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2006 Online Chats
Online Chat with Navionics 06/14/06 by Jeff Brodeur of Navionics

Online Chat with Jeff Brodeur of Navionics June 14, 2006

df hi jeff its Brian
df just checking to see if its working
df will be back in a minute i will sign on as chatman
chatman Hi again
Jeff@Navionics Hi Brian...Needed coffee
chatman thats cool
Jeff@Navionics Long day
chatman i hear ya
chatman hi dbal
Jeff@Navionics hey dbal
dbal Hi
dbal I'm a little slow today
Jeff@Navionics you guys been on the water?
chatman i just put a remonder on the site, im sure guys will be checking in
chatman yea i went to erie yesterday
dbal Not in a week
chatman actually i just got done cleaning fish
chatman hi wade perchjerker here
Jeff@Navionics good deal...where did you fish?
Jeff@Navionics WAAAADE
chatman Mi waters brest bay area
Wade@JollyAnnMarine Hi PJ, Hellloooo Jeff  :)
Jeff@Navionics we are in the presence of greatness
chatman yea
Wade@JollyAnnMarine PJ is a great guy, yep
Jeff@Navionics mmmm....walleye
chatman I am going to let the guys know wade is here also
Jeff@Navionics Mr. Schuelke...wassup?
Eric_Schuelke Hi Jeff, it's Eric Schuelke from Wisconsin
Eric_Schuelke How's it going
Wade@JollyAnnMarine Wade is in and out maybe, depending on my 4-yr-old daughter and 12-week-old yellow lab pup
Jeff@Navionics glad you could visit
Wade@JollyAnnMarine hi Eric
chatman cool
Jeff@Navionics youll miss all the mud slingin' wade
Eric_Schuelke Hi Wade
chatman hi eric
Wade@JollyAnnMarine Haha - I tend to duck
Eric_Schuelke Hello
chatman might as well and start
Jeff@Navionics congrats on the pup...as if you didn't have enough going on
chatman we really dont need a formal intro i dont think
Wade@JollyAnnMarine She's a great pup so far - luv her
chatman i have choc lab
Wade@JollyAnnMarine great dogs - labs
chatman dumb as a puddle but we love her anyway
Jeff@Navionics My wife is buggin me for a pup
Wade@JollyAnnMarine lol
Eric_Schuelke We have a black and yellow Labs
Jeff@Navionics too much travel and too many little kids
Wade@JollyAnnMarine ahhh - it's a lab chat lol
chatman we got a english pointer basset hound mix from a rescue
Eric_Schuelke Jeff, Labs love little kids
chatman Hi Behr perchjerker here
Jeff@Navionics thanks Eric---Ill be sure to tell the wife
Wade@JollyAnnMarine Do what the wife says Jeff - you'll live longer and happier
Behr Hi guuys...
Jeff@Navionics Hey Behr
Wade@JollyAnnMarine Hello Behr
chatman behr i know you have some questions
Eric_Schuelke Are you going to make it to any PWT events?
Behr Jeff, question
chatman see lol
Jeff@Navionics The championship.  Larry Carr will likely be at a few
Jeff@Navionics go ahead Behr
Eric_Schuelke Is there anything new in the works?
chatman i can hear behr busily typing
Jeff@Navionics Eric...always ;)
chatman hi ditch
chatman dutch lol
Jeff@Navionics dutch
Behr I have a bud who's real dissapointed with his GPS because he says there just isn't enough info on the chips.... he's looking boey numbers and channel markers... that kind of stuff...
Jeff@Navionics Behr...where is he fishin?
Dutchman LOL!!! Hello!!!
Eric_Schuelke The areas that I have fished all have the markers marked, if that makes sense
Jeff@Navionics not everyone at once now...
Behr Ok... I'll explain further...  he has your competitors chip, but he asked me if I had that kind of info in my Navtronics chip and I had to tell him that I did not....
Jeff@Navionics ok..what lake?  Does the other chip have the info?
Jeff@Navionics Dutch...your quiet tonoght
Dutchman Jeff, Is there a way to use the new mapping cards on a Lowrance emulator on a PC?
Jeff@Navionics eric to answer the whats new" question"
Jeff@Navionics PAPER!!!!
Eric_Schuelke Jeff, I just got back from Devil's lake, I have to say that other companies chip had more info than the navionics chip
Behr We're heading to Namakan next week, and when I look an the Namakan Navtronics map, it just shows the Boeys, but not their numbers... and not chanel marking, (I don't think)
Jeff@Navionics Dutch...It has been done with varying levels of success.  You need a lowrance reader
Eric_Schuelke What do you mean paper?
Dutchman I have a Lowrance reader for my Mapcreate still can't get it to work....
Jeff@Navionics Eric,  correct.  1' info vs 5' info on Devils.  Its from the same data set though (the state's).  I would expect to see some improvement on Devils next release
Wade@JollyAnnMarine Dutch, have you tried a number of different product emulators?
Eric_Schuelke A
Dutchman Yes the 104c the 111C a 135 and the 7500GPS emulators, didn't work on any of them.
Jeff@Navionics Namakan is NOT a survey lake, meaning the data is third party.  I would expect it to be the same, unless the other maker has updated info.  I will look into it and see whats up
Jeff@Navionics Dutch, I did get it to work on the 104C, but haven't tried it in a while.  it was NOT easy
chatman i would rely on a paper noaa chart for indvidual bouy numbers, etc
Eric_Schuelke Alot of the info that was missing was because of the flooding of the system, we were fishing on land that just flooded in the last two years. I for one don't like the 1ft increments, makes the screen to cluttered
Dutchman The emulator shows a warning the it doesn't recognize the card
Jeff@Navionics I don't think there is a Govt chart for Namakan
Wade@JollyAnnMarine Dutch, I got it to work with the LMS-330C emulator
Jeff@Navionics Dutch, you have to copy the files from the Nav card into the emulator, I will try to figure it out and post on WEC
Eric_Schuelke chatman, last year on the Miss, every daymarker and wingdam on the chip was right on
Dutchman I'll keep trying.....
Jeff@Navionics Eric, CORRECT!  Govt data
chatman they are also right on in my erie chip
Wade@JollyAnnMarine Jeff, Devil's was surveyed by LM - that's why the data is better...
Jeff@Navionics Yeah, new paper charts for all of our survey lakes
Jeff@Navionics Wade...I beg to differ!!
Dutchman Used the chip on Oahe last week and it was very close. Sharpe next week...
rspahr Are there any new lakes for New Mexico that are going to be added this year?
Jeff@Navionics Oahe is a survey lake for '07.
Behr Just to let you know, Jeff... I'm ok with the set-up.  I think he had some unrealistic expectation going in (to aquiring a GPS).  He was hoping there would be some chip that would have all of the navigation info, as well as, say, park info including...
Eric_Schuelke Thanks for saying that Dutch, will be on Oahe next month
Behr ...all camp sites, etc....
chatman you are right in your thinking behr
Dutchman It's pretty good now, better than the 2003 chip
Jeff@Navionics RS...not that I am aware of yet.  Any suggestions?
chatman some peole expect to find where they can butter thier bread with a gps aint gonna happen
Behr Kind of like your map combined with this map:
Behr http://www.nps.gov/voya/maps/campMap2005pg2.pdf
Jeff@Navionics That said, our surveyed lakes should include all bouy info and other navigation info that is lacking on other charts
Eric_Schuelke Some people expect the chip to put fish on the end of your line
Jeff@Navionics Eric...are you telling me they don't?
chatman right eric
Wade@JollyAnnMarine Jeff, I'm pretty sure they surveyed it (Devils) so I believe it's in 1-foot contours, I could be wrong
chatman it did yesteday for me lol
Eric_Schuelke Not all the time, once and awhile I actually have to try
rspahr I would like to see Quemado Lake in NM and Cochiti Lake added.
Jeff@Navionics Wade, I think you will find that the data is was actually gathered from the ND wildlife and fisheries dept.  they have been pretty active with mapping up there
Eric_Schuelke How's the striper fishing going?
Wade@JollyAnnMarine Ahhh - that could be Jeff - my bad then
Jeff@Navionics Thanks Rspahr...Ill ask my sourcing team
Jeff@Navionics We have some good data for NM now, but always looking to improve
Jeff@Navionics Eric,  excellent.  I get Sat afternoon to go play for Dad's day
Eric_Schuelke Good for you
Jeff@Navionics I could be wrong wade, but I'm usually not;)
Jeff@Navionics Anyone fosh the new Sak map yet?
rspahr Your 1 foot contours of Elephant Butte rock!  I love that map!
Wade@JollyAnnMarine LOL I know
Jeff@Navionics Wait till you see the paper version.  Ute looks unreal too
Eric_Schuelke Jeff, do you have any new paper maps of Oahe?
rspahr Yeah,  I will have to go up to Ute sometime.  No stripers in that lake though:(
Jeff@Navionics Eric, on its way, I think its at least two maps.  Satelite overlay and 1' contours.  Great stuff
Wade@JollyAnnMarine Oahe survey will be HUGE.  WHat's the plan for survey of Devils and Francis Case?
Eric_Schuelke How soon will it be avialable?
Dutchman That'll be fun...
Jeff@Navionics Yeah rs...little green fish...Brrrrrrr
Jeff@Navionics Francis Case is done
Wade@JollyAnnMarine So it'll be on 2007?
Jeff@Navionics Devils, we just need to get the 1' data.  Not hard to do
Jeff@Navionics Wade, lets say between jan1-dec 31 2007.
Dutchman Did you use the Corp maps prior to the Dams or did you do an actuall survey on Oahe and Francis Case?
Jeff@Navionics I'm pretty confident in that timeline
Wade@JollyAnnMarine Cool, we'll have some very happy camper out this way Jeff
Jeff@Navionics Dutch...ACTUAL on the water survey...no other mapping input
Eric_Schuelke Jeff, is that when the paper maps for Oahe will be available?
Jeff@Navionics Anyone seen the new paper maps yet?
Dutchman That's a whole bunch of on the water surveying.....
chatman no what the skinny on them
Jeff@Navionics Eric, I think before the end of the year (06)
Wade@JollyAnnMarine What's the story on the paper maps Jeff
Eric_Schuelke How about by the middle of July?
Jeff@Navionics Dutch...actually 471,000 acres of surveying
Jeff@Navionics Eric....maybe for you
Eric_Schuelke Should I contact you?
chatman hi doc
Wade@JollyAnnMarine hello doc
Jeff@Navionics the paper stuff is really trick.  Data is from on the water surveys with satelite overlay (you can see individual houses!) and it also has some 3d elements of the bottom
Jeff@Navionics VERY detailed
chatman really
Jeff@Navionics Hey Doc...how you been?
Jeff@Navionics Eric...you know how easy I am to get ahold of;)
Eric_Schuelke Yeah, I know, Not!
dockehr good evening gentlemen, just wanted to drop in and pick up on Jeff's comments. Jeff, it seems like eons since we talked at I-CAST last July.
Jeff@Navionics yeah...fun show.  Going this year?
Wade@JollyAnnMarine Jeff, what will the paper maps be priced at?
dockehr No, heading to Alaska with wife and three other couples
Jeff@Navionics nice trip...Halibut fishing?
Jeff@Navionics Wade...$19.99 suggested
Eric_Schuelke Jeff, it was nice chatting with you, I have a Little meeting to get to, take care.  I will try to get in touch with you.
dockehr No, just going as tourists.
Jeff@Navionics Later eric...be in touch!
Eric_Schuelke Sorry It should have said Little League meeting
Wade@JollyAnnMarine Jeff - is it all the survey lakes?
Jeff@Navionics LOL Doc...bet that disguise was your wife's idea!
Jeff@Navionics Wade, pretty close.  looking at about 200+ paper maps released through '07
Wade@JollyAnnMarine Mille Lacs yet?
dockehr What's the likelyhood of an accurate Cass Lake/Pike Bay enhancement to the chip?
Jeff@Navionics Wade, I'll have that in about two weeks
Wade@JollyAnnMarine Ready for the fall nite bite!  :)
Jeff@Navionics Dock...how bad is the one we offer now?
dockehr If we averaged" the Lakemaster chip and the Navionics chip, we'd probably be right on!!!"
Jeff@Navionics Oh yeah, about the PC use.  It looks like NavPlanner will be re-released (rolling eyes) around July 4th.  Nifty little program without the bugs
Jeff@Navionics lol Doc...you're saying they are both off a tad"?"
dockehr Judging from posts, your Canada premium chip is getting good marks.
chatman i was just going to ask you about that
Jeff@Navionics Yeah Doc.  Big win so far.  we aren't done with Canada by a LOONG stretch.  Its really nice to have something to offer our customers up that way
chatman nav planner i mean
dockehr YES! One's too deep and the others too shallow. This is specifically for Pike Bay. DNR data is off. Actually, we have learnrd to compensate.
Jeff@Navionics Yeah CM.  There were a few issues with Waypoint transfer.  What makes a program like that difficult to produce is getting it to play nice with ALL of the plotter manufacturers we support
Wade@JollyAnnMarine What's the timeline on the re-release of the Navplanner Jeff?
Jeff@Navionics Dock...don't be surprised to see some updates.  I understand the actual positioning is pretty good on those waters though
Jeff@Navionics Wade...ummmm...Navplanner....ummmm
Wade@JollyAnnMarine I understand...
Jeff@Navionics ***cough****stall
Jeff@Navionics Only kidding.  Looking at right after July 4th if all of the testing goes well
Wade@JollyAnnMarine We all know the meaning of the term backorder"  lol"
Jeff@Navionics New version is in house, but not going ANYWHERE before we all get to put it through its paces
Wade@JollyAnnMarine good deal - I'll try to catch you tomorrow on the paper
chatman just make nav planner work with MY unit, that all you need lol
Wade@JollyAnnMarine g'night guys
chatman later bud
Wade@JollyAnnMarine lol PJ
Jeff@Navionics Later Wade!
dockehr Well, I've got to go. By the way we will be advertising for a Vice President of Operations @ Lindy. Would work with Ted Takasaki, our President. Thanks guys and have a good season. Dr. Roland E. Kehr, Jr. Chairman, Lindy Legendary Tackle.
Jeff@Navionics Easy crowd tonight.  everyone MUST be happy
Jeff@Navionics Tell Ted I said Hi!
chatman see ya doc
chatman yea i gotta get ted in for a chat soon
dbal I just bought mine,haven't used it enough
Jeff@Navionics Do that...He's a class act
chatman oh i have had him a few times before
chatman hes great
Jeff@Navionics Anything else guys?
chatman not from me i am haapy with my charts you guys do a great job
dbal still learning mine
chatman boy everone left who cut a fart
Jeff@Navionics Thanks pal.  I don't think everyone knows how hard we work on making the best for you guys
chatman it cant be easy
Jeff@Navionics It isn't, but as long as they keep getting better.
dbal Technology is a great thing
Jeff@Navionics well have to do a promotion for the paper stuff.  Maybe a request a lake post...
Jeff@Navionics dball-hope you have fun with the mapping
chatman that would be cool i dont think the word is out on them
Jeff@Navionics its great stuff
dbal I just have to get off the road long enough to find time to fish
Jeff@Navionics lets do that then.  when we have some more lakes, we can do a promotion
chatman thats cool
Jeff@Navionics dbal...don't I know.  I spend a lot of time on the road.  ALWAYS have an open invite with some of the best pros.  Not enough time!!!
dbal If I had an open invite with the pros I'd make time lol
chatman dbal what unit do you have?
chatman what charts?
Jeff@Navionics I'll have to extend a few trips for product testing, QA, and feedback"....I think it might even be a tax write-off"
dbal I just bought the lowrance 332 and the navionics premium for the midwest. I live near the Petenwell Flowage in Wi
Jeff@Navionics Never fished Mille Lacs...might have to start testing there
Jeff@Navionics Great combo.  Petenwell is a survey lake.  great detail
chatman I am still using my trusty X15 on day i will upgrade
dbal I was suprised when I used it the first time, now it's just a matter of getting my icons set up
Jeff@Navionics Ever fish Pepin?
dbal I had to get rid of a LMS 350, it broke my heart
chatman i had one of those, i loved the nice bright screen it had
Jeff@Navionics God Brian...Were going to have to fix that. Great unit, but the mapping options are getting slim
dbal No, Petenwell, Castle Rock and Little BAy de Noc. Seems all I have time for
chatman yea i know. but Im pretty much a erie/det river guy
chatman you did such a good job on those charts I dont need anythign else lol
dbal Haven't even been to CAnada since I moved to that area
Jeff@Navionics CM...I'm pretty sure I can convince you that upgrades are a foregone conclusion. You need a new LCX 25
chatman yea 3 kids in college though
Jeff@Navionics or one of those 900 series from HBird
Jeff@Navionics consider it an investment in your sanity
Jeff@Navionics I'll cut ya a deal on mapping...you can't miss
chatman well its a nice thought
chatman one day soon i will take you u
chatman on it
chatman up on it
Jeff@Navionics ok fellas...time to get some grub
chatman yea sounds good
dbal Gotta fly... you guys take care
chatman thanks for visiting with us bud
chatman see ya dbal
Jeff@Navionics Thanks D...have fun with the new toys
chatman later dutch
dbal thanks
Jeff@Navionics no problem...well do it again


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