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2005 Online Chats
Gary Gray's 2005 Fireside Chat by Gary Gray
chatman lets have a big wc welcome for Gary gray!!!
Gilligan Hi Gary..merry Christmas
salmonaddict hi Gary
eyeman_1 Hey Gary ....welcome
Satch_MN clap clap
Fishnmagician CLAP CLAP CLAP
SUPERTROLLER clap clap clap clap
Gary_Gray Well, is everyone ready for Xmas
chatman nice to have you back Gary
Gary_Gray nice to be back
WarrenMN Perch, you need to get hold of me later
ackermannsacre when the wallet is empty that's as ready as I get
chatman sure wa
jeff_rueth Gary how is the family?
Gary_Gray Great
chatman hi doc
SUPERTROLLER what tournaments are you fishing this year Gary?
chatman Gary whats on tap with you
Gary_Gray Well, I signed for the PWT, MWC and 3 others
WarrenMN uf da
chatman great
Satch_MN elite Gary for pwt?
WarrenMN how many does that add up too
Gary_Gray For now, may only fish 2 of the regionals, depends on Health
chatman Gary do you do appearances in the winter?
Gary_Gray use to, but not lately
jeff_rueth Gary what are the 3 others
Gary_Gray Now, if I miss any questions, please remind me
chatman guys fire away with your questions, but please give Gary time to answer them
chatman right Gary
Gary_Gray Mer, Otter Street, and a Challenge
SUPERTROLLER what boat are you running this year?
Gary_Gray yes,please
Gary_Gray Triton, I have my new boat on order, just waiting for Gale to buy my last yr boat
chatman hi backdraft
Backdraft Hello All
Gary_Gray welcome, just join in
Lunker1 Hey everybody
SUPERTROLLER WOW, big group tonight
Backdraft Darn, think my question was just answered. Gary what kind of boat/motor do you run?
Gary_Gray Gilligan, is you son home from the war now?
Satch_MN Do you still have most of your sponsors Gary?
jeff_rueth Running a verado again?
Gilligan Yes he is! Doing well, thanx
Gary_Gray all of them, they were great, and all said they would be there if, and when I returned
Satch_MN great
Gary_Gray Verado for sure
GJ anything new in electronics Gary?
Gary_Gray well, where re all the questions
Gary_Gray I ran the 111 this last yr, loved it
Satch_MN What tournament are you excited to fish this next year?
SUPERTROLLER Where are your favorite places to fish tournaments?
Backdraft Gary, what kind of boat/motor are you running?
Gary_Gray any and all that I can fish, I sure missed being there this past yr
chatman that must have really been tough
Gary_Gray Triton, verado
chatman did ya please fish at all
Gilligan Will you be fishing mwc's with Wags?
chatman pleasure fish i mean
Gary_Gray Yes, Wag's was great this past yr, he and I have been friends for a long time
Gary_Gray God willing, I'll be there
Gilligan met him briefly at Detroit last year.
Shannon_Larson Gary,How did you and Wags do duck hunting?
Doc_wi Who gilligan, wags or God?
Gary_Gray I told him this past yr, that fishing with me, was like a weekend at Bernie's
chatman lol
Gilligan lol!!Wags...but almost God as we nearly froze on the river!
Gary_Gray Shot a few, did not hurt the population too much
chatman yea the weather was real pleasant eh fred?
Gary_Gray I really missed being around all the guys and gals, that make up the fishing world, what a Great group of People
Gilligan From 80* to 30 in 3 days glad I dont live in Mich! :)
chatman i hear ya fred
SUPERTROLLER Who are some of your sponsors Gary?
Gary_Gray Remember, the only Bad question, is the one you did not ask!!!!
chatman Gary tell the guys what your favorite presentation is
Backdraft Gary, what is your favorite presentation?
Backdraft arrgghh chatman just beat me to it :)
Gary_Gray Mercury, Triton, Lowrance, Dave's Lures, Motor Guide, Off Shore to mention just a few
gspeicher Hi, Gary! We fished together at a PWT event a long time ago..as I recall, we had a good day together. What are your thoughts on where tournament fishing is going? Has the FLW been a positive change? Wish you all the best in 2006!! Spike
chatman lol back
Backdraft great minds think alike, chatman
Gary_Gray Jigging, Trolling and most of all, CATCHING
Doc_wi Any butterflies" or expectations Gary, or just looking forward to fishing"
Doc_wi competitively that is
Gary_Gray Yes, I believe all circuits, PWT< FLW< MWC< MWT< and all the rest, make the growth of the industry
GJ What length rod do you use trolling Gary?
Gary_Gray Just want to get back in a boat, period!
SUPERTROLLER do you ever use the heavy jigging spoons or just jigs?
Gary_Gray I think, the first tourney this yr, I will have butterflies, as if it where my first ever
Gary_Gray 8 ft, Quantum telescopic, they were new 2 yrs ago, and they are great
Gary_Gray did I miss any
Satch_MN I think that will never change. No matter who you are. Having the thrill of competition.
chatman are those glass rods
GJ use line counters?
Gary_Gray no, and they have all new stainless eye guides
Gary_Gray yes, 27LC's, and Gilligan's when I go to Dunkirk
SUPERTROLLER Do you use jigging spoons?
Gary_Gray use to, but not much the last few yrs
Gilligan I still have that leadcore you spooled!
Gary_Gray it worked, didn't it
SUPERTROLLER Isn't that 3 years ago now?
Gary_Gray ya
Gilligan I laughed to myself when you told me I would get hooked on the core...I got something like 12 reels spooled now!
Gary_Gray no, that was 2001, I won Angler of the Yr, with Gilligan's help
Gary_Gray it's addicting
SUPERTROLLER you can't tell him that! we'll never hear the end of it
WarrenMN Hey Bill
Gary_Gray Hi Bill
Eyebanger yo bb
Gilligan AND Gary love garlic chicken wings from western NY!
bill_brown(Ind) hi guys...loaded tonight
chatman we use lead for salmon on lk mich
chatman its great
Gary_Gray ya, for sure
chatman hi bill
Gilligan SUPERTROLLER...lol!
Gary_Gray well, Gale, did you talk it over with the wife?
Fishnmagician hey Billy
Backdraft gotta run guys. Happy Holidays. I catch the rest of the chat on tape""
Gary_Gray thanks for stopping in
Gilligan ST...2 MWC events in Mich. are u in?
chatman anyone else got a question for gary
bill_brown(Ind) ST...how u been, been awhile
Satch_MN Do you paint some crankbaits yourself gary or do you just use factor colors?
SUPERTROLLER nope, going to try to hit more of my clubs tourney's and then try for a Cabela's national entry
chatman any of you fishing the detroit this spring?
SUPERTROLLER I'll try to get over in April PJ
chatman hi jigger
Gilligan Gary...18# vs 27# lead...which one and why? I've been using some 27 this year.
Gary_Gray mostly factory colors, but some have special color lips, as well as sometimes special tints to them
Walleye_Jigger Good Evening
GJ Hi juls
WarrenMN Hi Juls
Shannon_Larson Gary.you been on the ice yet?
bill_brown(Ind) Juls
Satch_MN tints? Please be more specific.
ackermannsacre hi juls
Shannon_Larson Hi Juls
chatman let me know i would like to catch up with some of you guys if you hit the det
Juls_OH Nope It's her better half on her puter
Gary_Gray 18#, it has just been my choice, do to, you can spool more on a reel, and it is strrong enough
GJ Hi foot
Satch_MN Hello juls
ackermannsacre Hi Rick
chatman Hi rick perchjerker here
Gary_Gray hi Rick
Gilligan Hi Rick/Juls?!
Juls_OH I won't touch anything Brian
Gary_Gray no, to the ice
Juls_OH Yo Gary
chatman i have always used 18# for the same reason even for kings
Gary_Gray still confine to the house
chatman lol rick
Gary_Gray I know there must be more question
Gary_Gray did I miss any
chatman gary what sonar/gps do you use and recommend?
GJ are you going to use any thing new in electronics this year Gary?
Doc_wi Are you a mono or fireline" type of guy when jigging"
Gary_Gray Lowrance, 111, and 110,
Lunker1 Gary, can you speak to the technique of fishing 'eyes with crankbaits in skinny water (0-10') especially on hot, sunny, windless days........
Gary_Gray Have to see what Lowrance has new
Gary_Gray I am still a mono line user
GJ what # trolling line do you use Gary
Shannon_Larson Gary I have lots of questions, But this is an awfully intimidateing group of peers. Just hopeing to get a chance to watch and learn this summer!!!!!
Gary_Gray Well, the best way, would be with Off shore in-line boards, and if you know the fish are up shallow, run the boards in there, and keep the boat out.
Gary_Gray Vanish, 12#
chatman shannon please dont worry about that we are all here to learn
GJ do you use red hooks on your baitsGary?
gspeicher Have to leave the chat...Merry Christmas to everyone!!
WarrenMN bye
Gary_Gray no such thing as a intimidating group, I still put my shorts on, the same way as everyone else, one leg at a time
GJ bye
Doc_wi gotta go pick up son, later Gary. Talk to you soon
GJ nite Doc
Gary_Gray the red hook thing, well, I just have not used them enough to give a honest answer. They use to always wok well, when rigging
Gary_Gray good nite Doc
Gary_Gray work
bagoeyes what would it be if it wasn't pro walleye fisherman?
Gary_Gray who's a Pro, I'm just a fisherman
bagoeyes fisherman then
Gary_Gray better
jeff How do you chose which cranks to to use 1 time chat
Satch_MN If you were going to start over, is their anything that you would do different?
Gary_Gray match the crank to the size of present baitfish, but not like the present baitfish, be a little different
Gary_Gray As far as starting over fishing, no, because I met so many good friends, and so many nice people, while I was fishing
chatman speaking of that, how did your career atart?
Gary_Gray Heck, if it wasn't for fishing, I wouldn't have met all of yopu's, or WC
Gilligan Do you hear from your old team mates Will and Lance...how they doing?
Satch_MN Is there anything you might want to share with some young anglers that are thinking fishing as a pro?
Gary_Gray Just talked to Lance a week ago, doing great, Willard is just fun fishing now, and enjoying it
GJ Hi hoser
WarrenMN Uf da, done
GJ hi skis
WarrenMN Hi Skis
Gale_Johnson what up skis
Gary_Gray Ya, if your just starting in this game, Don't be intimidated by anyone. Just go out there and do your best, and do what you good at doing. Don't try to copy someone else, because it's hard to put on a size 10 shoe, when you already wear a size 12
Skis Hey Gang!!
chatman hi skis, pj here
Eyebanger Nuts ,no snacks around. bummer
WarrenMN I thought perch was suppose to bring them
WarrenMN Gary
Gary_Gray My career started 23 yrs ago, and Mercury had a lot to do with it
WarrenMN If you were to work on one and only one presentation, what would you go for
chatman how so gary?
Gary_Gray jigging, it's like poker, easy to learn, has a lots of applications, But takes a lifetime to Master
Satch_MN How does a person begin when there are so many teams out there communicating and I would be alone. It would seem to be a big disadvantage. Maybe I shouldn't think that?
Gary_Gray Jim Kalkoefen was the fresh water marking man then, and challenged me to fish the MWC, I did, and took 2nd, everything took off from there
GJ Gary you sure do bring out people to talk to you !! clap clap
chatman hi aaron
Aaron_Abaurrea aloha
gils What is your theory on pre-fishing? Where do you start?
Gary_Gray Don't worry about the team thing, look at it like this, when one of them is not catching fish, most lokely, their whole team is out of the running
Gary_Gray thank you
chatman hi papascott
chatman hi jim coon
chatman nice to see you guys
Gary_Gray do most of your homework before you go to the Lake, then when you get there, you can pre-fish
Gary_Gray jhave I missed anyone?
SUPERTROLLER What do you do for your Homework before you go someplace NEW?
chatman you are doing great gary
Joe_M Gary if you had to pick one body of water to fish every day where would that be??
Gilligan Can you elaborate on the 'Mercury' connection?
Satch_MN Thanks Gary, have a happy holidays and a enjoyable/memoriable next season. Night all.
WarrenMN night Satch
chatman later satch
Aaron_Abaurrea Hey Gary, Im gonna give you a call tomorrow, as this PWT thing really has me scratching my head. Enjoy your night! Get typing buddy!!
GJ Thank you Gary !!! Merry Christmas and Happy Healthy New Year 2006 and to everyone Good night
WarrenMN night GJ
WarrenMN drive carefull
Eyebanger Bye gj
Gary_Gray look at your electronic's , now they have all the maps on it for you, call some of the local sport shops, and usually the early bird gets the worm. If you can get to the lake a month before, on a weekend, you can usually see the local spots,
Gary_Gray Winnebago
WarrenMN Perch, think I shoud show Gary some of my work?
Joe_M What do you think of green bay??
chatman sure warren your maps are great
SUPERTROLLER Do you avoid the locals spots or do you fish them to figure out why they are there?
chatman dang look at the time. I am going to have to leave guys
WarrenMN night. Hey, check on Global Mapper
Gilligan see ya perch
Papascott merrappy christmahanakwanza everyone
chatman i have been on the global mapper iste
WarrenMN down load it. next generation
Gary_Gray I fish them, in fact, sometimes for the tournament
chatman will get with you about it warren
Eyebanger Gotta go .Cook for party at Dens Thursday
SUPERTROLLER do the locals leave you alone then?
WarrenMN night EB
Gary_Gray Green Bay has lots of Big fish
chatman take care guys gary thanks a bunch for the visit
chatman good luck next season
WarrenMN good seeing you again Bri
SUPERTROLLER Thank you Gary.
Eyebanger Den says Hi to all and thanks for your thoughts.
Gary_Gray no reason to, they have a right to fish, as well as I do
chatman dn is a great fellow
chatman later gents
Gary_Gray thanks for having me tonight chatman
WarrenMN HI Tbomn
Gary_Gray I'm still here, so where are the questions
WarrenMN Gary, kind of think you kick started a slow chat season
WarrenMN We've never met, I do maps for Bruce Samson
Gary_Gray have to sometimes
Gary_Gray really, those are nice. Bruce showed me one
WarrenMN thanks
Aaron_Abaurrea Gary gonna fish the 4, or all 8 next year?
Shannon_Larson Hey Mr Mans
Gary_Gray don't know yet Aaron, all about health
Joe_Mans hello
bill_brown(Ind) boat run ok this past season?
Gary_Gray Hey Joe
Aaron_Abaurrea well you keep a positive attitude!! you can do it!!
Gary_Gray I'm trying
WarrenMN IF you fish Mobridge, let me know. I've got an interesting image.
Aaron_Abaurrea Im gonna call you tomorrow OK? gonna be home in the AM?
Gary_Gray every day, is a Great Day
Gary_Gray yes
Aaron_Abaurrea Warren, we will talk!
WarrenMN HI
WarrenMN I can't guarentee this won't knock you off here
WarrenMN but http://groups.msn.com/Walleyemaps/shoebox.msnw?action=ShowPhoto&PhotoID=10
Joe_Mans I missed your anwser if you are going to fins the flw on green bay??
Fishnmagician love my yamahas
WarrenMN is Mobridge. try after the chat
SUPERTROLLER Thanks for your time tonight Gary, we all appreciate your coming here tonight.
SUPERTROLLER Gotta go guys, have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Years.
WarrenMN ST take care and have a happy holiday
SUPERTROLLER SUPERTROLLER has left the building!
Gilligan Have a good one ST
Gary_Gray If for some reason, someone had a question, and is too scared to ask, feel free to email me at garygray@execpc.com and then I will answer
Gary_Gray thanks for stopping
WarrenMN Thank you for coming Gary
Aaron_Abaurrea Talk tomorrow Mr Gray..
WarrenMN Aaron, you know how to get hold of me
Joe_Mans Hey shannon now would be a good time to tell people about the kiddie pole classic!!
Gary_Gray To ALL here tonight, I wish you all a Very Special Holiday Season, and thank you's for all stopping in. MERRY CHRISTMAS
Gary_Gray I will stick around for a little while
WarrenMN Did you get to look at Bruce's computer or did he show you a paper map
Gilligan You to Gary, take care of yourself and will be watchin for ya on top of the leaderboard
Aaron_Abaurrea and Warren, I do some site specific work on farms, and have digitized FSA maps, might the old FSA maps be a great source of info?
Gary_Gray I got in his boat
Jim_Coon Same to you Gary!!
WarrenMN depends on water level
Gary_Gray thanks Fred
Gilligan Nite all
Shannon_Larson IGo ahead Joe,
WarrenMN the 2004 and 2003's in ND and SD are killers
Aaron_Abaurrea I'll call you soon Warren...nite Gary!! gnite all
WarrenMN I have a smaller version of that computer,but sure wish Ihad his
WarrenMN Dak, long time no see
Gary_Gray Gale Johnson, are you still here???
Dakangler warren
WarrenMN hey, heck this out
WarrenMN http://groups.msn.com/Walleyemaps/shoebox.msnw?action=ShowPhoto&PhotoID=10
WarrenMN been wanting to show you
jeff great to hear your doing well merry christmas gary and best of luck this year
WarrenMN wasn't sure if I'd catch up to you again
Dakangler hold on
Gary_Gray thanks Jeff
WarrenMN no prob nome
Shannon_Larson Joe Is there a date set for the kiddie pole classic
WarrenMN he clicked on it
Dakangler hey warren send it again
WarrenMN http://groups.msn.com/Walleyemaps/shoebox.msnw?action=ShowPhoto&PhotoID=10
Joe_Mans April 29th
Joe_Mans Gray will you be able to make it??
Dakangler cool did you do that
Gary_Gray Joe, call me tonight
WarrenMN yeah, new software
Dakangler it show blue blanket
WarrenMN Blue Blanket flats was a little lower
Joe_Mans will do.. How is the smoking thing going???
Gary_Gray so so
Dakangler talked to a guy the other day and the ice fishing is doing good right now
Joe_Mans Not so good for wags>>>
WarrenMN Friend I stayed with prefishing with Doc has been saying I should go over
Gary_Gray Good night All, had fun Merry Christmas


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