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2004 Online Chats
Bruce Samson Chat 2/18/04 by Bruce Samson

<Chatman> Guys and gals lets have a big hand for one of the best known guys on the walleye circuit Bruce Samson! 
<Driftr> Welcome Doc Samson !!! 
<Driftr> clap clap clap !!!! 
<Ristorapper> thanks I'm amazed on how fast they get here! 
<WarrenMN> ta da da DA 
<Satch_MN> clap clap 
<Fishnmagician> a very big clap clap clap 
<WarrenMN> clap clap 
<Doc Samson> I will answer all fairly 
<Ristorapper> welcome Doc 
<Chatman> just to let you guys know, give Doc a chance to get to your questions 
<Chatman> glad you could make it Bruce 
<Doc Samson> I have had a busy winter 
<Chatman> what have you been doing? 
<Ristorapper> thanks very much for taking time out of your busy schedule 
<Doc Samson> 15 seminars 
<Satch_MN> wow 
<Doc Samson> I have produced a Boat Control Video 
<Chatman> really thats interesting 
<Satch_MN> not much time to get ready for the up coming tourney season 
<Doc Samson> I am producing a Lowrance Instructional DVD 
<Doc Samson> I am preparing the maps for the tourneys also 
<Chatman> where are those videos going to be available? 
<Doc Samson> www.frommn.com 
<Doc Samson> their # 218-829-9046 
<Chatman> good deal, for those who may miss it, i will have an archive up of the chat by next Monday 
<rangerpat> Doc when we're at Spring Valley can I look at your maps just so I can see how you mark them, What kind of Ink. LOL 
<Doc Samson> Sure, I have my laptop with me always 
<Chatman> anyone got any questions for Doc? 
<Doc Samson> If i make a part 3 Lowrance DVD I will demonstrate mapping 
<Ristorapper> your main sponsors Doc? 
<Doc Samson> Crestliner, Mercury, Lowrance 
<Doc Samson> Salmo,Trilene 
<WarrenMN> Doc, what motor you have this year? 
<Ristorapper> waiting on part three DVD here Doc bring it on when you have time 
<tom(mn)> what do you mean by mapping? 
<Ristorapper> and the others of course 
<Doc Samson> It will depend on the interest from the consumer as it is expensive to produce 
<Satch_MN> what do you do to keep focused in tournaments? 
<Doc Samson> I use mapping software and export waypoints and trails back and forth 
<WillyZ> sorry... came in late, which software do you use Doc? 
<Doc Samson> Fugawi and LakeMaster 
<WillyZ> never heard of the first? is that the Reel Bottom folks? 
<Doc Samson> I have GPS accurate maps of all the tourney sites 
<Doc Samson> Reelbottom data was used by LakeMaster 
<rangerpat> Lakemaster has really improved in the last couple years wouldn't you say? 
<Doc Samson> LakeMaster has surveyed only Minn and Wis 
<WillyZ> who is Fugawi? 
<Doc Samson> LakeMaster has improved because they have surveyed the lakes 
<WillyZ> lol 
<Doc Samson> Fugawi is software that you can scan in paper maps 
<rangerpat> Especially with the flowing contour lines instead of how they used to be rigid lines 
<Ristorapper> fugawi.com? 
<Doc Samson> I have aerial photos of Devil's Lake and topo maps of reservoirs 
<WillyZ> cool 
<Doc Samson> fugawi.com for the software 
<Doc Samson> Warren Parsons for the maps and he is on the site now 
<tom(MN)> when you look at a map, what are you looking for to start your fishing? 
<rangerpat> Do you ever take a plane ride over a bodies of water like LK Erie looking for pods of fish that are visible in the water? 
<Doc Samson> Each lake is different but I try to find places that don't get pressure. 
<Doc Samson> I start with points and humps 
<Doc Samson> My maps let me go to the places faster as I have the wpts in the GPS 
<Satch_MN> hello Dave 
<Doc Samson> I like small places with less fish and less fishermen 
<Dave Landahl> Hello everyone 
<WillyZ> Doc, can you give us some tips on breaking down a river? (we all know you can!) 
<WarrenMN> How much of what you see on your sounder determines how long your fish it 
<Ristorapper> Nice article on Doc in Bismarck Tribune today , I'll reference web page if I can find the article 
<Doc Samson> I actually don't like river tourneys 
<Dave Landahl> Bruce, any new sponsors this year? 
<Doc Samson> You can't hide in a river! 
<Doc Samson> no new sponsors 
<Dave Landahl> Bruce, are you excited about fishing Bull Shoals , I guess I should ask if you are fishing Bull Shoals? 
<Doc Samson> I start looking at the big bends first as the main school like bends. 
<Doc Samson> I am fishing Bull and I am always excited about new water 
<Dave Landahl> I'll bring my flipping sticks if you run out of options. 
<Doc Samson> I will be at Oahe right before and i hope I am late because I have to stay longer at Oahe 
<Ristorapper> Do you talk to locals much for new bodies of water or rely on your information and research 
<Doc Samson> Yes 
<WillyZ> what techniques do you expect you will be using down on Bull Shoals? 
<Doc Samson> It is just hard to meet locals 
<Doc Samson> I am not good at meeting strangers and asking for help 
<Dave Landahl> Bruce, do you fish with a group of anglers during pre-fish or are you a solo act? 
<Doc Samson> Bull methods I am not sure yet but I have a few secret ideas 
<Doc Samson> I like to fish with one friend at tourneys 
<WillyZ> have a great night... it was nice talking to you... 
<Doc Samson> This year I will be mainly alone 
<Dave Landahl> Bruce, will you be in the motorhome this year again or are you switching to motels? 
<Doc Samson> I sold the RV so Motels for one year 
<Dave Landahl> Bruce, will you be fishing all of the RCL and PWT events? 
<Doc Samson> I would like to try a 5th wheeler but MN has a 65 foot minimum 
<Ristorapper> What other species of fish are you 
<tom(MN)> how long are you on the road fishing? 
<Doc Samson> I will be fishing RCL and PWT 
<Doc Samson> Bull has lots of bass 
<Doc Samson> I take at least 5 days to pre-fish 
<Dave Landahl> Bruce, anything different up you sleeves this year to try and reclaim your Devils Lake dominance? 
<Ristorapper> how are those salmo's gonna separate the two bass and walleye hehe?? 
<Tacklebox> Are you still running the flasher on the bow 
<Doc Samson> It takes me more time to cover a lake and I miss a lot 
<Doc Samson> I will still have the flasher 
<Doc Samson> My flasher use has lessened because I can now see fish at 25mph with my X-19 
<Satch_MN> You mentioned you look for less pressure spots. What do you do to find those spots? 
<tom(MN)> do you have a favorite body of water? 
<Dave Landahl> Bruce, how much do you rely on your electronics to locate fish? 
<Doc Samson> The color units are also very good with transitions which was one of the reasons for a flasher 
<Doc Samson> Less pressure spots are mainly spots with few fish, that is why they have less pressure 
<Doc Samson> I rely on electronics heavily 
<Dave Landahl> Bruce, explain a little more on your reliance on your electronics. 
<Doc Samson> My success is because of my electronics skills 
<Doc Samson> I look for fish first 
<Doc Samson> If I catch fish I use my electronics and maps to find similar spots 
<Dave Landahl> Bruce, no answer about regaining your stranglehold on Devils Lake? 
<Ristorapper> and similar depths ?? 
<Doc Samson> similar depths yes 
<Doc Samson> Devil's was a July tourney both times I won. The fish are in different places at earlier times. 
<Dave Landahl> Bruce, any new articles about you or by you coming out anytime soon? 
<Doc Samson> And my spot is now heavily pressured and owned by many. 
<Doc Samson> The first day i fished it I had no boats in site and I came in with the leading weight 
<Doc Samson> I have a series of Lowrance tutorials in the Walleye In-Sider 
<Doc Samson> The first one is on Chart logging 
<Ristorapper> how soon on those Doc not in last weeks 
<Doc Samson> Session 2 is on playing the charts and extracting the good data 
<tom(MN)> looking forward to reading them 
<Doc Samson> I wish I had them 3 years ago 
<Doc Samson> I have just learned the power of chart logging 
<WarrenMN> Do you think people adjust their sonars right 
<Ristorapper> Have you ever Fished Cass Doc? and what presentations may work for you there 
<Doc Samson> I fished Cass last fall to study the bottom 
<Fishnmagician> Doc, what would be the single most important advice you would give to a guy just getting into tournament fishing? 
<Swede> brb gents 
<Doc Samson> I think it will be alive bait tourney 
<Jaren> Hey Guys! Doc,what is chart logging? 
<Doc Samson> My best advice is what a friend told me after spending a week pre-fishing with me. He had fished tourneys before. He said that he didn't work hard enough 
<Doc Samson> I spend as much time on the water and reviewing the data I learn 
<Doc Samson> Chart logs are like having a paper graph recording on a memory card 
<Satch_MN> Is live bait presentations your strong technique? 
<Doc Samson> The recording is GPS accurate 
<Doc Samson> You can review the recording and know where any depth change or fish are because the long and lat are saved 
<Driftr> Doc, did you say you had a tutorial in Walleye Insider 
<Doc Samson> Live bait is my strong suit because I am from MN but I am learning cranks with a vengeance 
<tom(MN)> what type of equipment do you need to chart like that? 
<Doc Samson> Any Lowrance unit that accepts memory cards 
<Jaren> yeah what he said 
<Doc Samson> The recording uses up 1 meg per minute of recording 
<Fishnmagician> Doc, where abouts in MN do you live? 
<Doc Samson> Minnetrista 
<Fishnmagician> ok 
<Doc Samson> 20 min W of 494 
<WarrenMN> FM lives in the cold spot in MN, let you guess that one 
<Doc Samson> Embarrass 
<Fishnmagician> real close 
<Dave Landahl> Bruce, do you think the PWT or the RCL will ever develop a true minor league pro division like BASS has with their opens or the FLW has with Everstart. Tournaments where you can still win 30K or more in cash and prizes? 
<Tacklebox> Has the X19 improved your ability to tell fish size, type and bottom features 
<Doc Samson> Yes, but I will probably be too old to compete 
<tom(MN)> is there a way to adapt memory to my 350A? 
<Doc Samson> 350A no 
<Dave Landahl> Bruce, so what in the next couple of years you will be retiring? LOL 
<Fishnmagician> hi dan 
<Ristorapper> do you ever feel pressure during a tournament. Seems like your homework is done and you are quite relaxed on the tour 
<Dan(oh)> hello all 
<Doc Samson> I could tell size of fish before the X-19 and I was very good at bottom features but the X-19 makes it easy 
<Fishnmagician> hi shadow 
<Satch_MN> have you operated the X-104 doc? 
<Doc Samson> I love the pressure of tournaments 
<Driftr> how many X-19's do you run 
<shadowman> WOW a really full house so great big HI to everybody 
<Doc Samson>
<Doc Samson> I will run the 104 this year 
<Chatman> hi tom 
<Driftr> 104 & 2 19's? 
<tom(MN)> hi chatman 
<Doc Samson> Maybe 2 104s as I am spoiled 
<Driftr> :) 
<shadowman> what's the chat about??? 
<Chatman> Doc Samson is talking about chartplotting etc 
<Driftr> Doc do you interface the GPS into all from 1 receiver? 
<Satch_MN> one at the console and where would the other x-104 would be? 
<shadowman> ok i got ya now 
<Doc Samson> No, I like to have backups for everything 
<Ristorapper> all 3 units gps 
<Doc Samson> bow 
<Doc Samson> yes gps as I need to have wpts when I am fishing 
<Doc Samson> You can have 10 wpts but 10 buoys would get in the way 
<Satch_MN> what kind of bracket system are you going to have? Will it take the punishment on the bow? That's a big unit. 
<Ristorapper> How do you view your recorded info when off the water at the end of the day laptop?? 
<Doc Samson> I will try the RAM and rig some extra support 
<Doc Samson> I haven't figured it out yet 
<shadowman> doc do you like the ram mount system? 
<Driftr> Doc, what motors are you running this year 
<Ristorapper> even the big ram mount will look like a micro ram with the 104!! 
<Doc Samson> I am 55 so my bow doesn't get the punishment as younger guys 
<Dan(oh)> what braided line for trolling cranks 
<tom(MN)> what model boat do you fish with? 
<Doc Samson> I review my recorded charts on my lap using SonarViewer 
<Doc Samson> SonarViewer is software from Lowrance 
<Dave Landahl> Bruce, what boat and motor combo are you running this year? 
<Ristorapper> Sonar Viewer available at lowrance.com right 
<Ristorapper> k 
<Doc Samson> 202 Crliner and Merc 250xs Optimax 
<Doc Samson> right on Lowrance.com or it comes with MapCreate 
<Driftr> Doc, how will that 250 be propped? 
<Doc Samson> When you play the chart on SonarViewer you can put the cursor on a fish and the lat and long popup!! 
<Doc Samson> High Five 23 pitch because I can forward troll and backtroll slower 
<D.Van Oss> I would say I'll do my best, but I would be lying, you are talking about Dave, I'm Dan, we do alot of fishing together though 
<D.Van Oss> he's my brother 
<Driftr> Doc, do you use your big Opti to troll with? 
<Doc Samson> I use it alot 
<D.Van Oss> thats good to hear 
<Satch_MN> what computer capacity do you have and what speed do you have for the software to run decent? 
<Driftr> do you use a kicker also? 
<Doc Samson> I demonstrate how in my Boat Control Video and my seminars 
<Doc Samson> I use the kicker with a TR-1 <Driftr> I will be looking at that :) 
<Doc Samson> www.frommn.com for my video 
<Jaren> Doc, anybody teach this stuff? Do I just have buy and start playing with it? 
<Doc Samson> It gets me minnow money 
<Driftr> :) 
<Doc Samson> I have taught myself something? 
<Doc Samson> I have also called Lowrance Customer service a lot in the beginning 
<Dan(oh)> how many years have you been competition fishing 
<Doc Samson> For example the sonar viewer has 
<Doc Samson> 18 years 
<Doc Samson> Hi 
<Satch_MN> what do you recommend for laptop speed and hard drive cap.? For the software to run and don't take for ever. 
<Dave Landahl> Time to put the little ones to bed. See you at the end of March Bruce. 
<Driftr> bye Dave 
<Doc Samson> The video card is very important for map software 
<Doc Samson> I also have 512 ram and a 1.8 processor 
<Doc Samson> processor 
<Satch_MN> thanks 
<Chatman> hey guys our Hour with Doc is about up 
<Chatman> man was it quick! 
<Doc Samson> Hard drive is not important unless you get carried away with charting 
<Ristorapper> way quick!! 
<WarrenMN> it was 
<Satch_MN> do you back up on CD's or what? 
<survivor> Bruce i will call you soon ok? 
<Jaren> Thanks Doc!!! 
<tom(MN)> thanks doc i will order your video 
<Doc Samson> My Walleye In-Sider articles with explain alot 
<Doc Samson> ok to call 
<Chatman> Doc you are welcome to stick around if you like, but I am going to end the chat officially 
<Fishnmagician> Doc, best of luck too ya this year, thanks for the chat! 
<Doc Samson> tonight 
<Doc Samson> good night 
<WarrenMN> what was the place for the videos phone number 
<Chatman> I would like to thank Doc Samson so much for spending the hour with us 
<Driftr> Thanks Doc !!!!!!! 
<Satch_MN> have a great year doc maybe bump into you at lake Erie and Illinois river 
<Driftr> clap clap !!!! 
<Ristorapper> clap clap CLAP CLAP thanks again doc for the time out of your schedule 
<Doc Samson> 218-829-9046 for videos 
<Fishnmagician> clap clap clap 
<Ristorapper> will try to bump into you at DL this year and see how you are doing 
<WarrenMN> Bruce, Risto and I were talking about the bow rope, what size 
<Ristorapper> www.frommn.com for video and DVD 
<Satch_MN> night all 
<WarrenMN> Ok thought so 
<Doc Samson> Goodnight


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