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2004 Online Chats
Keith Kavacejz Chat 1/14/04 by Keith Kavajecz & Gary Parsons

<Chatman> Ladies (you know who you are! and gentlemen...lets have a big WC welcome for a guy who needs no introduction and has so many accomplishments my fingers would fall off to try and list them all... 
<Driftr> Welcome Keith Kavajecz !!!!!!!!!! 
<Keith Kavajecz> You know there isn't a lot of new styles of baits that I've seen - quite a few new colors 
<Fishnmagician> CLAP CLAP!!! 
<Driftr> clap clap clap !!!! 
<Ristorapper> clap clap cLAP CLAP 
<walleyehunter(CO)> clap clap clap 
<cfwalleye> clap clap 
<scooter> wooohoooooooooo 
<Sunshine> hip hip 
<Keith Kavajecz> Humble Bow, Thank You, Thank You 
<Homer> Welcome, Keith 
<Chatman> ok now shoot with the questions, please give Keith a chance to answer them 
<walleyehunter(CO)> so what size and depth? 
<Satch_MN> Thanks for taking time out Keith 
<Dutchman> Keith, are you going to be using the Motorguide PSTv on the bow this year? 
<Keith Kavajecz> Size and depth of what 
<walleyehunter(CO)> glass raps 
<Driftr> Keith, tell us a bit about your life not including fishing 
<Sunshine> Keith, when do you decide to use trebles on crawler harnesses? 
<Driftr> hunting , etc??? 
<Chatman> easy boys, slow down a bit lol 
<Keith Kavajecz> Yes to Motorguide PSTv with Digital 
<walleyehunter(CO)> lol 
<GWH> Evening Fellars 
<Chatman> hi gwh 
<Chatman> jwhite 
<Bodi> What's favorite blade choice on spinners for Erie 
<jwhite58502> hi room 
<iboat> hello 
<Keith Kavajecz> The glass Shad raps will come in the standard sizes, 5,7,8,9 and should run about the same depths as the old ones. I think the white glass will be good because of the success of the white shad raps out of Canada in the past 
<Stacker> Keith, quit laughing and type. 
<jwhite58502> yes rapper Bismarck 
<walleyehunter(CO)> thanks Keith 
<GWH> Keith have you seen the Latest baits by Rapala, Meaning the remake of the storm deep jr`s ??? 
<Keith Kavajecz> They just aired a show for BP TV last week, XPS spinners Firetiger and Black/Silver Holographic 
<Keith Kavajecz> I have not seen the new Storm Deep Jr's 
<Sunshine> When do you decide to use trebles on harnesses? 
<Keith Kavajecz> Trebles - I use them for Open Water Spinner fishing (suspended) when I am going for mainly 5lbers and bigger - i.e. Great Lakes 
<Bodi> I used your firetiger last year and did really well, I also liked the old P/k silvers with red/orange stripe 
<JimS> What techniques do you usually use after cold fronts? 
<Keith Kavajecz> Yeh, I still have some old P/K spinners, but Holographic is by far my favorite finish. 
<Keith Kavajecz> Cold Fronts - Slow down - if I was cranking, go to spinners, if I was spinnering go to bare live bait.... 
<Sunshine> any news w/ npaa
<Ristorapper> cold fronts ? also downsize baits?? 
<Dutchman> Keith, whats your impression of the new Motorgude PTSv so for? 
<FreeByrd> How Slow? On Erie in the summer 
<Bodi> Keith do you think most of the fish on Erie in spring are traveling up 10 ft or so to hit the shallow cranks or are the fished positioned up that high? 
<Keith Kavajecz> NPAA is doing good. We are starting to get good communication in the committees, we had a great annual meeting, got a good discount program at Reeds.... 
<Satch_MN> in 5 foot of water we pull boards and cranks what other techniques besides spinners can a person use and cover water? 
<walleyehunter(CO)> will they(npaa) be sending out discount flyers this year? 
<Keith Kavajecz> Motorguide PTSv - I am excited about the digital technology. Cuts down on interference should give us a very dependable motor - I'll let you know after some tournament testing! 
<walleyehunter(CO)> for ordering products 
<Keith Kavajecz> In 5 foot to cover water I would say you are doing the right things. You can also pull bottom bouncers and bare bait behind boards. At this slow speed you will have to use a ballasted board. 
<Homer> Vertical jigging in a river/ Fireline, 20' depth, fluorocarbon leader or not? 
<Keith Kavajecz> NPAA - the member only program has changed. We got the discount from Reeds - details on our web site. Then each supporting sponsor can provide their own "Members Only" program - the NPAA will distribute the information about the program but not do the shipping and handling. 
<jwhite58502> any thoughts of a chat area on TNB ? 
<Satch_MN> I just have not figured out spinners behind boards or bottom bouncers any important tips 
<walleyehunter(CO)> thanks 
<GWH> any Idea what the dive curve on the jointed #& Shad raps is comparable to. 
<Bodi> I know your sponsored by Tracker but will you ever fish any of the RCLs 
<Keith Kavajecz> VJ - no leader. Just direct tie your Fireline. I hate to add the extra 2 notes a leader takes and it is not necessary as far as spooking fish. 
<GWH> Oops that was supposed to be #7 jointed shads 
<Keith Kavajecz> thenextbite.com will probably not have a chat area - Walleye Central does a good job of this - maybe they'll just have to hold more. 
<Keith Kavajecz> Fish RCL's - There's no T in RCL - they won't let Tracker guys in - weird since they allow non-Genmar boats into the FLW. 
<Keith Kavajecz> I missed the question on #7 jointed 
<Eyephirst> marketing, and pretty effective, I might add 
<GWH> Any Idea what the dive curve is comparable to 
<Paul Myrdahl> Keith have you experimented with multiple cranks behind planer boards if so which tandem setup works well for you? Ex. diving under floating, suspending under floating,2 floating, other 
<Chatman> tom is great people, he live right by me 
<Bodi> Keith, in doctoring crankbaits would you recommend painting the bills red versus the stomachs red, or paint them both? 
<Chatman> hello Jim 
<Keith Kavajecz> When "stacking" cranks I like the Diving under a "lesser" diving bait, attached at a 3-way. 
<Paul Myrdahl> what length leads work well for you? 
<Keith Kavajecz> Red - I like some red - either the bill, throat, belly or something as simple as a Red Hook on the belly hook. I don't usually do more than one but do experiment with them all and let the walleyes decide which they like. 
<Trailerguy> hi guys 
<Keith Kavajecz> Length leads on what? For Lead core 10ft on structure, 50 foot in open water 
<Paul Myrdahl> From your 3 way 
<jwhite58502> how often do you run meat attached to a crank treble? 
<GWH> Thanks Risto 
<Paul Myrdahl> long on top, bottom, same length? 
<Keith Kavajecz> From 3 way, max of 8 feet on the bottom about 1/2 that on top. Normally 6 and 3 feet. 
<Ristorapper> Red is the first color you loose at depth 15 feet turns to black 
<Paul Myrdahl> gotcha 
<Bodi> Keith have you experienced while trolling that sometimes lures have to be trolled right on top of suspended fish (less than 2ft) while other times fish will travel as much as 10ft up to hit a lure? 
<Keith Kavajecz> Meat - I try it a lot and find it works better about 25% of the time. I also like to run Power Bait or Gulp - it is more durable and also can make a big difference. 
<Paul Myrdahl> how are the dive curves relation to the precision trolling book 
<Chatman> hi karp 
<Karp> hey 
<Keith Kavajecz> Red - Even though it "disappears" there are many times when painting red works even for very deep fish. 
<jwhite58502> favorite enhancer for cranks bang/dr walleye what? 
<Satch_MN> When you spice your plugs up with pwr bait what style can you do this with out affecting the plug? 
<Keith Kavajecz> Hit lures - most of the time, I find that the clearer the water the more a fish will swim up - makes sense since they can see further. The other factor is stability - stable weather gets fish travelling further for a strike - , bad weather, cold water... make the strike zone tighter. 
<Keith Kavajecz> Enhancer - I assume you mean scents - I strictly use a chuck of Power Bait or Gulp. I did have luck painting some yellow on the sides of my cranks at Lake Of the Woods last year that had Garlic in it. Couldn't tell if it was the color 
or the scent. 
<jwhite58502> thanks yep meant scents 
<Trailerguy> Do you have a preference between powerbait and gulp? 
<Bodi> Keith, what basin do you prefer to fish on Erie, western in spring or central in summer 
<Ristorapper> Had to be the garlic K they need prostate protection too 
<Keith Kavajecz> Spice - I just stick with the Crawler styles and use an inch or so. You don't need a real big chuck to throw off scent. And the smaller chuck won't affect the action. Be sure to put it on the belly hook - on the hook in the treble 
at points straight forward or straight back. 
<Driftr> lol @ RR 
<Keith Kavajecz> If I missed a ? be sure to re-type 
<jdmwalleye> I once saw a show where you tied your bait directly to your leadcore, do you always do this or do you ever use a leader and is this information available anywhere i cant seem to do it right 
<Keith Kavajecz> I don't think I've ever tied directly to Lead Core - the bait wouldn't run right. Normally the leaders are FireLine so the whole system is no stretch. We do have a 3 part series on our web site about lead core - very in-depth. 
<Chatman> i just want to say something real quick here 
<Dan(oh)> hello Dave 
<Satch_MN> hello Dave! 
<Karp> . 
<walleyehunter(CO)> what is your website? 
<jdmwalleye> i meant swivel sorry thanks ill check that out 
<Chatman> if anyone wants to ask Keith something, I went to his site and emailed a few leadcore questions and he got right back to me, I thought that was great 
<Dave Landahl> Hello everyone 
<Fishnmagician> hi Dave L 
<Chatman> hey Dave 
<jwhite58502> its a great site TNB 
<Keith Kavajecz> I will let Chatman put up the web site if he wants. 
<Bodi> How much #18 leadcore would I have to let out to get a deep thunderstick down to the 50 ft zone 
<Chatman> www.thenextbite.com 
<Chatman> thanks Keith 
<Ristorapper> 2001 PWT championship day one on the water I heard you talking with your observer from a mile and a half away down by the border U musta had some good fish in the livewell!! 
<walleyehunter(CO)> thanks Chatman 
<Sunshine> your favorite bait in the cain on 'bago? 
<Keith Kavajecz> At 2 mph you would probably let out 6 to 8 colors plus your leader. 
<Trailerguy> Keith, do you have a preference between powerbait and gulp? 
<Dave Landahl> Keith, any new sponsors for 2004? 
<Driftr> Keith, do you segment your leadcore? 
<Keith Kavajecz> I might have been more excited in 2002 when I won the Championship. Tournaments still get me excited, so once I get a nice limit I get pretty chatty! 
<Tom O> Keith, how long of a leader do you connect to the leadcore? 
<Ristorapper> oops yes it was 2002 sorry 
<walleyehunter(CO)> i can attest to that 
<Keith Kavajecz> Bait in the cane - Northland Weed Weasel - 1/16 ounce lets me get in there and not get hung up too much. I also run them below slip bobbers and let them drift into the cain. 
<GWH> Keith what is your largest one day total in a tournament 
<Keith Kavajecz> Leaders on lead - 10 foot when structure trolling, 30 to 50 foot in open water 
<Ristorapper> Exactly that is what Gary said "he must have some nice fish in the well" 
<jwhite58502> Keith multipurpose reel for trolling with mono yet big enough to respool with leadcore since can't afford too many reels 
<Keith Kavajecz> Largest one day total - last day of 2002 Championship - 5.24 pounds - $100,000 - just kidding, you know I really don't remember. In tournaments, weight is relative - I do remember my winning baskets. 
<Bodi> Keith can you tell us a little about your TV show that just aired from Erie. Like where were you fishing, water temp, and what depth were you marking fish. Those fish were awesome. 
<Dave Landahl> Keith, do you have any new segments this season on Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World? 
<Fishnmagician> hi terror! 
<scooter> even terror 
<Keith Kavajecz> Reels - bass pro just came out with a smaller version of the Gold Cup - 2000. Very affordable. 
<terroreyes> hello all 
<Dave Landahl> Oops, must have missed the Erie show. 
<Tom O> Hi Terroreyes 
<Ristorapper> Yea Keith fore warn us when your on BPS shows!! 
<Keith Kavajecz> We were fishing around the bass islands - basically just off the ferry channel. Fish were down about 15 feet over 30 to 35. It was the only clear water we could find for miles with good marks in it. 
<Satch_MN> What do you prefer in batteries? Lead acid or Gells? and why? 
- Sunshine> fastest trolling speed w/ cranks in summer, Keith? 
<Dave Landahl> hey Dan 
<jwhite58502> nice tip in that show about clarity and your cavitation plat/prop 
<Ristorapper> I see his website will or has published a copy of the shows coming up on BPS now!! 
<Keith Kavajecz> Gary and I have 7 more segments on Bass Pro - about every other week, our web site - TNB - will list them as they come up. Then they are all re-run from April to June. 
<Keith Kavajecz> Summer speed - up to 4.5 mph - one summer at Red Wing for saugers 
<GWH> Do you feel the faster you pull cranks the more of a reaction stick you get ?? 
<GWH> strike 
<FreeByrd> Now that is my kind of trolling 4.5! 
<Chatman> hello Steve 
<Bodi> Keith do you run Reefrunner cranks? Any favorite colors for Erie 
<sf49> hey there 
<FreeByrd> Speed Kills! 
<Keith Kavajecz> Reefrunners - yup, good bait, make sure you tune them to get the best performance, Cheap Sunglasses 
<Dave Landahl> Keith, do you have a tentative plan for the PWT event at Bull shoals? 
<Bodi> I like that monkey puke and blueberry muffin 
<sf49> gotcha 
<Keith Kavajecz> Faster causes reactionary bites. I will mention that fast for me is usually 2.5 to 3, 4.5 was extreme. The other advantage of speed is you cover lots of water. 
<Ristorapper> Lotsa structure at Bull shoals with steep drops 
<Keith Kavajecz> Bull Shoals - this is middle of summer for them - deep bottom bouncers and spinner or lead core trolling 
<Dave Landahl> Dan, don't bite your line with your teeth, some of that water is nasty. ;-) 
<STRATOS> Erie-when in doubt Rainbow Trout 
<Keith Kavajecz> Monkey Puke - good, Blueberry Muffin I haven't has as much luck with. 
<Satch_MN> Keith, what do you prefer in batteries? Lead acid or gells? why? 
<walleyehunter(CO)> Keith, I fished with you at pwt lotw in 2000, we pulled spinners with kicker mtr, what dictates that fast speed 
<Keith Kavajecz> In doubt - DTSjr 139 
<Dave Landahl> Keith, any new sponsors in 2004? 
<GWH> Watermelon and rosemary also 
<walleyehunter(CO)> had a blast bty 
<Keith Kavajecz> Batteries - I have not seen a gell battery that has the lasting power I need - yet. Of course I have not run them all. 
<Jimmy> Why didn't they bring back 139? 
<Ristorapper> Are you gonna be equipped with the new 9.9 Merc kicker right away this year 
<Bodi> I long do you spend working a suspended group of fish (after last fish caught) before you leave? 
<Keith Kavajecz> The fish there were pretty aggressive but scattered, so I was going fast for spinners but probably only 1.5 mph to cover some water. 
<Bodi> Yeah that blueberry muffin is seems to be better in the central basin 
<scooter> thanks Keith good luck this year 
<Keith Kavajecz> 9.9 Merc - It doesn't sound like any will be available until June, so probably on my second boat. 
<Dan(oh)> what's new about it 
<BAMBAM> When attacking Detroit River in Spring, what are you looking for before you start fishing? 
<Ristorapper> Even guys like you have to wait till mid summer????? 
<Keith Kavajecz> Suspended - first of all, you want to see consistent marks. If the marks drop down all of a sudden, and the fish quit biting, you probably need to change the tactic instead of the area. I leave suspended fish when no more are on the 
screen - that is of course unless we are catching them so high you can't mark them. Then I probably give it an hour 
<Bodi> What lowrance units will you be running? 
<jwhite58502> Keith will throwing weight forward spinners into a pod catch as big/many fish as pulling cranks or spinners 
<Satch_MN> What technique is your weakest and what do you do to over come those weaknesses? 
<Keith Kavajecz> Detroit River - look at water clarity - clean - vertical jig channel edges. Dirty, Hand line, rod line, 3 way on current breaks. 
<sf49> gotta run guys/gals Keep a tight line.... 
<Keith Kavajecz> Lowrance - LCX104C - awesome - can find suspended fish at 25 mph, super fast scroll speed, 480 vertical pixels and a huge screen that you can see from across the boat . 
<Chatman> bye Steve 
<Bodi> Does it mark those Erie hogs down in the mud? 
<Dan(oh)> and across the lake 
<Ristorapper> hehe Danoh 
<Keith Kavajecz> I you have a pod of fish located that you can cast too - that's the best. Problem is with clearing waters in the Great Lakes, typically these pods spook and move so I use more trolling techniques to stay with them. 
<jwhite58502> will the weight forward spinners catch just as big a fish or do you need to go bigger than those generally are 
<Albe> Do you use 2 or 3 hook spinner rigs when using Gulp nightcrawlers? How do you hook them? 
<Paul Myrdahl> Keith do you plan on fishing in any of the Pro Team Walleye Events this year? 
<Keith Kavajecz> Weakest - probably spoon fishing - thankfully it is not a technique that is used a lot. Second slip bobbers - although I have been practicing that and watching good corkers like Olson, and Fellegy to try to pick up tips. 
<GWH> When fishing Erie do you try to stay away from crowds, such as how Kelly`s Island gets in early summer 
<Guest> Hey Keith are you good at ice fishing? 
<Keith Kavajecz> Weight Forwards can catch huge fish, after all the bait is as big as an Open Water Spinner. I just find that with 4 rods and 2 guys I can cover more water (including top to bottom) by trolling. 
<Ristorapper> New graph combo or buy separate sonar / GPS budget under $1000 what recommendations ?? Lowrance of course model #'s?? 
<Keith Kavajecz> Gulp crawlers - 2 hook and I put the second hook in so the line between the hooks is taut. That way the crawler gets some - but not excessive - spin and gives it a look more like a real crawler 
<Keith Kavajecz> Crowds - when ever possible I fish out of crowds. There are times however when a big school of fish attracts a big crowd. In these cases I like to try to stay at the fringe. 
<Keith Kavajecz> Ice Fishing - I like to think I'm good, I have a good fish finder, a good underwater camera and can jig with the best of them (especially vertical jigging)
<Fishnmagician> Keith, besides cashing them big checks, what's the most gratifying thing for you as a pro angler? 
<Bodi> Keith I saw on TNB that you were thinking about putting another trolling video together, is that still in the works? 
<GWH> With Tournaments do you network fish with anybody 
<Paul Myrdahl> Keith do you plan to fish in any of the new Pro Team Walleye Events this year? 
<Keith Kavajecz> Graphs - for the money I would go with a combo unit. There is a 480 unit that looks great - 480 x 480 pixels, GPS - very nice - I don't know the exact price. 
<Fishnmagician> hey T-Mac 
<T-Mac> yo ! 
<Albe> Do you ever put small pieces of Gulp NC on your cranks when trolling? 
<Chatman> hey terry 
<T-Mac> Hey ...all...! 
<Keith Kavajecz> We are negotiating with Bass Pro TV to get the footage from some of Gary Parson's and my shoots the last few years and put together a video. We shot some great educational stuff that just can't fit on a 8 minute segment. 
<Keith Kavajecz> By Pro Team Walleye do you mean the Lowrance Ones - if so, it looks like they conflict with PWT tournaments and in that case no. 
<Bodi> Keith, just for fun is there one guy you are always looking out for when tournament fishing? I know a lot of guys that are looking out for you! 
<Karp> dang thing kicked me out again 
<Paul Myrdahl> yes 
<Keith Kavajecz> Gulp Night Crawler is great on a crank. Normally I just use an inch or two of it on the belly hook. 
<Satch_MN> which color of boat this year? 
<Dave Landahl> Karp, just hit enter every few minutes so you stay logged in 
<Sunshine> Keith, just 104 on dash w/ split screen or 2 units? 
<GWH> Have a nice evening fellas, gotta go 
<Karp> ok 
<Karp> thanks 
<T-Mac> C ya GWH 
<Keith Kavajecz> One guy - yup his name is OlsonGofronParsonsSeeloffFairbairn....... 
<Dave Landahl> Karp, I mean send 
<walleyehunter(CO)> lmao 
<Ristorapper> dusty long time !! 
<Sunshine> ;-) 
<STRATOS> do you think color on the Gulp NC makes a difference 
<Dusty(ND)> yessir Risto 
<Karp> ah ok 
<walleyehunter(CO)> good answer 
<Bodi> That's one heck of a fisherman! 
<walleyehunter(CO)> you forgot parsons 
<Keith Kavajecz> Boat - The Tundra 21 in the Pro Team edition - looks too cool not to run. I was going to say "too bad most guys only see it from behind" but that would be cruel. lol 
<Chatman> hey I contacted Gary today 
<Keith Kavajecz> Never forget parsons - he's in there 
<walleyehunter(CO)> i saw 
<Dave Landahl> Keith, tell us a little about the Tundra 21. What unique features does it have? 
<Chatman> yes I invited Parsons for a chat today 
<Keith Kavajecz> Color of Gulp - I normally just run Brown/Pumpkin seed - if they get more of a bright red this year that might work great. 
<Bodi> Keith, what's your favorite place to fish? 
<Sunshine> just 104 on dash w/split screen or a 2nd unit also? 
<Albe> Any favorite colors for spinners on the Bays de Noc 
<Keith Kavajecz> Tundra 21 - probably the most unique feature is that it is formed to look and run like fiberglass, but it is all aluminum. It has the same strakes, reverse chines, padded V, etc. of any high performance boat, but in a lighter, more d 
durable material - aluminum. 
<Chatman> hey rod bender 
<Chatman> hello 207 
<Chatman> its perchjerker 
<T-Mac> Bobbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb 
<Fishnmagician> Keith, the check cashing aside, what's the most gratifying thing for you as a pro angler? 
<rod bender bob> hi 
<Keith Kavajecz> Favorite place to fish - Fort Peck - wish they could get their regulations straightened out so we could have a tournament there again. 
<Keith207> hay all 
<walleyehunter(CO)> hey bill 
<Homer> Gotta run. Thanks, Keith. G'nite. 
<T-Mac> Amen Keith K 
<rod bender bob> and some water too huh Keith :-) 
<Keith Kavajecz> Pro Angler - learning new bodies of water, figuring out new techniques or refinements on old, teaching people - especially kids - how to catch more fish - and you meet great people along the way. 
<Guest> Keith was wondering if you still fish your home area Lake Winnebago and if so what side do you spend most time in 
<Keith Kavajecz> I still fish Winnebago, just not as much as I'd like. Quite frankly still spend a lot of time in the Mud right out in the middle. 
<Satch_MN> got ta go Keith, Thank You for your time and tips . Wish you the best this year. 
<EyeGuy> Keith; some seen to think that forming the Tundra hull will make it brittle. How have they been holding up? 
<Bodi> Keith, just want to say thanks for what you've done to promote the sport. I've had the pleasure of meeting you and fishing with you when you've came to Erie. Your a true professional and deserving of all the accolades! 
<Keith Kavajecz> Tundra held up great - of course I don't run my stuff as hard as some - lol. The forming actually makes aluminum stronger. It comes to the factory as very soft aluminum - it is formed and then tempered, so you are not weakening the 
metal in the process. 
<walleyehunter(CO)> i third 
<Guest> Keith I was wondering if you spend any time on the smaller lakes in Northern WI. if so any hints? 
<FreeByrd> I was impressed with the Tundra - prefished with Jim Carroll out of Dunkirk last year 
<Dave Landahl> Good night all. Thanks a million Keith for your time and insight this evening. 
<Keith Kavajecz> Thanks Bodi 
<blue water> so Keith how do the glass raps run 
<Bodi> Yeah, Keith I had the same boat running with you when you and your son fished at Fairport. Waves were four to six and you left me in the dust. I know my ride wasn't pleasant! 
<Keith Kavajecz> Small lakes in Northern WI - open water troll in the summer when fishing gets tough. Even a small basin area can hold some of the biggest fish (not just walleye) that these small lakes hold. 
<Jimmy> What's your real strength...POOL or POKER? 
<walleyehunter(CO)> i had the same experience at lotw..lol 
<Chatman> guys wrap up your question for Keith. please 
<Keith Kavajecz> Pool/Poker - I'm starting to like 5 Card Texas Holdem - maybe I'll' joint the Poker Tour 
<Ristorapper> Rode with Parsons '02 pwt championship day one what a RIDE! 
<eyephirst> Keith, one may not troll up here, they rescinded that privilege 
<T-Mac> that show is habit forming 
<Sunshine> Keith, thanks a million, you're a CLASS ACT! 
<Albe> Thanks for all the great info Keith 
<wa_walleye> Thanks Keith 
<FreeByrd> Keith - Will you be doing the Cleveland Show this year 
<walleyehunter(CO)> Thanks Keith 
<Keith Kavajecz> Fairport - those were some big waves, was running the Targa 2000 then - was and still is a great boat. 
<jwhite58502> thanks Keith very informative on all my questions 
<Guest> Thanks for answering all my questions! Later. 
<EyeGuy> Take care Keith 
<Orange Whip> Thanks to Keith and all responsible for asking him to come 
<Keith Kavajecz> No trolling stinks - guess you have to many Muskies. 
<eyephirst> Keith, where in Antigo is your deer farm? 
<Paul Myrdahl> thanks Keith 
<jigging 5> Hi Keith, I have the 21' tournament edition and was wondering what side you run your kicker on and your reason for running it on that side. Thanks. 
<Keith Kavajecz> Cleveland - I think Gary is there - check our web site 
<Chatman> hey dan 
<jdmwalleye> what is the website again 
<T-Mac> Hey Cpt. Dan 
<Chatman> Guys, our time is up with Keith for tonight 
<Bodi> Thanks Keith-awesome & good luck in 2004 
<Ristorapper> oops! 
<Keith Kavajecz> Kicker on Starboard side - it offsets the weight of your bow mount so you get better side to side balance in the boat. 
<Capt: Dan.> Hey guys, sorry I'm late been plowing snow for the last 1hour 45 minutes. 
<Ristorapper> hi W 
<walleyehunter(CO)> good luck Keith this year 
<T-Mac> Hi Warren 
<Ristorapper> better u than me Capt 
<Warren MN> wow Risto 
<Warren MN> Hi a Tmac 
<Chatman> I want to thanks Keith for a great chat to start off the new year 
<Keith Kavajecz> Thanks Everyone, glad we could get together, I will plan some more in the future - any last questions? 
<Warren MN> Hi Slippery 
<T-Mac> clapclapclapclapclapclap 
<Fishnmagician> CLAP, CLAP, CLAP, WHISLE, WHISTLE, WHISTLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
<Warren MN> Long time no see 
- <rod bender bob> clap 
<Warren MN> Darn, too late 
<wa_walleye> clap clap clap 
<eyephirst> where in Antigo? 
<T-Mac> Thanks K 
<walleyehunter(CO)> woooooooooohoooooooooooo 
<eyephirst> your deer farm? 
<Keith Kavajecz> Antigo - NE Wisconsin 
<walleyehunter(CO)> standing ovation 
<eyephirst> yes, I know that 
<Warren MN> Is the 
<eyephirst> am there alot 
<wa_walleye> <<<-Afraid of ice fishing 
<Warren MN> Is the White house still on the south side 
<Ristorapper> very good job Keith good luck to you and your partner this year heard kehl is on board with you this year?? 
<wa_walleye> thanks will let you know how I do 
<jigging 5> Thanks Keith and good luck in 04 
<eyephirst> nope 
<Keith Kavajecz> eyephirst - your sentences break up - sorry 
<eyephirst> where is the deer farm, would like to see it 
<Keith Kavajecz> Kehl - looks like it, have to wait and see if Klick is fishing 
<Keith Kavajecz> Deer farm is just north of Kempster on B 
<eyephirst> ok, cool 
<EyeGuy> Take care all! 
<Ristorapper> heard Klick is not but????? 
<eyephirst> Say hi to Burroughs for me next time you see him 
<Keith Kavajecz> Good Walleye Fishing Everyone - see ya 
<Chatman> thanks Keith


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