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2004 Online Chats
Aqua Vu Online Chat 1/21/04 by Aqua Vu Cameras

<Chatman> Well, guys, lets have a warm Walleye Central for JP Zernov and Mike Day from Nature Vision Inc, makers of the Aqua View line of underwater cameras
<Grape Juice> hi satch
<Satch_MN> hello all
<JP Zernov> Hello Guys!
<terroreyes> hello
<M Day> hello guys
<Grape Juice> hello
<Driftr> Welcome Aqua View 
<Russ> hello
<Driftr> clap clap clap
<Greg g> welcome
<Chatman> So JP and Mike, whatís new in the world of underwater cameras
<Orange Whip> Hello all
<Chatman> I have your brochure, you sure have an impressive lineup
<JP Zernov> Well, as most of you have seen this year we've introduce an Ice-Fishing camera called the Ice-Pro and also a motorized version of our Ice-Pod 
<Chatman> thanks Greg
<Skeeter> I LOVE the ice pod
<JP Zernov> The Ice-Pro is a down-viewing only camera system
<JP Zernov> Good to hear Skeeter!
<Chatman> is the cordless remote unit?
<Greg g> ill check u guys tomorrow
<Skeeter> I do have one concern about it though 
<Russ> whatís the difference between the ice fishing camera and the older style
<Skeeter> will wait my turn to tell you
<JP Zernov> Yes, the Mo-Pod has a cordless remote this allows you to turn your camera from a quite a distance away
<JP Zernov> the difference with the Ice-Pro and our older models is that first it has a 7" Screen
<JP Zernov> and second, it only is a down-viewing camera
<Driftr> it is an infra red unit
<JP Zernov> Yes, it has adjustable infra-red lighting
<Satch_MN> how accurate is the degree of direction? Like some compasses are 3 -10 deg.
<trailerguy> Hi Guys
<Orange Whip> Hello
<Chatman> are the cameras interchangeable for use on the different monitors?
<JP Zernov> Satch are you referring to our SV or DT series?
<Chatman> hi trailer, whip
<Skeeter> For several years I have had to get up and turn my camera, like everyone else has. Not this year I purchased the Mo-Pod. It works great. But to be honest I am concerned that when you bend your cold wire and hook it on that hook under the mo
I am afraid it will break. Also the legs if they get froze in am afraid they will break when getting it out. Have you had any problems with them breaking?
<Orange Whip> Hello!
<Satch_MN> not sure what series. The model that shows the degree of direction pointing, I believe.
<JP Zernov> Chatman, as far as the cameras being interchangeable they are to an extent. But with the SV and DT series the monitor and camera both have boards that aren't interchangeable
<Chatman> I see
<JP Zernov> But you can plug a Z, ZT, or MC unit into one another. Or you can plug these 3 into the Ice-Pro's 7" Monitor as well
<M Day> Skeeter, no you will not break the cable. We have done a lot of testing with this cable. The legs on the Mopod will not break either
<Terroreyes> how well do underwater cameras hold vertical in higher current areas, like the Detroit River? 
<JP Zernov> But all of our camera systems have a video output so if you have a larger television you want to plug it into you should be fine
<M Day> It all depends on the current, you will have some kick back, just as you do in open water when moving
<Satch_MN> hay rippin
<Skeeter> I wasn't worried about the cable but when it is cold and you try to put it around that little hook was afraid it would break. How long will the company stand behind them if they do break?
<Rippin_eyes> whatís up
<Orange Whip> I'm sorry, are we talking about the Aqua Views?
<M Day> We have a 1 yr warranty on all of our products
<Chatman> thatís the featured guests tonight
<Orange Whip> Thanks
<trailerguy> t
<Chatman> hi rippin
<Orange Whip> OK
<Rippin_eyes> hey buddy
<Warren MN> Are they still lighted around the lens
<Skeeter> If they do break can a person get replacement parts to fix them themselves? Please understand I am NOT bashing the product all. It works really great. I have showed it to several guys and talked them into purchasing as well. 
<Skeeter> In fact I was the first on to buy one from Franks Great Outdoors in Mi 
<Orange Whip> I've got a question. When drift fishing the Great Lakes what's the best way to go. Down View lens or front view?
<M Day> no we don't have replacement parts, we will replace the unit entirely
<Skeeter> Meaning after a year in case its out of warranty 
<Chatman> Hi Pete
<Satch_MN> SV series has the direction tech, how accurate in degrees is that? How many degrees?
<Rippin_eyes> Just curious... could you use regular TV coax to fix it if id does break
<Skeeter> Do you think they will be available sometime
<M Day> I would say to use the front/back view. I've seen footage of people using the camera as a pseudo downrigger
<JP Zernov> Warren, we have 2 different types of lighting for our cameras. First is our Infrared lighting which is generally good in dusk or dawn conditions. Then there is our Multicolor lighting which generally is better for Dark conditions like n
light fishing or ice fishing
<JP Zernov> But to be honest 80% of my fishing I don't even use the lights as you don't need them
<Warren MN> But its still around the lens
<Russ> multicolor seems to scare the fish away when ice fishing
<Warren MN> Have used at night and its like snow blindness in head lights
<M Day> The degrees of accuracy are set for +/-15-20, it's designed for use in relative mode
<JP Zernov> Warren, you are correct. It's not so bad with the infrared but you do get the "snowstorm effect"
<Warren MN> Any way to get lights away from the lens
<JP Zernov> Russ, dependant on the lake the lights can help to attract fish. As smaller creatures are drawn to the lights and then fish come to prey on the smaller things
<JP Zernov> Warren, Currently there isn't a way to keep the lights away from the lens
<Warren MN> Ok, just though some one would have come up with an vertical extension lighting system
<Chatman> hey Rick
<bigfish1965> Hi all. Did I miss the 50/50 draw?
<JP Zernov> Warren, You may be able to work something like that if you get a crappie light. but the legality may not be there for you dependant on your state
<Rippin_eyes> Here is one for you; can the aqua view with the lights be considered illegal in some states seeing it could be like a crappie light??
<M Day> no idea, you'd have to check each individual states regs
<Rippin_eyes> ok
<Warren MN> thanks
<JP Zernov> No prob!
<Rippin_eyes> I didn't know if they would put out to much light or not
<Rippin_eyes> Thanks
<JP Zernov> Not a huge amount but there is a rather green and red glow under a fish house if you are on clear ice
<bigfish1965> I just walked in I know, but wouldn't a blue light work. I know you can light up mammals with a blue light and not spook them or attract them
<Skeeter> I think my question got lost
<M Day> I'm sorry I missed it
<Chatman> please ask it again nels
<JP Zernov> bigfish, we are looking at new lighting all the time. The reason we went to the Red and Green is that it seemed to cut through the water the best
<M Day> Skeeter as of now, we'll replace the entire part. That may change as time goes on
<JP Zernov> And the Infrared, because it was an "invisible" light
<Trailerguy> Does Aqua-view have any new innovations that will be out this year?
<Skeeter> Let see, if after a year, a leg breaks or the hook breaks do you think it would be possible to get a hook and a leg to replace it. I am not bashing the product in fact I have showed it to many and talked a few into buying it. 
<M Day> Yes, we have a MAV, motorized aqua vu. It will work similar to an anchor mate. Motorized spool, foot controlled up/down, 10.5" daylight viewable LCD screen
<scooter> hi all
<M Day> Skeeter, did that answer your question?
<JP Zernov> hi scooter
<Chatman> hi scoot
<Trailerguy> Does that work off a joy stick or what?
<Skeeter> You figure you might down the road have some parts in case they do by accident break out of warranty.
<M Day> MAV will move in the direction the boat does. It will not have the ability to look sideways
<JP Zernov> Skeeter, if it does break just give us a call, we'll treat you right
<Skeeter> Can't get a better warranty than that! 
<bigfish1965> Hmmm..How about a pier fishing Aqua view?
<Skeeter> Keep up the good work guys!
<Trailerguy> Will mav be lowered and raised by some type of remote then?
<Chatman> hey guys I got to ask about this video memory module, looks like a vcr for your camera
<JP Zernov> And as far as moving the MAV up and down it will be with a foot control like you would have for your motor
<M Day> What are you looking for in a pier system?
<Russ> when looking for suspended open water fish do you has an attachment for the older models that enables us to turn the camera?
<JP Zernov> The Video Memory Module or VMM is roughly going to be the size of a palm pilot. It will be able to be plugged into any video source and you can "snap" and save images.
<bigfish1965> Something perhaps on a short arm that you could lower into the water...need to be fairly portable and with self contained batteries
<JP Zernov> Then you can play them back on any sort of TV/monitor etc.
<bigfish1965> Juls is here. I got to brush my hair..BRB
<Juls> ha-ha
<Chatman> hi J
<Chatman> pretty neat, JP
<M Day> WE have a pole system that will allow you to attached the camera head to it and direct it under docks/piers, 8-16'
<JP Zernov> Russ, as far as any of the units we really don't have something to allow you to rotate the camera.
<bigfish1965> Thos would be while you are on the pier...
<JP Zernov> The easiest thing is when you are in a stationary position you can rotate the camera with your fingers
<M Day> Yes Bigfish
<Rippin_eyes> that would be nice for ice fishing!!!
<bigfish1965> very cool
<JP Zernov> which are you talking about Rippin?
<JP Zernov> the pole or the VMM
<Rippin_eyes> the pole system
<Rippin_eyes> yeah
<Rippin_eyes> the cable ones twist but then keep going due to the momentum built up
<M Day> Not sure you want to take an 8 foot fiberglass every time you go on the ice
<Rippin_eyes> yeah seeing I fish deeper than that
<Rippin_eyes> ha-ha
<Russ> we built a pole out of a chimney sweep in 4 food sections (up to 30 ft)
<JP Zernov> Rippin, that's true but with the Ice-pod or Mo-Pod it does hold the camera still so it won't swing around on you
<Rippin_eyes> what you need to do is put hooks on them too
<JP Zernov> Russ, that would be a bugger in current I bet.
<Rippin_eyes> I had a northern take my camera and run once
<Juls> LOL
<Chatman> LOL
<Driftr> wow
<JP Zernov> We've had a few cases of that happening
<Russ> we needed more weight on the bottom in current and just slipped with the current
<Skeeter> M Day and JP I have to take off, so thanks so much for your answers appreciate you being here tonight! Rippin had that happen on Houghton Lake 2 weeks ago also.
<Juls> no one ever said a Northern was "bright"... ;-)
<JP Zernov> Thanks Skeeter
<Skeeter> HEY HEY Juls your south of me
<M Day> Welcome Skeeter, appreciate your interest in our products
<Juls> hahaha I meant the fish silly
<Skeeter> lolol
<Rippin_eyes> I'm in the process of putting hooks on mine
<JP Zernov> We've also had folks in Florida who've had about a 200lb Jewfish eat the camera. All they saw were a few flairs of the gills and the screen went blank.
<Rippin_eyes> is there a world record for fish caught on and aqua view
<Juls> LOL
<JP Zernov> Don't think so, don't know what the IGFA would consider the Pound Test for your Line
<JP Zernov> :)
<Rippin_eyes> well perch lets get them on h ere
<Chatman> How long does your typical ice system batteries last?
<Russ> weíve had ours for 4 years at least and they still work
<Trailerguy> Aqua Vu makes a product that is a trail watching camera, Iíve forgotten the name?
<JP Zernov> Our standard Aqua-Vu's will last around 10-12 hours while our Ice-Pro unit with the large 7" Monitor will only run 4-6 hours
<M Day> It's Game Vu
<Orange Whip> 
<Chatman> I see thatís pretty good for running a monitor
<JP Zernov> This is if they are left on constantly. And of course if you are running the lights it will drain them faster
<Chatman> do they take a special battery or can a typical fish finder battery like you find on a Vexilar work?
<M Day> Just the typical 12v battery just like a Vex
<Trailerguy> How does the device that reads the pictures on the game view work? Does it store pictures for later viewing off a TV or computer?
<Rippin_eyes> is there some kind of comparison chart you could come up with so we could guestimate how big the fish are that aren't biting???
<JP Zernov> Our you could use ANY 12 volt battery. So if you have a large car battery in the Fish house then you could use that and really increase your viewing time
<JP Zernov> Rippin, that's the joy of the camera.............your imagination is the chart.
<Chatman> I see thatís cool
<JP Zernov> So of course all my fish are AT LEAST 10lbs
<Rippin_eyes> well you should have the the 15lbs eye that I had by mine
<Rippin_eyes> ha-ha
<M Day> It's a small video monitor, plug it in, hit play and cycle through the pics. The system stores up to 64 pics
<JP Zernov> But the monitor itself doesn't store the images. You would need to bring the Game-Vu in to save the pics to your computer or a VHS tape.
<Russ> thanks for the info got to go
<JP Zernov> See ya later Russ
<Trailerguy> Does it require additional software to view of a computer?
<JP Zernov> Yes, you would need some form of Video Capture Hardware. Also known as a Video Grabber.
<JP Zernov> Actually it is more the Hardware you need than the software
<Chatman> Just curious, do you guys have a pro staff, and if so, who is on it?
<JP Zernov> Yes, we do have a pro staff. Ted Takasaki, Gary Roach, Mark Martin, Bernie Schultz
<Rippin_eyes> do you need any others????
<JP Zernov> Al Lindner, Dave Genz
<Chatman> Ill say thatís a pro staff lol
<Trailerguy> You can't "save" the pics and continue to use the gameview on a trail then?
<Chatman> We are having Ted on as a guest in a few weeks
<JP Zernov> Trailerguy, you can "store" the images so that the game-vu doesn't overwrite them. You would need to download them sometime. But you can store them to download them at a later date.
<Rippin_eyes> is there some way you could make a deal compatible with digital cameras to do the same thing???
<Trailerguy> It would be really neat if you used a "media card" on the gameview so a person could change them.
<M Day> we are working on a unit right now that will have removable media
<Rippin_eyes> Iím not much of techno nerd but seems reasonable
<JP Zernov> Rippin, the problem with that is that the digital cameras have all that built in to them. Ours don't
<JP Zernov> Ours doesn't have the software/hardware in it to allow you to connect to a computer.
<Rippin_eyes> I see
<Trailerguy> When do you think it will be available with removable media? This year?
<JP Zernov> Our newer model like Mike mentioned will have the ability to plug straight in to the computer with out the extra hardware though
<Chatman> I am waiting for the camera to be built into a jigging rapala ;)
<Rippin_eyes> well guys thanks for taking time out of your day to chat, I have home work to do, Have a great year!!
<Chatman> thanks rip
<JP Zernov> Good Luck Rippin, I've very happy to be done with School myself
<M Day> Tight lines
<JP Zernov> Trailer, it should be available by NEXT hunting season.....So fall of 2004
<Chatman> does the motorized aqua vu have some kind of clutch built into it if the cameras gets hung up?
<Trailerguy> That's cool I've been wanting one like that, hope they are out before Sept. bear season!
<JP Zernov> The MAV has a clutch that will try and make sure you don't leave your camera attached to that stump on the bottom.
<Chatman> thatís good
<Trailerguy> Will the Mav unit retrofit to my ZT?
<M Day> No it won't
<JP Zernov> The MAV will be "a whole new beast" so to speak. It's not going to be at all like any of our other units.
<Driftr> JP, do you have a web site?
<JP Zernov> www.aqua-vu.com or for our whole line of products www.naturevisioninc.com
<Driftr> thank you :)
<JP Zernov> No Prob ;)
<Chatman> Any other questions guys before we wrap things up?
<trailerguy> Thanks for being here guys
<Chatman> JP and Mike, it was a pleasure having you as our guests tonight
<JP Zernov> Hey no prob
<JP Zernov> Just let us know and we can do this again next year
<M Day> Thanks for the opportunity 
<Chatman> you kept up with the questions well, its not easy
<JP Zernov> I'm a regular "Web-Head" so it wasn't a problem for me............now Mike on the other hand.........
<Chatman> I will do that JP, I will keep in touch
<JP Zernov> Good to hear
<Chatman> lets give these guys a nice round of applause
<Chatman> clap clap
<Driftr> clap clap clap
<trailerguy> clap clap
<JP Zernov> Thank you very much everyone. It was a pleasure.
<M Day> Thanks guys. Let us know if we can help you in the future
<Chatman> guys look for the archived chat in a few days if you missed anything
<Driftr> nite everyone
<Chatman> I got to run, you all be good now


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