker - I didn't try holding down the shift key, though.
Mapguy - It wasn't designed for XP, but everything works except some of the printing. What state?
perchjerker - Michigan.
perchjerker - I can get it to print using a screen capture.
Mapguy - MI is our #1 seller, no problems there. We can try fixing it off line later if you'd like?
perchjerker - It's just the registration screen that bugs me.
Mapguy - That's the best way, PJ, you have more control that way.
Mapguy - I don't know why that's coming up.
Mapguy - Bad karma?
perchjerker - Ok, I will e-mail you about it.
Mapguy - 10-4!
perchjerker - I don't want to hold up all the other questions.
perchjerker - Keep up the excellent maps, bud.
Chatman - Mike, is there anything new on the horizon we can talk about tonight?
Mapguy - We've got more digital stuff coming out for other manufacturers shortly, I can't say a lot but I know you guys (and gals) will be pleased!
Shawn - Will Big Foot be here tonight?
Mapguy - We're also georeferencing nearly every map we've got (big $$$) to ensure the lake data is right on. Many of you are aware of some of the difficulties with the Navionics HotMaps?
Juls_OH - Bigfoot is lounging in a chair right now watching a movie...;-)
Chatman - everyone yell HI BIGFOOT!!!
Buck - Tell him he can't catch fish in the chair!
Mapguy - Wish me luck as we continue negotiating with Canada for new maps. There are huge changes on Lake Of The Woods.
Juls_OH - LOL...ok!
Chatman - Can you go into a little more detail about that Mike? Problems solved etc?
Shawn - I just wanted to say hi, I used to know him before my mom moved us near her parents in Alabama.
Gary Gray - I have to go, catch you all on another night, after the Championship.
slip-bobber(MT) - Nite Gary! Good Luck!
Mapguy - Lake Of The Woods underwent massive buoy and navigation changes. The main navigation channels are no longer marked!
Chatman - Have fun Gary! Good luck!
Juls_OH - Ok Shawn, I will tell him you said hi!
Buck - Good luck Gary!
Juls_OH - Nite Gary!
Mapguy - Later, Gary!
Mapguy - We're working with the Canadian Government to upgrade the maps, which will definitely need it next season.
Chatman - Lake Of The Woods can be a real fun place to get lost on. It's easy to do as well!
Mapguy - If you guys fish LOTW, this is extremely important!
Mapguy - Many buoys have been pulled, some marking exposed hazards! It's gonna be a real treat!!
SUPERTROLLER - It looks like they're all getting dumped.
Chatman - Why would they pull the hazard markers, that's just dumb!
Mapguy - We know, and have been asking that question of the Ministry Coast Guard for three years...
Mapguy - I envision many more lower units in the drink!!
Mapguy - On our list is Lac Seul and Namakan for next year. Keep your fingers crossed as we begin paring down next week.
ChrisNE - Sakakawea in ND in the future? How do you determine future mapping?
Mapguy - It's all marketing. The numbers for ND just don't come in where they should
CrisNE - I understand, thanks.
SUPERTROLLER - You can't sell them if you don't make them available.
Mapguy - I'm being really honest. Since we've been watching the state for some time.
Mapguy - That's true ST, but the $$$ needed to develop these is high and the return is far from guaranteed.
Mapguy - Fort Peck is a lake that's never been mapped. We have a better chance there.
Chatman - Not a bad place to start Mike.
Eye - Mapgu,; how is that, for FT. Peck?
slip-bobber(MT) - We sure could use a good one there, no doubt!
Mapguy - We have the gear to get it done. It's all a matter of priorities. Which will sell more? Fort Peck or Seminole?
Mapguy - Unfortunately, bass has a bigger draw in that regard. But we're sensitive to the fishery up here as well.
Mapguy - Keep in mind too that Garmin has a wish list, Lowrance has a wish list, Navionics has a wish list, etc. etc..
Mapguy - The biggest problem we've got is, all these have to be done one at a time! What a bummer!!
Chatman - Not really that bad of a problem to have Mike, you could have all that equipment and nothing to map!!
SUPERTROLLER - So if we want to get our favorite lake on a list to get done, are we better off telling you or one of the GPS suppliers?
Mapguy - Pretty huge eye, a lot of prep work goes into these before we even put it on a list.
Eye - Interesting.
Mapguy - We're the one's ST. You guys all know I'm here everyday and I listen.
Mapguy - This hasn't been a great year either, not with the drought in the west and southeast. We lost nearly a dozen lakes!
SUPERTROLLER - Mike, I still can't get a decent map for Lake Leelanau in Michigan. It's one of the bigger lakes here and has excellent walleye fishing.
Mapguy - Leelanau's been on and off the list too! I don't remember if it's there this time or not, but I'll check.
SUPERTROLLER - If it's still off the list, slip it back on for me will ya?
Mapguy - I'll see what I can do!
ChrisNE - On reservoirs, are you using old aerials, or topos? Without giving away any secrets, what's usually involved?
Mapguy - Chris, we do a little of everything, it depends on the water.
slip-bobber(MT) - Does low water prevent you from building a map for, lets say, Fort Peck? Is full pool desired or even required?
Mapguy - We begin with base maps if they exist, extensive interviews, aerials, satellite imagery, etc., including on the water work.
Warren MN - Mike, I wonder what you think of WAAS over DGPS, if you haven't covered that yet.
Mapguy - Great question, slip! Maximum pool is typically best, but we've worked around it.
Mapguy - I think WAAS is tighter than DGPS. While it hasn't been widely put into use yet, we are seeing quite a difference. The new reefs in Winnebago have closer readings using WAAS than with DGPS.
Warren MN - How much trouble are you having receiving and holding a lock with WAAS?
SUPERTROLLER - How do those 2 differ in their readings?
Mapguy - It all depends on where you are. It's not, to the best of our knowledge, fully functional in the northern latitudes.
Chatman - Is the difference as wide as GPS was to Loran C? Or not as marked a difference?
Warren MN - OH yeah, do you think this is a concern for the average person or a bells and whistle?
Mapguy - Depending on conditions, WAAS will be about 2-3 meters closer by our tests.
Mapguy - Loran C, being land based, entirely can't compete!
Mapguy - Any new technology is bells and whistles, we have to take time to catch up to it because it's moving faster than the market can adjust.
Mapguy - We can map waters in one-foot contours at 35 mph! There is some tremendous use of technology today!
ChrisNE - Wow!!
Mapguy - It's really neat to watch.
Chatman - So, you say you're saving a little time now over how it used to be done?
Chatman - LOL!
SUPERTROLLER - It sounds like your list will be done some time next month!! LOL!
Warren MN - What GPS receiver do you use?
Mapguy - Oh my yes, we can do a 35,000 acre impoundment in the south in about five days! That used to take at least a couple weeks!!
Mapguy - We use a Lowrance and Garmin and Raytheon unit, in addition to the computer stuff onboard!
Mapguy - If anyone wants a great Lowrance X16 paper graph, we have one.
Mapguy - What would you guys think of going to the store, dropping a couple bucks in a free-standing kiosk, punching in exactly what you want for a map and have the printer spit it out for you on the spot?
Chatman - With all the changes in technology, you still rely on local anglers for the fishing info on the paper maps, right Mike?
Chatman - Now that would be great!
ChrisNE - That sounds cool to me Mike.
Mapguy - Absolutely, computers don't fish last I checked.
slip-bobber(MT) - Great Idea MG!
Juls_OH - That would be better than having the sales clerk tell you, "We just ran out of that map, but should have some more in soon." LOL! I like the idea Mike!
Chatman - Ah, you can just turn the sensitivity waaay up on any locator then enable Fish ID, there will be fish everywhere!!! LOL!
Mapguy - The technology today will allow you to dial your ISP from the boat and download a map to your phone, complete with GPS!
Juls_OH - That's very cool!
Mapguy - That's great Juls! 
Chatman - Then all an angler needs is an interface to load it into the GPS unit?
Mapguy - The equipment today is getting scary.
bregall - Hi Mapguy, what are the minimum requirements before hotspots considers a lake map for any given body of water?
fatboy - More rigging, my wife would kill me!!
Juls_OH - LOL!
Chatman - But those pesky little walleyes still won't bite when ya need 'em......
Juls_OH - Ain't that the truth...;-)
Mapguy - Bregall, it's all about "How many ya gonna sell!"
Warren MN - Will you or another group ever be giving seminars on locator and GPS use in the future?
Mapguy - Will the fishery stand the pressure? Facilities adequate? 
Mapguy - We're talking about that too. Many of our field staffers are getting pretty good at it already.
Mapguy - If we did a book on it, what would you think?
Chatman - It would be pretty neat to have a "generic" GPS/Locator seminar. But many of us nowadays have a hard enough time keeping up with what the units on our boats can fully do...
Mapguy - The biggest problem is, once you figure it out, it changes!
fatboy - Amen!
Mapguy - That's why I like paper!
ChrisNE - How many employees you have Mike? How many maps to date?
Chatman - Most of the questions I get on the topic are specific to a given company's machine, not so much GPS/Locators in theory..
Mapguy - We have 8 in Rhinelander, a bunch in Chicago, about 7 in Boulder and 15 or so in San Diego.
Mapguy - Counting digital and non-published maps, we offer about 2300!
ChrisNE - Ok, thanks.
Juls_OH - Wow!
Mapguy - I agree chat. The biggest thing to do is read the directions!
Juls_OH - ;-)
Mapguy - This was one of the biggest problems Lowrance had with the X-15.
Chatman - I do a few seminars each year on the subject, and do some in store work for Lowrance, educating sales staff to better serve potential buyers.
Mapguy - Boy, do they need it too!!!
Mapguy - This is still new stuff and the companies are indeed coming around.
SUPERTROLLER - How am I supposed to read and fish at the same time?
Mapguy - That's when you know you're a PRO! LOL!
Chatman - LOL!
fatboy - What do you think about video instructions ?
Mapguy - I like them. I've seen videos work well and people seem to concentrate more.
Juls_OH - Lowrance has the downloadable demos for the X-15 and X-16's. You get to try it before you buy it. I think that's a good idea too!
Mapguy - You bet!
fatboy - It sure gets through my thick skull a lot faster! 
Juls_OH - ;-)
Mapguy - Maybe we'll get the Women in Waders crew to do one.... sorry Juls!
Juls_OH - LOL!
Chatman - The downloadable demos on the Lowrance site are great, you can play with the units at your home 'puter and get real familiar with them...
Mapguy - What's nice is, even "slow" computers will adequately do the job now.
Juls_OH - Yepper! I think they're pretty user friendly, not to hard to figure out.
Mapguy - You're running Lowrance, aren't you Juls?
Juls_OH - Yes.
Mapguy - What model?
Chatman - Entry level computer systems nowadays are far more user friendly and powerful than ever before. And they are more user friendly too! I sell a mess of the entry level HP systems at work.
Juls_OH - I have Global Map 3000 on my boat, and an X-16 on Rick's boat.
EyeBoy - Chatman, you can say that again!
Mapguy - Use the map products?
Juls_OH - Next year I will have the X-15 and X-16 on my boat.
Mapguy - Cool!
fatboy - It seems the video instructions keep folks from getting fed up and returning the unit.
Juls_OH - Yes, some Navionics and some we build our own maps. Or I should say Rick does. I haven't built one yet. I just ask him for what I need! LOL!
Mapguy - For less than $1,000 my wife upgraded her machine to XP, a Pentium 4 processor, an 80 gig hard drive, and a 2.25 GHz processor! Whatta blaster!
Chatman - Also, having the ability to add contour lines to a plotter screen has got to be the best thing to happen to plotters since GPS...
Mapguy - Agreed from fatboy down...
Mapguy - Now, if we can just keep water in the lakes, we'll be fine!
Juls_OH - ;-)
Chatman - As we wind down, has Mike missed any questions so far? Now is the time to ask as it is the 2-minute warning...
Mapguy - Remember Norb Wallock before you hit the pillows tonight!
Juls_OH - Amen.
Albe - Is there a Navionics or Fishing Hot Spots map that covers from Green Bay thru Escanaba?
EyeBoy - What's the latest on Norb?
Mapguy - Little Bay de Noc?
Mapguy - Talked with him tonight, it's rough. He took his first drink of water since July 4th today. His doc says the body has to heal itself now.
Chatman - I think Albe means the entire bay of Green Bay, or at least the entire west shore? You know, from Menominee to Ford River. All the space between the Little Bay and Green Bay maps. It might be neat to have some map coverage north of what the Sturgeon Bay map covers too!
Albe - Little Bay De Noc does not go down to even the Cedar River!
Mapguy - Not yet.
Chatman - Oooh! Shades of things to come Mike?
Mapguy - Yes, a Green Bay North map is on our list, by the way...
Juls_OH - I hope he pulls through this. That sounds very rough indeed.
Chatman - After watching my partner Max loose his fight with the same disease, I can tell you it is rough. I hope Norb pulls through. I pray Norb pulls through, not just for the fishing world, but for his family and kids.
Mapguy - He's still in good spirits, and Julie's doing okay.
fatboy - All pray!
EyeBoy - A rugged situation at best.
Juls_OH - It's good to hear that Mike.
Albe - We sure can use one to fish from Menominee / Marinette to the Ford River.
Mapguy - Noted.
Chatman - As we end tonight, take a moment to think of and Pray for Norb, and any others in a battle such as he is now.....
Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a hearty round of applause for Mike Michalak of Fishing Hot Spots!!
Juls_OH - Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap...Thanks Mike!!
Mapguy - Thanks everyone! Keep in touch, you know where to find me!
EyeBoy - ::High 5's Mapguy::
Chatman - Thanks Mike!!! Always a great guest!
Warren MN - Thank you Mike.
Mapguy - You're welcome.
ChrisNE - Clap, clap, clap! Thanks for coming Mike. Great job, great product.
Juls_OH - And he types fast too! LOL!
fatboy - Yes, a big thank you for your time !
Mapguy - One of my many talents Juls! LOL!
Juls_OH - ;-)
Chatman - Thanks again Mike!
Mapguy - Anytime Ralph, it's always a good time here.

Chatman'S NOTE: As you may already know, Norb Wallock passed away several days after this chat session was held. I know I speak for many who wish to offer condolences to Norb's family and friends. It is with a heavy heart that I say to Norb, God Speed my friend. And to Norb's family, God Bless.