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2006 Online Chats
Doc Samson Online Chat 1/25/06 by Bruce Samson

Eyebanger Hi doc
Xtra12 Hi Doc
Dan hello all
Doc_Samson Hi guys
Albe hi Doc
WarrenMN Do you have that Atlas gazetter book
Doc_Samson what are you talking about Warren/
Albe Doc, thanks again for all the great information at the Appleton school
Eyebanger No Just got DeLorme Topos
WarrenMN OK, 33 45' N
Doc_Samson Having fun with 3DField Albe?
WarrenMN 117 w
Eyebanger Tanks
WarrenMN thats the east end of it EB, I'm going to jump out for now
Albe yes, working on modifying maps to pick out certain areas for spot maps
Eyebanger BBL
WarrenMN OK, bye
Albe will Global Mapper make contour lineslike 3DField
Doc_Samson yes but you need 3DField to get the data to GM
Albe ok
wheels Good evening everybody
WarrenMN Sorry Doc, didn't see your question.that lake in California
WarrenMN EyeBanger was trying to find it
Doc_Samson the mystery lake!
WarrenMN the lake that wasn't there
WarrenMN Its funny to see how long it takes for things like that to get updated on maps
Doc_Samson feel free to ask questions as I have no agenda
Dan what are you fishing this year
WarrenMN I wonder if PJ is going to make it
Doc_Samson All 8 PWT
Albe BBL need to add wood to the fire
mp I'll just be sitting over here in the corner. Just bought two 332's and am trying to learn how to use them.
WarrenMN Bruce, start with out Brian?
Doc_Samson I don't know the rules if there are any
BrandonNE hey people
Dan when starting out, how did you get reconition or expose yourself for attracting sponsors
Doc_Samson by winning tournaments and then I approached companies
wheels Does you DVD set start out pretty basic and move up from there, or is the even the first one pretty in depth?
Doc_Samson The first DVD is basic and advanced
WarrenMN There he is
chatman hey guys sorry I am late
chatman had some connection problems
Doc_Samson The first DVD is 80 minutes so I cover a lot
Albe back
chatman my internet connection is kinda flaky for some reason
Xtra12 Lots of good info in both DVDs
WarrenMN PJ, maybe you want to introduce Doc to anyone that may not know him
wheels I assume the second is all advanced functionality then.
chatman yes sure
Doc_Samson the 2nd DVD is for computer users
wheels Gotcha thanks.
chatman everyone please welcome Brucs (Doc) Samson to the chatroom
Dan welcome
chatman Doc is an expert on electronics and mapping among otheer things....
WarrenMN Bruce, what tournaments have you won
Doc_Samson MWC National Championship many years ago
Doc_Samson RCL championship and 3 PWT Regionals
chatman please give us a rundown of your sponsors Doc
Doc_Samson Crestliner, Mercury, Minn Kota, LakeMaster, WaveWackers, Daiwa, Lowrance, E Z Loader Trailers, Northland Tackle, Smooth Moves, Minnesota Marine
Luke_L. Hi Doc, i was up at the tournament at Lake of the Woods in the GNWC, and just wanted to say thanks for the helpful seminar
mp I have both DVD's. Learned best by using unit and owners manual on water, then watching DVD's. easier for me to understand.
Doc_Samson I believe electronics is the most important tool at this time
Doc_Samson Of course I bring bait along
chatman Doc has put a lot of effort on helping others learn how to use thier electronics to thier fullest capacity
Dan whats your favorit way to fish
Albe how do you decide what to use, bottom bouncers or snap-weights for spinners
Doc_Samson ll methods now that I have the more skill with the many different methods
boomrr hey doc how's it going?'01 Champion still running great
Doc_Samson good
Oahe_MrL Doc,I saw on in-fisherman a while back where you were making your own maps.I understood that you go over a piece of structure, the unit records it, it's then downloaded into your PC and it generates a map.Is that correct?
Doc_Samson I use snap weights when i want the weight farther away
Doc_Samson Oahe yes
Oahe_MrL Assuming this is covered in your DVDs?
Doc_Samson no only at the classes I give
Doc_Samson Maybe in some new DVD
Oahe_MrL Can you give a class in my basement?:)
Doc_Samson time is the main problem and not many buyers for that level of technology today
Albe if you can go to the classes, don't miss them when Doc is doing them in your area, there the greatest
Doc_Samson I will do almost anything if the price is right Oahe!
boomrr doc, what's the latest on sidefinder technology?
WarrenMN Bruce, what towns will you be at for classes
Oahe_MrL Doc,Will you be in SD or ND sometime in the future?I live in Mobridge.
Doc_Samson I have not studied the side sonar yet
Doc_Samson I will be at Fargo ND March 18
Luke_L. how much time do u put in marking and looking for spots versus fishing (or I should say what does your pre fishing techniques consist of)
Doc_Samson The Faro classes will include mapping
Doc_Samson Fargo
mp Any special computer requirements for this advanced stuff?
Doc_Samson The first day I look and map alot and then I fish and look the rest of the week
WarrenMN WB
Doc_Samson Most computers can do it except really old weak ones
boomrr what is the fastest speed you use your lowrance to locate fish?
Doc_Samson 25 mph but you can see fish at 30 but it is too hard to navigate
boomrr what are the relevant settings for optimum speed location
Luke_L. does that have a negative long term effect on your unit
Doc_Samson high sensitivity and 100% ping speed
boomrr that's it?
Doc_Samson you can even go 100% sensitivity
Doc_Samson blue background and 80% colorline sometimes
Doc_Samson no long term adverse affects Luke
chatman doc any trandsucer mounting tips?
Doc_Samson I use Lowrance and do it exactly as the manual describes to get high speed readings
Luke_L. Doc, i wasnt here at the beginning when you were talking about your dvd.In short, what do they cover?
mp off to work-- bye
Doc_Samson DVD Part 1 basics to advanced. I go thru every menu and setting,and a little on Map
kman should i put a x-25 on myconsole for mapping and sonar or should I go with two units ,a 332c for mapping and a 102c for sonar
Doc_Samson create and SonarViewer
Doc_Samson Part 2 is MapCreate SonarViewer, sorting waypoints by lake and more
boomrr how much for a 102c
kman 499.oo
Doc_Samson I would pick the x-25 because you have 2 card slots
boomrr or buy two 332's
boomrr backup gps and backup sonar
Doc_Samson You can haveaLakeMaster or Navionics on one side and a blank one for recording on the other side
boomrr only 150 dollars more than the 102c
Doc_Samson 2 332 would be a good choice
APowell Can you run the information off the Navionics chip and lake master at the same time for the same state?
Doc_Samson I tried it once and it worked and the next time it wouldn't
Xtra12 Wuoldnt work for me
Doc_Samson I was fishing so I gave up easily!
Luke_L. lol
APowell :)
Doc_Samson I did it with the split screen maps
chatman ho Bob
APowell Is it possible to use a chip on a 104C and see it on a 3500C without buying 2 chips?
chatman doc have ya talked about your seminars yet?
Doc_Samson no
Doc_Samson seminars also no
Luke_L. Doc, whats your favorite type of system to fish, great lakes, rivers, resvoirs, etc.
chatman I want to make sure everyone is aware of them
Doc_Samson Sonar, GPS, and Mapping Sat March 11, 2006Fox Valley Technical College 1825 N. Bluemound Drive P.O. Box 2277 Appleton, WI 54912-2277 (920) 735-5600 1-800-735-3882 8:30-4:30
WarrenMN and Doc has a web site
chatman please tell us about the seminars
Doc_Samson Cabela's Prairie du Chien Great Outdoor Days. 3 seminars March 12, 2006. Seminar times: 9:00 a.m., 11:00 a.m., and 2:00 p.m.
Doc_Samson MWC Tournament Saginaw Bay Hoyles Marina Wed August 16, 2006 Understanding Sonar 5:30-8:15 Thurs August 16, 2006 GPS and Mapping 5:30-8:15
chatman oh wow you are coming to Michigan?
boomrr costs on the seminars?
Doc_Samson The Lowrance School covers sonar, GPS and mapping plus interpeting the display
Doc_Samson Michigan no
chatman i dont understand you said saginaw bay
Doc_Samson costs nothing at Cabela's, Fox I am not sure as they are charging, MWC no charge
Doc_Samson Lowrance School $100 Mapping Class $100 if you go to both the same day $150
Doc_Samson Saginaw yes
Luke_L. do you ever record these seminars
Doc_Samson not yet
chatman I will email you about saginaw
Doc_Samson Tghe schedule is at www.hightechfishing.com
Xtra12 Saginaw seminar part of the tournament?
boomrr what would you say is the most underused feature of lowrance units?
Doc_Samson all the seminars will be at www.hightechfishing.com
boomrr that people should be using
Doc_Samson MWC is providing the seminars as part of the tournament
Doc_Samson log chart data ifunction is the most under used
chatman probably most misunderstood too
Doc_Samson I think I have convinced Albe
boomrr what units all have this feature?
Doc_Samson The Lowrance School explains why you need to record
Doc_Samson all sonar/GPS models
Doc_Samson I have some step by step instruction free on hightechfishing.com and I explain them in the Part 1 DVD
boomrr do you follow thermal imaging?
Doc_Samson for surface temp?
Albe convinced!!!!
boomrr yes
Doc_Samson I have looked alittle
boomrr do you think this will ever be a feature of a lowrance unit
Doc_Samson Maybe I can give Warren some more work!
WarrenMN no comment
Doc_Samson Yes it could be
Albe do you ever take a temperature profile when you first go out on a lake?
chatman lol wa
Doc_Samson I believe what we are using is just the beginning
Doc_Samson What do you mean by temp profile?
Albe using a temp. probe to see what the water temps. are at different depths
Doc_Samson email how it will help catch fish and I will use it
Doc_Samson ot type it here if it is simple
boomrr thermoclines
Doc_Samson you can see those with sonar
WarrenMN Do you use surface temp more to determine where you are going to fish.
boomrr i know
Doc_Samson use high sensitivity to see thermoclines
Albe I use it to find the thermocline in summer becuse I find walleyes relating ti structures just above and below the thermocline
boomrr i'm surprised the cant translate that into some sort of sonar thermometer
chatman does it show up as a line or what
Doc_Samson yes
chatman i have seen it befor when salmon fishing
Doc_Samson low sensitivity won't display thermoclines well
Albe sometimes I have found mini(not much change in temp.) that does not show up on a sonar
Doc_Samson walleyes like thermoclines as do most fish
Doc_Samson that is a good reason
chatman how do you adjust your sensitivity, do you turn it up until the sceeen is fukk of interference then back it off till it just disappears?
Luke_L. thanks for info doc, gotta go, have a good night
chatman opps full LOL
boomrr lol
boomrr full you to
Doc_Samson I turn mine up and ignore the clutter.All the stuff is not interference but small targets
chatman oh ok
boomrr 100 percent all the time?
Doc_Samson close I hate clean screen with just the botom and no clutter as I am used to it
Doc_Samson You see more with higher sensitivity
boomrr can you distinguish a walleye on your sonar?
Doc_Samson a little
boomrr me too
Doc_Samson mostly by its position in the water column for the lake
Doc_Samson your sonar screen just displays the stength and distance of the returning echo so anything can look like a fish
chatman doc when you are doing a sonar log, do you always use the highest data setting?
Doc_Samson remember that the sonar is dumb and your brain interpets the display not the unit
Oahe_MrL didn't bottom line make a unit that was supposed to distinguish fish based on their air bladders?
Doc_Samson I record on highest because I like quality recordings
Oahe_MrL I think they called it species select"."
chatman hi big
bigfish1965 Allo
Doc_Samson I don;t believe you can identify fish because all the display does is show the strength of the returning echo at that instant
Oahe_MrL It's like a dog that only points roosters.
Doc_Samson yes
boomrr you can tell by colors
Doc_Samson unless roosters smell different!
Doc_Samson color is just a way of showing different strengths of echoes
Doc_Samson jigs look like fish
boomrr couldnt that relate to a different type of air bladder?
Doc_Samson the skin, bone etc also return echoes
chatman well guys the hours is almost up
chatman please get the last of your questions in for Doc
Oahe_MrL How long before we have trolling motors that follow map lines, being we have them that follow depths now?
Doc_Samson the size of the air bladder increases as the fish gets bigger so that changes
Doc_Samson I think it is possibe to follow map lines as they could put position points on the lines and have the trolling motor navigate from waypoint to wpt
Doc_Samson someday!
Oahe_MrL it'd be nice to make your own maps and then have it automatically follow your map lines.
bigshooter can you outline a specific contour then tracbac using the troller?
Doc_Samson yes I would be on that in a second
Oahe_MrL I get dibs.
Doc_Samson I don't understand the question
Oahe_MrL I get the first one.
boomrr oahe mrl are you from SD
Oahe_MrL yeah, live in mobridge
bigshooter drive over it with using you mapping then set the track back?
boomrr is that ntc going to end up in pierre
Oahe_MrL not sure
chatman well guys our time is up
Albe BBL wood time
Doc_Samson your trolling motor would have to be able to follow the track
Oahe_MrL thanks doc!
boomrr i hope they dont schedule that on july 23-25 like theyre talking
bigshooter thanks
Doc_Samson you are all welcome
GJ Thanks Doc and Good Luck in 2006 clap clap clap clap
boomrr thanks doc
Xtra12 Thanks Doc
chatman Doc you are welcome to stick around and finish up the questions if you like
Doc_Samson I will stay for a few minutes
boomrr to coincide with oahe days
chatman we really appreciate you taking the time to be with us tonight
bigshooter what are the trollers and gps capable of doing together?
chatman thanks everyone I gotta run be good
GJ nite CM
Doc_Samson I ahve a TR-1 which is an autopilot on my kicker that will navigate to waypoints
WarrenMN Thats it GJ, TR-1
WarrenMN couldn't think of it
GJ ok W
GJ that a auto pilot
bigshooter the network between gps unit and troller is not capable of doing that though?
Doc_Samson for those interested, I can create contours on the water and see my position on them in 5 minutes
Doc_Samson what do youmean by troller?
bigshooter bowmount
Doc_Samson not that I know
Fishnmagician Doc, any plans to fish Vermilion...northern MN this summer?
Doc_Samson it would be a must have
Doc_Samson no Vermillion in the plans
bigshooter what is the hype with the nmea for than? concerning ap trollers?
Doc_Samson I don't know. I use the NMEA to run my TR-1 from my Lowrance GPS
Doc_Samson Maybe I am missing something?
Doc_Samson one more question
WarrenMN Hey Bruce
bigshooter lol, i am just getting into the tech stuff i'm not sure what does what exactly yet.thanks again doc.
WarrenMN you remember that big fish that some one caught by the kid the same day as th e last day of the tournament
Doc_Samson yes
WarrenMN Oahe_MrL, was that your kid
WarrenMN his friend
Oahe_MrL yeah, he a friend had to tag team it
Albe back
WarrenMN He's related to Gary
Oahe_MrL cranked it up on lead core, too much weight with 6 colors and 9# of fish for one to crank in.
WarrenMN I thought that was great.The pro's would have killed for that fish
Doc_Samson you can email me off hightechfishing.com if you have anymore questions good nightGO FISHING THE CLOCK IS TICKING
Fishnmagician g'nite Doc
Oahe_MrL they were pretty pumped.the pwt pros were really cool too - shook their hands - made them feel pretty big
WarrenMN night
Albe night
GJ nite Doc


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