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Walleye Clubs
Walleyes Chicago by Walleye Central

Walleyes Chicago



We are an organization founded in 2009 in Chicago Illinois.  Our organization is made up of sportsman and conservationists dedicated to the sport of walleye fishing and conservation.

Our Mission Statement

  Promote the activity of fishing

  Promote conservation of walleye and other native fisheries, habitat within the State of Illinois and throughout the Midwest.

  Work closely with state and federal agencies to promote and conserve walleye fishing throughout the State of Illinois and the Midwest.

  To act as an advocate for fishermen and sportsmen and to promote the advancement of walleye fishing within the State of Illinois and the Midwest.

  To promote strict observance and enforcement of all sport fishing laws and to denounce all persons known to be in violation of such laws.

  To encourage research and development programs related to stocking efforts in lakes and rivers within Illinois that  may not have current stocking programs but may be able to sustain healthy walleye populations without harming other fisheries.

  To create an outlet through which information can be collected and distributed regarding conservation, legislation, law enforcement, instruction, tips and techniques.

  To collect and receive funds for the accomplishment of all of the above.

We are actively seeking members for Walleyes Chicago, if you are interested in joining

Please Contact us at:
Walleyes Chicago
1006 S. Cooper Rd
New Lenox, IL 60451
email: membership@walleyeschicago.com


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