Ranger Boats Chat - 5/22/02

Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen a warm Walleye Central welcome for George Liddle of Ranger Boats!!!
T-Mac - Clap, clap, clap!!
ChrisNE - Welcome George!
ChrisNE - Clap, clap, clap!
Bob Jensen - Hello ChrisNE and everyone else!!
Chatman - Hi Bob!!
tomd - Hi Bob!
George Liddle/Ranger Boats - Thanks for the opportunity to answer some Questions.
tomd - Good evening, gentlemen.
Chatman - Sonja and Frank should be here soon. Sonja is attempting to log in from the PWT, but technology is giving her a hard time...LOL!!!
T-Mac - How's the weather at Mille Lacs...George?
George Liddle/Ranger Boats - Weather was cold in the morning but warmed to the low 60s most days. Everyone said the fishing was tremendous, just couldn't weigh in everything they caught.
T-Mac - Ok. Gee, it's been snowing here for 20 hrs!
Chatman - Did you get a chance to get out fishing George?
ChrisNE - The wind has been bad here the last week or so.
George Liddle/Ranger Boats - I got a chance to do some fishing a couple of hours a day, between take off and weigh-ins. I had our new promotions manager Jack Fouts with me and he was very impressed with both the MWC and the Cabelas event.
George Liddle/Ranger Boats - We had almost 90 Rangers out of the 300 plus boats that fished the events. We kept Frank pretty busy.
T-Mac - Break him in right...huh, George?
George Liddle/Ranger Boats - Frank has been starting to lose his southern drawl too! 
ChrisNE - Wow! 30% of the field! That has to say something!
T-Mac - Does Frank say ..eh? yet?? Or, ya know?
Chatman - I guess he's spending too much time in Walleye country!
George Liddle/Ranger Boats - We've been working hard to build more and better walleye boats along with a very aggressive promotional and marketing plan. It seems to be working.
Chatman - Can you tell us anything new on the horizon for Ranger and Walleye Boats?
George Liddle/Ranger Boats - I did hear Frank let out a couple of eh's last week...
Chatman - LOL!!
T-Mac - He, he, hheee.....
T-Mac - George, any news on 200 and 225 four strokes in 20" shafts?
ChrisNE - I agree w/ you. The recent JD Powers survey said it all for me.
George Liddle/Ranger Boats - We are going to be adding two new boats for the 2003 model year. I don't want to let too much out of the bag yet. But this will give us six completely different boats for our walleye line up.
tomd - I am looking at buying a glass boat. Whatever you can share without hurting yourself would be appreciated.
tomd - I like the 619, but it is a little large for my garage.
T-Mac - Will I be getting some faxes from you George, concerning those?
Chatman - Sonja and Frank should be here soon....technoculty diffiolagical problems...
George Liddle/Ranger Boats - Unfortunately, it's still just rumor but for our sake I hope we get those 20" motors. We really need them in our western market.
tomd - For me, the 617 would fit better, but does not have the internal storage I need.
George Liddle/Ranger Boats - How big of a garage do you have to work with?
tomd - Length, 21'4"
tomd - That's wall to door lip.
George Liddle/Ranger Boats - The 618 is a modernized 681. The boat is low profile 18ft in length and 83" wide. It is not built on the same deep-V as our other walleye boats. We unfortunately have a large gap between the 619 and 617 for deep-V models.
tomd - So I gathered, tough luck for me?
Chatman - Is the 618 more like the 681V's construction then?
tomd - The waters I fish are Lake of the Woods and Winnebago. (which can get rough fast)
tomd - So I need the depth.
joe - George, will the 618 have a square transom?
George Liddle/Ranger Boats - I wish I had a better answer for you but when we are dealing with space constrictions we are locked in at this time. 
Chatman - Hull construction I mean?
tomd - Understood, George. Thanks for being straightforward!
George Liddle/Ranger Boats - The 618 is very much like a 681 but with a flat transom, it is not a VS hull. 
joe - Thanks!
Chatman - What is the 618 rated for in HP?
George Liddle/Ranger Boats - The 618 is rated for a 150hp max. It is really a highbred musky, bass, walleye boat with a 50-inch live well. 
Chatman - I think I am in love again!!!!
tomd - T-Mac ... where do you wind up fishing walleyes in Montana???
Chatman - LOL!! (PS, don't tell my wife!!! LOL!)
ChrisNE - Gotta mow the lawn guys....great boats George!!! C-ya!!
tomd - George, I am curious. How does the factory manufacture boats? One style/length per "run" or what?
T-Mac - Is the entry profile of the 618 blunt like 681, George?
George Liddle/Ranger Boats - Thanks Chris!
George Liddle/Ranger Boats - The boats are all made to order. Ranger does not build stock boats. We also build them as the orders come in. 
tomd - So, the forms are set aside, re-fit as the order comes in?
George Liddle/Ranger Boats - The entry angle is similar to a 681 T Mac.
tomd - I am a retired director of quality so, forgive my curiosity with the processes..
T-Mac - Thanks George, that's good!
George Liddle/Ranger Boats - That is correct. Are you referring to forms as molds?
tomd - Yes I am.
iamwalleye1 - I have to say I do love mine! It is a great boat.
Chatman - Tom, each model has several hull and cap molds. They are used as needed by order. No boat is pre-built, it must be ordered to be built.
Chatman - I recommend anyone take the Ranger Factory tour it is fascinating!!
tomd - Are the stringers separate molds or are they built into the hull at the time the hull is "laid"?
T-Mac - Yes it is a great tour!
George Liddle/Ranger Boats - It takes 6 deck molds and 6 hull molds to build one boat a day. I don't want to go into manufacturing that's really not anything I am very good at. But we leave our boats in the molds longer than other people. So we need more molds.
tomd - Ok, gotcha!
tomd - Thanks!
Chatman - Tom. the stringers are built as needed for that particular model. Then fitted and bonded into each specific models mold.
tomd - Thank you.
George Liddle/Ranger Boats - The stringers are fiberglass and made in a separate mold then they are glassed into the hull attached to the other components in the hull and then foam filled.
tomd - When you come up with a new design like the 618, do you have engineers involved with the basic design or how is that done?
George Liddle/Ranger Boats - Do you guys really think Frank and Sonya are trying to get on the site? 
Chatman - Sorry bout that George, beat you to the punch.....LOL!!
Chatman - I know they are George, I have been in phone contact with her....
George Liddle/Ranger Boats - Are engineers are very much involved with the design and testing along with our pro staff. 
George Liddle/Ranger Boats - What kind of new boats would you all like to see?
Backwater Eddy (ND) - Are there many lay out options available for the center console models? 
Mapguy - Fish 'n ski combos!
tomd - For me? As you might guess, more storage in the 617 or something that fits the 617 to 619 gap.
Backwater Eddy (ND) - That's easy, a shallow water Friendly, center console, inboard jet.
George Liddle/Ranger Boats - The lay out options do not vary in our 200 C and 175C . The only difference is length and width. We added a 21 ft fish and ski this year that did very well. And there are plans for an 18ft in the future.
George Liddle/Ranger Boats - Point well taken Tom!
George Liddle/Ranger Boats - I don't know that we will ever get into the in board jet business. But we never say never!!
T-Mac - Naw, puhlease George!
George Liddle/Ranger Boats - T Mac are you selling any jet boats?
tomd - I actually like the 617 size. I just think some revisions in the internal layout would make it more usable for my wife and me.
Mapguy - Good deal. I've heard rumors of some district changes, anything official?
Chatman - Yes, like a layout more like the 619/620 Tom?
tomd - Yes
T-Mac - Small jet OB's George?
tomd - Do you agree, Chatman?
Chatman - Personally, yes.
T-Mac - 1650's, 1756 and 1860's George.
Chatman - But then that's just my humble opinion. It sounds like the 618 will be an ideal boat for where I now live and fish...
George Liddle/Ranger Boats - How much storage is needed in the 617? Can we sacrifice floor space to accommodate this need.
tomd - George, do you get any feedback on depth in the boats?
Backwater Eddy (ND) - I would like to see the center console set back more for more forward deck room and more seating options.
Chatman - Sonja wanted me to know she was unable to log in tonight...and Frank has to go back to the trailer to help out a bit....
Jeff m - I have a question about the 620.
Jeff m - How many different windshields are Available?
Jeff m - I've seen smaller ones and taller ones??
Chatman - Tom, in my observation, if the 617 had storage in behind the seats, similar to the 619/620, it may sell better. That is the single biggest issue voiced to me at the Shows I work in the spring.
George Liddle/Ranger Boats - We have 3 windshields styles, low profile Plexiglas, high profile and a walk thru windshield.
Jeff m - I see. I believe I have the low profile or sport ones but I ride high because of Glyde Rydes.
tomd - I agree with Chatman.
tomd - I am looking at the 2002 brochure for ideas.
Jeff m - Would there be a taller one or with Glyde Rydes are there no windshields that will keep your face below the shield?
T-Mac - Have you gotten into a 617 yet, Tom?
George Liddle/Ranger Boats - Glyde Ryde seats will raise you above any windshield that we currently have.
Jeff m - Alright, thanks!
George Liddle/Ranger Boats - Tom, where do you live? We will get you a brochure.
tomd - I have one now and I am looking at it. 
T-Mac - Tom have you climbed into a 617?
George Liddle/Ranger Boats - Ok, great.
Chatman - My opinion of the 617 is based on personal preference Tom, but then I always end up adding deck extensions so my interiors look like bass boats of sorts. I also base my storage opinion on comments from perspective buyers I deal with at the Sport shows working for my sponsor dealer and Ranger.
tomd - And Chatman is right, extend the battery/oil storage up to the back of the 2 main seats and you add a lot.
Jeff m - No problem!
tomd - Yes, I was in a 617 at the Milwaukee sports show in March.
Chatman - George, could the windshield mfr. be contacted to do a custom job? I'd think the Glyde Ryde types might all be interested in that.
T-Mac - For the size of a 617, I thought the storage was pretty good. And I have a Heckuva a good price for you on a new, Leftover 617 w/ 150 HPDI!
George Liddle/Ranger Boats - I don't know. Maybe it is something we could look in to.
T-Mac - Hehehe!
tomd - Smiles!!
Chatman - That is my interior opinion too, but I am a bass angler at heart. I am seriously contemplating an 18 to 19 foot Ranger bass boat, but I'll have to see the 618 first!
tomd - You know, T-Mac, I might be interested...
tomd - George, how deep is the 618???
George Liddle/Ranger Boats - I think T Mac has the prettiest 617 I have ever seen!!
tomd - Jeez, George! Don't get kinky!! LOL!!
George Liddle/Ranger Boats - Chatman the 618 will be exactly what you want.
T-Mac - LOL George, it is lovely!
Chatman - I am sure it will George, that's one reason why I am waiting...
tomd - A dual console, T-Mac?
Chatman - T Mac, I think the 617 is a great boat, but I just wonder if there is another way to do the interior. Especially when a guy is looking at the 619/620 and loving the layout, but only can afford a 617 and has the garage space for the 617.
T-Mac - A walk-through.
George Liddle/Ranger Boats - I don't have exact specifications but the 618 is almost identical to the 681.
tomd - You hit my constraints exactly, Chatman.
tomd - And my wife (my fishing partner) would be easier to sell if I could do the 617!!
tomd - *smiles*
Chatman - But George, you know the allure of a bass boat to an avid bass angler! I am sure I will end up with a bass boat and a 618, or a 619...LOL!! Marge will also probably kick me to the curb for that idea!! :)
T-Mac - No commission for you Ralph!
T-Mac - LOL!!
tomd - T-Mac, is your e-mail on that web site?
Chatman - Hey!
George Liddle/Ranger Boats - Just a reminder the 618 is single console Only.
T-Mac - You betcha Tom!
tomd - Ah, I need the walkthrough or dual console.
tomd - I am sick of seeing my wife look like she got wetted down with a fire hose!
Chatman - Not a problem George. The 618 sounds like a great boat, it expands off the very popular, North woods, chain lakes, river bass walleye and Muskie boat that was the 681.
George Liddle/Ranger Boats - It sounded like you needed a dual console as most boat buyers do for their wives.
T-Mac - Ya, Dual is cool!
tomd - She doesn't think she needs one. Just like we did not need the garage door opener, remote vehicle access for the cars, etc..
Chatman - It is hard to tell your wife, shut up, turn around and look at where we've been if you don't like it.....tee heee!!
tomd - Now, those are all REQUIREMENTS!!
tomd - LOL!!
T-Mac - I have done that Ralph... heheheh! ONCE!
tomd - I can't tell her that ... she is my navigator!! LOL!!
Chatman - A smart man does it only once. A wise man only thinks that.....
tomd - Well put!
T-Mac - hehehe!
Backwater Eddy (ND) - LOL!
Chatman - I'm a smart man...
Backwater Eddy (ND) - Yup.
T-Mac - LOL!!
T-Mac - I am smarter..now!
tomd - well, the dual is my 'sale point' for her. I think she will like it after we have it.
tomd - just like that garage door opener, remote vehicle entry system, etc.
George Liddle/Ranger Boats - Thanks guys are we just about ready to wrap this up?
T-Mac - And that lovely drive to the Mountains to 
pick it up. don't forget Tom.
tomd - LOL T-Mac
T-Mac - George, you've only been here an hour!
Chatman - Has George missed any questions? We are coming up to the end of that chat, fast. Now is the time to ask.
Chatman - Dual console boats are great, and if the 618 had one available I'd buy it. But I held off getting a 681 as the new ride was coming down the road and I wanted to see the 618. A single console will be fine for me.
tomd - Is the 618 on your web-site yet, George????
Backwater Eddy (ND) - I have a strong feeling my next boat will be from Montana. ;)
tomd - And is there any idea when it will be on there???
Chatman - Is there a target date to be there?
T-Mac - Ya! A good plan Ed! Hehehe!
T-Mac - Thanks George, I'll call you next week.
George Liddle/Ranger Boats - The dealers are accepting orders now. The reality should be mid August delivery.
George Liddle/Ranger Boats - Thanks T Mac!
RRoller - CYA all later thanks T Mac!! Thanks George!!
Chatman - I'll have to give a call to Steve Lindahl to see if there will be one available to see at the Merc. National or at MW Marine etc...
Backwater Eddy (ND) - Ok, I got a question for Ranger. There are over 500 catfish tournaments in the USA alone every year and several catfish circuits. Does Ranger have a plan to build a pro-cat rig some day? 
tomd - Eddy, what would one of those look like?????
T-Mac - In cammo? With spittoons?
tomd - *laughing*
T-Mac - LOL!
Chatman - LOL!!!
tomd - T Mac! That was bad...LOL!!
tomd - LOL!
Chatman - ROTFLMAO!!!
T-Mac - Hahahahah!!
tomd - Yah, and a Jack Daniel's cooler!
Backwater Eddy (ND) - Eh, what's wrong with spittoons?
tomd - Nothin, our women in Wisconsin use them all the time!
Backwater Eddy (ND) - LOL!
George Liddle/Ranger Boats - We are always interested in new markets. We are working with the Crappie clubs now I guess we don't know what kind of boat would be needed?
Backwater Eddy (ND) - Lots of deck room, and a center console set back would be cool. :)
tomd - Wow, is that right ... 500 tournaments?
George Liddle/Ranger Boats - What kind of boats are they using now?
T-Mac - Eddy would design one, for a fee, I am sure. LOLOL!
Chatman - Thanks George, Ladies and Gentlemen, a hearty round of applause for George Liddle of Ranger Boats!!
T-Mac - Bye George! Thanks!!
tomd - Bye George!
Backwater Eddy (ND) - Ya! Color me there!
tomd - It was nice talking to you.
T-Mac - Good luck fishin George!
George Liddle/Ranger Boats - Thanks everyone for your time.
Chatman - Anytime George!