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Bob Jensen Last Ice Fishing Trip Of The Year
It can be really nice on the ice this time of year. On a day when there is no wind and the sun is out, it’s going to be warm: You might even leave the ice with a little sunburn. by Bob Jensen
Ted Pilgrim Dropshot Panfish
“Best rig there is for fishing just inches above low growing grass or small rocks, keeping a bait clean and at eye-level with the fish,” Bro asserts. “With a ¼-ounce sinker and 4-pound test, I can even get down to 20 feet of water fast, and fish with finesse and precision. by Ted Pilgrim
Ted Takasaki and Scott Richardson Greenbackin’ for Lethargic Fish
A key part of Greenbacking consists of a 1/8 oz, homemade, leadhead jig which hangs horizontally, will sit upright when lying on the bottom, and has a bit of green tinsel floss which is wrapped on a gold hook just behind the bare leadhead of the jig. by Ted Takasaki and Scott Richardson
Bob Jensen There's Still Lots of Time For Ice-Fishing
Don’t get locked in on catching one particular specie of fish. Sometimes late in the winter one specie of fish will be more willing to get caught. Chase those guys. It’s a lot more fun to catch a bunch of perch than not catch any walleyes. by Bob Jensen
Dave Genz with Mark Strand When Big Fish Happen to Panfish People
“Generally speaking,” says Genz, “if a lake produces large panfish, there are large predator fish in those same lakes. In other words, if a lake is full of stunted bluegills, there probably aren’t a bunch of big pike in that lake.” by Dave Genz with Mark Strand
Dennis Foster Hardwater Fishing Doesn't Have To Be Hard
We have advanced beyond the stereotypical image of a lone, stiff, and completely frozen figure hunched over a five gallon pail with snot sickles dangling-all in hopes of catching a fish. Heck, one can even look downright stylish (and warm) adorned in the most recent clothing and putting the latest and greatest of gear and equipment to use. by Dennis Foster
Dave Genz with Mark Strand How to Pick a Good Lake
When he’s looking through a stack of contour lake maps, one of the important considerations for Genz is this: “I look for lakes that are irregular in shape, meaning there are lots of bays. Those lakes are more likely to hold bigger fish. by Dave Genz with Mark Strand
Jason Mitchell Walleye on the Edge
Why are the edges so important? Because walleyes are often not as random on this type of structure. What you will find is that a large majority of the fish will slide up on a location from a specific direction and that they will often take the exact same routes as they move. by Jason Mitchell
Mitch Eagan Ice Fishing Over the Edge
If you're looking to land a limit of fish early in the ice-fishing season, just remember to stop and take a look around before drilling that first hole. Features seen on the surface of the icescape will often tell you where to start. by Mitch Eagan
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10.3 Lbs.

Matt Bryan
Columbia River, OR

Matt Bryan
Columbia River, OR
13.0 Lbs.

Matt Bryan
Columbia River, OR
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Panther T-5

Arrowhead Beer

Skarlis Secret

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1 Mar 2015 at 11:34am

Free walleye fishing workshop set for aquarium near Gretna
Omaha World-Herald
(AP) ? Nebraska Game and Parks has scheduled a free walleye fishing workshop at Ak-Sar-Ben Aquarium near Gretna. Commission fisheries outreach program manager Daryl Bauer will present the workshop, which will cover walleye habitat, management ...

and more »

1 Mar 2015 at 12:02am

Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Welcome to Walleye U: New walleye class, expo and flea market to debut in Erie
Pittsburgh Post Gazette
The buzz about an exclusive Lake Erie walleye fishing class spread so quickly that organizers were taken by surprise when the 150 available seats sold out early. Weeks before the accompanying expo, the March 15 event had to be moved to a bigger venue.
Why not a closed season on Walleye?Sandusky Register

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28 Feb 2015 at 8:27pm

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Bass techniques help angler reel in walleye
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Roach's seminar at the show will focus on merging some bass-type techniques into walleye fishing. "There's some techniques people wouldn't normally associate with walleye fishing," Roach said. "It's been working. We've had a lot of success up here and ...
Mille Lacs walleye rules to tighten Press
At Mille Lacs, tighter walleye regulations are comingMinneapolis Star Tribune

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1 Mar 2015 at 1:32pm

WORTH A LOOK: Walleye University
Grand Forks Herald
Open water walleye fishing might seem a distant dream as most of the region remains locked in ice, but anglers itching to get back in a boat can get a taste of what's to come by attending Johnnie Candle's Walleye University class from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. ...

12 Feb 2015 at 3:08pm

Ice fishermen having success catching walleye, trout, bluegills -- Fishing ...
A photo of a huge 53-inch muskie caught through the Pymatuning Reservoir ice has been floating around social media this week. Pittsburgh angler Nicholas Colangelo reported via Facebook that he caught the huge fish on Monday, as well as two other ...
Weekly fishing reportPetoskey News-Review
Dave Graybill: The Fishin' MagicianColumbia Basin Herald
DNR's Northeast Michigan Fishing ReportIosco County News Herald
Port Huron Times Herald -Pilot Tribune
all 40 news articles »

26 Feb 2015 at 2:42pm

No shortage of thick ice for Northern Ohio anglers -- Fishing Report for Feb. 20
The weekly fishing reports support that theory, with slow fishing a common occurrence this week from Western Lake Erie to the Portage Lakes. Ice anglers are reporting fair to good catches of walleye. The best reports have been coming in very early or ...
In brief: Free fishing seminars scheduled for local anglersThe Spokesman Review
The Fishing LineRapid City Journal
Ky. Afield Outdoors: Why buying your fishing license is importantOhio County Monitor
Cherry Hill Courier Post -Albuquerque Journal -The News Journal
all 42 news articles »

25 Feb 2015 at 1:08pm

Appleton Post Crescent (blog)

Gary Engberg: Late winter tips for walleyes, saugers
Appleton Post Crescent (blog)
The culvert by the park is a fish magnet during high water and times of winter run-off because this water is warmer and can raise the adjoining water a degree or two, which is all that is needed to attract baitfish and walleyes. There's an old wing dam ...

20 Feb 2015 at 3:53pm


Lake Erie crowded with ice guides, anglers eager for another winter of walleye ... (blog)
Tyson was out on the ice on Monday, heading north of the Crane Creek area. He found thick ice and slow walleye fishing. Some veteran fishermen report the ice cover is excellent -- up to two feet thick in spots -- but the walleye aren't biting quite as ...
Erie-area fishing report for weekend of Feb.
It's ice fishing season on Lake ErieWKYC-TV
DNR: Michigan Fish ReportBattle Creek Enquirer
The Spokesman Review
all 41 news articles »

27 Feb 2015 at 3:01pm

Southwest Virginia 2015 Walleye fishing forecast
Walleye fishing on the Upper New River from Buck Dam downstream to Allisonia should improve in 2015. Department fisheries biologists suspended walleye stocking in 2012 and 2013 to determine if the walleye were spawning naturally and based on our ...
Ice Fishing Lake of the Woods - A Different Perspective at Sportsmans LodgeChicagoNow (blog)

all 3 news articles »

22 Feb 2015 at 1:04am

Lansing State Journal

Ice fishing for walleye on the Bay
Lansing State Journal
Martin and his pro staff ? a handful of guides, other walleye pros and just generally good fishermen ? mix a little classroom work and evening discussion with on-ice tutorials. For my part, it's chance to pick Martin's brain ? one of the best in ...

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Dropshot Panfish
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Last Ice Fishing Trip Of The Year
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There's Still Lots of Time For Ice-Fishing
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Greenbackin’ for Lethargic Fish
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Walleye Universities w/ Johnnie Candle
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