Doug Komrowsky's Kid Chat  5/29/02

Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, children of all ages. Let's have a warm Walleye Central Welcome for Doug Komrowsky, hosting our second Kids Chat!!!
Chatman - (Jeff) Clap, clap, clap!!! Hi!! 
Austin - Hello everyone!
slip-bobber(MT) - Hey Austin, where are you from?
slip-bobber(MT) - Hi RK!
slip-bobber(MT) - Hi Chic!
chic - Hello!
river king - Hi guys!!
Austin - I'm from Northwest Iowa.
Chatman - Howdy RK!
Guest - Hello River King!
slip-bobber(MT) - Any kids here yet??
river king - I'm a big kid, lol!!
slip-bobber(MT) - LOL!
slip-bobber(MT) - Me too!
Austin - Yes Austin, I'm 7!
slip-bobber(MT) - Glad to have ya Austin!
Chatman - Nice to have you here Austin!
slip-bobber(MT) - Are you a fisherman??
Chatman - My 7 year old is right here with me.
slip-bobber(MT) - Put him on Chatman!!
Austin - I'm Fishing a tournament with Dad and my Brother on Saturday.
Chatman - (Jeff) Hello.
slip-bobber(MT) - What kind of tournament?
Guest - Austin what lake are you fishing?
Austin - Walleye tournament, Storm Lake Iowa.
Guest - Ok.
slip-bobber(MT) - Are you fishing with Dad or against him?
Guest - I'm fishing one also, but I'm fishing in Southwest Minnesota.
Austin - I'm fishing with him but I hope I catch more fish!
slip-bobber(MT) - What is your son's name Chatman?
Chatman - That's the spirit!!
slip-bobber(MT) - I do too Austin. Gives you "Bragging Rights."
Chatman - Jeff is here. Jason is 2 and could care less.....
Chatman - (Jeff) Hi this is Jeff.
slip-bobber(MT) - If you beat him, you are in the position to ask for more "STUFF!"
slip-bobber(MT) - Hi Jeff!
slip-bobber(MT) - Do you go fishing with Dad Jeff?
CarpetBagger - Hi all!!
slip-bobber(MT) - Hi CARPET BAGGER!
CarpetBagger - What's up?
Chatman - Ya, tell him you'll tell your Mom you beat him, unless he stops on the way home and buys you a Burger and a shake.....
CarpetBagger - I'm 18. I'm a middle man here!
slip-bobber(MT) - LOL! No problem Carpetbagger!
slip-bobber(MT) - Bribery Jeff??
slip-bobber(MT) - How does Austin and Jeff like to fish??
Chatman - (Jeff) yes, I beat my Dad a lot.......I caught a crappie as long as my hand to my elbow last year.
slip-bobber(MT) - WOW, what did you do with it?
Chatman - A little tiny Rapala.
slip-bobber(MT) - Do you boys like to jig? Pull crank baits?? Bobbers??
Chatman - I use a jig for the little nippers.
slip-bobber(MT) - What is a little nipper?
Chatman - (Jeff) Sometimes I use them, but Dad wants me to learn to cast without Them.
Austin - I like to fish from Dads boat, he got a new boat.
slip-bobber(MT) - A nice boat Austin?
Chatman - (Jeff) My dad sold his boat and we bought a house. But we fish from the shore and catch lots of big fish.
Chatman - Actually, Jeff fished with me more now than when I had a boat!!
slip-bobber(MT) - That is great Jeff! Can't live in a boat!!
slip-bobber(MT) - What did you do with that big crappie Jeff?
Austin - Yes brand new I love it, I even slept over night in it.
Chatman - The no boat thing is tough, the first time since I turned 18, without a boat. A little niper is a runt gill or sunfish, you know those 4 inch ones?
Chatman - Jeff loves to catch them!
slip-bobber(MT) - Oh, ok.
slip-bobber(MT) - They are fun!
chic - Where is everyone from?
Chatman - But he did catch an 18 inch smallmouth last fall.
slip-bobber(MT) - Big boat Austin??
slip-bobber(MT) - Nice fish!
Chatman - (Jeff) I call it Daddy's butt bass!
slip-bobber(MT) - LOL!
Austin - Yes, it is nice.
Chatman - Yes he does, I slipped on the bank going to grab the fish, landed on my backside and my hat flew into the river.
slip-bobber(MT) - Are you boys still in school?
Chatman - (Jeff) Yes, until June..
slip-bobber(MT) - Better the hat than you!!!!!!
Austin - 11 days for me!
slip-bobber(MT) - Then it's off to fishing??
Chatman - A pretty close call. But Jeff loves to tell people about me doin the digger, more than he likes to tell about the fish!!
Austin - Yes I love to fish alot
slip-bobber(MT) - That is what sons are for!!
Austin - Does anyone ice fish?
slip-bobber(MT) - Will this be your first tournament Austin?
slip-bobber(MT) - I do Austin.
Chatman - Not if I can help it...LOL! Jeff has never been...yet...
CarpetBagger - Hey I'm Jeff too!!
slip-bobber(MT) - Popular name I guess.
Chatman - Actually yes, we have 3 very good friends named Jeff. When Number 1 son was born, all 3 thought we named him after them...
Guest - Oops!
slip-bobber(MT) - LOL!
chic - LOL!!
slip-bobber(MT) - Austin, is this your first tournament?
chic - Has anyone in here fished Big Stone Lake?
Guest - Yeah, I have.
slip-bobber(MT) - Not me Chic..
chic - I kinda figured you haven't Slip-bobber.
Guest - You need to fish by the dam.
chic - LOL! Sometimes, yes.
Guest - But be careful ..there a lot of rocks there!
slip-bobber(MT) - Why did you figure that Chic?
chic - You just have to know where to fish.
chic - I figured that cause you are from Montana.
Chatman - My 2nd best finfish ever in Professional Walleye tourneys was on Big Stone 3 years ago.
chic - I don't see a lot of Montana fisherman around here.
slip-bobber(MT) - I fish most of North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota and Montana.
Austin - Yes dad says we will pull crank baits.
chic - Oh, sorry to assume.
chic - Chatman during the MWC tourney?
slip-bobber(MT) - Chic, where are you from?
Chatman - Yes it was the MWC tournament.
chic - The Big Stone lake area.
slip-bobber(MT) - Cranks is a good way to go Austin.
Guest - I was raised just south of that!
chic - Where?
Guest - Tracy.
Chatman - I love that lake, and I love the area. Great fishing and great people!!
chic - Well thanks Chatman.
chic - We are going to miss the MWC this year.
chic - But we have another tourney here this weekend.
chic - So I guess that will make up for some of it.
Guest - MWC??
Chatman - If you'd like a starting point, drive north and work the shorelines south. Toss stick baits and rattle baits. you should contact fish. when the wind picks up hit the points....
Chatman - The fish come and go, and move a lot, but you will find consistent places....
chic - What's that guest?
Guest - What is the MWC?
slip-bobber(MT) - Hey Jeff, you still there?? Is dad hogging the computer on you??
Chatman - Yes he is here...wondering what the "Private" box is for...
slip-bobber(MT) - LOL!
chic - Master Walleye Classic, I believe is the name for it.
Chatman - Actually it is the Masters Walleye Circuit. 
Guest - Oh, ok.
chic -We have had the MWC here for quite a while now and all of a sudden they pulled it from here and put it on Mille Lacs.
chic - So we got another tourney for this weekend.
Chatman - (Jeff) No, I'm typing now.
slip-bobber(MT) - Great!
Guest - We have a tourney this weekend on Lake Shetek.
chic - Cool.
slip-bobber(MT) - Jeff, did you ever catch a pike?
Guest -Yeah it is.
Chatman - (Jeff) Yes, I caught some pike. Little ones. Daddy calls them slimers! 
chic - Hey Chatman, where are you from?
Chatman - Hey Chic, the MWC is supposed to go back there next season or the season after. I am waiting for that one......I have a partner that wants to fish that...
chic - I can't wait!
Chatman - Jeff and I are from the south end of the UP....Menominee/Marinette area, but we were both born in Milwaukee WI.
slip-bobber(MT) - I would like to fish it too.
chic - I miss driving the golf carts!!
Guest - Chatman, is there still some snow up there?
slip-bobber(MT) - Maybe I will bring Tmac.
chic - And chatting with you guys..
Chatman - We sure appreciate the rides and the conversation too...
Chatman - Jeff wanted me to tell you he caught a shnook once...
slip-bobber(MT) - Now that is something I have never caught, tell me about it Jeff.
Chatman - No snow...almost none this year, lots of rain now though. The UP snow was all the northern UP this year.
Guest - Oh.
Chatman - (Jeff) I snagged my shirt once and Dad said I caught a big mouth shnook!
Guest - LOL!
slip-bobber(MT) - LOLOLOLOLOL!
slip-bobber(MT) - Did it take Drag on you Jeff?
Chatman - (Jeff) No.
chic - I once thought I had a really big walleye, but it turned out that all it was, was a fishing pole and minnow bucket!!
chic - My Dad laughed at me! 
slip-bobber(MT) - LOL!
Chatman - LOL!
Guest - LOL I had something like that before
chic - I actually still have that fishing pole and it works good!
Guest - Chic, did you put it on your wall?
Chatman - I have recovered lures before, but never a pole!!!
slip-bobber(MT) - I caught a pair of men's shorts once. Kind of embarrassing.
chic - That's what my dad said LOL!
Chatman - Only if they were yours Doug...
slip-bobber(MT) - LOL!
slip-bobber(MT) - They weren't!
chic - Austin where are you from?
Austin - Iowa.
chic - Did Carpetbagger fall out of the boat? He is not saying much...
slip-bobber(MT) - Somebody apparently lost them in the lake.
chic - Do you ever fish Big Stone?
slip-bobber(MT) - Is the tournament you are fishing your first Austin?
Austin - Yes.
slip-bobber(MT) - I sure hope you win, but if you don't just make sure you have fun!
CarpetBagger - Pymatuning.
Austin - Storm lake, for walleyes.
Guest - What's the walleye limit in Iowa?
Austin - My Dad says 3, for Storm Lake.
Guest - Oh, ok.
slip-bobber(MT) - What is the biggest Walleye the boys have caught??
Guest - 10.7! I caught that on Lake of the Woods. 
slip-bobber(MT) - How about Austin and Jeff??
Chatman - Jeff has yet to catch one......but he reminds me he held some I caught for some photos...
Austin - 18 inches on crank bait at Storm Lake.
CarpetBagger - 12lb 7 oz on Lake Erie.
slip-bobber(MT) - Better fix that Chatman!!
Chatman - (Jeff) I have a picture of me with a Bass in the kids corner here, and one trolling with Dad in his boat in one of his articles..
Chatman - I took Jeff last fall when the sumo piggies were in the river, but it was cold and awful and he wanted to go after a short time...
slip-bobber(MT) - I will check that out later Jeff, way to go.
slip-bobber(MT) - LOL!
CarpetBagger - Erie place like it!
slip-bobber(MT) - You're going to catch a bigger one in that tournament Austin, I just know it!
Austin - Thanks a lot!
Chatman - I think Jeff has the pictures backwards.....there is also a picture of my wife Marge and youngest boy Jason with a walleye in the kids corner...
slip-bobber(MT) - Don't let your Dad out fish you Austin. He is going to be busy with the boat, so someone has to catch all the fish.
Chatman - What's your favorite way to fish Austin? Casting? Trolling? Jigging?
slip-bobber(MT) - I'll check that out too...
CarpetBagger - LOL!! Flood the kids with questions!
slip-bobber(MT) - I'm trying to Carpetbagger. Maybe they can teach us something!
Chatman - When I was yappin about Big Stone before, Jeff had to run to the window as he saw a ship going out of the bay...
Austin - I like trolling and drifting.
Chatman - I bet Carpetbagger can teach us a few things can learn something from everyone.....
slip-bobber(MT) - Do you drift with a jig?
slip-bobber(MT) - That is for sure Chatman.
Austin - I mean trolling & drifting spinners. 
slip-bobber(MT) - Oh, ok I like spinners too.
slip-bobber(MT) - Do you use bottom bouncers or what?
CarpetBagger - LoL! Everyone can teach you something!
Chatman - My partner Max and I took big fish money at Big Stone off a walleye that hit a #2 White Mepps Thunderbug. Do you use those spinners, or spinner rigs?
slip-bobber(MT) - I agree Carpetbagger.
CarpetBagger - I know a 14 year old, he and I just sit around and tie up harnesses all day up at my Dad's camp on Erie.
CarpetBagger - We just sit around and get stuff Right. He has a few of mine tied up, I have some of his.
Chatman - That's winter fun stuff for me....
Chatman - (Jeff) I help my Dad sometimes with the line and beads and stuff.
slip-bobber(MT) - Me too!
CarpetBagger - LOL! Well if some one does good on a harness one day you better believe I'm gonna tie up at least one!!
Chatman - Those are good habits to form Carpetbagger....
slip-bobber(MT) - Do you know how to tie your spinners Austin, or do you buy them?
slip-bobber(MT) - That's why we end up with so many different spinners Carpetbagger.
CarpetBagger - LOL!! I know...
CarpetBagger - Willow leaf blades are my favorite!
Austin - My dad has a Alumacraft.
slip-bobber(MT) - I use a lot of both Indiana and Colorado blades.
CarpetBagger - LOL! I don't have a fancy walleye boat!
CarpetBagger - I have a 16 Bluefin with a 9.9hp, 4 stroke.
CarpetBagger - And a big water boat for Lake Erie.
slip-bobber(MT) - Alumacraft is a good boat Austin. You will catch a lot of fish out of it.
CarpetBagger - I wouldn't mind a Lund when I'm older.
Austin - My Dad's old boat was a Lund.
slip-bobber(MT) - You don't need the fancy boat Carpetbagger, just one that floats.
CarpetBagger - LOL! I know. I have the 22 foot big water hardtop for Lake Erie though..
CarpetBagger - I drag it with my truck.
slip-bobber(MT) - Do you use a trailer or just drag it?? LOL!
Chatman - If you put it on a trailer it might tow better...
CarpetBagger - Ya!
CarpetBagger - It's on a tandem trailer with surge brakes.
Austin - Today is my brothers first birthday!!
slip-bobber(MT) - Tell him happy Birthday Austin!!
Chatman - Cool! What is your brothers name?
Austin - Caden Thomas Hale.
Chatman - Happy Birthday Caden!!
slip-bobber(MT) - When Caden gets older, you going to take him fishing Austin??
Austin - I'll take him fishing when he's bigger.
slip-bobber(MT) - That a boy!
slip-bobber(MT) - That will be two of you that will be trying to out fish your Dad!
CarpetBagger - LOL! I do out fish Dad now...
Chatman - (Jeff) My Dad says I get to help teach my Brother Jason when he gets older too!!
Austin - I have an older brother also.
slip-bobber(MT) - That's great Jeff
slip-bobber(MT) - How old is he Austin?
Chatman - (Jeff) Yeah.
Austin - He is 10, and he will fish the tournament with us Saturday.
slip-bobber(MT) - Sounds like fun.
slip-bobber(MT) - Can he catch more fish than you?
Chatman - (Jeff) I fished in a kid's tournament last summer. I was 3rd place in my age group.
Austin - It's his second one.
Chatman - (Jeff) I caught two nice perch!
Austin - Not ice fishing.
slip-bobber(MT) - Way to go Jeff! What did you catch them on?
slip-bobber(MT) - Did he like his first tournament Austin??
Chatman - (Jeff) A bobber and a jig with a small chunk of worm.
slip-bobber(MT) - Good way to go for those perch.
Austin - Yes he caught a nice catfish.
Chatman - (Jeff) Dad helped me by telling me where to cast and how to catch them because they weren't biting good...
slip-bobber(MT) - Dad's always come in handy that way...
Chatman - The rules said I could only bait the hook and remove the fish from the hook.....and so on. He did most of the work himself.
slip-bobber(MT) - Austin, will you your Dad and Brother be fishing on a team with you?
Austin - Yes, and my Uncle Shawn too.
slip-bobber(MT) - Good thing Chatman, that is probably why he did so well.
slip-bobber(MT) - Four person team Austin?
Austin - Yes.
slip-bobber(MT) - It sounds like you have all the bases covered. I hope you catch a bunch!
Chatman - I don't know about that. Jeff is a fairly good angler and thinks things through on his own. He also changes lures or presentations, or casts to good looking spots on his own...
Austin - So do I!
slip-bobber(MT) - Way to go Jeff, sounds like you are an excellent fisherman already!
slip-bobber(MT) - Good for you too Austin!!
Chatman - Austin, do me a favor. E mail me at and let me know how you do, no matter how you finish. If I get it in time I will edit it into this chat at the end...
slip-bobber(MT) - I sure would like to fish with either one of you, or both someday.
Austin - I will Chatman.
Chatman - Well, as the chat winds down, any of you have a final question for Doug? Or has Doug missed anything?
slip-bobber(MT) - E mail me at Austin. I would like to hear from you too!
Chatman - Thanks Austin!
slip-bobber(MT) - I will email you a picture if you want it Jeff and Austin. I will need your email addresses to do that.
Austin - It was nice to meet all of you.
Chatman - Jeff wanted you to know, if you need to know how to catch little nippers he is the authority....
Austin -
slip-bobber(MT) - Hey, thanks!
Chatman - Ladies and gentlemen, a warm round of applause for Doug Komrowsky and Austin, Carpetbagger and Jeff our future anglers here tonight!!!
slip-bobber(MT) - I will send it tonight Austin.
slip-bobber(MT) - Way to go boys!
Austin - Thanks a lot!
Chatman - {Jeff} Just send the picture to Dad's e mail please....thank you it was fun.
slip-bobber(MT) - You are more than welcome Austin. Good Luck fishing!
slip-bobber(MT) - I'll do that Chatman.
slip-bobber(MT) - Nite Jeff!
Austin - Good bye friends!!
Chatman - Nite!
slip-bobber(MT) - Bye Austin.
Guest - Good Bye Austin.
Chatman - Nite Austin and Carpetbagger!!
Chatman - Thanks Doug!
slip-bobber(MT) - You bet!
slip-bobber(MT) - Nite all!

Chatman'S NOTE: Got this in an e mail from Austin's Dad..... "Hi Doug, this is Austin's dad. He fished in his first tourney yesterday at Storm Lake and he wanted to let you know how it went. It was 32 degrees when we got on the water and water temp was 55. Storm Lake is a shallow lake with about 8 feet max. The best methods are usually trolling crank-baits. We trolled 3 hours to start and lost a nice fish, broke us off! We then drifted with live bait and Austin caught a 16.25 inch 'eye. Third place was 19.75 'eye so Austin's fish was close. I have a walleye tournament over Memorial weekend so Austin might pre-fish with me for a couple days. He says thanks for the pictures you sent. Ryan (Setter) Hale & Austin."

Well done Austin!!!