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2004 Online Chats
Scott Fairbairn Online Chat 2/11/04 by Scott Fairbairn

<Chatman> Hello Scott
<Scott Fairbairn> Sorry I'm late. Beyond my control. Great to be here
<FreeByrd Steve Carlson> Wish I would have mad the run up there Bodi - but I was between boats
<WarrenMN> HI Scott
<Swede> hi Scott
<Chatman> lets skip the fancy intro lol
<Scott Fairbairn> Hello all.
<Rippin_eyes> hey scott
<FreeByrd Steve Carlson> I plan on it this year
<Bodi> It will be there next year Steve
<FreeByrd Steve Carlson> Won't take as long to get there lol
<skipjack> aren't Canadian waters close this yr for RCL
<Chatman> welcome aboard
<Scott Fairbairn> Glad to be here Chatman
<FreeByrd Steve Carlson> yes closed during RCL this year
<ETT> yes they are
<FreeByrd Steve Carlson> but RCL is a month earlier this year
<markdahl(IA)> hi Scott
<Scott Fairbairn> Hey Mark.
<Scott Fairbairn>
<Chatman> so what's on you plate these days, Scott?
<ETT> take it Scott
<FreeByrd Steve Carlson> going into watch mode now...
<Ristorapper> been to Bull shoals eh Scott
<Scott Fairbairn> Home remodeling. LOL. Went down to bull shoals to break in the new boat
<Swede> any tourneys in Chicago area in late august
<GWH> Scott, One of the guy's that Fished with us During the RCL on Erie . Fished with you on Day 2 , he said he had the best time fishing with you. Also How'd you like the sandwich he made ya .
<Scott Fairbairn> Great sandwich. We had a hard time getting to them with all the fish
<Driftr> Scott, what are you running this year
<Scott Fairbairn> Crestliner 202 w/Evinrude 250
<GWH> Thats what he said , you guy's really got into them good.
<Bodi> Scott we were just talking about that bite last year at Erie (RCL)? Did you fish up by Pelee?
<Driftr> interesting, mine has the Yamaha 250
<Scott Fairbairn> I did fish on the SW side of Pelee. Fantastic action.
<WarrenMN> Can I ask about Bull shoals
<GWH> Just glad I wasn't out there for day 4
<Bodi> By the Wagon wheel? How deep scott and what were you running
<Scott Fairbairn> Bull Shoals is huge. A lot bigger than I expected. Unfortunately it snowed and blew hard and got cold.
<Scott Fairbairn>
<WarrenMN> how clear was it
<Scott Fairbairn> Bull Shoals was very clear.
<WarrenMN> thanks
<Scott Fairbairn> I fished by the South side of Wagon Wheel
<Scott Fairbairn> About 18-25 foot of water by Pelee
<Ristorapper> electronics you running this year Scott? model #'s
<GWH> Scott you going to do the RCL Erie this spring ?
<Scott Fairbairn> RCL Erie is one for me
<Scott Fairbairn> I am using a Garmin 2010C , 320C and 182C
<GWH> Should be lots of fun. Hopefully the weather co-ops for us
<Scott Fairbairn> We won't be fishing in Canada this time.
<Jared> How are you going to fish Bull Shoals?Troll,Jig???
<Scott Fairbairn> I would guess that Bottom Bouncers and Spinners are going to be very important there. Possibly trolling cranks
<ETT> you weren't far from the line Scott
<GWH> Seems early for Harnesses , doesn't it
<Scott Fairbairn> No not to far, but there were definitely lots of commercial nets. They kept moving them right in my running path
<Bodi> I fished there too but up by lighthouse point was another hot spot
<sevenmmm> Is there any water in the Midwest that compares to Bull Shoals?
<FreeByrd Steve Carlson> Between Gull Shoals and Middle Island will be pretty popular this year I'd bet...
<Scott Fairbairn> The bull shoals tourney is in June. That time of year the spinners will get big.
<Jared> Big fish,littlefish?
<ETT> and off Lucys Point
<Chris demattio> Scott do you think Erie will be a spinner or crank bite? It tournament will be at that transition time.
<FreeByrd Steve Carlson> Yep should be interesting
<Scott Fairbairn> 7mm: bull shoals is a little like ft peck in terms of how steep everything is.
<Satch_MN> Scott, what water temps in June?
<Scott Fairbairn> Erie could go spinners or cranks. You are right my experience tells me it might head toward spinners
<Scott Fairbairn> June Bull shoals temps? 70 something for sure.
<ETT> yuck weather.. spinners... god weather cranks
<Scott Fairbairn> Jared: I expect a four pound Ave. at Bull shoals
<WarrenMN> Did you see any of the fish attractors they put in
<Scott Fairbairn> ETT you can put a crawler on your cranks and we'll count you in.
<Chris demattio> Scott on average how many days do you prefish before a tournament?
<ETT> shhh
<sevenmmm> How about numbers of fish, do you expect alot of limits at Bull Shoals?
<Scott Fairbairn> warren: I did see the fish attractors. They have a bunch of them marked on shore. Didn't catch anything by them though.
<Bodi> Is that right! That's a big cat. I didn't fish the Rcl but, I was there second day of tourney and after tourney and they were moving through good
<WarrenMN> Was wondering how big they were
<Scott Fairbairn> Ave prefish 5-6 days. Any longer tends to be too long.
<Scott Fairbairn> the fish attractors are not too big. At least the ones I found weren't
<Ristorapper> of those 5-6 days how many hours in a day u spend on the water
<Bodi> Steve that sounds like Saginaw. You hook quite a few big cats and swear they're huge walleyes
<ETT> that's still the better part of 2 weeks with travel
<GWH> Scott do you think they should have called day 4 in RCL Erie Last year ?
<Scott Fairbairn> Ristorapper, I spend I typically am on the water early and off late. I don't worry too much about staying inside tourney hours during practice
<Satch_MN> Scott, how much time do you spend just looking at depth finders and not fishing spots?
<Scott Fairbairn> I was gone by day 4. I'm one to lean toward safety but I wasn't there.
<Scott Fairbairn> I spend a lot of time looking before fishing. Grandpa Fairbairn says "if they aren't there you can't catch em"
<Ristorapper> here
<markdahl(IA)> .
<Bodi> Steve I got into a couple of twenty pound muskies off Avon pt . last year. that was a first for me trolling cranks
<Scott Fairbairn> Bodi, did they eat the boards?
<FreeByrd Steve Carlson> Grandpa knew his stuff - I call that Rule 1
<ETT> what do you think of day 3 cut to 12 now
<Scott Fairbairn> I guess I need to fish better.
<Bodi> Scott I swore I either hooked a freight train or a power plant line lol
<Scott Fairbairn> Jimmy Bell had one attack a planer board on Mille Lacs one time
<FreeByrd Steve Carlson> WOW Bodi - heard a of a few caught last year but never saw any myself
<Bodi> Really
<Chatman> hello Steve
<ETT> Den has had that too
<Fishnmagician> hi Steve
<WarrenMN> night guys
<sf49> hey all...
<Chatman> its PJ playing chatman
<GWH> Scott thanks for showing Dennis a great time. Good Luck this year. Nite all.
<Scott Fairbairn> sf49 must be my old muskie pal Fellegy. should I tell them about your secret bait?
<bigfish1965> hey PJ
<Ristorapper> no secrets here!
<Chatman> hi big
<ETT> no, no, no don't tell!!!!
<sevenmmm> hi big
<sf49> lol You could sink this year....
<bigfish1965> hey Rick
<Rippin_eyes> good Luck this year scott!!! night all
<Scott Fairbairn> good night rippin
<Fishnmagician> Nite rippin
<Scott Fairbairn> I heard there was a huge fish caught up at Bay de Noc recently
<Bodi> Scott, How do you feel about fishing the central basin in summer compared to the spring bite on Erie in the spring
<Ristorapper> walleye?
<sevenmmm> 15 pounder, the picture of it with the catcher was very good.
<Scott Fairbairn> Central Basin was fun the last time I was there. It is nice when the water is warm
<Chris demattio> How hard is it for a non boater to hook up with a pro to prefish a Rcl event. I have signed up for Erie this year with a pro. I don't want to spend all that time there and not get to fish.
<sf49> Darn...I had my sights on that one for August!
<Scott Fairbairn> 15lbs is huge.
<Dan(oh)> Scott, how's the fishfinder part of your 2010 Garmin, I have a 2006 and was thinking about adding the fishfinder
<ETT> the pro you signed up with should make sure you are on the water
<Chatman> how old would you say that fish was, Scott?
<sevenmmm> Yep, it has this very round extended belly. Said he caught it outside of Stonington Point
<Scott Fairbairn> the GSD20 sonar addition works great. Love the big screen.
<Jared> I'd like to catch one like that when I grow up!
<Scott Fairbairn> Not sure how fast they grow in BDnoc
<Ristorapper> you don't have to wait Jared
<sf49> No problem...check with the guys at the motel you're at or at the boat ramp if"your"pro can't help you"
<Scott Fairbairn> On Mille Lacs it would be twenty plus years but at Erie probably ten? Not sure up there
<sevenmmm> Not sure either, but sometimes I catch 'em so full of alewife they spread silver offerings all over my boat. :-)
<Chris demattio> The pwt is having smaller field so that it can open up more lakes. What are some of the lakes we may see in the future?
<ETT> 12 - 16 on Erie
<Jared> Risto. I've been try'in
<Ristorapper> your turn will come
<sf49> more southern reservoirs for sure...
<Scott Fairbairn> There was talk of the Fox chain at some point.
<Scott Fairbairn> sf49 is right about the southern reservoirs. They are big waters but probably fish small.
<sf49> anything over 10,000 acres might work
<Ristorapper> how bout the Columbia river out west ?
<Satch_MN> not sure where fox chain is?
<Scott Fairbairn> Fox chain near Chicago
<CFW> Yeah the big fish are all out here in the Columbia :)
<Scott Fairbairn> I would guess out west like Columbia river might come into play at some point
<ETT> That would be a haul
<sevenmmm> Who are your major sponsors?
<Ristorapper> YEA!
<sf49> Utah, Arizona, new Mexico, Texas all will become players in the future.
<Scott Fairbairn> It would be a long drive, but some of the guys like Bobby Crow have been coming our way for awhile
<Satch_MN> Scott, will you do both circuits PWT AND RCL this year?
<Driftr> Arizona & Texas sound great & warm
<Chatman> Guys, IM going to have to leave. Enjoy the rest of the night and look for the chat archive to be posted in a few days.
<Scott Fairbairn> I am fishing all PWT and three RCL. The schedules back up together too much this year
<Ristorapper> I liked the idea of fairly new waters for these guys to test their skills like up in the UP last fall
<Scott Fairbairn> Later chatman
<Fishnmagician> Nite PJ
<Swede> bye Chat
<sf49> Those a high altitude walleyes....it's winter there now!
<sevenmmm> cu pj
<Scott Fairbairn> New water is good.
<Chatman> Thanks for coming Scott, you are welcome to hang around as long as you wish.
<Ristorapper> How many cranks lost at Oahe last year Scott??
<Scott Fairbairn> The trees at mobridge probably look like Christmas trees.
<Scott Fairbairn> Not too bad on losing them. I turned around for a bunch
<Ristorapper> : )
<Ristorapper> Ole talked about that at the seminar here last week!!
<Jared> Where are you from Scott?
<Scott Fairbairn> Someone asked about sponsors: Crestliner, evinrude, Garmin, Rapala Blue Fox, Northland Tackle, Berkley Trilene Fireline and Powerbait, Mustad, Irish Setter, tamer Group and Aqua Innovations
<Dan(oh)> Scott, who do you team up with
<Ristorapper> What kind of goals do you set for the year Scott, firsts/ place in the money ????
<Chris demattio> Lead core fishing seems to be the big thing now. On say the central basin how many colors of segmented leadcore would you start with if you were pulling say husky jerks.
<Scott Fairbairn> Grew up in West St Paul, went to school at the U of M, moved to Walker, MN for 5 years and now have been in Hager City, WI (lots of Hager not much city) for the last two years.
<Driftr> Scott, have you run your new boat with the 250 yet? and if so , what speeds did you get
<sf49> gotta run all....headin' out early tomorrow for a run to the west. Take care Scott!
<Scott Fairbairn> Tournament friends are Todd Riley, Ron Gazvoda, Jimmy Bell, Jim Peterson, Jeff Russell, David Anderson
<Scott Fairbairn> See ya Steve
<Fishnmagician> Nite Steve
<Scott Fairbairn> Ran the new boat last week down south
<markdahl(IA)> Nite sf, Nite Scott, Nite all
<Jared> GO GREEN!
<Swede> Nite
<Scott Fairbairn> I was originally going to be at Omaha but their show setup changed. Not going to be there this year
<Swede> dang dial up
<ETT> good group Scott, they bring everything including the kitchen sink
<Scott Fairbairn> see ya mark
<Jared> & WHITE!
<Scott Fairbairn> Those guys don't fish all. Peterson and Bell fishing RCL this year. Riley and Gazvoda all PWT some RCL. Russell I think is fishing some MWC
<Satch_MN> Scott, I will look for ya at Erie, maybe if possible to prefish.
<Scott Fairbairn> Champ, Last I talked to them we are planning on next year
<Scott Fairbairn> Satch, look me up. I'm going to be at the pond
<Ristorapper> How well do you like that WIDE Crestliner Scott really looked one over this weekend
<Satch_MN> Scott, wish you the very best this year. I will be looking for ya on the leader boards!
<Scott Fairbairn> Lots of room. I carry a ton of gear. More than most and I can cram it all in.
<Scott Fairbairn> Thanks Satch
<Satch_MN> Nite all!
<Ristorapper> yea I heard some guys even have room left over!!
<Fishnmagician> Nite Satch
<Swede> wb Steve
<Ristorapper> full windshield or bubbles Scott?
<Scott Fairbairn> Driftr, we'll see ya out there. You'll love the boats
<Scott Fairbairn> Bubbles for me. The windshields are nice but they make it harder to precision fish
<Driftr> night everyone
<Driftr> have to run
<Driftr> c ya Scott
<Scott Fairbairn> Nite Driftr.
<Fishnmagician> Nite Driftr
<Ristorapper> someone asked WOT with that 250??
<Swede> take a look at these boats http://www.anytec.se
<Scott Fairbairn> WOT with full gear and three of us (not one skinny one in the bunch) was about 55.
<Ristorapper> English Swede!!1
<Ristorapper> : )
<Swede> press the English flag Risto
<Scott Fairbairn> Those are a litter bigger than mine
<Swede> lol
<Ristorapper> k
<Scott Fairbairn> Sounds good Champ
<sevenmmm> Yep, gotogoto. See ya around, keep them pearly whites front and center!
<Scott Fairbairn> ETT are they ice fishing over on Erie. I haven't been keeping track
<Fishnmagician> Nite Rick
<Scott Fairbairn> see ya sevenmmm
<sevenmmm> :-)
<Swede> tc 7
<ETT> yep
<Ristorapper> Any specific water you looking forward to this year more than the rest?
<Swede> seen a boat u like Risto?
<ETT> sorry
<Scott Fairbairn> Thats Erie ice I guess.
<Ristorapper> 700 rip nice !!
<Ristorapper> rib
<ETT> that's why I wait
<Scott Fairbairn> I like Spring Valley. Also, Devils Lake, Bull Shoals and Cass Lake.
<Scott Fairbairn> Forgot Chamberlain, and Winneconne
<Scott Fairbairn> I even like Erie when its clean water
<FreeByrd Steve Carlson> My kind of Ice Fishing worked pretty good last weekend - took some Erie perch out of the freezer...
<Swede> all boats can Risto
<ETT> what's your go to harness Scott?
<Ristorapper> lol Steve
<Swede> hiya banger
<eyebanger(oh)> Yo Swede
<Fishnmagician> scott, having lived in walker, you must of fished cass a bit huh?
<wa_walleye> hey banger
<Fishnmagician> hello banger!
<eyebanger(oh)> Get my mail Swede
<Swede> sent u email banger but it was returned
<eyebanger(oh)> Hey all
<Scott Fairbairn> At Erie last year for RCL I was using the holographic weights that Keith and Gary designed w/ a four 3-4 foot lead to big pink blades or holographic Northland perch blades.
<Swede> nothing yet banger
<Scott Fairbairn> Actually didn't fish Cass Much. I liked pounding around on the little lakes.
<eyebanger(oh)> Your lure parts are on there way
<Scott Fairbairn> Hey eyebanger
<Fishnmagician> how about winne?
<Swede> great banger
<Swede> got a catalog though today
<Scott Fairbairn> Fished Winnie a little bit. Sounds like its been on a tear lately
<Dan(oh)> what beads do you like
<ETT> what about beads Scott,.. size & color
<Scott Fairbairn> Dan, I use stack beads and lately the blade spacers that kind of match the holographic weights. Sometimes Northland floats if conditions call for it.
<Fishnmagician> i sure didn't cash any checks last year at Winnie
<Scott Fairbairn> At Erie I was using the perch holographic spacers w/ the perch blades and chartreuse stack beads w/ the pink blades. It was ugly
<wa_walleye> holographic weights???
<ETT> the tapered stake beads
<Jason> Hey all
<Scott Fairbairn> Yeah, Bass Pro sells them. They are inline holgraphic weights. The only problem w/ them is the fish have a tendency to hit them
<Fishnmagician> hello Jason
<Swede> brb
<Scott Fairbairn> Correct ETT
<Scott Fairbairn> Hey Jason
<Jason> So how's the fishing?
<ETT> thanks
<Fishnmagician> what up dog?
<Scott Fairbairn> Welcome Cdog
<Ristorapper> I think it would be neat just to put a hook behind those keel weights for a day to see what happens
<Jason> Scott, Been out Ice fishing?
<Scott Fairbairn> No Ice fishing for me. Home projects, business, shows
<Cdog> hi FM-Scott Fairbairn
<ETT> I guess I'd put on 14/6 or equal
<ETT> for you Dan
<Scott Fairbairn> With the holographic weights I'd see the board fall and come back, then fall and come back, finally the fish turn on the meat.
<Jason> Scott, Looks like the PWT format is gonna make for some interesting results this year
<Scott Fairbairn> I think the PWT field is the toughest ever
<eyebanger(oh)> brb
<Ristorapper> Prizes for amateurs still in PWT this year do you know Scott??
<Jason> I didn't see Eric Naig on the list
<Jason> Is he taking a year off?
<Scott Fairbairn> I believe its prizes.
<Scott Fairbairn> Eric took a job w/ Pure Fishing. Last I heard he was heading to fish Redfish in the gulf or something like that
<Jason> Really
<Scott Fairbairn> I think he's enjoying the job
<Scott Fairbairn> Howdy wild Phil
<Jason> Heya Phil, you still Wayne Pluckers Cooler?
<phil wilson> what's up Scotty?
<Fishnmagician> best of luck to you scott this year, thanks for chatting with us tonite, goodnite all
<Scott Fairbairn> Thanks Fishnmagician
<phil wilson> Wayne plucker?
<Jason> LOL, long story
<phil wilson> why do I know that name?
<Jason> I believe he was your day 3 Am last year at Bay City
<Jason> He left his cooler in your truck
<Jason> lol
<phil wilson> oh yea
<Scott Fairbairn> I think I saw Phil toting that cooler around
<Jason> LOL
<Ristorapper> Jim Randash has my shovel!!
<phil wilson> empty of course
<Scott Fairbairn> He needs it
<Jason> I'm sure its got Nightcrawlers in it by now
<Ristorapper> lol
<Scott Fairbairn> Randash that is
<ETT> get him
<Scott Fairbairn> When I was down at Bull Shoals last week the locals were talking crawlers up.
<phil wilson> Scott, didn't give up any secrets that I missed did ya?
<Scott Fairbairn> Just the good ones.
<phil wilson> story of my life
<Jason> What you think about Bull shoals Scott?
<Ristorapper> Any other live bait legal down there??
<Dan(oh)> slow down, I'm still writing them down
<Swede> ok back
<phil wilson> Guess it's my turn here the 20th of March
<Swede> hi terror
<terroreyes> hello everyone
<Scott Fairbairn> Bull Shoals was very big. I learned that no one is actually from there. Well, maybe one or two but not many
<ETT> make chatman happy and be on time
<Scott Fairbairn> Live bait at BShoals? I was told no leeches. I would guess there is a minnow restriction as well
<Jason> LOL
<Jason> I have a good friend that works at the dam
<eyebanger(oh)> Back swede
<Jason> He fished the Washington Governors cup with me last year
<Swede> yes banger
<Scott Fairbairn> sorry about being late Guys, I'll stay long to make up
<eyebanger(oh)> Good ,got to 7 pound plus steelies today
<Scott Fairbairn> Jason, Which dam?
<ETT> you already have
<Swede> nice banger
<Jason> Bull Shoals
<phil wilson> Scott, better get them lates outa your schedule now
<Ristorapper> u've more than made up for it Scott
<Scott Fairbairn> I drove over the dam. It looked like a long way down
<Jason> LOL
<terroreyes> Are we still grilling Scott?
<Scott Fairbairn> oops
<phil wilson> probably be some pros wanting to jump off that dam when it's over
<FreeByrd Steve Carlson> finally banger!
<Scott Fairbairn> As long as I'm in ahead of you Phil I'll be OK. Its puccio that we need to worry about
<eyebanger(oh)> Box should be there this week Swede
<Jason> Its probably gonna be a battle
<Jason> To see how can jump first
<Swede> carved few specials banger hope u like taildancers
<phil wilson> we'll all hold hands
<Jason> Make a big PWT splash
<Swede> carved some bigger ones
<phil wilson> we're gonna do that any way
<Swede> 4&5" bodies
<snowman> Catching any walleye down there
<Jason> I cant wait for you guys to come out to the Columbia River for an PWT event
<Scott Fairbairn> I think it will be fun down there. Marked a bunch of fish deep on a point. they acted just like walleyes eyeing up my jig. Just like icefishing
<eyebanger(oh)> Yah Steve ,not only that but lost a pair that were on for about 20 minutes .Couldn't get them up through the hole.
<Scott Fairbairn> I'd like to come out west. I have always liked new water and adventures
<Jason> We got some nice pigs
<terroreyes> What's your home waters?
<snowman> Anybody icing walleye ????????????
<Ristorapper> I have buddies that hit the Columbia every year they have a complete BLAST
<Swede> this w/e snowman
<Scott Fairbairn> I grew up fishing the Mississippi and Mille Lacs
<snowman> Good Swede same with me,
<Jason> Ya, My biggest to date is 14,73 lbs.
<Swede> gonna use Swedish tip ups
<Jason> On Columbia
<Scott Fairbairn> 14.73 is big anywhere
<snowman> I just use a simple spring type tip up Swede
<Jason> Seen several 16+ fish caught
<terroreyes> you've got that right!
<Jason> Plus I got to see the 18.90 WA St record last year
<Scott Fairbairn> Wow.
<phil wilson> 14.73, that's a real nice fish
<Ristorapper> ufda!
<Jason> There all nice
<Swede> ya me too snow
<Jason> LOL
<snowman> Fishing Canada Swede
<Jason> We had a lot of little guys last year, it will be interesting to see their growth
<Swede> nope I'm in Sweden snowman
<phil wilson> 18.90 wow, that's better than a 150# marlin
<Jason> LOL
<Scott Fairbairn> Little ones usually grow up
<Jared> Thanks for the info Scott,hope to meet you someday!Good luck this year!Nite guys
<Scott Fairbairn> Nite Jared
<snowman> Walleye in Sweden, you kidding me??
<eyebanger(oh)> by
<Ristorapper> take care Jared
<phil wilson> see ya Jared
<Swede> we call them zanders here snow
<snowman> Is it as cold as it is in Canada -35c tonight
<Jason> http://www.walleyecentral.com/fish_washington_record.shtml
<Swede> was that temp yesterday
<phil wilson> Scott, ever fish the Columbia?
<snowman> Prediction for tonight
<Scott Fairbairn> I've never been over there
<Ristorapper> candor even sweet
<snowman> 3 feet of ice Swede
<phil wilson> me either, been to Portland but didn't fish
<Jason> It would be interesting seeing you guys out here
<Scott Fairbairn> Jason, when's the best time
<wa_walleye> I agree
<Jason> For the big pigs?
<phil wilson> Jason, when is a good time?
<Jason> Or numbers?
<wa_walleye> below bonnivelle August and Sept
<terroreyes> Scott..... what's your predominate method of fishing in a river system like the good Ole Detroit river over here?
<Jason> Mid March for the hogs
<Swede> not that much here where I'm at yet snow
<Jason> And June-July for the Numbers
<Ristorapper> my buddies go out for the numbers, they talk about it for months afterwards
<phil wilson> one of these days
<snowman> We have around 3-4 feet of snow, excellent for snowmaking
<Dan(oh)> Scott, any advise at Spring Valley
<Scott Fairbairn> Vert jigging and casting jigs are my favorite in rivers. I don't do much handlining but I will pull three-way rigs
<Jason> With stable weather, and moving water in March your gonna catch a 10+ its just a matter of time on the water
<Swede> had high diffs in temps here so most snow is hard
<Scott Fairbairn> SValley? hope it doesn't flood. I was at the MWC in early nineties in the flood. it was terrible
<Scott Fairbairn> Jason,
<wa_walleye> would like to see them come out and do the wing dams below bonneville
<Scott Fairbairn> Jason, sounds like fun
<Scott Fairbairn> What are the wingdams like over there. How big
<wa_walleye> Banger see now everybody wants in on the action
<Grape Juice> how do all
<Scott Fairbairn> Howdy grape juice
<Grape Juice> hi W
<Ristorapper> Gj
<wa_walleye> the are long piling sided by side
<WarrenMN> HI GJ
<Swede> hi GJ
<Ristorapper> W wb
<eyebanger(oh)> Yah WA Me too
<Grape Juice> hi Risto
<eyebanger(oh)> Yo Warren
<Jason> Deep current channels, 40-45 feet common
<Scott Fairbairn> Our wingdam are man made rock spines extending from shore. Great spots
<wa_walleye> I want to go night fishing this last weekend was perfect
<wa_walleye> too tired from the sportsman show
<Scott Fairbairn> How was the Sports show
<FreeByrd Steve Carlson> Goodnight everyone
<Scott Fairbairn> Goodnight Steve
<Ristorapper> Nite Steve
<WarrenMN> nigh
<phil wilson> see ya Steve
<Grape Juice> Nite Steve
<ETT> night Steve
<WarrenMN> Scott, did the maps work
<Swede> Nite Steve
<Ristorapper> How u catching those piggies Jason?
<eyebanger(oh)> Got NWTF Convention next week end in Columbus .Got to go to that
<Scott Fairbairn> The maps worked. It was too cold to fiddle around much.
<Jason> Vert jigging with 5/8-3/4 oz jigs
<WarrenMN> Was afraid of that
<Jason> And Blade baits
<Ristorapper> deep?? or current
<terroreyes> In the high current areas of the Detroit River, what weight jig would you use? I hear of pros "vertical" jigging in the river with 1/8 - 3/8oz jigs. I use 8# dia. line and can't get less than a 45 degree jig with 5/8.
<wa_walleye> both
<Jason> Off deep river channel current breaks
<Ristorapper> BB
<Swede> hi bb
<bill brown(Ind)> hi troops
<eyebanger(oh)> Hi Bill Brown
<Jason> I use 14lb fire line, with 5/8 oz Modified Whistler jig
<WarrenMN> Did I tell you they test netted an 18 pounder
<Scott Fairbairn> Terroreyes, I haven't used more than 3/8 over there. I've heard you need bigger but I like the smaller ones. Switch to Fireline or Stealth thin diameter. That will help
<Scott Fairbairn> Hey Bill
<Scott Fairbairn> Warren, I saw pictures of some big fish
<Dan(oh)> thanks Scott, night all
<Scott Fairbairn> See ya Dan
<eyebanger(oh)> CU Dan
<Grape Juice> Nite Dan
<Ristorapper> Nite danoh
<Dan(oh)> night ETT
<terroreyes> Using 30/8 stealth. Awesome line!
<phil wilson> peace out Dan
<WarrenMN> Some day I'll get there
<Scott Fairbairn> terroreyes, try going down to the 2/10 stealth. You'll cut the current much better. The line is great to work with
<terroreyes> ty
<Jason> It sounds like it pretty thin
<Jason> ?
<Jason> How is it in the rocks?
<Scott Fairbairn> Jason, it is thin but you can't hardly break it.
<phil wilson> Scott do you have a problem with knots slipping?
<terroreyes> I've only cut it one time and that was on a jagged steel breakaway
<Scott Fairbairn> Phil tie Palmer or go a few extra wraps on the Trilene knots
<Jason> What Knot?
<Ristorapper> stealth ? brand name? not familiar with
<phil wilson> as I thought
<phil wilson> thought
<Jason> Scot you do any RCL events?
<Scott Fairbairn>Spiderwire Stealth. It is a Teflon coated line that is a superfine that acts a little like mono
<Ristorapper> thanks
<Scott Fairbairn> Jason, Fishing three RCL's this year. Fished all last year
<terroreyes> It's just like power pro, but the braid isn't quite so loose
<Jason> Busy Schedule
<Scott Fairbairn> Guest, I always think Mille Lacs is good. But, I grew up fishing there. I heard there was a huge perch hatch. That can slow it down a little bit
<phil wilson> Scott, doing all 6 pwt also right?
<ETT> nodding off guys... good night.
<bill brown(Id)> Nite ETT
<terroreyes> What kind of boat do you fish out of?
<Jason> Later Et
<phil wilson> see ya et
<Swede> Nite ETT
<Scott Fairbairn> All 6 PWT and Devils Lake, Spring Valley, and Erie RCL . I got tired just typing that. LOL
<eyebanger(oh)> I found that if you burn the tip of line it forms a little ball and wont slip no matter what
<Ristorapper> Nite ETT
<Scott Fairbairn> Later ETT Save a few for me
<Scott Fairbairn> Good tip eyebanger.
<Jason> Hey Phil, you doing Just West?
<Jason> Or all?
<phil wilson> spot of crazy glue works good too
<phil wilson> no I am in for all six again
<Jason> Who's gonna be the surprise angler this year?
<WarrenMN> Lot of traveling
<Scott Fairbairn> Tie the Palomar or extra trilene loops and you shouldn't have any trouble.
<livebait> Scott do you use any type of gels when pulling cranks? if so what have you found to work the best?
<Scott Fairbairn> Seelhoff's been quiet lately. He's due
<Jason> How bout the new guys?
<Jason> Or Gal
<Scott Fairbairn> livebait. do you mean gel scents?
<livebait> yes
<phil wilson> it's definitely gonna be a tough year, talent wise
<Scott Fairbairn> Jason, I haven't looked that close. I saw that Terry Olson from Duluth was going to be in the west. He's a good fisherman
<Jason> Phil, how many years have you been fishing PWT>?
<phil wilson> on and off since 95
<Scott Fairbairn> Guest, handlining is effective. I think you either love it or don't.
<Scott Fairbairn> Scents on cranks sometimes. Mainly just tip with a crawler. I have used the Berkley products with some success.
<Ristorapper> Spring 3 ways on the Missouri river here Scott what's on your business end of this rig??
<Jason> Scott, what is your go to crankbaits?
<Scott Fairbairn> Original floater or husky jerk. Hard to beat those.
<Swede> yozuris?
<Scott Fairbairn> The originals and husky's are for Springtime threewaying. My favorite crankbaits lately is the Jointed shad Rap. Haven't found anywhere that it doesn't work. some baits will work better sometimes but it seems I can always catch fish
on the JSr;s
<Scott Fairbairn> Those will work Swede
<Swede> they do here
<Jason> The #7 jointed Shad Raps are a great bait
<Ristorapper> #5 jointed did us real well on Sakakawea last year
<Scott Fairbairn> Also really like the #4 rs on small fish fisheries
<Jason> How much Lead core do you pull scott?
<Ristorapper> 30th out of 254 in governors cup
<Scott Fairbairn> Jason, I load 9 colors on my reels (penn lc's).
<Jason> Can you fish 50 feet of water w/o snap weights?
<Scott Fairbairn> Rarely need that much, usually 3-5 colors
<Scott Fairbairn> You can get 50 with lead if you go slow enough
<Jason> But to cover ground a guy has to use a snap weight
<livebait> are you gonna be in south Dakota this year?
<Scott Fairbairn> Correct Jason
<Scott Fairbairn> livebait, I will be out there for the chamberlainPWT. We are having an artificial only event after the PWT that should be fun
<livebait> Sioux falls
<Jason> No bait
<Jason> ?
<Jason> That would be fun
<Scott Fairbairn> Not at the show this year. I had a good time at the show. would love to come back.
<Jason> Well Scott, Phil
<Scott Fairbairn> No bait. To tell you the truth I use less and less every year.
<Jason> Good luck this year
<Scott Fairbairn> Thanks Jason
<Jason> Ill keep an Eye out for ya
<phil wilson> thanx Jason
<livebait> do you pull cranks in the spring also then?
<Jason> Peace out
<Swede> how about old deepdiving thundersticks?
<livebait> no vertical jigging?
<Scott Fairbairn> livebait, definitely try them in the spring.
<Scott Fairbairn> The old deep Tsticks are a great bait. I know a lot of people haven't liked the new ones but they do work very well except in very different conditions.
<livebait> so what's your favorite product from last year?
<LundNut> hey all
<Swede> hi LN
<eyebanger(oh)> Yo LN
<Scott Fairbairn> Livebait, I do a lot of jigging.
<bill brown(Ind)> LN
<WarrenMN> Hi LN
<Grape Juice> hi LN
<phil wilson> yo nut!!
<Scott Fairbairn> I mentioned the new Tsticks. They are a higher action bait than the old ones were.
<Ristorapper> LN
<phil wilson> personally, I love the new baits from Storm
<Guest> Do you pull cranks for post spawn? If so do you go slow, & shallow?
<phil wilson> that new hot n tot is real nice
<LundNut> how is everyone tonight???
<Ristorapper> specific ones phil??
<bill brown(Ind)> good
<Swede> since Rapala bought storm i don't buy em no more
<Scott Fairbairn> Guest, I'll pull cranks post spawn. I think its a myth that the fish are recuperating. radiotelemetry says they have headed towards their summer haunts. Cranks are a good way too catch up
<phil wilson> guys I better bug out this is Scott's show tonight
<Scott Fairbairn> Sorry to hear that Swede.
<phil wilson> my turn is the 31st of march
<Scott Fairbairn> thanks Phil
<Ristorapper> If I was as good at carving as you Swede I'd never buy another crankbaits
<Grape Juice> Nite Phil
<eyebanger(oh)> CU Phil
<Swede> destroyed a great bait
<phil wilson> luck to ya Scotty
<phil wilson> see ya at winne
<Scott Fairbairn> Thanks Phil
<eyebanger(oh)> I agree Swede
<phil wilson> peace out boys, listen to Scotty he's a true professional
<phil wilson>
<Swede> well Risto you would
<Ristorapper> you wouldn't
<Swede> dang hard finding right lips to use here in Sweden
<Guest> Scott have you tried the new cc grappler shad?
<WarrenMN> Risto, did you get to see any of the Sak maps
<Swede> but now banger sent me some so...... lol
<Scott Fairbairn> Warren, I haven't. I know some of the guys were using them on the river last fall. I've got no experience with them.
<livebait> when jigging cicadas i seem to get alot of looks from fish but not bites, think I'm being to aggressive with the jigging?
<Swede> might not buy so many this year lol
<Scott Fairbairn> livebait, thats pretty common for blades. They are moving up and down fast. Walleyes see well up but not down. Bait falls, walleye tries to locate and wham there are the hooks.
<Swede> just the dd yozuris
<Ristorapper> cc shads did peluso and zbasnik well on sakakawea weekend last year
<Scott Fairbairn> Zbasnik always catches fish. i don't think it matters what he uses.
<Ristorapper> lol
<Scott Fairbairn> He always tells you straight what's going on too. He's a great friend
<Guest> Thanks for the tips. God Speed!
<eyebanger(oh)> Hey bill b, got a pair today outa the river
<Scott Fairbairn> Guest, thanks for dropping in
<bill brown(Ind)> good for u, persistence pays off
<WarrenMN> Same hole you used yesterday
<eyebanger(oh)> Yah ,and you remember what I did?
<WarrenMN> of course
<livebait> since you grew up on Mille Lacs when's the best time for a bait chucker to go give it a try?
<WarrenMN> why you think I asked
<WarrenMN> LOL
<eyebanger(oh)> LOL
<eyebanger(oh)> Did same tonight Lol
<WarrenMN> you dog
<Scott Fairbairn> Guys, Its been great being here. Again, I apologize for being late. I hear my wife having trouble trying to get my little guy to bed. Time to bring in the enforcer I guess. Good luck this summer.
<Swede> special trick banger?
<Scott Fairbairn> Livebait, try Mille Lacs in early June
<Ristorapper> How's the young one in the family coming along?
<WarrenMN> hope the phone call reminder wasn't a problem
<Swede> Tec Scott
<livebait> lol thanks for the chat your a great leader in the sport
<bill brown(Ind)> Nite Scott
<eyebanger(oh)> By scott
<Grape Juice> Nite Scott TU
<WarrenMN> Your fan club a waited
<Scott Fairbairn> Warren, I knew I was late. Just running way behind schedule. Thanks
<Ristorapper> best wishes this season I'll look you up at DL this year Nite a
<livebait> welcome in my humble boat anytime Scott
<WarrenMN> Good luck.
<Scott Fairbairn> Risto. All well with family. Hectic though.
<Scott Fairbairn> Thanks Live bait.
<WarrenMN> Have some 1 meter stuff for Fugawi Bull shoals if you're ever interested
<livebait> np have a good Nite all
<Scott Fairbairn> Gotta run. Thanks again all.


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