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2006 Online Chats
Dave Storm Online Chat 3/8/06 by Dave Storm
chatman Logs in

Albe: hi chatman

chatman: hey gang

Dave_Storm Logs in

Jonny_Rocket: i had a lot of success with Dave's

Albe: hi Dave

Dave_Storm: Greetings!

Jonny_Rocket: hi dave

chatman: hi dave its perchjerker (brian)

Albe: with the deep shiners

GJ: hi Dave

Dave_Storm: Hi Brian, Hi everyone...

Jonny_Rocket: dave, jon piette here

chatman: lets give it a few mins before we kick if off officially

Dave_Storm: I don't know if we are "officially started yet...

Dave_Storm: OK

Dave_Storm: sorry

chatman: can chat lol

Dave_Storm: sorry

chatman: go ahead and chat if you like

chatman: hi eric, wa

KTurner: Dave - is there a dive curve established for the Ruff Guy and Goodie Minnows


Albe: how soon before the mean streaks hit the stores?

Eric_Schuelke: Hi Dave, how's it going

Jonny_Rocket: albe, used deep shiners and winning streaks

WarrenMN: Evening all

Dave_Storm: Not officially...Marc Romanack is working on it

chatman: well here come the questions so lets kick it off

Albe: hi warren

chatman: everyone lets give a warm wc welcome for dave storm!

Jonny_Rocket: clap clap

WarrenMN Logs Out

Albe: clap clap

GJ: clap clap clap

Dave_Storm: OK....Mean Streaks shipped to Cabelas today!  Other retailers such as Gander Mountain should be getting them in a couple of weeks or so

GJ: wb W

WarrenMN: wrong button

KTurner: get the net!

Jonny_Rocket: they should be hot

Dave_Storm: I am WAY behind on production of the Mean Streaks for the moment...but not for long...

Eric_Schuelke: The Ruff Guys and Goodie minnows look awesome

Dave_Storm: Thank you.

Albe: is there a color chart for the new lures?

WarrenMN: Dave, can you post a link here to your site where we can see what you have

Dave_Storm: Yes, you can view them on my site: http://daveslures.com

chatman: good idea

WarrenMN: excellent

Eric_Schuelke: How long before the Ruff Guys and Goodie minnows get to the store

Dave_Storm: I think that is how to post a link!

Jonny_Rocket: some stores have them already

chatman: dave is going to have some of his pros here with us also tonite

Dave_Storm: Scheels in Appleton, the Sportsman, Tews have Balsa RUFF GUYS and Goodies already!

Jonny_Rocket: ruff guys are at scheels

Albe: any around Appleton, WI

WarrenMN: worked perfect

Jonny_Rocket: scheels appleton

Dave_Storm: I am getting more and more placement of the RUFF giy as we go along...takes a little time..

chatman: dave has one heck of a lineup of lures now

chatman: hu jim

KTurner: Will Cabela's in Owatonna be stocking the Ruff Guys and Goodies?

Terroreyes: hi

Dave_Storm: I am not sure yet if Cabelas is stocking them...they are stocking the new Mean Streak jointed Winning Streak.

Jonny_Rocket: hi terror

chatman: that lure looks great

Dave_Storm: I am working on Cabelas stores to get some balsas, and Ganders and MORE SCHEELS

chatman: they were on backorder at Cab's

Dave_Storm: They still are until Monday...then some will be available, I think.  I am shipping their order this week...they have been HOT for some time now..

chatman: hi larry

Dave_Storm: Puttin the heat on me.

chatman: yea i bet

Eric_Schuelke: Nice addition bringing Chase on board

Dave_Storm: Cabelas is first in on the Mean Streak...better place your orders with them for now...they are getting the first ones..only RUBY RED colors, though.

Dave_Storm: Thank on Chase.  He is busy tonite, and cant stop in.  But, he is doing a fine job already for me.

chatman: you mean the jointed?

chatman: maybe we can get on a chat session one time

Dave_Storm: Yes. The jointed Mean Streak (which is a jointed Winning Streak, actually)

chatman: chase i mean

chatman: oh ok

Dave_Storm: That would be great.

Dave_Storm: The response to my new Balsa lures has really been exciting.  I have all of them in stock, now, after 3 years of development..I actually have them!!!

Eric_Schuelke: I like the way they look, should be a hot bait this year

Dave_Storm: As you might expect, BALSA lures are not what I have been known for!  But I think I have done a nice job with these.

chatman: yea I haven't seen those in person yet

Eric_Schuelke: I like the way the wire goes all the way through the bait all the way to the eye

Dave_Storm: There will be many more additions over the near future...some fantastic sizes and features coming in the balsa KA-BOOM! lineup,,,

Terroreyes: Do you have a Ruff Guy color similar to Rapalas pearl shad rap? That would be hot around here and lots of places. I'm going to give them a work over this fall.

chatman: so the balsa is in the goodie minnow, the ruff guy?

Dave_Storm: I have a pearl and black shad, "Spring Shad" a pearl and purple shad, "Summer Shad".

Dave_Storm: You can see the colors at:

Dave_Storm: http://daveslures.com

Dave_Storm: Goodie Minnow and RUFF GUY are balsa wood lures, yes.

chatman: you are getting good at that link lol

Jonny_Rocket: dave are the balsas carved? or how are they made

chatman: any others in balsa?

Dave_Storm: YEAH!

Dave_Storm: The new balsa line will be expanded next season...

chatman: cool

chatman: hi paul

chatman: perchjerker here

Dave_Storm: The balsa lures are carved out of balsa on lathes...then hand assembled with weights, one-piece sire forms, lips and VMC hooks...

Dave_Storm: Wire forms I mean

Pauleye620: hey guys

Dave_Storm: They construction is topnotch, and each one is hand-tuned at the factory.

Dave_Storm: Man...I gotta slow my typing down!

Jonny_Rocket: are they made in OK.

Dave_Storm: Unless you read gibberish

chatman: don't worry dave we get what you mean we all do it lol

WarrenMN: Gibberish is every one heres fist language

WarrenMN: :)

Dave_Storm: No, I am having the Balsa lures made in Europe for me exclusively.  Very close to another European country in which another familiar line of balsa lures are made!

chatman: yea boy

chatman: so anyone have any questions for dave"

Eyebanger: Prerequisite for chat

Eric_Schuelke: DAve, will you be a sponsor on the PWT this year?

Dave_Storm: I have been developing them for 3 years, now.  The manufacturer is making all Balsa KA-BOOMS exclusively for Dave's

KTurner: Dave - have you considered using a red treble for the belly hook?

Pauleye620: Dave I got a hold of some of your kaboom shiners  in goby colors and did very very good on them in the spring on the detroit river handlineing

Dave_Storm: I am sticking to sponsoring ANGLERS this year.  I am continuing my relationship with the PWT and In-Fisherman, just not having an award this year.

Dave_Storm: GO GOBYS!

Dave_Storm: Not red hooks on the balsas yet...good idea!

Pauleye620: will be using them again very soon for the FLW tour event

Dave_Storm: I DO have red trebles on my plastics in a series called RUBY REDS...also have red lips!

WarrenMN: Dave, have you looked at the new foams out there like the ballast foams

Jonny_Rocket: dave, you joined with midwest walleye series this year correct

Dave_Storm: No, no foams yet.

WarrenMN: Swede was showing me one now that sets up to the hardness of Maple

Dave_Storm: Yes, I have joined the Midwest Walleye Series as a sponsor, in a small way...but good to  be on the list!

KTurner: Dave - did you say that RUBY REDS will be available at Cabela stores?

Dave_Storm: I am not too familiar with foams,  I have my hands full with plastics and wood!

chatman: please explain what the ruby reds are

Dave_Storm: Yes,  RUBY RED Mean Streaks, Winning Streaks, Deep KA-BOOM Shiners and shallow KA-BOOMS are available at Cabelas stores and online.

KTurner: go to the web link listed twice above

Dave_Storm: RUBY REDS are my plastic cranks with red lips, and red trebles.  The RUBY RED Mean Streaks also have red jointed tails.

Dave_Storm: The Mean Streak is just beginning to come off the line.  I produce all of my plastics here in the US...in Oklahoma!

chatman: thats great

Dave_Storm: The Mean Streak has similar characteristics to the HotnTot and the Winning Streak lures...ony MUCH more aggressive and has a great "throbbing" action.  The tails really kick up a fuss.

Dave_Storm: How are you all thinking the fishing season will pan out for 2006?

chatman: are they speed sensitive?

chatman: well in the western end of erie it should be the best in years numbers wize

Jonny_Rocket: Winnebago should be hot, according to kendall with the dnr

Dave_Storm: The Mean Streaks are stable at high speeds.  They work very hard, and never lose their action...you can feel them working at all speeds.  They possess an erratic searching action, but will not roll out..unless you are going VERY fast which any lure would

Dave_Storm: erratic searching action..my typing is not great.

Eric_Schuelke: I lost my connection, now I'm back

Jonny_Rocket: I cant wait to pull them on winnebago

Eric_Schuelke: I agree Rocket

Dave_Storm: The lips on my Winning Streak and Mean Streak! are hardened aluminum...will not bend under normal fishing conditions.  It is also locked in the body during the glue process and will not pull out.

KTurner: I can hardly wait to pull these RUFF GUYS and GOODIE MINNERS around pool 4

Dave_Storm: I make the new jointed Mean Streak in 49 coolors...some specifically for Winnebago and for steelhead, too!

chatman: erie too all we have is one BIG POOL lol

Dave_Storm: Which size of RUFF GUY and Goodies suit you best?

Dave_Storm: I can always use input from anglers

Jonny_Rocket: for the winnebago guys which color are geared towards them?

chatman: hi b lou

B-lou: hey

Dave_Storm: My RUFF GUY 15 is 2-3/4" similar in size to Shad Rap #7

KTurner: Dave - I think you should make a GOODIE MINNOW that resembles a willow cat.  My hands still hurt from using those little buggers last fall.......  Even treble hooks would hurt less.  Lost the entire feeling in one arm from a monster mad tom......

Dave_Storm: The RUFF GUY 14 is similar in size to Shad Rap #5

KTurner: 2 3/4 inch

Eric_Schuelke: Bluegill will be a hot color on the upper lakes, Rocket

Dave_Storm: I am working on something like that at this time...have had willow cat suggestions coming in.

Jonny_Rocket: i am waiting for the small ruff guy for poygen, it will give the #5 shad rap a run

chatman: any thought to a goby pattern for us erie guys?

Pauleye620: 2 thinks I dont like girls from winona and willowcats

Dave_Storm: Yes, the RUFF GUY has a fantastic action.  You will like the speed in which it dives.  Quicker than a SRAP

Eric_Schuelke: I will be stocking up on the 14's and 15's

KTurner: pauleye620 - were you really in Winona or did you migrate to the Wisc side?

Eric_Schuelke: I couldn't agree more, Rocket

Dave_Storm: Have you tried my GOBY patterns in my plastics?  They were developed just for you in Erie!

chatman: no not yet, we have been really focused on spoons the last year or 2

Pauleye620: the only time I went to wisconsin is when the bar closed in winona

prowalleyewoman: Hi Dave! Shari Here.  I love the new mean streaks!  Do you think you will develop something similar to THIN FINS for shallow springtime eyes?

KTurner: ahhhh, just as i thought......  been there, done that....  prefer willow cats

Dave_Storm: OH...well...I netted a ton of smallies on Erie using the Deep KA-BOOM Shiners..mostly RUBY RED colors...and some walleyes.  It was a bit early in the season for eyes.

Dave_Storm: ThinFins!!!!

chatman: oh i will try them thats for surew

Dave_Storm: What's that?!

Dave_Storm: lol

prowalleyewoman: woops...

prowalleyewoman: lol.

prowalleyewoman: hi!

Dave_Storm: I have had many requests for ThinFin style baits...we will have to wait and see what I can do..

KTurner: Deep KA-BOOM Shiners are dynamite on Lake of the Woods mid to late summer.  Can't keep the fish off the line and you don't need down riggers

prowalleyewoman: I love the mean streaks that you just let out. VERY COOL!

Dave_Storm: Do yo have a favorite color of KABOOM shiner?

Jonny_Rocket: deep shiners rock on winnebago

KTurner: rainbow trout, is there any other color?

Dave_Storm: Thanks, Shari....I hope that you tear up the waters with them...hope to get them into stores real soon.

Pauleye620: proww,shari?

prowalleyewoman: Yes?

Jonny_Rocket: favorite color is blue prism with the orange belly

Dave_Storm: That was one of my dad's best sellers in the old T-Sticks and tots

Pauleye620: shari who?

prowalleyewoman: Vermeer

Dave_Storm: the rainbow trout...my color#9

Pauleye620: just checking

Pauleye620: old t-sticks jr my all time favorite

Dave_Storm: Prisms are always good.  I use the same prism material as we always did.  And my prism KABOOM shiners sell very well in all prism colors.

prowalleyewoman: I like #10 brown trout

Eric_Schuelke: Dave, will you be at any of the PWT's

Dave_Storm: My father designed all of the old Storm lures...his hands have helped me get where I am today with my lures...very gifted lure designer.

prowalleyewoman: YOU BET!

Dave_Storm: I will try to get out this season.  Although, I am tied to the plant most of the time until July for the ICAST show.

grampis: many people here tonight

prowalleyewoman: When not walleye fishing, I love the wipers.. any suggestions?

prowalleyewoman: Dave?

prowalleyewoman: what to use?

Dave_Storm: Great to see the PWT in Wisconsin...my lures are doing very well there.

Dave_Storm: Deep KA-BOOM shiners

Eyebanger: Yo grampis

grampis: hey EB

prowalleyewoman: Ruby reds.

WarrenMN: any chance of you putting a LED in any of your lures

WarrenMN: the plastics that is

Eric_Schuelke: the Ruff Guy 14 should be a hot lure for the PWT in Wisconsin

Dave_Storm: Anyone get on the water today?  It has been in the 80's here in OK...getting ready to go out myself and BASS fish!! (sorry)...walleyes are further north than my home lake!

grampis: i dont believe ive seen this many people here before.

KTurner: shari - i don't see brown trout listed.  is that an old color?  what is the #?

Eyebanger: His lures are so good they dont need leds Warren

Eric_Schuelke: Water is alittle hard here in Wisconsin

chatman: how about a chip that plays yankee doodle doo lol?

Dave_Storm: Yes, the RUFF GUY is getting lots of talk in the bluegill color and the summer shad (pearl/purple)

Pauleye620: Dave,on erie would you say in the spring you start with one lure and as the water warms you switch/

prowalleyewoman: Deep kaboom shiner #10, metal brown trout

chatman: yes we have a good crowd tonite

KTurner: gotcha!  thanks!

prowalleyewoman: dave? #10?

parkie: got on the water today but had 2 feet of ice under us

Dave_Storm: Yes, numer 10..also called Rosemary

Dave_Storm: Ice is not going to last too much longer I hope!

Dave_Storm: Shari...how is fishing in MO?

WarrenMN: lasts here till April

prowalleyewoman: I can't wait to see the action of the jointed mean streak.

Eric_Schuelke: I hope you're right, on the ice

prowalleyewoman: Well, in Kansas I've seen a few stacked up.

Jonny_Rocket: rosemary is a great bait on winnebago also

Dave_Storm: Cabelas is getting some in this week.  Gander and Bass Pro to follow...along with Scheels and many other outlets soon.

prowalleyewoman: Caught a huge female same time last year.... March 6, so am ready!!

grampis: east tennessee,upper 60s and 70s for the next 7 days and a warm rain shower chance later,we are on the move.

prowalleyewoman: VERY DRY here. (NW MO, SE NE)

Dave_Storm: We had NO ice this year in OK...barely froze at all.  Mosquitoes will be HUGE!

WarrenMN: live bait

Pauleye620: Dave,which of your lures would start with in the spring summer fall on erie

prowalleyewoman: here too, ice only 3 times total on our lake.

Albe: rosemary was hot for me on lt. bay de noc last fall

KTurner: what's up with this "please rephrase your last message." comment?

Eyebanger: Hey man

WarrenMN: can't say cra ppie

eyeman_1: EB

WarrenMN: hi eye

eyeman_1: Hi Warren

GJ: hi eye

eyeman_1: GJ

Dave_Storm: Erie uses my smaller profile Shallow KABOOM shiners..behind dipseys...in May-June-July the Deep KABOOM took off, but so did the Winning Streak behind a downrigger.

KTurner: Ok, I am headed for Upper Red Lake Friday and they have approxiamtely 4 foot of ice.  Hopefully the slabs have the feedbag on and the walleyes and northerns behave

Dave_Storm: I well a lot of custom color baits in the DEEP shiner and shallow shiners for Erie

Dave_Storm: Erie Ugly (fl.green) Baby Brown (pumpkinseed) and others

Pauleye620: looking forward to seeing those

Dave_Storm: Where do you purchase most of your tackle?

grampis: hey EB,is things looking up in Hio

prowalleyewoman: Cabellas, bass pro, small dealer in Lincoln, NE

Eric_Schuelke: Cabela's, Bass Pro

eyeman_1: Xtreme

Eyebanger: Not yet .Still ice out front

chatman: cabs gander and some local places

Albe: cabela's  sheels


KTurner: Cabela's, Gander Mtn, on-line with an equal mix between the 3.

Pauleye620: well I live just north of detroit so I cant get your lures unlees I am upnorth  around franks in linwood

Albe: xtreme tackle

prowalleyewoman: woops, forgot scheels!

grampis: hoping for a warm rain?

prowalleyewoman: Dave are the GOBY's hand painted?

Dave_Storm: All carry my lurs, although in limited colors.  I make over 50 colors...some dist carry all colors such as extreme

grampis: cant rush nature.

Pauleye620: where is extreme tackle?

Dave_Storm: Yes, GOBY colors are hand painted...but all of my baits are, too!  We use PAASCHE airbrush guns to paint.

eyeman_1: www.extremetackle.com

prowalleyewoman: They are great. thanks

Pauleye620: what city and state

Dave_Storm: The GOBY colors are painted using a special technique developed by kindergartners!

prowalleyewoman: no way.

prowalleyewoman: really!?

Eric_Schuelke Disconnects

prowalleyewoman: cute.

Albe: www.xtremetackle.com/

Dave_Storm: (not lierally, but could have been!)  We dob on the colors with sponges!

prowalleyewoman: very realistic looking.

Dave_Storm: You can find links to dealers that stock Dave's on my web stie:

Dave_Storm: site: http://daveslures.com

prowalleyewoman: who does your R&D?

Dave_Storm: There is my link again!

GJ: wb eric

grampis: Hey dave,what is your most popular trolling lure?

Jonny_Rocket: are you staying this time eric

Dave_Storm: I do my R& D along with my father, Bill Storm.  My father designed the older Storm Lurs such as the Tunderstick, ThinFIn, HotnTOT, Wiggle Wart ect!

Eric_Schuelke: Having problems with my laptop

prowalleyewoman: I LOVE THOSE OLD FAVS!

Eric_Schuelke: Hope to stay

Dave_Storm: My top-selling trolling bait is the Deep KA-BOOM! shiner...it trolls perfectly, down to 17' and will not roll out.  It is very stable.

Eric_Schuelke: did I miss anything?

Jonny_Rocket: th deep shiner is an awsome bait for sure

KTurner: Dave - I have an old thunderstick jr that has metallic glitter on it and it down right catches fish day in day out.  ever consider resurrecting that image?

Dave_Storm: The Mean Streak is also a great trolling bait..gets down to 12' and a little deeper.  Wild action and a great high action bait (reaction bait, too)

Albe: hi bill

GJ: hi BB

Eyebanger: bb ....yo

eyeman_1: BB

Dave_Storm: I have made a few gliter colors in  my line.  Are you talking about the bluegill color GDJ?

bill_brown(Ind): hi all

eyeman_1: Dave...I joined late but are there some specific colors that you've noted that are better on Erie?

Dave_Storm: I cannot yet print a bluegill pattern such as the old Storm color #60...although I WANT to really bad!  I do not yet have pad printing capabilities.  Except on the new balsa lures.  They are all pad-printed.

Albe: blue/white with glitter was also hot on LBDN

KTurner: it's blue on top, gray on the side and orangish on the bottom with silver glitter all over

chatman: wow guys the hour is about up

prowalleyewoman: Dave, last year at MILFORD, several pros. made reference to the RUFF guy... can you tell me more about them?

chatman: get the last of your questions in for dave

john_mannerino: Hi Dave

chatman: dave you are welcome to hang around after the hour is up if you like

Dave_Storm: Color #42 Fluorescent red with black squiggles is my best selling erie color, followed by #31 and #32 metallic "Pirates" and #32 chatreuse/Redface

chatman: hi john

eyeman_1: thanks Dave

Dave_Storm: The RUFF GUY is my new shad-style bals wood bait.  It has a great action, and dives deep quickly.

prowalleyewoman: Thanks.. dave

eyeman_1: Do the Ruff guys have any internal rattles?

Dave_Storm: I will stay for a while...then I have to go back to work!  Gotta mold Mean Steraks!  I run the molding machine myself!

KTurner: thankd for the info Dave.  I'd like to learn more about the glitter crank as I'm down to my last 3.........

Eric_Schuelke: Dave, you work way to hard

prowalleyewoman: gotta love it..

chatman: well let me thank Dave now cuz I gotta leave

Dave_Storm: yeah...but...I gotta do it until I get to the size of my dad's old company!  Then I can relax a bit...maybe!

chatman: everyone lets thank dave storm for our chat tonight

GJ: nite PJ

eyeman_1: later PJ

Dave_Storm: Thank you very much!

Eyebanger: Good job Dave

Jonny_Rocket: clap clap clap

Albe: great chat Dave

prowalleyewoman: bravo

bill_brown(Ind): thanks Dave

grampis: thanks dave.

GJ: Thanks Dave clap clap clap clap

Eric_Schuelke: Thanks DAve

Jonny_Rocket: thanks dave

Dave_Storm: I'm still here for a while if anyone has ?'s

eyeman_1: Thanks Dave

KTurner: Encore, encore!  JK - thanks Dave!

chatman: been great having you Dave i will get a hold of you later

Albe: how deep will mean streaks dive

GJ: Dave what is your best shallow running bait

prowalleyewoman: can you make ruff guys in perch?

Dave_Storm: John...I will get your lures out asap!!

chatman: thanks everyone for the good chat tonight

chatman Logs Out

Albe: how deep will your mean streak dive

Dave_Storm: Mean Streaks dive about 12'

Albe: what about goodies

Eric_Schuelke: Dave, did you get a chance to get mine out?

Dave_Storm: Like a #7 bluegill only green and peach?

Jonny_Rocket: dave did you mean me?

john_mannerino: I know Dave . these darn confusers drive me crazy. It would not let me in.

prowalleyewoman: hey ed.

GJ: hi Ed

Dave_Storm: Eric, yur lurs shipped yesterday.

Dave_Storm: Jon,

Dave_Storm: Your samples and sample rings went today.

Jonny_Rocket: great thanks

Eric_Schuelke: Thanks, sorry for extra added

Ed_: Hello All,

Dave_Storm: No problem...I had them all, Eric...hope you USE them up and need more!!

grampis: so one could troll with one at 12 feetmean streak,one at 17 feetkaboom shiner,have any preferences for 30 feet?

Dave_Storm: Hi Ed

Dave_Storm: Hi Dennis...

Eric_Schuelke: Nice to see you Dennis, glad you could finally make it

Sunshine: Hi Dave.... sorry I'm late guys

john_mannerino: Hey Dennis

Jonny_Rocket: hi dennis

Dave_Storm: The new Goodie Minnow will get beyond 20' by itself trolling...(the large one)

Sunshine: Yo' all

Ed_: David, Did you give a update on the mean Steaks?

Sunshine: The mean streaks will not be kept on shelves long Dave

Dave_Storm: Yes....they are coming along nicely, Ed.  Ed will have ten thousand differnt custom colors this season!!  (just kidding) but to by much!

prowalleyewoman: how many colors really? metals?

Dave_Storm: Production is slow on the Mean Streaks, giving that I have just begun molding a few days ago, and assembly is tough as it is a jointed bait..but we are adding to our staff to accomodate demand.

Ed_: You can't have to many colors

Dave_Storm: 49 colors in the Mean Streak and I believe 14 custom colors?

Sunshine: How many colors will be available for Mean streak  for normal people?

prowalleyewoman: Dave, I do own a temp. employment agency, ya know...

Dave_Storm: Some GLOWS, too.

Sunshine: oops should have waited ;-)

prowalleyewoman: yes!!!!! GLOW!!!

Dave_Storm: send them my way, Shari!

prowalleyewoman: okie dokie..

prowalleyewoman: my fiance is packing as we speak.

Ed_: We made 13 customs and 4 glows

nodakfender Logs in []

GJ: WB ndf

Dave_Storm: Wow!  I lost count.  I knew it was up there.

Ed_: re-state that 13 colors including 4 glows

prowalleyewoman: Dave, is Ed with you?

Sunshine: have ya' talked about the RUFF guy

Dave_Storm: Dennis, what are you hearing lately?

Eyebanger: Grampis ? How do you like the info your getting?

Ed_: Ed and the not so better half of Xtreme Tackle

Dave_Storm: Ed is a customer of mine...he buys all of my baits and stocks all colors...

prowalleyewoman: ok. thanks.

Sunshine: Unfortunately for me the word on the street is out about the ruff guy and bago

grampis: just listening and learning.

Albe: terrific Ed is. Kim does a fine job taking orders and getting them out in a hurry

Dave_Storm: You will have the edge, Dennis..you have the most experience with them....

Jonny_Rocket: sunshine, the ruff guy will excell on poygan too

grampis: dont have to ask to much,just read.

Sunshine: Thanks Dave........ruff guy will be THE bait for bago

eyeman_1 Disconnects

Dave_Storm: Ed stocks my Balsa KABOOMS, too!

Sunshine: I hope the PWT guys are not listening

grampis: yeah EB,awesome.

Eric_Schuelke: Dennis, SHHHHHHH

Sunshine: but word will be out after that tournament Eric

eyeman_1: lightening

Dave_Storm: The top colors so far in the RUFF GUY are #7 bluegill and #6 Summer Shad...then the crayfish colors...all ding well.

Sunshine: colors are perfect

Ed_: Albe, Thanks, She hates to see people not get what they want.

Eric_Schuelke: Youre right, hopefully we'll have the edge

Sunshine: David........ you just took the words out of my mouth

Ed_: Ruff guy's you have to like the bluegill

Eric_Schuelke: Dave, are you going by just my order?

Dave_Storm: Dennis knows purple like no other.

Sunshine: summer shad will be big and bluegill for sure

Albe: never have had to wait more than 5 days to get lures from her

Sunshine: Shhhhhhhh

bill_brown(Ind) Logs Out

Dave_Storm: NO!  my sales for the balsa in general have fabvored those colors...plus the #11 hot tiger

Sunshine: hot tiger is big in all of walleye country

Albe: sorry I could not get to Sportsmans to see you last Saturday Ed

Dave_Storm: Kim is fantastic...

Sunshine: but purple is GREAT

Albe: wanted to here your talk about spinners but got held up in green bay

Dave_Storm: Ron is trying to call me over and over!! I wonder if he has a big order!!  I didnt answe it.

Sunshine: the action of these lures are something to behold.....dave how do you come up with these ideas?

prowalleyewoman: tell ron hello.

Ed_: It's not mine, they are all ready in

eyeman_1 Logs Out

Dave_Storm: I was born in the water

Dave_Storm: I think like a fish

john_mannerino: hahaha

Dave_Storm: No, wait...that's someone else!

Sunshine: lots of teasting I'm sure?

Sunshine: that's testing ;-)

Ed_: Albe, the sportsmans was fun, I do a talk every year there.

Dave_Storm: Ed, your balsa order left yesterday!! thanks a bunch!

Ed_: Not a problem, You just can't have to many baits

Dave_Storm: I test and test until I (we) are completely satisfied...just ask Ed...!  That is one reason my shipments are being delayed..always tweaking and tweaking.

Sunshine: Anyone using the KABOOM SHiner in rivers yet

john_mannerino: yes

john_mannerino: awsome

Sunshine: luck John?

Sunshine: Been a good bait for me on the Miss

Dave_Storm: John just joined our team guys and gals.

Sunshine: on 3-ways there are great

john_mannerino: They were hot on the miss last year

Jonny_Rocket: welcome John

Dave_Storm: Dennis, getting excited about the PWT??

john_mannerino: Glad to be aboard

Sunshine: YES SIR

Eric_Schuelke: Nice to have you, jOHN

Sunshine: I'm like a kid waiting for Xmas

john_mannerino: go get em buddy

Dave_Storm: Has anyone MET me besides Ed??!!  I met Shari last summer...

prowalleyewoman: At Milford.

john_mannerino: no

Eric_Schuelke: Not yet

prowalleyewoman: great guy. Dennis is very cool too

Jonny_Rocket: only talked on the phone

Sunshine: I feel like we've known each other forever.... phone and email

john_mannerino: only on line

fisher_boy: hey

Dave_Storm: I hope t meet all of you someday!  Kind of weird being here in OK...all of my supporters in your necks of the woods!

prowalleyewoman: Dave and I have become fast friends.

grampis: hey fisherboy

Dave_Storm: Yeah...I am online a LOT after midnight!

Sunshine: Dave, you coming to any PWT's?

fisher_boy: whats up

grampis: lotta info going out here tonight

prowalleyewoman: I was just going to ask what pwts..

Dave_Storm: I would like to, but I cant commit yet...I may be coming to MN, if I can get my act together...right Ed?

Ed_: I here MN call you (say the first weekend in april)

grampis: lotta questions and a lot of answers

Sunshine: John,,,,,,,, try the Sparx without the swish tail on the miss

Eyebanger: Daqves doing a good job

Dave_Storm: I always have an answer..just may not be the one you want to hear!

Eric_Schuelke: Dennis, have you been to the Miss lately?

Dave_Storm: Thank you eyebager

Dave_Storm: banger

john_mannerino: I'm going to be pulling it on the IL next sun for the IWT

fisher_boy: anybody heard from bb today?

Eyebanger: washere and gone

fisher_boy: oh

Dave_Storm: SPARX are selling well...color #62 chart prism purple and #55 shad...#57 pearly whites too

fisher_boy: lot of people on tonite

Sunshine: good idea John....... not lately eric.......it's killing me not to be there NOW

grampis: hey fisher boy here any gobbles?

prowalleyewoman: pearly white is good

Eric_Schuelke: I have a boat you can use

fisher_boy: no

john_mannerino: Yea I heard the fish are popping in pool 9

Dave_Storm: I have a boat....

Jonny_Rocket: well guys I gotta go, thanks dave!  I will contact you soon for the rest of my order

prowalleyewoman: come fish with me in Kansas. you bring boat.

Sunshine: yes.... they are popping........and I have a boat show starting friday :-(

Eyebanger: Dave I'm here in Vermilion Ohio and a buddy to Dens Outpost .He carrys your baits

Dave_Storm: my boat holds two people, two rods, two beers and two livewells..

Eric_Schuelke: Dennis, I forgot about the show

Ed_: 58 fruit punch is doing well

prowalleyewoman: hurry. it's time

prowalleyewoman: can you back down the ramp?

prowalleyewoman: tee hee

Sunshine: that's right...... I forgot about fruit punch....... worked great

Dave_Storm: I can back down sideways!  lol

Jonny_Rocket Logs Out

bigfish12345: evening all

prowalleyewoman: you know...

prowalleyewoman: cool, as long as you get it in the water!

Dave_Storm: Fruit punch is my version of another popluar prism color out there...I like mine better!

Sunshine: I hear ya Dave

bigfish12345 Logs Out

Ed_: I agree with that

Sunshine: It looks unbelieveable in clear water

Dave_Storm: Ed...I just finished MORE Fruit Punches today!  (no tails)

fisher_boy: rednecks are hypmotized by shiny objects

Eric_Schuelke: I'll have to give it a try, haven't tried it yet

grampis: 10-4

prowalleyewoman: amen to that

fisher_boy: bass boats, beer cans, fishin lures

Dave_Storm: I love shiny object.

Dave_Storm: s

fisher_boy: ufo's

prowalleyewoman: jewelry..

prowalleyewoman: tee hee

Dave_Storm: ha

Dave_Storm: well everyone...I have to go run the molding machine...molding Mean Streaks tonight...and the next and the next

fisher_boy: rednecks that have seen ufo's was in a bass boat holdin a beer can usin a lure

prowalleyewoman: send me some!

Eric_Schuelke: Nice talking to you Dave

Albe: take care Dave

Eyebanger: Go get er dave

john_mannerino: Dave I will be in touch

Sunshine: Dave.........dont burn out buddy .........we need ya for the long haul :-)

prowalleyewoman: employees will report monday.

grampis: thanks DAVE.

champ,ne. Logs Out

Sunshine: Thans Dave

prowalleyewoman: thanks, dave. ttyl

Dave_Storm: OK...I'll survive, I think.  I appreciate each of you, too.

Ed_: Thanks you David, (now get bake to work)

john_mannerino Logs Out

Dave_Storm: OK ed...slavedriver!

Sunshine: Eric..................try the Chat/purple too

Ed_: Key boards are a bad thing

Eric_Schuelke: which lure?

grampis: HEY WARREN

WarrenMN: party still going eah

Sunshine: Sparx

Eric_Schuelke: Thanks

Dave_Storm: Bye, and thanks for chatting..it was fun.  I will send out samples of Mean Streak asap o everyone

Dave_Storm: Everyone that asks, that is!

Sunshine: the main guest just left Warren

fisher_boy: rich rednecks buy fake deer and put in their front yard

WarrenMN: dave looks still there

WarrenMN: Thanks for coming tonight Dae

WarrenMN: Dave

fisher_boy: poor rednecks drive by and shoot at them

Dave_Storm: I am here stillltrying to leave but cant

prowalleyewoman: thanks dave.

WarrenMN: LOL

Dave_Storm: seem to get off

blueranger: thx dave

WarrenMN: you should stop in more often

Dave_Storm: e-mail me sometime everyone... get lonely down here.

Dave_Storm: Bye

WarrenMN: night

Eric_Schuelke: bye

Eyebanger: Adios

prowalleyewoman: bye

Sunshine: Eric, u coming to show?

grampis: bye

Dave_Storm Logs Out


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