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2006 Online Chats
Andy Kuffer Online Chat 2/22/06 by Andy Kuffer

chatman: lets all give a warm WC welcome to PWT touring pro Andy Kuffer!
Eyebanger: Cut er loose Andy
Albe: Welcome Andy
champ,ne.: hi andy,
Dakangler: hi andy
Andy_K: Ask me no questions I tell no lies
Albe: will you be fishing escanaba again this year?
Andy_K: Not sure yet
Dakangler: oahe
Andy_K: Chamberlain
Dakangler: which do you like better if you had to choose
Andy_K: Actually I like the whole chain
GJ: HI all
Eyebanger: Hi Steve
Albe: are you fishing in the Pro series?
Andy_K: Yes that and the MWC east
Eyebanger: Did I get that right?
GJ: yes EB
Eyebanger: Got to practice lol
Dakangler: at chamberlain are you going to fish the face of the dam or try shallows with jigs
Andy_K: If I could choose I would fish Lake Sharp
GJ: Andy whats your favorite presentation
Dakangler: we've been doing good this winter there Iím hooked on Sharpe
Andy_K: At chamberlain I will check out that dam again
Andy_K: My favorite presentation is the one that catches fish
Andy_K: But when I can I like to fish jigs
GJ: any color preference
Andy_K: White or silver seem to be good to me
GJ: TY Andy
Andy_K: Anyone coming to Detroit this spring?
chatman: some of us are always here ;)
chatman: Andy are you fishing out of a Triton this year?
Andy_K: Can I buy shiners at Chamberlain?
Andy_K: Yeah I am a 215X man now
Ristorapper: hi all
Eyebanger: The rapper !!!Welcome
chatman: wow I bet thatís a ride
Dakangler: yes can't remember the name of the little shop give me a minute Iíll tell you
oldbuckbub: hi all
chatman: hi bub
Andy_K: I have been in them all and right now the 215x has the edge
Eyebanger: Yo bub
WarrenMN: Hey risto
Andy_K: Dak I just wanted to know if they have them
Ristorapper: Hi warren
chatman: Andy who else is sponsoring you this season?
Andy_K: Great Lakes Charter Training, Off Shore Tackle, Sika Corp to name a few
Andy_K: I only have one sponsor from the fishing world
GJ: what power on boat Andy?
Andy_K: Powered by 225 optimax
GJ: bet thatís a nice ride
chatman: guys if you have any questions for Andy please go ahead with them
Andy_K: You guys have any fishing questions?
Pauleye620: Andy what week in march will you be having your training for great lakes charters
ffishman: Andy, have you ever fished Cass in Mn
Andy_K: I have never fished Cass
oldbuckbub: ok lets talk trolling erie
chatman: Andy when fishing the Det river what is the one single best tip you can offer a new guy
Andy_K: Don't fish the first day
Andy_K: Go check out the whole river then go back the next and fish
chatman: yea I can understand that
Andy_K: There is allot there
chatman: there is a lot of water to check out
Andy_K: What about trolling Erie?
ffishman: Do you ever structure fish for walleyes in large clear water lakes
Andy_K: March classes at great lakes call 1 800 cat mel
Pauleye620: ok will do
Andy_K: I don't do that very often but it should be a challenge
Ristorapper: Which of the professional walleye tours you fishing this year Andy
Andy_K: PWT & MWC
Ristorapper: elite or other PWT ?
Andy_K: Pro series
Pauleye620: no flw detroit river?
Andy_K: I wish
oldbuckbub: how would you troll erie spring summer and fall
Andy_K: Spring, go slow with Jr's T. and smithwicks, Summer fish harnesses, or spoons, fall Reef Runners
chatman: we just killed on spoons and jets last year
Ristorapper: what make model spoons for summer??
Andy_K: Yeah jets are the coming rage
chatman: hopefully they will have grown up some this year
Pauleye620: going the way we are, what stage do think the fish will be in for the detroit river mwc
Andy_K: they will be post spawn and ready to bite
chatman: I used to favor mini disks but have gone to jets the last few years
Andy_K: the 3rd week of april is the best week of the year
chatman: what is the date for the mwc det
Andy_K: The 3rd weekend
chatman: awesome
bg: hellopauleye620
Andy_K: I agree
Pauleye620: I agree some would not but I do!
Andy_K: the earlier fish are bigger but hard to catch
chatman: do you ever handline Andy?
Pauleye620: hello bg who you be
Andy_K: yes but only when I have too
bg: from lac seul
Andy_K: I will be ready to do either
chatman: do you use a lot of plastic on the det river?
chatman: worms, etc I mean
Andy_K: I am a plic kind of guy and prefer it to live bait
Andy_K: my favorite is mr twister sassy shads
Pauleye620: will you fish the flw league detroit river?
chatman: yea I remember that from a talk you did for the DWF a few years back
Andy_K: I won't be fishing the league tournament
Dakangler: how will you fish the dam at chamberlain andy
bg: anyone come to Canada this summer
Andy_K: allot of guys like the brown rubber worm but I very seldom use it
Andy_K: I will jig or bottom bounce the dam
Dakangler: big weight!!
chatman: I never had a lot of luck the the det river rubber worm myself
Andy_K: Seeing as your from there what size fish can I expect this spring?
Pauleye620: when you jig do you tie a mono leader or do you put braid straight to the jig?
Andy_K: I use a mono leader
Dakangler: a month ago they were really going nice fish 22-16 in
Pauleye620: Why do you like better?
Andy_K: Still a slot limit?
Dakangler: 15 min only 1 over 20
Andy_K: Mono is easier to tie
Andy_K: Ok same as last time, thanks
Dakangler: bottle shop is the name right on main street
Dakangler: street
Andy_K: Ok then I don't need to bring my own.
Dakangler: Pierre might have fresher fish but thatís a trip every night about 50-60 miles
Andy_K: OK, I may freeze a few and bring them as back ups
Dakangler: is the dam where you fished the last time there or did you have to move quite abit
Pauleye620: Have you ever drop-shot for walleye?
Andy_K: No but I use a drop shot hook above a jig sometimes for the finicky biters
bg: any summer fishing trips to Canada anyone?
Ristorapper: which body of water you looking forward to most this season??
Andy_K: Only if you count the Canadian side of Lake St. Clair
Pauleye620: been thinking about that trying to get that extra edge.
Andy_K: Chamberlain
Ristorapper: and why?
Andy_K: It is so different from here and I seem to catch lots of fish there
Andy_K: Minnesota is always the most fun place to fish so I am glad we will be there twice
Ristorapper: Your strongest / favorite presentation?
Andy_K: I have done well fishing the big three cranks, spinners and jigs but my best place to fish is of course the Great Lakes
Ristorapper: Tell me about spoons and Erie . What kind of spoons have you had success with.
Andy_K: I make my own but there are 2 that work very well Mini streaks and M. Stingers
Andy_K: I like to run them spoons off of jets and boards
Ristorapper: usually suspended fish ??
Pauleye620: do you custom paint any lures or do you have a local favorite
Andy_K: Yessir suspended fish but if they are down try bottom bouncers and spoons
Ristorapper: gottcha
Andy_K: I do paint all my own lures including spoons
Ristorapper: airbrush?
Andy_K: Yess
Pauleye620: how far of a lead will you run a spoon off your bouncer
Andy_K: 3-4 feet
Andy_K: You can run anything off a bouncer when the fish are on the bottom
chatman: yea buddy ;)
Pauleye620: do you like treble hook or single hook?
Andy_K: I ran 3 ounce bouncers and #5 shad raps at Chamberlain a few years ago.
Ristorapper: how deep?
chatman: last year we ran floating raps with them and they saved the day a few times
Andy_K: Trebles 8-20 feet
chatman: bouncers I mean
Andy_K: The bottom bouncer is the most underrated system around
Ristorapper: we use a bunch of them here Andy!
chatman: sure is!
Ristorapper: just never put a crank down with the is all
Ristorapper: them
Andy_K: Try it some time
Ristorapper: sounds like the ticket
chatman: Andy how did you get your start fishing tourneys?
Ristorapper: how long a lead with crank and bouncer on average?
Andy_K: I use a 3-4 foot lead
Ristorapper: bouncer isn't spooking fish?? apparently not lol
Andy_K: I started fishing tournaments on the Detroit River with a bassin buddy of mine
Andy_K: Sometimes bouncers spook fish but when fish are on the bottom they usually don't
chatman: the bouncer is like a dinner bell
chatman: hi reels
Ristorapper: I guess I can understand that chat with that wire contacting gravel / rock bottoms
Reels: Hi guys
Andy_K: First tournament I ever fished we won but got DQ'd for being late (we weren't)
chatman: wow bet there is a story there
Pauleye620: what trail series was that
Pauleye620: let me guess MWT
Andy_K: My bud is about 6'4" and he fished along time without a win, you could say he was a more than a little irate
Eyebanger: Banger is back
Ristorapper: wb banger
Andy_K: The trail was the US walleye??
Pauleye620: bad guess for me, what year was that.
Andy_K: 93 or 94
Andy_K: Any of you guys fish tournaments?
chatman: I did an MWT once
Ristorapper: I have fished a few local tourneys is all
Ristorapper: governors cup too
Andy_K: So what do you think of it?
Ristorapper: I fish mostly to relax so have moved away from them except a work tourney now. Too much pressure!
chatman: the mwt was a good time
Andy_K: That is true
Dakangler: want to be a am at chamberlain few others in ne sd locals
Andy_K: The MWT is one of if not the best state run circuit
Ristorapper: 3rd PWT as an am '01 lake Sakakwea though Was a very good memory
chatman: I would like to do something on the am side of a big tourney but I am always afraid I will get paired up with someone who drives like a nut lol
Andy_K: Hey Dak come look me up at Chamberlain
Dakangler: when will you be there to prefish
Ristorapper: Your best tourney finish and best year Andy??
chatman: and have a single console lol
Andy_K: 5 days prior
Pauleye620: I will be fishing FLW tour Detroit, league detroit, MWC detroit, MWT lake st.clair and PC and saginaw bay and flw league Saginaw river and erie and MWC saginaw bay
Ristorapper: I've tried rousting DAKangler think he is asleep at the wheel
Dakangler: will try my darndest plan making at least one weighing if the wife won't let me fish
Dakangler: mi java don't work
Andy_K: OK got it
Andy_K: Pauleye--sounds like you will fishing against my brother Dave a few time
Pauleye620: yes I like him he is a good guy
Andy_K: Did I mention he won the MWT championship last year?
chatman: did he
chatman: sweet
Ristorapper: good for him!!!
Pauleye620: no but I know that ha ha
Andy_K: Dave and I grew up fishing for eyes with my dad hear on Lake St. Clair
Ristorapper: Yea chat I drew Mark Martin (single console Lund) one year in the rain yuck! BUT we had a blast once we got to fishing!!
Andy_K: Mark? that dog can hunt!
mitch: are u usually booked up for prefishing
Pauleye620: Do you remember a boat livery called Tips on M-29 thatís were I first started renting boats with my dad when I was about 5
Andy_K: No but it is good to make a pre arrangement
mitch: ok
Andy_K: Tips?? Of course the sign is still in the window
chatman: andy do you know Paul Wright, he fishes the FLW?
Andy_K: Hey mitch where are u from
Andy_K: Sounds familiar
chatman: real nice guy he is from Indiana, raises english pointers
Pauleye620: hopefully the fish will stay in lake st clair longer this year just like the old days
Andy_K: Hey brian maybe you should just go for it!
chatman: I am going to do some pre fishing with him
Andy_K: Kool
Andy_K: The fish is St. Clair?? depends on water temp
mitch: decatur indiana
chatman: well guys the hour is about up
Andy_K: Any walleyes around decater?
mitch: no
chatman: get the last of your questions in for andy
Pauleye620: awwww already dad do we have to go to bed.
mitch: toledo is 90 mi
chatman: lol no not really
Ristorapper: Have they determined a PWT championship site yet Andy ??
chatman: but its choc cookie time for me
Andy_K: Not that I know of
Andy_K: If you guys want I will hang for awhile
chatman: Andy it was great for you to join us tonight
chatman: that would be great andy
Andy_K: Thanks!
chatman: I wish I could hang around but the kid wants to use the computer
GJ: do you fish the Reefs on Erie Andy
GJ: Night PJ
chatman: see you guys later thanks again andy
Andy_K: Yes I do but mostly off them is where the big females are come spring]
mitch: good luck this yr andy
Andy_K: Tks
chatman: let your bro know I will take care of him if he needs some bouncers
Andy_K: Kool
Pauleye620: Mwc reefs or river (detroit)?
chatman: I saw your email about it but forgot all about getting back to you on it
chatman: nite all
GJ: Thanks Andy Good luck this year
Andy_K: Nite
mitch Logs Out
chatman Logs Out
Andy_K: MWC depends on the wind
Andy_K: On the great lakes always fish the wind
Ristorapper: Which two bodies of water in MN are you on this year andy?
Andy_K: Ottertail and mille lacs
Dakangler: RR I live 60 miles east of Pierre
Ristorapper: thanks for sharing Andy , good luck on the water this year and stay safe out there!! CLAP CLAp CLap Clap!!
Andy_K: No mans land
Dakangler: hey
Pauleye620: I hate those darn willow cats
Andy_K: hey is for horses
Dakangler: andy do you have any spots open to prefish chamberlain
Andy_K: thks rr!
Andy_K: If you show up we will fish! hows that?
Eyebanger: He just fainted
Ristorapper Logs Out
Dakangler: thatís good enough for me how can we coordinate
Andy_K: afkuffer@hotmail.com
Dakangler: didn't faint but my keyboard just got knocked off the table
Eyebanger: lol
Andy_K: happens to me all the time
GJ: Velcro works great
Andy_K: hey pauleye you run a 620?
Andy_K: ????
Andy_K: He must be sleepin
GJ: wb RR
Andy_K: welcome back my friend
Ristorapper: Hey W just checked my e-mail thanks for the attachment
Dakangler: I will definitely talk to you andy Iím not on call through may 7
Pauleye620: ya sorry had to let the dog out
Andy_K: Ok Dak
Andy_K: Somebody let the dogs outa?
GJ: 620 what boat do you run
Andy_K: Tks GJ
Dakangler: brb
Pauleye620: ya 620 225 opti love not knew but will do
Pauleye620: ranger
GJ: nice ride
Andy_K: I hear they have a new one coming soon
Ristorapper: just glanced over it W and wanted to get back here and thank you!!
GJ: hey RR BB was looking for you
Ristorapper: BB?? bill?
GJ: yes bill
Pauleye620: ya saw it at the novi boat show ,nice
Ristorapper: what fur??
GJ: donít know asked about you?
Andy_K: What is so nice about?
Ristorapper: Andy K your best finish in a tourney and what body of water??
Andy_K: Won Bays de Noc in "93
Ristorapper: COOL
Andy_K: I mean in 2003
GJ: very good Andy
Andy_K: It was fun
Pauleye620: wider at the bow more storage batteries go in the floor
Andy_K: welcome busy
Andy_K: Any deeper?
Pauleye620: rod locker bigger
Albe: saw you at the south end of Round Island that year
Ristorapper: that's the one with the new hull 620?
Andy_K: Yeah that was the spot
Pauleye620: I donít think so but the hull is new
Pauleye620: ya what he said
Andy_K: Is the hull deeper or just wider?
Ristorapper: have you run it yet pauleye?
Pauleye620: wider with diff form
Ristorapper: BANGER HOW the hedouble toothpicks you been?????????/
Albe: the only fish I caught there was coming south along the west side of the island. nothing off of the point
Eyebanger: I m ok
Pauleye620: no but my partner will be getting his knew one in 3 weeks will fish out of it soon
Albe: were you running west to east across the point?
Andy_K: Cool pauleye, what can I say, I like boats.
WarrenMN: speaking of the devil
WarrenMN: Hi Bill
Pauleye620: I am a fan of them all
bill_brown(Ind): wow, full house
Albe: hi bill
Eyebanger: All us old farts here now
bill_brown(Ind): lol
Ristorapper: Hey bb your ears must have been ringingi
bill_brown(Ind): lol...how are u, been awhile
bill_brown(Ind): GJ
GJ: Hi Bill making map for you
Dakangler: 60 miles east of peirre south dakota ristorapper
Ristorapper: long time GJ says u been looking for me???
Andy_K: Any more fishing questions?? or any ???
bill_brown(Ind): ok
Ristorapper: Bismarck/Mandan here Dakangler
Pauleye620: nothing I like better than whipping on the st clair river on a warm summer night just like when I was little with my dad.
bill_brown(Ind): naw, just wondered where u been
Dakangler: I see
WarrenMN: Andy, I take it our PWT elite
WarrenMN: you're
Ristorapper: first time here in a long time Andy Kuffer is the reason : )
GJ: are you fishing around Port Clinton this year Andy?
Andy_K: Whipping? Now that is an experience most of us have not had (I have)
Pauleye620: lots of fun lots of fish
Andy_K: I always fish around Port Clinton In April. Where else can a man catch 10lb fish all day long?
GJ: I'll be there also 4-4 to 4-9]
Andy_K: Tks for da kind werds RR
Dakangler: checkin out, nite guys thanks for the info andy Iíll look you up in may
GJ: nite Dak
Ristorapper: nite Dak
bill_brown(Ind): nite Dak
WarrenMN: night Dak
Pauleye620: Hopefully Andy I could put my face to my name if I ever see you around would love to pick your
Eyebanger: I likes his spellin RR.Jus lik Tmac
Pauleye620: brain
Andy_K: Hey GJ I will probably be on the Detroit R. that time. Come up if it blows
Ristorapper: I'll introduce myself if you make the Championship Andy and if it is held on my home waters OK
GJ: have to ask Buddies about that
Ristorapper: hehe banger
Andy_K: Not B/M???
Pauleye620: Live close to you have a good night and good luck this year see ya on the river.
Ristorapper: all thumbs
GJ: nite 620
GJ: hey Dude
Andy_K: GN 620
Ristorapper: nite sweet ride 620
DUDE: Kuffer how are doing this winter?
bill_brown(Ind): hey DUDE
Andy_K: Dude that U??
Eyebanger: It be DUDE
DUDE: BB and warren
bill_brown(Ind): lol
GJ: bill you on fire?
Andy_K: I be fine
WarrenMN: HI Dude
bill_brown(Ind): I guess
DUDE: not the dude you are thinking of andy.
DUDE: but I know the rhode man
Andy_K: Is there another?
WarrenMN: Risto, did you want Douglas bay if I set it up
Andy_K: Just talked to RR
Ristorapper: sure W that is the hot spot for the Governors cup past years
WarrenMN: Likely do Douglas to Garrison and one of Mallard north
DUDE: so what is happening with your school and your spinner blades?
Ristorapper: Mallard north would include the seven sisters (humps) I love fishing those sisters!!
WarrenMN: more islands showed up NW or Mallard
WarrenMN: of mallard
Ristorapper: yup bet there are some I don't know about
WarrenMN: you definitely can see the old road and tracks
Andy_K: I am teaching fishing classes to the UAW and of course Capt's. Painting like a madman.
Ristorapper: great!!
WarrenMN: I should run, putting together Sharpe now I have Francis case done
bill_brown(Ind): nite W
Andy_K: Got one for Chamberlain??
Albe: nite W
WarrenMN: Yeah, down town?
Eyebanger: CU warren
Andy_K: Very funny
WarrenMN: no, I mean it
GJ: Nite W
WarrenMN: the river by down town that is
Andy_K: afkuffer@hotmail.com
Ristorapper: he's got maps for everywhere Andy!!
DUDE: what circuit are you fishing this year Andy?
WarrenMN: can your email take a very big file
Andy_K: PWT super pro & MWC east
WarrenMN: before I go
Andy_K: Not sure about e-mail
DUDE: congratulations for being invited to the elite 50?
WarrenMN: you seen the maps Bruce Samson uses
Andy_K: Or 60 er 63.
Andy_K: How can we hook up W?
WarrenMN: phone me or email
DUDE: what do you think of the direction the pwt is taking this year?
WarrenMN: accueview@mywdo.com
Andy_K: What s your e-mail?
WarrenMN: or 651-982-1401
WarrenMN: you get to the twin cities at all?
WarrenMN: sorry DUDE
Andy_K: No
Andy_K: Got it
DUDE: no problem warren you guys talk away
bill_brown(Ind): DUDE: see the problem with the Navy QB today
Eyebanger: Dude ? Ice is forming
DUDE: andy and you should get together he can help
Andy_K: TKS
WarrenMN: here if you want to see a sample
WarrenMN: http://groups.msn.com/Walleyemaps/shoebox.msnw?action=ShowPhoto&PhotoID=24
WarrenMN: hopefully you can look later
Andy_K: OK
DUDE: BB who are you talking about?
WarrenMN: its mobridge, but Chamberlain is set up the same
eyeman_1 Logs in []
bill_brown(Ind): Navy QB accused of rape
DUDE: donít want to hear it banger...LOL
WarrenMN: ouch, heard that one
GJ: hey eyeman
eyeman_1: Hey all
bill_brown(Ind): eyeman
WarrenMN: got maps to finish
WarrenMN: night all
WarrenMN Logs Out
eyeman_1: nite
GJ: night W
bill_brown(Ind): nite W
Andy_K: GN W
GJ: he's taking lessons from BB
Eyebanger: CU Warren
bill_brown(Ind): lol
Andy_K: Dude so what was the ???
bill_brown(Ind): 3 days late banger
DUDE: what do you think of the direction the pwt is going this year?
Eyebanger: Mind i8s in 1st gear
Andy_K: You using a 50 cal??
Ristorapper: hehe Andy!!
Andy_K: Here in Detroit everything is downsizing
Andy_K: But really they upsized?
Ristorapper: Albe you here??
DUDE: is it a bad question to ask???
Andy_K: My personal opinion isn't worth very much (u guessed it)
Albe: yes
Ristorapper: plead the 5th andy
bill_brown(Ind): hi Albe
Albe: hi bill
Andy_K: No question is bad but I don't have all the answers
GJ: 1/2 gal RR
Ristorapper: U have attended Doc Sampsons classes on Lowrance right worth the money??
DUDE: is Scott fishing any of the pwt's this year?
Ristorapper: : ) GJ
Andy_K: I havenít talked to Scott.
bill_brown(Ind): lol GJ
Albe: definitely. attended three of them so far and have learned something new every time
Ristorapper: I see He is coming to Fargo March 18 and will try to make it then thanks ALbe
bill_brown(Ind): you will get lost RR
Andy_K: I'd come too RR but it is to far to drive
Albe: especially this years mapping class. I am working with 3DField now with my own recordings
GJ: Doc has a lot of info RR
Ristorapper: Have a son out there going to NDSU also so can make the trip no problem give me something to do until the ice thaws!!
Ristorapper: U been to a class too GJ??
Andy_K: Ok fellas it has been fun. Good Fishing! catch big ones.
DUDE: how about those pistons and red wings? any predictions
Eyebanger: Thanks Andy
Andy_K: Win Win
Albe: nite Andy
Ristorapper: How far Andy he has classes all over check out his site.!! You don't need his class do you??
Andy_K: I can always learn more
GJ: he was at Walleye seminar in Chicago 2 years ago great guy ate lunch with him
Ristorapper: Good luck this season ANDY!!
DUDE: good luck on the up coming season andy
Andy_K: THANKS!!!
Eyebanger: Is that Notre Dame South BB?
bill_brown(Ind): thank you
bill_brown(Ind): lol
Ristorapper: NO banger
Andy_K Logs Out


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