Camp Walleye Chat 2/2/02

Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen a round of applause for John Hertensteiner and Sonja Pinkert of Walleye Central!! 

Driftr - Welcome John & Sonja !!!!

chartertalk - Clap, clap!!

Driftr - Clap, clap, clap!!

T-Mac - Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Mckoz - Hi!

BigDave - Clap, clap, clap!

Gary Gray - Clap, clap, clap!

Slapshot - Hey, hey!!

bILLY(mb) - Wwoo hoo!!

John and Sonja - The camp counselors have arrived!!!

Chatman - Yahoo!!

John and Sonja - Welcome to camp!

John and Sonja - Our fingers are cold, we need a few minutes to warm them up. We were out making a presentation to 300 people about Camp Walleye.

Gary Gray - How many people do you have signed up for the camps?

Chatman - Well Guys, lets start off with What Camp Walleye is all bout.

ILLY(mb) - Not a clue, but it sounds like fun!

T-Mac - Is Camp Walleye near Walker?

Gary Gray - Sonja, take your mittens of, you will be able to type better!

Mckoz - Better get those two some Brandy and warm em up!

T-Mac - Where is Camp Walleye located?

Driftr - I can't type with mittens either!

Slapshot - LOL!

T-Mac - I can't type..........period!!

bILLY(mb) - And a nice fire to cozy around.

John and Sonja - Camp Walleye is all about walleye fishing and having fun.

Lissa and Sonja P - What do you guys think of the camp walleye concept so far?

Gary Gray - Camp Walleye will be at 6 locations this year.

BigDave - Fishing & fun! :-)

Mckoz - What is the format?

T-Mac - Cool!

Gary Gray - Fun and Fishing, seminars, on the water experience, and lots of fishing!

Driftr - How many days are involved?

Mckoz - Gary, are you going to be at the Dells?

John and Sonja - Check in noon on Thursday, check out at noon Sunday. Lots of fish, lots of fun, fishing with pros.

Gary Gray - 3 days each.

rickn - how long are they, and how much?

T-Mac - Neat.

Little Perch Fry - How much is this camp?

Chatman - Actually 3 days, 3 nights.

Jackpike uk - That sounds good.

Driftr - Everyone will stay in the same location.

Lissa and Sonja P - Lissa Sonja's daughter but Lissa is typing for John and Sonja will answer under Lissa and Sonja P.

DTM - How much real time is spent with a pro?

Gary Gray - It depends on the location Jim.

Gary Gray - All 3 days DTM.

chartertalk - John and Sonja, will this conflict with the RCL going on at the same time ?

Gary Gray - No.

Lissa and Sonja P - Lot's of pro's have confirmed, like Teddy Takasaki, Gary Gray, John Campbell, Chief Papineau, Tommy Skarlis, Daryl Christensen, Frogman, and many, many more.

DTM - How about Wisconsin?

Mckoz - In the Pro's boats or our own, or a combo of both?

Lissa and Sonja P - Only at the Detroit RCL but for the guys who do not make the cut on Friday, they will be able to join us at camp!

rickn - What is the cost?

Lissa and Sonja P - You'd bring your own boat, but can fish in the pro's boat when it is your chance to fish with a pro.

John and Sonja - $699 is the cost for all, except Lake of the Woods. That one is $999

BigDave - Lodging?

DTM - Where do you have the most time with a pro?

Lissa and Sonja P - Lodging and food is included for the price.

Chatman - There are 3 basic camp types for Camp walleye, 2 trophy locations, 2 Canadian resort locations and 2 fishing/casino locations.

Little Perch Fry - What does $699 include

Chatman - Well, almost everything.

John and Sonja - At each camp every angler will either share their boat or a pros boat for half a day.

T-Mac - Where are the 2 trophy locations?

Lissa and Sonja P - Detroit River and Sturgeon Bay are the trophy sites. However Mille Lacs and Lake Of the Woods can give up trophy fish.

bILLY(mb) - Is the 699 American, and the 999 Canadian?

DTM - So it's strictly one half day with a pro.

chartertalk - Will lodging be an issue in Detroit?

Chatman - Billy, both prices are in American funds.

Little Perch Fry - Can we choose who we fish with? Because I want to fish with Ted.

Chatman - The only problem with that Little perch Fry, is half the group may want to do that. And in 4 days it is not possible.

Lissa and Sonja P - No, currently we are working with 3 lodges in that area.

BigDave - Lake Of The Woods?

Mckoz - Did you narrow down the lodging in the Dells?

Lissa and Sonja P - Lake Of The Woods is at Wiley Point Lodge, one of three totem resorts.

rickn - What happens when we aren't with a pro?

John and Sonja - Every night during dinner, we will draw for the next days Pro partners.

Jackpike uk - Well I gotta go now its 02:11 am here, and I'm getting tired. Night all nice chatting with you.

T-Mac - Nite Jack!

chartertalk - Nite!

bILLY(mb) - Later Jack!

Chatman - Good morning Jack!

Lissa and Sonja P - There will be 5 specified times for fishing, when not in a boat with a pro, you will fish with the buddy you brought with you or we will pair you up.

Driftr - Is the $699. per person?

Mckoz - My buddies are too cheap!

T-Mac - LOL!

Lissa and Sonja P - Yes it is per person.

rickn - Is there seminar time?

bILLY(mb) - LOL!

BigDave - What style/size boat is required?

Lissa and Sonja P - Yes, everyone will get fishing time with a pro.

T-Mac - Neat concept!

Chatman - For that cost, all you really need above that is to get there. The price includes all lodging and meals.

Lissa and Sonja P - Yes, the seminars will be every time you sit down to eat, a pro will be speaking to you with knowledge galore. Right Gary?

bILLY(mb) - My wife would kick me, and I don't mean in the butt!

Type Name Here - LOL!

Gary Gray - I hope I have the knowledge, but yes Sonja.

Driftr - Listen to you Gary! :)

John and Sonja - As far as boat size, depending on the water, a 16 ft. boat with a 40 hp motor should be plenty. With the exception of Sturgeon Bay.

DHefner - I was thinking that too Drftr, lol!

Driftr - Yes, he forgot more than I will ever know!!

DHefner - :)

Gary Gray - I am looking forward to big fish at Detroit River!

Chatman - John and Sonja, can you run down the list of dates and locations?

rickn - What's the closest place to South West Minnesota?

Little Perch Fry - Yes...anything in Iowa?

Driftr - That is an awesome place at that time of year!!

John and Sonja - March 7-10 on the Wisconsin River at Wisconsin Dells, WI

Lissa and Sonja P - Lake Mille Lacs would be the closest to you Rickn.

John and Sonja - April 4-7 on the Detroit River at Trenton, MI

T-Mac - What resort at Mille Lacs?

John and Sonja - May 16-19 on Lake Mille Lakes at Isle, MN

John and Sonja - June 6-9 on Rainy Lake at International Falls, MN

John and Sonja - July 25-28 on Lake of the Woods at Ontario, Canada

John and Sonja - September 5-8 on Lake Michigan (Green Bay) at Sturgeon Bay, WI

John and Sonja - Those are all of them!

Lissa and Sonja P - Could we get a quick poll on your favorite location?

chartertalk - Detroit River.

Driftr - Detroit River.

DHefner - Detroit River.

Little Perch Fry - Lake of the Woods.

Mike (MN) - Mille Lacs.

Gary Gray - Detroit River.

rickn - Mille Lacs.

BigDave - Where is Wiley Point Near? Sioux Narrows?

BigDave - Lake Of The Woods.

Lissa and Sonja P - Yes Big Dave, it is just north of Sioux Narrows.

T-Mac - Lake Of The Woods.

Arrowhead - Detroit River.

DTM - Either the Dells or Mille Lacs.

Chatman - Sturgeon Bay, or the Dells.

rickn - Would this camp decrease the cost of walleyes?

T-Mac - Ha!

T-Mac - LOL!!

Lissa and Sonja P - Is anybody thinking of bringing the significant other along?

bILLY(mb) - LOL!

Gary Gray - Sonja, Which Pro's have signed up to fish at each location?

DTM - Dells, the family would actually come along.

Mckoz - I was, and a kid or 2 for the water parks.

Driftr - Sonja, yes I'd be bringing someone.

Lissa and Sonja P - We are stilling finalizing the pros for each site. Not all of them are as efficient has you are Gary.

chartertalk - Do you need more pros?

Driftr - Sonja, what about the Soo?

Little Perch Fry - Can we get camp boats and guides for the Lake Of The Woods trip, or what?

Lissa and Sonja P - Please contact Sonja at the MN office. 952-949-1109.

rickn - Sounds like a lot of fun, but I need to save money for a while.

Little Perch Fry - I don't want to get lost!

Lissa and Sonja P - You will be able to rent boats at Lake Of The Woods. You shouldn't need guides, because we will have the pros as our guides.

DTM - So it is a half day with a pro, is that 4 or 8 hours?

Little Perch Fry - What pros are at the LOTW trip?

BigDave - I've fished Northwest of the LOTW location for years.

BigDave - Little Perch Fry take a good map.

rickn - You won't get lost little, just get to see new water!

Chatman - LOL!

Lissa and Sonja P - It will be 4 hours with a pro in the boat, but the networking that is done at the meals and the after dinner is beyond what you can find anywhere else.

Little Perch Fry - Ok, Dave, I hope I get you!!

DTM - That's very true Sonja!

BigDave - There are a few good spots.

Lissa and Sonja P - We should have the pros down for each site by the end of January.

BigDave - How many openings at each camp?

John and Sonja - currently we have Gary Gray, Tommy Skarlis, John Campbell, CHief Papineau, Daryl Christensen, Keith Segar, etc.

ge1953 - That's not a very strong line up John and Sonja.

John and Sonja - Camps are not limited to any number currently.

ge1953 - What is the charge for the camp?

John and Sonja - Cost is from $699 to $999/per person.

ge1953 - And for how long?

John and Sonja - Thursday noon to Sunday noon, lodging and 9 meals included.

Chatman - 3 days, 3 nights, all meals and lodging included.

iamwalleye1 - Is this a place for a couple?

ge1953 - That's kind of high priced, don't you think?

John and Sonja - Yes we would love to see couples.

ge1953 - John and Sonya you need to get the two Fellegies, Steve and Joe.

Little Perch Fry - I think $999 is a good deal, to be guided by pros on Lake Of The Woods. Because I don't like to hit rocks.

shadowman - Is this camp teaching walleye fishing?

ge1953 - Where is the camp at?

iamwalleye1 - I am looking at the Green Bay Camp, for me and my wife.

iamwalleye1 - That is 699, correct?

ge1953 - Or are there a variety of places.

John and Sonja - Yes this camp is teaching walleye fishing techniques for the 6 different water locations.

ge1953 - And the locations are?

shadowman - Yes, I joined late what are the water locations?

John and Sonja - Sturgeon Bay will be based at the Alpine Resort at Egg Harbor, GREAT location especially to bring your wife!

iamwalleye1 - That's good!

Chatman - Actually, 699 is not a bad price at all. Meals, Lodging, fishing with and learning from pro's and other anglers??

ge1953 - Ok, and the other five?

John and Sonja - March in The Wisconsin Dells, April on the Detroit River, May is on Lake Mille Lacs.

ge1953 - I see and how are the bookings?

John and Sonja - June is on Rainy Lake, July on Lake Of The Woods and September is in the Sturgeon Bay area.

John and Sonja - The bookings have been great.

dc/co - If you figure 3 days fishing with a pro and 3 nights lodging and meals, I would say this is one hell of a deal!!

ge1953 - We tried this with the Infisherman and it didn't work out very well

Chatman - I think that was a different concept.

John and Sonja - Your wife must not have bought you a camp for Christmas. Weren't you a good boy?

ge1953 - How is it different?

shadowman - Is this 1 on 1 stuff? 

T-Mac - This is like going to Spring Training with a pro baseball team.

DHefner - I spent way more than that fishing as an Amateur with the PWT. About double that for 3 days!

ge1953 - Ok, so you will have one pro?

ge1953 - Is that one pro for everyone that signs up?

ge1953 - Or is it one Pro per pair?

iamwalleye1 - 6 pros for the 3 days?

John and Sonja - We are not Infisherman, We are WALLEYE CENTRAL. The biggest and the first walleye web site. We have researched and visited with our visitors and this is what they want.

John and Sonja - You are guaranteed a 4 hour fishing time with a pro.

ge1953 - Well sorry for questioning your integrity.

Chatman - The concept is you will fish with a pro for at least 4 hours, and fish with other like minded anglers and some of the Walleye central staff. You will eat with and learn from the pro's when not on the water.

shadowman - 4 hours over 3 days?

Little Perch Fry - I am a beginner, what kind of walleye stuff should I bring, or is my Zebco good enough?

ge1953 - Well I wish you luck.

Chatman - Thank you 1953.

Backwater Eddy (ND) - What's for supper?

John and Sonja - You will fish 5 specified times during the 3 days. Each time is a full 4 hours.

BigDave - A chance to fish with a different pro or Walleye Central staffer, each day, for three days?

BigDave - Sounds great!

Backwater Eddy (ND) - LOL!

shadowman - How many pros at camp on a given day?

John and Sonja - We will have 1 pro for every 10 participants. So, 50 participants = 5 pros each day.

slickster(MN) - That's good.

shadowman - Ok.

skipjack - It looks like I'm in the middle of a p-in match!

ge1953 - No your not, just a healthy discussion.

skipjack - Oh good, I'll take the waders off!

ge1953 - I hope it works well for you John and Sonya.

iamwalleye1 - What if there are any weather delays at Green Bay?

ge1953 - No arguing here.

BigDave - 1 to 10? How many times are we paired with a pro?

ge1953 - I am just getting some of the facts straight.

Chatman - I agree about the discussion, we want honest input. We are always progressing and always evolving.

John and Sonja - Any other specific questions you can contact Sonja at the MN Office, 952-949-1109 or email

ge1953 - I would agree with you that is why I am asking the questions

Backwater Eddy (ND) - Sounds like a great chance to fish, have fun, and learn to me.

rickn - Thanks, John and Sonja!

ge1953 - Yes Eddy, it can be.

Gary Gray - John and Sonja, Happy New Year

Little Perch Fry - Thanks John and Sonja, I hope to see you there!

T-Mac - Thanks John and Sonja!

T-Mac - And Lissa and Sonja P!

BigDave - :-)

rickn - Yes, and Lissa and Sonja P!

John and Sonja - I am very excited to be able to work with all of you anglers this summer. This will make not getting home every weekend to see the hubby workable. Of course I might just bring him with!

rickn - I can't do it this year, may be next?

ge1953 - I might need to do a story on the Walleye Camp!

iamwalleye1 - John and Sonja, it is a 3 day event at Green Bay. What if the weather is bad? Will you reschedule?

iamwalleye1 - Or will there be more class time?

Gary Gray - I Look forward to the Detroit River, see ya all there!

Gary Gray - now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John and Sonja - we hopefully won't get blown off at Sturgeon, since we are only 7 miles from Strawberry Island. That's why we picked Alpine Resort.

Gary Gray - Yep!

Chatman - There is almost always some protected water, trailerable from Alpine John and Sonja.

iamwalleye1 - Do they have a web site? Alpine Resort?

John and Sonja - If the weather does do us in. We will just listen to the Pros more.

ge1953 - Is that Strochiens resort John and Sonya?

John and Sonja - And enjoy the many other activities that each camp does offer.

John and Sonja - No this it is not at Dale Strochiens resort.

ge1953 - Oh, just asking..

John and Sonja - Yes they do,

ge1953 - Dale has a decent resort as well.

Chatman - Dale was not able to host, He is very busy these days.

ge1953 - What is he doing Chatman?

John and Sonja - Dale's resort is not large enough for the number we are expecting at Sturgeon Bay.

Chatman - Running the resort and still a bit of guiding, keeping really busy I hear. Dale is a good man.

ge1953 - Yes, thanks Chatman.

Gary Gray - Good night John, Sonja, Lissa and Sonja P, and everyone else!

iamwalleye1 - Nite!

John and Sonja - Thanks Gary, will talk to you next week.

DHefner - Night Gary.

Chatman - John, we covered the significant other, but what if a guy wants to bring the family??

John and Sonja - A family is always welcomed. I have had several fathers who are bringing their children.

DHefner - Goodnight All...Thanks Sonja & John!

John and Sonja - Goodnight Hefner, had a great time at the St Mary's hope to have many more. (ps great article.)

DHefner - Cool...have a great night!

John and Sonja - Are there any more Camp Walleye questions for John or Sonja?

T-Mac - Sounds like a neat of luck, guys!

Johnnie Candle - Sonja, I would love to talk with you about helping out some. Could I call you sometime?

Chatman - Are there any more questions for John and Sonja tonight?

Driftr - Great idea to meet others as well as a great time on the water!

John and Sonja - Johnnie, give me a call at the office 952-949-1109. Thanks.

Johnnie Candle - Thanks, I'll try ya in the morning sometime.

Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen a warm round of applause for John and Sonja of Walleye Central and camp Walleye!

Backwater Eddy (ND) - Thank you folks!!!

T-Mac - Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, thanks!

John and Sonja - Thank you all very much and hopefully we will see you at camp!!!

Johnnie Candle - Thanks John and Sonja.

Driftr - Thanks John & Sonja !!!

Driftr - Clap, clap, clap!

Chatman - Clap, clap, clap, clap!!