Sue D. of Guest Chargers   Chat 7/17/02

Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm, Walleye Central Welcome to Sue D of Guest Chargers!!!
perchjerker - Hey, hey!!
Sue D. - Thanks Chatman!
Ness - Clap, clap, clap.... welcome, Sue!
Chatman - Clap, clap, clap!!
RoyGPA - Hiya Sue!
Sue D. - Hi all!
perchjerker - Hi Sue!
Chatman - So Sue, let's start off with a little background info on you and Guest Chargers...
Sue D. - Where would you like me to start?
Chatman - What officially is your title?
Sue D. - My official title is now Technical Support Manager.
Chatman - And how long have you been with guest?
Sue D. - I have been in this job at Guest for 4 years, but with the company for 5.
Chatman - You should be able to add, "Walleye Central Message board charger problem solver" to your title too!!! LOL!
Sue D. - I started as a part time temp.
Sue D. - Well, only for the Guest chargers!
Ness - You've done well... :-)
Sue D. - I might get into trouble by commenting on other manufacturers products!
Sue D. - Thank you Ness.
Chatman - How many marine charger models are there in the Guest line up?
Sue D. - Sometimes it's hard to keep up with all of you!
Sue D. - More than I can count up quickly!
Sue D. - There are 2 portable..
perchjerker - I just wanted to thank Sue for sending me a new owners manual a few months back, it was a lifesaver! And it came very quickly!
Sue D. - 2 Portable, 2 maintainers and about 10 more for anywhere between 1 
and 4 batteries.
Chatman - With all the 36-volt systems out there, and many boats having 4 batteries now, what might a typical recommendation be as to what models to use?
Sue D. - And all of them are waterproof!
Chatman - Would you recommend two, 2 bank chargers, or 1 three bank and a single, etc...
Sue D. - For 4 batteries and a 36 volt system, a 2635. It will handle all 4 batteries with a single unit. 
Sue D. - The 2635 contains 4 separate chargers in one housing.
Ness - That's cool.... 
Chatman - How long are the charging leads?
Sue D. - 10 amps to each battery in the 36 volt system and 5 amps to the engine start battery.
Sue D. - The DC leads are 6 feet, but they can be extended if needed.
Sue D. - We have also just introduced 2 new chargers with 15 amps to each battery
Sue D. - It is available in either a 2-bank or a 3-bank model.
Chatman - Sue are there recommendations on how to extend the leads?
Sue D. - The best way is to use solder and shrink sleeve it.
Chatman - What gauge wire should one use?
Sue D. - You can use the extension kits that Guest offers, but I recommend getting your own 14-gauge wire.
Sue D. - It's cheaper!
Eyesrfn - Sue I know a friend used hard wire once had nothing but trouble is it always better to go with a braided wire?
Chatman - When I extended my leads, I used 14 gauge, outdoor extension cord. I soldered and shrink tubed the connections, then sealed the whole splice with liquid electrical tape.
Sue D. - We use only stranded wire
Chatman - Do you think I was thorough enough??? LOL!
Sue D. - Well, maybe!
Chatman - I never had a problem.....
Ness - You don't take chances, do you, Chatman?
Sue D. - That's better than wondering why your batteries aren't charging!
Chatman - Hey, I put my boats in some hairy places with the trolling motor, I cannot afford to have the power run out because of a poor connection on a lengthened lead...
Sue D. - Or having a dead battery at a tournament either!
Chatman - I went with two 2-bank chargers for weight distribution and conservation of storage space, I do not remember the models #'s though..
Sue D. - They would be either the 2611 or 2620 models.
Chatman - You mentioned a 15-amp charger now? How is that for use on a gel battery? Do the chargers monitor each battery and can detect the best rate of charge for the battery type?
Sue D. - Actually, the chargers are set to not exceed the maximum for gel cell batteries.
RoyGPA - I've had a Guest 3-battery charger for about 8 years now, it's working great!!
Sue D. - Roy, which model are you using?
RoyGPA - I hafta go look, it's been so long, I 
don't remember.... LOL!!
Sue D. - The 15 amp chargers are also separate chargers in one housing.
Sue D. - 2730 for 2 batteries and 2745 for 3 batteries
Chatman - What are the advantages and disadvantages of a 15 amp over a 10-amp charger?
Sue D. - Faster charging.
Sue D. - It comes in handy for Guides that have a short turn around time between trips.
Eyesrfn - Sue, does faster charging vs. slower charging 
hurt your battery life?
Sue D. - Not at all.
RoyGPA - It's a 2617 Sue. I just checked and the little 
green light was glowing away, telling me everything is OK!
Sue D. - The three stages are designed to maximize battery life.
Sue D. - Roy, that's an oldie!
Eyesrfn - And sounds like it's still working! LOL!
RoyGPA - I had a problem in the 1st year, but it was replaced under warranty and has worked ever since!
Sue D. - I like hearing that it is still working!
Chatman - As far as I know, the original charger is still in the boat I ran from 1993 to 1995....
Sue D. - I don't get many calls telling me that everything is OK!
RoyGPA - My trolling motor batteries are as old as the charger and are still working! They're almost like new and still put out enough juice for me.
Chatman - But then how much fun would your job be Sue...;-)
RoyGPA - I figure it's due to the charger....
Sue D. - I could devote a bit more time to fishing maybe...nah!
Ness - Sue, hubby's been after me to get an onboard charger, tell me why I should go with Guest?
RoyGPA - I'd buy another tomorrow if needed.
Sue D. - Well...I'm a bit biased.
Ness - Yeah... well??????
Sue D. - Maybe one of the others here?
Sue D. - Anyone?
Chatman - Because they work??
RoyGPA - Because it sure beats hooking up a portable charger, cause it makes batteries last a long time!
Sue D. - Well Ness, Guest pioneered the potted waterproof design.
Ness - Really, I didn't know that.... 
Sue D. - Although others have tried to copy it, most have not been able to.
RoyGPA - Their a major league convenience!!
Chatman - I always wonder how water proof, waterproof is..
RoyGPA - You just hook it up and forget about it.
Sue D. - Unlike many "waterproof" chargers out there, Guest does not seal the housing!
Chatman - You don't know for sure till the first time you submerge something...
RoyGPA - Oh, and because Sue is a nice person....
Sue D. - The chargers work better underwater. 
Ness - Keeps them cool?
Sue D. - Yes.
Sue D. - I spoke to one customer about his experience with a submerged charger.
Chatman - If the housing is not sealed, how do you keep the water from doing damage to the internal components?
Sue D. - I think he even posted it here a few times.
RoyGPA - And if you have a problem during the warranty period, they solve it no questions asked.... but then again the guy I worked with may have retired by now.. LOL!!
Ness - I've seen a lot of good things said about Guest on the board...
Sue D. - He forgot to remove the plug from his boat and it flooded in a storm. Only the charger worked when it all was dried out.
Chatman - I basically just plug my chargers in and forget them. I have not had to worry about problems, so I do not know a whole lot about what makes them tick...
Sue D. - The components are fully encapsulated in thermal epoxy.
Ness - Why thermal epoxy??? 
Chatman - How much room does a charger need in a compartment, and do you need some ventilation around the charger?
Sue D. - We use Thermal Epoxy as it is waterproof, shock proof and easy 
to work with.
Sue D. - It also is not electrically conductive.
Sue D. - We recommend 8 inches around the charger in a closed compartment.
Chatman - I always lifted the lids and removed anything piled on them, never have any problems...
Sue D. - Or you can reduce the space recommendations if you leave the compartment lid open.
Sue D. - More airflow is better and can reduce you charging time.
Chatman - How warm should a charger get during the charging cycle? We have seen a few questions about that on the message boards.
Sue D. - I'm not sure about the temp, but it should not get so warm that you cannot keep your hand on it during the bulk stage
Sue D. - The bulk stage is when the charger is putting out the highest amperage and it gets the warmest.
Chatman - I know this is after the fact, but in a case like I rigged my last boat, do you at guest have any concerns about tying the two power cords together?
Chatman - I spliced one into the other and ran them boat to a central plug receptacle.
Sue D. - Not a problem. The AC draw is very low.
RoyGPA - Does Guest have a website now.....when I bought mine the Internet hadn't been invented yet...
Chatman - This way I had only one plug point and needed only one cord.
Sue D. - Yes, we do. It is
Sue D. - We also have a new site combined with our sister company Marinco.
Sue D. - Lots of good information. It is
Chatman - Are the 15 amp, 4 battery chargers new? And what else may be new and exciting that we may be interested in Sue?
Sue D. - The 15 amp charger is not yet available in 4 banks.
Chatman - Oops, my mistake, but they are available in 10-amp for 4 batteries? And are the 15 amp, 4's on the horizon?
Sue D. - We will be introducing new chargers for salt water soon!
Sue D. - The 4 bank is a 10,10,10,5. Not sure if a 15 is coming.
Ness - Can you order right online at Sue????
Sue D. - No Ness, sorry. As a manufacturer we do not sell direct. 
Sue D. - You can locate a dealer at the Marinco website.
Chatman - Are Guest Chargers available as a factory option with any Boat manufacturers Sue?
Ness - Okay, I'll try that then...thanks!
Sue D. - Many manufacturers do offer Guest as an option
Sue D. - Ness, give me a call at Guest at 1-888-483-7865 ext 135. I'd be happy to discuss your set up and recommend a charger
Ness - Thanks, Sue
Sue D. - Anytime. That's the fun part of my job.
Chatman - I guess I'll have to pay attention when I order the new boat....but then I am not sure they'll put the charger(s) where I want them....LOL!!
Chatman - I get real particular about where stuff goes in my boats.....
Sue D. - Chatman, not all boat manufacturers offer Guest
Sue D. - Some only offer chargers by other manufacturers.
spinner - Sue, how much voltage should a fully charged battery have when fully charged?
Ness - There's nothing wrong with that, Chatman.
Chatman - As I say, I'll have to see, but I have put my chargers in all my boats, except one....and they put it in the wrong place...LOL!
Ness - :-)
Sue D. - A fully charged battery on a Guest charger will read 13.3 -13.5 Volts DC.
Sue D. - It is a bit lower than a lead acid battery will accept, but does not exceed gel cell recommendations.
Chatman - Will a guest charging indicator signal you if there is a problem? 
Chatman - You know, flash red and green alternately or something of that nature?
Sue D. - It will, but it is not always obvious.
spinner - Sue, if it does not have that much, what do you get it to get there, mine shows 12.6 to 12.8.
Sue D. - A green led when you know your battery is very discharged can be either a blown DC inline fuse. 
Sue D. - Or the charger does not realize that it is hooked up to a battery and you have an open circuit voltage.
Sue D. - Spinner, I'm not sure what you are asking.
Chatman - I had a bad battery once where the charger kept going from green to red. One quick call and I found out it was the battery. I checked the gravity and sure enough, one puked battery.
spinner - Sue, should you check the battery with a voltage gauge or a gravity gauge?
Chatman - As batteries age, I am told they loose their capacity to some degree, could this be your situation spinner?
Sue D. - Voltage gauge or multimeter works just fine.
Sue D. - That would definitely cause batteries to be at a lower voltage.
spinner - This is a brand new interstate SRM 27 battery.
Sue D. - Spinner, has the battery been hooked up to a charger?
spinner - Yes it has.
Sue D. - For how long and what brand and/or model?
spinner - It has been on about one hour.
spinner - The charger is a Schumacher.
Sue D. - How many amps on the charger?
spinner - It's a 10-amp charger.
Sue D. - An older or a newer charger?
spinner - It is a little older one.
Sue D. - It is probably a transformer based charger. 
spinner - Yes.
Sue D. - If it is, it will take about 5 -6 hours to bring the battery up to full charge.
Chatman - Any last questions for Sue as we wind down tonight? Has Sue missed any questions?
Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a hearty round of applause for Sue D of Guest Chargers!!!!!
RoyGPA - Thank you SUE!
Chatman - Clap, clap, clap, clap!!!!!
Ness - Clap, clap, clap.... thanks for the info, Sue!! I'll be in touch
Sue D. - Thanks for having me!
Sue D. - And thanks for such a great website!!
Chatman - We try Sue, and thank you for your continued presence on the message boards!
Sue D. - I'm always lurking, you know, like the Shadow!
Ness - Hahaha....