Bernie Barringer GNWC Chat - 12/17/02

Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm Walleye Central Welcome to Bernie Barringer, director of the GNWC!!!!
Driftr - Welcome Bernie B !!!
Driftr - Clap, clap, clap!!!!
eyebuster - Ditto!
Bob Kidd - Welcome Bernie!
Bernie B. GNWC director - Thanks for showing up guys!
Chatman - Well Bernie, can you start us off with what the GNWC is and is all about?
Tom O - Hi Bernie!
ETT - Clap, clap, clap!!
Bernie B. GNWC director - The GNWC is unique in that it offers anglers a chance to fish at a lot of levels, they can fish one event, a series in a state or they can go national to compete in the National championship
Chatman - And GNWC stands for?
Bernie B. GNWC director - Sorry if I sound like a used car salesman at times but I'm super enthusiastic bout this.
Bernie B. GNWC director - Grand National Walleye Cup
Bernie B. GNWC director - If a team wants to fish within their own region they do not have to put any money into a National Championship.
Dan(oh) - Is Ohio in your plans for the future?
Chatman - It sounds like a great venture Bernie, I was checking your site out last night and it looks like you have done a good job in preparation for the launch of the GNWC.
Bernie B. GNWC director - If they want to compete in the national championship, they must simply put $100 into the Championship Pot and finish among the top 20 National teams in their region.
Chatman - So it works well for many levels of walleye angler then, from a weekend with a friend to pro's alike... 
ebijack - Bernie, is all the info up on the site now?
Bernie B. GNWC director - Bruce, there's a lot of other circuits out there vying for the anglers, and we knew if we are going to be a serious player we would have to do it big and do it right. And that's what we intend to do.
Chatman - How long was this in the making Bernie?
Bernie B. GNWC director - We will not be having State directors, just me and one other director will be running them all, with two trailers/stages etc.
Bernie B. GNWC director - The site has pretty much everything you need to know.
ETT - Is Ohio in the your future?????
ebijack - Bernie, what is the expected turn out for the first year?
Toolman - I have the same Q as Dan...will OH be added in the future or will it depend on how this goes?
Tom O - Bernie, where is your first tournament, and when?
Bernie B. GNWC director - I have been working on the idea for quite a few years, and I waited for a few months after Team Walleye went belly up to see how people would react before I began to move forward.
Bernie B. GNWC director - First one is at Spring Valley on March 30th.
TJH - Bernie, wonder if a team wants to cross regions, say just fish one open event in another state and fish one complete region, do you have to pay the $100 twice?
eyebuster - Bernie, I'll ask again since it was unofficial the first time, what about Michigan and Ohio?
Bernie B. GNWC director - I almost gave up the idea when Team Walleye burned everyone. I thought everyone would be toooooo skeptical of another one, but the response to what I'm doing has been unbelievable!
ebijack - That's a good question eyebuster :)
Bernie B. GNWC director - Michigan and Ohio are in the plans for 2004 along with five other regions encompassing 12 states!
Toolman - Thanks Bernie!
Bob Kidd - And how much is the entry fee?
Bernie B. GNWC director - Some regions will have more than one state such as the Great Plains region (NE and KS) and the mountain regions. (CO, WY)
ebijack - What's the web address?
Bernie B. GNWC director - Entry fee is $210 for every event, no matter how high you go, it stays at $210.
eyebuster - What made you decide on the states that you named for this year?
Bernie B. GNWC director - Our website address is 
ETT - What about fishing tournaments out of your region, do points go with you?
Chatman - You can also find their links on 3 spots on Walleye central. A Banner in the General Discussion forum, a sponsors link in a new topic section there and on the links page...
Bob Kidd - But if you want to go to the Championship, you must put your money in the pot at the first event?
Bernie B. GNWC director - Our states this year were decided by five factors, fishing license sales, boat registrations, quality of the walleye waters, amount of competition, and what other tourneys have been able to do in those states.
eyebuster - Thanks Bernie.
Bob Kidd - It sounds like you did some good research to pick your intro year..
Toolman - The states seem to make sense to start. I hope you get good turnouts and this thing grows.
Bernie B. GNWC director - You can fish more than one region, but you must finish in the top 20 to go to the national, so that would mean fishing all four in that region. You would double your chances by fishing two regions, but points can't be carried from region to region.
ETT - Ok, thanks.
Bernie B. GNWC director - Yes about the Championship money Bob, it's 100% payback on the $100 too!
ebijack - Bernie, do these tourney's qualify for the RCL championship?
Bernie B. GNWC director - The thing will grow if the anglers like it. That's the key, we're building it for the fishermen.
TJH - Do you pay an additional entry fee for the National Championship beyond the $100?
steve baugnet - If anyone can make a circuit work, I believe Bernie will do a great job!!
Bernie B. GNWC director - There are two opportunities to qualify for the RCL we will send a pro and a co-angler from the main circuit and a pro and a co-angler will go from the National Championship in October. They'll actually be the very first to qualify for the 2004 RCL Championship!
Bernie B. GNWC director - Thanks Steve!!
Bernie B. GNWC director - Yes, TJH all events have a $210 entry fee, no matter how high up the ladder you go it never gets any higher.
TJH - Any awards for Team of the Year within each region?
Bob Kidd - How will you determine who will get invited from main circuit? 
Chatman - Bernie, how long have you been involved with tournament angling, both as a competitor and in an official capacity?
Bernie B. GNWC director - I'm exited about the sponsorships too!
Bernie B. GNWC director - Team of the year within each region will receive a special award but we haven't inked the deal with the sponsor yet so I can't say.
Gu - How many boats are you planning to get at most tourneys this year and how many do you NEED?
Bernie B. GNWC director - I think we'll have 70 or so at the best events and I hope we don't have any less than 25 at the least. I believe we will average 30-50 throughout all 20 qualifiers.
Gu - Will that be enough to meet your money goals?
Bernie B. GNWC director - Put it this way, I hope to break even the first year. 
Bernie B. GNWC director - I plan to put it all back in which of course includes a lot of money to put the National Championship on TV!
steve baugnet - Bernie do you still fish some tourneys with your wife?
Bernie B. GNWC director - I have directed 70 tournaments over 9 years, Chatman.
Bernie B. GNWC director - Steve, I fished one tourney with a friend this year, that's all I had time for.
Chatman - So there is a good deal of experience coming to the table with this circuit, sounds good.
ebijack - Bernie, where are you based?
Bernie B. GNWC director - We just inked a deal today that I'm really exited about. The big fish award at every tournament day (total of 38) will be two of the new ABU Garcia line counter trolling reels. 
Bernie B. GNWC director - That's a total of 76 of these awesome new reels we'll be giving away!!
Bernie B. GNWC director - I live near Pine River MN.
Chatman - That's great Bernie!
Chatman - About the reels that is.....
Gu - I won't need that many!
Gu - LOL!
Juls_OH - LOL!
Bernie B. GNWC director - You can only get two a day anyway Gu!!!
Gu - I might fish multiple tourneys!
Bernie B. GNWC director - We will also be giving away a ton of Berkley products to family teams, and door prizes, plus we are giving away a bunch of the new ABU Garcia Tormentor crank baits which look really cool!!
ebijack - Family teams?
Gu - Bernie, how far down the list will you be paying out?
steve baugnet - Bernie are you going to be the M/C at all the tourneys?
Bernie B. GNWC director - The family teams are husband/wife, parent/child, brothers/sisters, etc.
Bernie B. GNWC director - Steve I will be at all but 10 of the tournaments, those ten Dean Higgins will run.
Bernie B. GNWC director - We pay 80% of the cash to 25% of the field.
Gu - Oh, ok.
Bob Kidd - Wow, your going to be putting a lot of miles on the truck Bernie!
ETT - That's good payout!!
Bernie B. GNWC director - I have two trailers with stages and two diesel ford trucks to pull them with.
Gu - 25% is fair!
Bernie B. GNWC director - We guarantee a $1000.00 first place but I think it will be bigger in most events.
Chatman - For a 210 entry fee, a guaranteed 1st place and an 80% payback, that is a great payout, I think....
Gu - LOL!
ebijack - :)
ETT - 20 teams = pay 5 places.
eyebuster - Thanks Bernie and good luck with the GNWC and bye all !!!
steve baugnet - Bernie I probably fish one of your Wisconsin tourneys, I hope to see ya there good luck!
Bernie B. GNWC director - I hope we don't see as few as 20 teams ETT...
Bernie B. GNWC director - But I tend to be pretty optimistic!
ETT - I'm sure!
ETT - At what level does the bottom check equal the entry fee??
Gu - I'm sure I missed it but why not Michigan or Ohio this year?
Bernie B. GNWC director - That all depends on the number of entries.
MNwalleyehunter - Anyone looking for a partner to fish the MN GNWC??
ETT - That's what I'm asking, what is the number when last place equals the entry fee?
Bernie B. GNWC director - MN walleye hunter, go to our website and put a post on the message board, you should get a response there.
Bernie B. GNWC director - Whatever place lands at 25% ETT... is that what you mean?
MNwalleyehunter - I saw that, but I wanted to ask Walleye Central people first.
ETT - Last place paying 210?
Bernie B. GNWC director - Gu, we'll be in Michigan and Ohio in 2004.
Bernie B. GNWC director - Probably 200, the $10 is a conservation fee that goes back into the local fisheries of each location.
Chatman - Has anyone got a calculator handy to do the math and figure out ETT's question?
Bernie B. GNWC director - Local clubs can get the money for fisheries projects, like water cleanup and habitat improvement. We've been doing it in Iowa for a few years and it has been really good program.
ebijack - Bernie, do you know if any of the tourneys will be using the fish caught to feed the needy?
Chatman - Pretty silly asking about a calculator when we are all on computers, huh?
Bernie B. GNWC director - Yes we are doing some harvest tourneys, that seems to be the trend for many states in July and August.
Bernie B. GNWC director - We are doing two in WI and at least one in MN.
Bernie B. GNWC director - My fingers are on fire......
Bob Kidd - Bernie, you mentioned from the state level there would be an RCL invite. How will that be determined?
Chatman - LOL Bernie!!
Bernie B. GNWC director - The RCL invite will be the pro and co-angler RCL owner who finishes the high in the team of the year, among all five divisions, meaning the team that does the best in points.
ebijack - Bernie, does the co-angler has to have a RCL boat?
Bernie B. GNWC director - No, just the pro for the Championship.
Gu - Top RCL owner, not other owners?
Chatman - Now that is neat Bernie! Kinda the way the top B.A.S.S. Federation anglers get into the Championship.. 
Bernie B. GNWC director - The pro and co-angler from the GNWC Championship, in October, will be the first ones invited to fish the 2004 RCL Championship!
ebijack - Bernie, will Wal-Mart's be the main weigh-in sites or just at the ramps?
Bernie B. GNWC director - One cool thing about the national championship too, every team will get $100 in spending money that they can spend at any chamber of commerce member, they can use it like cash for gas, motel, restaurant, etc.
Bernie B. GNWC director - Or give it to the wife and send her shopping while you're fishing!!
Bernie B. GNWC director - Just the ramps or resorts for us.
Chairman - That's nice, they spend enough and any break will be good!
Bernie B. GNWC director - We'll have the Championship $100 bonus at some of the State Championships too!!
Bruce - What does Team of the Year win?
Driftr - I travel light anymore, no wife
Bernie B. GNWC director - Can't say yet Bruce, I have not inked the contract with the sponsor.
Chairman - Bernie, I can get the Phone # and web site in my paper to help. 160,000 copies!!
Gu - Do you have any closed times before tournaments for pre-fishing?
Doug Burns - As a member of the Chamber here in Okoboji we are very excited to have this event coming our way.
MNwalleyehunter - Bernie....anything special for 20 year olds that fish the tourneys???
Chairman - Yes, 40 more years of fishing ha, ha!
Bernie B. GNWC director - You get the youth edge over us old codgers!!
ebijack - Good one Bruce :)
MNwalleyehunter - This is true chairman!
bob oh - I hope he can fish for more than 40 more years !!!
Bernie B. GNWC director - I think the guys will really like going to Okoboji in October. A lot of options with a good shot at a whopper!
Driftr - Hopefully my son will go for it.
MNwalleyehunter - "your only as old as you think"
Bernie B. GNWC director - You have anything you want to say Steve?
Steve Weisman - I would like to say that I'm really excited about providing the publicity for all of these tournaments. Also, East Okoboji was the hot lake this fall - lots of 18-21 inch fish from mid-September through late October.
Bob Kidd - On your first tournament in March if you want the DNR to collect your fish let me know? They will take them back to the hatchery and milk them for rocking.
Chairman - Bernie are you still having the Iowa tournament?
Bernie B. GNWC director - I'll be doing most of the WI ones, but Dean Higgins will be doing a couple.
Bernie B. GNWC director - The IWTT just becomes a division in the GNWC.
robert(bracketpro) - Thanks Bernie!
Chairman - Ok, that sounds good. It is a good bunch of guys.
Bernie B. GNWC director - Thanks Bob!
Chairman - I'm glad you got the director job for this new one. 
Gu - I gotta go, SUPERTROLLER has left the building!
Bernie B. GNWC director - Thanks Chairman, I'm exited about it.
Chairman - You have my #'s Bernie, give me a call sometime. 
Doug Burns - I'm from Herville Iowa. Just 18 miles from Okoboji.
Steve Weisman - For those who are considering the GNWC this year, I think you will find that Bernie runs a class tournament. We've had a lot of good tournaments in Iowa over the years, and I look forward to seeing the great tournament teams in the other four states.
Bernie B. GNWC director - I'll do that Bruce, but I'm too embarrassed to go dove hunting with you again. 
robert(bracketpro) - Bernie! is the GNWC a Ranger sponsored circuit?
Bob Kidd - Bernie, Looks like you guys have put a lot of thought into the GNWC. Wish you the best, if I can be of any assistance in Illinois give me cal or e-mail. Good Luck!
Bernie B. GNWC director - Ranger is a sponsor. We will be giving away $6000 in Ranger certificates for the top teams at the Championships, plus some other bonus stuff!
Chatman - Bernie can you list your site address again?
Bernie B. GNWC director -
robert(bracketpro) - Thanks!
Bernie B. GNWC director - Thanks Bob, I appreciate it, hope you guys have a great year!
Bob Kidd - I've gotta go!
robert(bracketpro) - Same to you guys ,good luck and keep looking forward!
robert(bracketpro) - Thanks Ralph! Merry Christmas! And happy new year to all!! Please be safe------Robert...
Bernie B. GNWC director - Our new magazine Walleye Wisdom is going to the printer On January 6th. If you want a free copy go to our website and request one.
Doug Burns - Good luck with the new endeavor Bernie. Nite all.
Bernie B. GNWC director - Thanks Doug Merry Christmas!
Bernie B. GNWC director - Well, thanks for having me guys, if there are no more questions, I'll hit the road.....
ETT - Bernie, good luck & thanks!
Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen a round of applause for Bernie Barringer of the GNWC!
wa_walleye - Thanks Bernie travel safe!
Driftr - Thanks Bernie!!
Steve Weisman - Once again, thanks for checking out our GNWC website. Hope to see you at some of the tournaments! Time to go.
Chatman - Thanks Bernie! And thank Steve!
Bernie B. GNWC director - Bye all!!
Chatman - Thanks again Bernie, and Merry Christmas!