Impromptu Detroit River Chat

chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen a Warm Walleye Central welcome for Captain Nick Homayed!
Driftr - Welcome Capt. Nick !!!!
Driftr - Clap, clap, clap!!!
Ristorapper - Welcome NICK!
Stacker - Hi Nick!
capt nick - Hello everyone!
Den - Clap, clap, clap!
capt nick - What do you want to talk about tonight?
Dan(MI) - Would you rather fish Canadian or the US Side of Lake Erie, upper or lower?
capt nick - Lower for sure!
Ristorapper - Why?
capt nick - The US side is always cleaner.
capt nick - I won't tell you where I'm fishing though.
Stacker - Where are you guys fishing, Detroit?
Type Name Here - Why not Nick?
Den - Nick, do you think the river will be cleaner than the lake at tourney time?
capt nick - No way!
Type Name Here - Ah come on...
capt nick - The river is always, rule of thumb, a little dirty.
capt nick - But, that can be good! 
Den - The Lake here is a mess right now. 
Stacker - When does the pre-fishing start for the RCL?
chatman - Has there been rough weather?
capt nick - I was out today, the water on the river was like pea soup!!
Swede - When the lakes are clear here, there's bad Fishing!
Dan(MI) - Nick, what length leads work best for You?
Den - Yes Chatman, there's been lots of North wind!
capt nick - 5 foot leads on the bottom and 12 foot on the top.
Ristorapper - And what is on the end of the leads Nick?
Dan(MI) - What kind of line do you prefer?
capt nick - 17# Stren line.
Dan(MI) - I use 25lb Trilene, is that too heavy?
capt nick - No, most old timers down here buy whatever is on sale, and do well.
capt nick - When handling, everything works in the river.
capt nick - The fish hit first, and spit it out later. You just have to be there when they hit!
chatman - Any of the old timers still using widow weights and sash cord?
Dan(MI) - Wow, never heard of those.
capt nick - I don't think so but some of these guys don't like to try new things and don't like talking to anyone. Those are the ones that catch the most fish!!
capt nick - I have to run, let's have Rick LaCourse take over.
Driftr - Yo Rick!
Swede - Hi Rick!
Ristorapper - Welcome Rick!
chatman - I was out there in the 80's, early 80's, and ran into a fellow with a 16 foot boat. He had some old window weights and sash cord he used as a handline! He used mono leads and snubbers but not the steel line.
WI2KY - Hi Rick!
Rick LaCourse - What do you mean take over?
Stacker - When can you guys start pre-fishing?
Rick LaCourse - As soon as we want.
chatman - We are having an impromptu Detroit River chat with Captain Nick.
Rick LaCourse - Hi Nick!
capt nick - Rick, take over this room. They need someone that knows handlining!!
capt nick - And, your one of the best!
Den - Hello Mr. LaCourse!
Rick LaCourse - Nah, the jig master is in the room!
Rick LaCourse - Hi Den!
capt nick - Jigging? Yes, handling is for older guys that cant jig!!
chatman - LOL!
Rick LaCourse - Nick is one of the best on the Detroit River!
Stacker - Hahhahhahahahahahah Nick!
Rick LaCourse - I resemble that remark!
capt nick - Not anymore, everyone is catching fish! 
Den - LOL!
capt nick - In the 80's, I was one of the only jiggers on the river!
Rick LaCourse - Your still the best!
capt nick - Now everyone is doing it better and better as time goes on!
Dan(MI) - If everybody is catching fish now, what will make the difference for the winners, Luck?
chatman - Handlining almost faded into obscurity in the rest of the country, was it ever less popular on the Detroit River?
capt nick - Never!
capt nick - The best do it and that's all they do!
Rick LaCourse - It is more popular now.
capt nick - Nighttime handlining is unreal some nights!
Stacker - Nick, how many fish in one night is an unreal night, while handlining?
Rick LaCourse - I've handled a couple of hundred walleyes.
Driftr - In one night?
Rick LaCourse - Yep!
capt nick - Yes!
Driftr - Wow!!
Rick LaCourse - That's with 3 leads, as fast as ya dropped them in!
capt nick - I've seen Ron Walsh take 20 fish in 15 minutes!!
Dan(MI) - Nick, I never night fished the Detroit, how long does the good fishing last, what months?
capt nick - All spring and summer long!
capt nick - It does get harder to do when the weeds are coming down river.
Dan(MI) - Can you get trophy's consistently like in the spring in summer?
Rick LaCourse - I've seen nights ya can't move in the boats!!
Driftr - How deep is the river?
capt nick - Anywhere from 45 to 1 foot deep.
Rick LaCourse -It's mostly males up to 5 lbs.
capt nick - Yes mostly males.
Swede - Those catches are on spawning fish?
capt nick - The big hens go down to Eddison and stay down there.
Rick LaCourse - No, this is all post spawn.
Swede - Ok.
Rick LaCourse - There is no spawn in the river.
Stacker - Do you guys do a lot of hovering and covering a spot, or pull them against the current?
Swede - We're not allowed to fish on spawning spots Here.
capt nick - Rick take over, I'm going fishing! It was nice talking to everyone and if you need someone after April to host, I'm always around!!
Rick LaCourse - I like to cover ground.
capt nick - Peace everyone!
capt nick - Bye! 
chatman - Thanks Nick!!
Swede - Here, they spawn both in river & lake.
Rick LaCourse - Hey Nick!
Den - Nite Nick!
Dan(MI) - Bye Nick, see ya on the water!
Driftr - C-ya Nick!
Swede - Nite Nick!
Ristorapper - Thanks Nick!
Rick LaCourse - The current is so fast they feel it's not productive.
Den - Don't stop now foot!!
Rick LaCourse - Why me? I've been good!!
chatman - LOL!
Stacker - What's not productive Rick?
chatman - How did you end up at Spring Valley Rick?
Rick LaCourse - 49th place Chatman.
Den - That's why you be nominated, we haven't fished there, you have!!
Dan(MI) - Your the high seniority guy here Tonight!
Driftr - You haven't been here much!
Ristorapper - Current?? 7-8 mph??
Rick LaCourse - LOL!
Dan(MI) - Rick are you fishing tomorrow?
Rick LaCourse - If the river cleans up the jiggers will rule!!
Rick LaCourse - No, Friday I hope.
Dan(MI) - I'm hoping to get out with Scott G. Friday.
Den - Hope?
Rick LaCourse - I don't think the lake will clean up enough.
Rick LaCourse - I'll be with him.
Rick LaCourse - You know Den.
Stacker - how did you fish at Spring Valley? Cranks or jigs Rick?
Den - LOL!
Rick LaCourse - I handlined in the Spring Valley tournament.
Stacker - Ahhh!
Stacker - If I can ask, what lures were good for you down there?
Swede - Can you explain handlining Rick? 
Rick LaCourse - We had a bad first day, but came back on Sunday!
Swede - How do you handline, etc?
Rick LaCourse - The Excalibur Minnow was my best lure there.
Swede - Handlining might work over here too!
Stacker - Thanks!
Rick LaCourse - Handlining requires a spring-loaded reel, 60lb wire 1 1/4 lb weight two leads and lures.
Driftr - What keeps that from snagging up?
WalleyeWiz - Rick, will you jig or handline in the Detroit River?
Rick LaCourse - Driftr you'd use it like a bottom bouncer, touch and lift
Driftr - Ok
Dan(MI) - Has anybody used Renosky's Pirate Joe lures yet?
Swede - Ok, no releases used?
Rick LaCourse - They have never been in the water
Stacker - No, have you Dan?
Den - I have used the older ones, Rick has used the newer ones.
Rick LaCourse - No release used with handlining.
Swede - Ok.
Rick LaCourse - When a walleye hits, you bring them in hand over hand, just like ice fishing.
Driftr - What do you think of them Rick?
chatman - Do you use snubbers on the leads Rick?
Driftr - Dan, how are they priced?
Swede - They use them pirates for landlocked salmons here!
Stacker - Anglers are all clamoring about them here in Wisconsin.
Rick LaCourse - I don't use snubbers Ralph.
Dan(MI) - The shallow runners are 2.50 each. 
Swede - Triple the prices here!!
Rick LaCourse - I've used the shallow runners.
Den - Me too!
Dan(MI) - How do they run? I picked them up for early Erie trolling.
Rick LaCourse - The only place I've caught fish with the larger ones was at Dunkirk.
Rick LaCourse - I ran them here last fall and never got bit!!
Driftr - Rick , I wonder how they will do near Erie Pa, deep water here too!
Rick LaCourse - I went back to my Super Rouges here.
Rick LaCourse - I tried them a lot when I got back home and nothing!
Rick LaCourse - And I mean NOTHING!
Driftr - Why not there when they do well in Dunkirk?
Driftr - The water depth is all that is changed.
Rick LaCourse - I don't know.
Rick LaCourse - As well as they worked I thought they would kill them here!
Driftr - I can't get anything here on Reef runners! 
Den - Why not Jim?
Rick LaCourse - I think they have to be run fast is what happened.
Swede - Are you trying hard enough Jim?
chatman - You have to put them into the water for them to work Jim....LOL!!
Driftr - I guess they just want spoons & harnesses here.
Driftr - LOL! 
Rick LaCourse - I don't like them at slow speeds.
Den - Rick, they didn't work at slow speeds for me 
Either. They were ok over 2 mph, and up to 3 mph.
Rick LaCourse - That's the only difference I can see Jim.
Driftr - Another thing here, a purple mirrored Dipsey Diver will out fish any other Dipsey Diver!!
Rick LaCourse - It is the attraction!
Driftr - I have tried this several times.
Driftr - Switched them from port to starboard, and they will always catch more fish on the purple.
Swede - Do you guys troll in tourneys?
Driftr - That's it Rick.
Dan(MI) - I do Swede.
Swede - Are you using downriggers Dan?
Dan(MI) - No Swede, I never fish deep enough to need them.
Swede - Ok.
Swede - Are you using Tomic plugs Dan?
Dan(MI) - No.
TCguide4u - We pull allot of raps here.
Dan(MI) - Swede, mostly spinners, but any crank that'll work.
Rick LaCourse - Well guys I have to go get packed! I'll talk to ya's later!!
chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen a warm round of applause for Rick Lacourse and Nick Homayed for the Impromptu Detroit River Handlining chat! 
Todd_NE - Nite Rick!
Driftr - Good luck Rick!!
Dan(MI) - See ya Rick, maybe Friday.
Den - Later Rick, thanks for the info tonight!!
Rick LaCourse - Thank you!
Swede - Nite Rick!
Rick LaCourse - I hope Juls doesn't beat me to bad!!
Driftr - LOL!
Rick LaCourse - It'd be bad for my image!!!!
Den - LOL! 
Todd_NE - Just don't give her your spots then!
Todd_NE - LOL!
Rick LaCourse - Too Late! She's already got them all!
Driftr - I've gotta run too folks, nite all!!
Melonbob - Clap, clap, clap!!
TCguide4u - See y'all!!
Driftr - Clap, clap, clap!!
Den - Clap, clap, clap!
Rick LaCourse - Goodnight guys!

CHATMANS NOTE: A big thank you to captain Nick Homayed and Rick LaCourse for tag teaming to get us through an impromptu chat about the upcoming Detroit River RCL tourney and Hand lining.