Glyde Ryde Chat with John Estes - 10/02/02

Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm Walleye Central Welcome for John Estes of Glyde Ryde!!!!!
ETT - Clap, clap, clap, clap!
ChrisNE - Clap, clap, clap!
Driftr - Welcome John Estes!!!!!
Chatman - Clap, clap, clap, clap!!!!
Driftr - Clap, clap, clap!!!
Slapshot - Welcome John!
John Estes - Thanks! 
Slapshot - I see a lot of guys on the tour running Glyde-Rydes in their boats! That holds big for your product!
Chatman - Well John, where do you want to go tonight?
John Estes - Gary Parsons told me the other day they stood the test, Keith didn't break them!
Slapshot - LOL!
Chatman - That's a gold star seal of approval John!
ChrisNE - How'd you get started in the biz John?
John Estes - I have three Glyde Ryde experts with me tonight, Mike Peluso, ETT and Dr. Mike!
Dr. Mike M, D.C. - Thanks John!
ETT - Thanks indeed.
Slapshot - Do you have a product for tiller boats?
John Estes - Chris about ten years ago I bought one of those tractor seats for my old Lund. Norb Wallock found me and we put them on Erie. They folded up in a heartbeat. So began our constant development and refinement of our product.
ChrisNE - That's interesting, thanks.
John Estes - Several tillers have them. Saw one at Mille Lacs in A Warrior. 
Chatman - What basic changes have you made from that first outing with the tractor seats?
John Estes - I had them in my old 1890 Gary Roach boat. They worked just fine.
John Estes - I still do some of the conversions but I have only about 50 left. They're too much trouble with the small springs.
ETT - Are the current seat frames a lot more durable and able to withstand the marine environment?
Dr. Mike M, D.C. - You went from steel to stainless steel, right John?
Chatman - I figure stainless steel is a big part of the ability to better handle a marine environment.
ETT - That's for sure!
Dr. Mike M, D.C. - Plus the length of the springs have increased for durability.
Chatman - How do the seats hold up in a saltwater environment? Any big pond boaters using Glyde Rydes?
John Estes - Most are using the stainless steel Gorilla that just seems to be indestructible. We have several steel prototypes that are exact duplicates of the Stainless version. Stainless is very expensive to make but it's the best.
ETT - They are salt water worthy?
Chatman - The Gorilla Glyde is the Original seat model?
John Estes - A couple of west coast charter guys, State of Washington, has them in Noxious. It's a Weed Airboat that often travels the bay.
Chatman - How, uh, large an angler can the seat support?
John Estes - Also, the Coast Guard has some.
ETT - Pretty dern big! LOL!! 300 pounds or is it 350 John??
ETT - The weight limit??
John Estes - Mark Brumbaugh is pretty good sized, he loves them.
ETT - Is there an official weight limit?? 
John Estes - The Gorilla Glyde is the most current version. Another big guy Glyde Ryder is Jim Flanigan of the 49ers. He used to be with the Packers!
John Estes - I don't put a weight limit on them. Just use common sense.
ETT - Thank you.
John Estes - The new steel units will be gray in color while the Stainless version is powder coated and clear coated chrome finish.
Chatman - That's good, I am topping 300 and would hate to buy one and smash it all to bits under my heft....
Chatman - The spring action is adjustable, right?
ETT - That's right.
John Estes - Dr Mike, what do you have to offer?
John Estes - Right, there is no official weight limit.
Dr. Mike M, D.C. - As far as weight goes, that is dependent on the spring tension.
Dr. Mike M, D.C. - If the spring tension is to loose that can be more harmful than too tight.
Dr. Mike M, D.C. - That will jar the back harder than protect.
ETT - Is there a correct way to set the tension?
Chatman - Do you adjust the tension based on passenger weight, or ride comfort, or a bit of both?
Dr. Mike M, D.C. - The heavier the passenger the higher the tension.
Driftr - My whole body takes a beating.
Chatman - That makes sense.
Dr. Mike M, D.C. - Otherwise you will have too much axial force on the spine.
Driftr - I have fibromyalgia, head to toe. So this is something I really should consider?
John Estes - ETT, you never busted yours did you?
Dr. Mike M, D.C. - Possibly.
ETT - My back or your seat suspension??? Back yes seat no!! LOL!
John Estes - The Gorillas don't require a lot of adjustment like the early version conversions did.
Chatman - I rode in 2 boats with Glyde Rydes, makes a huge difference in comfort!
John Estes - I stand in the seat, jump up and down and adjust until it wont bottom out.
Ness - I've ridden in one, talk about comfort...:-)
Driftr - After 1 day on 2 -4 footers I am shot!
Dr. Mike M, D.C. - They also provide a lot of support for the spine.
ETT - Driftr , you need these, badly!!
Dr. Mike M, D.C. - These seats are truly made for people with disc problems.
Driftr - ETT , I know I do!
ETT - Yep, I have 1 ruptured and 1 herniated and they save my behind, err I mean back -
Driftr - I also had a nerve root in a cervical disc torn.
Chatman - LOL! ETT!
John Estes - Some guys putting in low cost tractor seats I hear. Hope they don't think they have the same thing.
Dr. Mike M, D.C. - Driftr you definitely need a Glyde Ryde.
ETT - The tractor seats are nowhere close!
Chatman - What a bunch of healthy people we are, huh? I was born with a mild form of Spina Bifida and have relatively minor back pain all the time....
Ness - I'm thinking you guys are pretty harmless to hang out with.... the shape that you're all in :-)
Dr. Mike M, D.C. - You guys are worse than most of my patients, LOL.
Driftr - LOL!!
John Estes - In about a month website should be revised to have info on the carbon steel units and other things.
Chatman - Other things?
ETT - Yes Ness, I think you'd be safe. You'd probably out run most of us on one leg.
Ness - On my good days... :-)
Dr. Mike M, D.C. - Carbon steel should be less expensive, right John?
John Estes - The parts for the Glyde Ryde's are all laser cut and extremely precise, but expensive to make. Stainless springs are heat treated and counterwound.
Chatman - Counterwound spring help prevent wracking and twisting of the suspension?
John Estes - Trying to save 100 bucks if I can. Right now the Stainless goes for $482. About the same as a good stainless prop. Not cheap but not a toy ..
Driftr - John, will the carbon steel rust?
ChrisNE - So the carbon steel are in the 380 range then john?
John Estes - Counterwounds add stability and don't load off to one side when they are adjusted. Ergo: No squeaks!!!
Dr. Mike M, D.C. - A chronic disc problem(from an injury) in my clinic will exceed that cost.
Ness - Brb... gotta walk dog
Dr. Mike M, D.C. - I think so Chris
John Estes - Hopefully under 400.
Driftr - Dr. Mike, I know mine has been over 50,000 now
Dr. Mike M, D.C. - Do have anything off john if they buy 2.
Dr. Mike M, D.C. - Yes, driftr when I refer for surgery it can add up.
John Estes - The carbon stl unit will be powder coated protection to make it corrosion RESISTANT. Don't want a rustbucket, just no saltwater.
Driftr - ok for fresh water then
ETT - designed for years of service in freshwater 
John Estes - Yes to Mike M and yes Drftr.
Chatman - Will there be touch up kits available to cover scratched and dings in the finish, or will the powder coating be really tough stuff?
John Estes - Its pretty tough but Devils Lake alkaline has splotched the finish and DuPont cant figure.
John Estes - Seem to have solved it with a clear powder coat over the color coat.
ETT - will the carbon units have the clear coat, John?
Chatman - It's kinda scary about that water if chemists at dupont cant tell why it splotched the finish!!!
ChrisNE - they use an R.O. rinse on the product prior to powder coating...I've heard it helps the salt spray test.
Chatman - If water there damaged the finish, what would the Saginaw river do to it???
ChrisNE - lol
Driftr - do the fish in Devils lake glow?
John Estes - The ones I have done (6) are rainy day gray without topcoat. Trying to save bucks. It sure isn't as pretty as the Stls unit
ETT - OK Thanks
Chatman - How about being able to color coordinate the seat frame with your boat color...
ETT - The stainless color is too good to worry about
Chatman - We have about 5 minutes to go, has John missed any questions so far?
John Estes - I guess you could Aerosol them if you want. Don't look at me. I have been making caskets for 30 years and have so many colors for those thing that I don't need that . Thks any way
Dr. Mike M, D.C. - Any back questions?
Chatman - LOL!!
ETT - What would the upcharge be if someone wanted a custom color..
Chatman - You should probably mention that if someone wants to spray the seat frame and suspension, they should do it when the seat is OUT of the boat......Or we'll see a post regarding how to remove paint overspray from carpet and off the fiberglass/aluminum hull.... LOL!
John Estes - The GR's are made to fit about anything but bass bts. Bolts directly to most all slider plates, Garelick, Swivl eze etc and they are really easy to install.
Chatman - John, can you give us the web site addy for Glyde Ryde?
John Estes - Mike , I don't have any back problem at age 62 and I know why. I do have this muscle pain in my left butt though!
Dr. Mike M, D.C. - You've had that since I've met you.
Driftr - John I had that too, I am divorced now :)
ShadMan (WI) - Ahh Yea that's it!!
Chatman - Well the hour has slipped away..
Chatman - Ah yes, the web site addy for Glyde Ryde john?
John Estes - The web site address is
Chatman - So as the sun pulls away from the shore and our boat sinks slowly in the west, lets have a hearty round of applause for John Estes of Glyde Ryde!!!!
Ness - clap, clap, clap....
ShadMan (WI) - YEA YEA YEA !!!! Clap Clap
ETT - way to go John!!!Clap Clap
John Estes - Really enjoyed being here. 
ChrisNE - thanks john!!!
Dr. Mike M, D.C. - Thanks John!!!!
Ness - thank you, John... 
John Estes - Say goodnight Gracie!
ETT - goodnight Gracie
Chatman - Goodnight Gracie!
Driftr - Thanks John
Driftr - clap clap clap
ShadMan (WI) - Night all!
ETT - got it Chatman
Ness - G'nite all! 
Chatman - Great havin you here again John!
Chatman - Clap, clap, clap, clap!!!!
ETT - nice job John, talk with you soon... Kick some butt Mark!!!
Dr. Mike M, D.C. - Talk with you soon john, good night!