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Ice Fishing
First Ice by Kim "Chief" Papineau

Little Bay De Noc is well known for its first ice fisheries. Walleye, perch, pike and splake. With the cold weather finally here and the wind dying down the lake can freeze up tight in days.

I am not going to be the first out this year. My MWC partner, Wags, and I went through the ice at 7:00 PM last year with the ATV. Not just us, but 10 more in one day. The ice was not safe all year because of the warm weather. Yes, we did eventually have good fishing but this year I am not in hurry to get out there.

Up towards Rapid River, then Kipling, then Gladstone or past Escanaba is where the ice forms first to last. If the shipping season is still running it is a little longer South of Gladstone.

Remember to bring a rope and life jacket when ice fishing. Call Bayshore Bait and Tackle at 906-428-1950 for ice conditions. Call Glenn "Wags" Wangerin at 906-786-3342 to rent out ice shacks on Little Bay De Noc. Four-man ice shacks, heat, lines and hopefully fish for $100 a day. A deposit is required and it is non-refundable.

The walleye and pike off Kipling are first to start using tip-ups and minnows, jigging spoons or jigging rapals. Later, to the south, walleye, big perch and splake are caught. The biggest perch last year was 16 inches long, walleye 10 LB and splake 8.6LB.

Call early for shack rentals for weekends because these fill up fast.



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