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2004 Online Chats
Gary Gray Online Chat Feb 25, 2004 by Gary Gray

<Gary Gray> good evening to all 
<Team Javelin> Runs the multi? 
<Team Javelin> Good evening Gary 
<scooter> medina yes the msx 
<phil wilson> how's Gary? Long time no see 
<Gary Gray> how you doing Phil 
<phil wilson> I am well thanx 
<phil wilson> and yes chat man I'm on that mission 
<Driftr> howdy folks 
<phil wilson> good Gary nice to ahhh see ya 
<Team Javelin> hey Driftr 
<phil wilson> yup gotcha 
<Gary Gray> brb 
<phil wilson> just stopped in to say hello to Gary a min then back to work 
<Chatman> no intros tonight guys, lets get right at it 
<Gary Gray> I'm back 
<Chatman> Sorry Sam couldn't make it tonight 
<Chatman> thanks to Gary for sitting in 
<Gary Gray> not a problem 
<phil wilson> sounds like chairman's on a mission 
<Team Javelin> yes it does sound that way 
<Chatman> well, we do have a good lineup of guys coming up 
<Gary Gray> Hopefully Kim Kalkofen, and Charlie Moore will join us tonight to talk about the PWT at Winneconne 
<phil wilson> Gary did you sell the Harley? ya gonna ride the wind with Lance 
<Gary Gray> Yes 
<Willy> found a new boat yet Gary? 
<Gary Gray> still weighing my options 
<phil wilson> Jim and Charlie might be along too that'll be good 
<Gary Gray> Figured it to be a good opportunity for them to join in and let everyone know about the PWT 
<phil wilson> good idea 
<phil wilson> I thought I'd sit back and see if you gave any secrets for Winnie 
<Satch_MN> thanks Gary, good thinking 
<Gary Gray> Just ask, and I will talk 
<phil wilson> I hear ya brother. That's a new hole for me 
<spooner> Just curious, have you sold the YC yet? 
<Booker> Okay, so what do you think the bite will be like Gary? 
<Gary Gray> Yes 
<Satch_MN> Gary, what do you store your plugs in? Individual inserts or what? 
<Team Javelin> Gary how many options are you weighing? 
<spooner> sure was a nice looking boat, but then I like the YC 
<Gary Gray> jig bite, in one of the rivers, or a small bite out from the mouth of the river in Oshkosh' 
<Gary Gray> all options 
<scooter> is the slow no wake past gills going to make some guys rethink there locations 
<Booker> You're the master and I wish I could be a fly on the deck of your new boat during the PWT 
<Hangman> Is there a lot of structure in Winneconne and what type of structure if any? 
<Gary Gray> If the spring rains come in time, we could have a great bite at Oshkosh, otherwise, it will happen upstream 
<stratos> do you do any leadcore right after ice-out or do you wait for a certain water temp 
<Gary Gray> Me too, then you could help bait the hook 
<Gary Gray> not much, mainly breaklines, and current to deal with 
<Gary Gray> leadcore later 
<phil wilson> my only boat question is Will it be money green? 
<Gary Gray> no, I think it will be camo 
<Satch_MN> Gary, to mph current or slower? 
<spooner> I liked the pickle 
<phil wilson> or was that envy green? 
<spooner> In fact, Marc's new boat will be similar 
<phil wilson> You cant hide even in camo 
<Gary Gray> about that, the further you go upstream, it narrows, and the current is stronger 
<Gary Gray> What did he go with? 
<Satch_MN> upstream 
<spooner> Regarding what? 
<Gary Gray> Phil, what brand did marc go with 
<Driftr> Gary, how far east have you fished? 
<phil wilson> marc? 
<Gary Gray> east, meaning where? 
<Driftr> USA 
<spooner> His boat is the new Triton with a HO and . kicker 
<Gary Gray> HI John 
<phil wilson> Big Jon 
<spooner> supposed to be here tomorrow, can't wait!! 
<Gary Gray> Marc got a triton 
<John Kolinski> Gary, Welcome to Triton! What's with the HO? 
<Gary Gray> Hi Pete 
<Satch_MN> hello harsh 
<spooner> The hull was designed for Lake Erie waters 
<phil wilson> hi Pete 
<Booker> What????? 
<Gary Gray> I don't know what thats about John 
<spooner> still got the YC though 
<HARSH> Hello everyone. 
<Team Javelin> hey Harsh 
<Hangman> Hey Pete- 
<Gary Gray> I'll bet John Kolinski can't wait for the PWT here, right John 
<Russ> tritons can't fish the RCL! 
<spooner> Nope 
<spooner> Too many others to do the RCL 
<spooner> Can do the PWT though! 
<Satch_MN> what a line up tonight. Gary, Pete, john ; lost of experience on board tonight 
<John Kolinski> Yes, this time I will be St , you can take rd.... 
<Gary Gray> IF the water was open tomorrow, I would be on the wolf 
<Booker> How far up? 
<Team Javelin> John thats going to be a battle 
<Hangman> who's on second? 
<phil wilson> Pete looks like me and you gotta fight for second 
<John Kolinski> Someone has to take 2nd, so Pete can. 
<Gary Gray> thanks john, 
<Team Javelin> Two of Wisconsin's greats 
<Satch_MN> Pete, are you doing any RCL Tournys this year? 
<HARSH> Gary, how come you can catch more fish on jigs than I can when we fish together? 
<Gary Gray> Pete Harsh, Mr. Ranger Cup, Mr. John Kolinski, PWT Angler of the year, I'm honored for your presence 
<Booker> Gary can hear them coming from what I have been told 
<HARSH> RCL and hopefully Champ. 
<Satch_MN> which one missing? 
<Gary Gray> I try to put in their mouth, maybe by accident 
<Booker> It's that horseshoe 
<Booker> Mr. Harsh, are you fishing the PWT on Winneconne? 
<John Kolinski> Gary positions the boat over the fish and makes sure Pete is not near the fish. I do it to Skarlis all the time. 
<HARSH> Yes 
<Gary Gray> I sure like that horseshoe, I would not let the Dr, do a over physical complete, simply because I don't want them to dislodge it 
<Booker> Squish, squish 
<Hangman> Pete-you gonna run a on that or was that just for fun? 
<Ristorapper> green belly of boat has to have something to do with catching more fish!!?? 
<stratos> t 
<HARSH> He is just that good, I have seen it with my own eyes. 
<tyee> Ok guys I came in Late! Gary did you make a decision yet? 
<Gary Gray> The Winneconne PWT should be lots of fun, lots of fish, do you agree John and Pete 
<Russ> Gary did you consider a RCL boat before you bought your Triton? i was really looking forward to competing against you this year. 
<Booker> Yes, Gary made the decision to fish the river for the PWT at Winneconne 
<Gary Gray> Still thinking????? 
<John Kolinski> Yes, but the guys are going to have to move with the fish a lot during that period of time. 
<tyee> the RIVER??? hahaha think so? 
<Booker> John, do you think anything will going off Oshkosh? 
<spooner> I came in late too, did You say you got a Triton? 
<Gary Gray> I just hope they are out of the Marsh's by then, we just need some rain and warm weather 
<John Kolinski> It depends how fast the weather warms up 
<tyee> I think you guys know this system well enough that you won't have to waste your time trying to get up the river for big fish!! 
<Booker> I think with all the run-off, they should be able to make it way back into the marsh's 
<Gary Gray> either way, I will be following John Kolinski 
<John Kolinski> That might be a mistake Gary 
<tyee> Good for you cause he'll be following me!hehe 
<Gary Gray> Never on this system 
<phil wilson> welcome Jim 
<Gary Gray> It will definitely be a jig bite, or live bait of some sort 
<Satch_MN> Gary, Pete, john what would be the water temps about that time on winnecone 
<John Kolinski> Phil, are you fishing all six Pwt's this year? 
<phil wilson> Of course John, 
<Jim Carroll> Hey all 
<phil wilson> Me and my Mercury powered generic boat 
<Gary Gray> about -, would be my guess, but last yr., it warmed up very fast 
<HARSH> Hey big Jim 
<phil wilson> oops Mercury 
<stratos> John K did you run any leadcore at the RCL Springvalley last year,if you did what kind of leader and length 
<tyee> Who's gonna get a Verado in time? 
<Gu> <Enter Text Here>Hey Gary and Pete 
<John Kolinski> I would say between - as far as temps 
<Gary Gray> who is gu? 
<John Kolinski> No I didn't run any lead core 
<Bob> Hi Gary 
<Gu> Jeff Rueth 
<John Kolinski> From what I heard, Jay won't have any parts on the truck, so I chose not to run a Verado 
<phil wilson> John, you doin any rcl this year or just pwt 
<John Kolinski> Spring Valley and Erie 
<scooter> see what happens when you just sit back and read u get booted 
<HARSH> Gary are you running s this year? 
<Gary Gray> There could be a bite also, on the reef's on Bago, there are always fish that stay and spawn in the lake 
<tyee> Gary is your boat filled for prefishin Winneconne? 
<tyee> or john? 
<John Kolinski> My boat is filled 
<Satch_MN> Pete, you run Lowrance also? 
<Gary Gray> might be, drop me a email on the prefish 
<John Kolinski> I wonder how many guys realize they cannot troll beyond Poygan for the PWT 
<Gu> does anybody need somebody to pre fish at spring valley 
<tyee> Will do! 
<Fishnmagician> whats up Doc? 
<phil wilson> why is that John? 
<tyee> John, Why would you want to? 
<Mr. Bigs> Hey Pete and John 
<Booker> I didn't know once and boy, did I get some strange looks from people before someone spoke up 
<Gary Gray> That is a good point john, once they get above Poygan, and enter the river, there is no trolling allowed 
<John Kolinski> Because it's considered Class A Musky waters 
<phil wilson> thanx for that info 
<HARSH> No trolling with three ways? 
<phil wilson> I wont have enough cash for bail 
<tyee> Your kidding me right! Troll the river at that time of year!! hahaha I can see ya trying to dodge all them boats now! 
<John Kolinski> No trolling with -ways, all you can do is position the boat 
<phil wilson> No trolling with three ways at all 
<Gary Gray> Mark Shaped, the local warden, will have his hands full
<HARSH> Is slipping allowed? 
<Gary Gray> no, 
<Booker> I don't get it, how come 
<Gary Gray> yes, as long as you are going downstream 
<Jim Carroll> Guys, how crowded will that river be? 
<willy> what is a Class A Musky water? spawning area? 
<John Kolinski> Gary, I thought slipped is allowed, I've done it all the time and never got stopped 
<tyee> The local warden will be handing plenty of tickets for running the river too fast as it is 
<Jim Carroll> Some are saying with the ' rule it will all be no wake... 
<Gary Gray> crowded, with lots of locals
<Booker> I hope they ticket every speeder 
<Satch_MN> dumb question, what is slipping? 
<scooter> so packed that you being a sardine in a can will have more room to move 
<HARSH> Slipping with the current downstream. 
<Gary Gray> ya, you can slip, as long as you are moving with the current, cannot progress against the current 
<phil wilson> kinda like the Detroit a couple years ago 
<Doc_wi> Won't be as crowded as it is during the white bass run 
<Satch_MN> great thanks! 
<tyee> If mother nature plays it right Don't you think the troll bite in Poygan will be the ticket! 
<phil wilson> we'll be bumpin rod tips 
<Mr. Bigs> Ya doc and that was a mess 
<Booker> I've seen that before!!! 
<HARSH> Gary, will anchoring be a factor? 
<Gary Gray> it can be, but warn weather, and a warm rain is needed 
<tyee> Not much anchoring done below Freemont at that time but above there are a lot of anchors! 
<Bob> I've seen anchoring and jigging three ways before 
<Gary Gray> There will be a lot of locals anchoring as that is the way lots of them fish, right John 
<Booker> Gary, if the fish are on the way back down, do you really believe they ride high? 
<John Kolinski> Yes, most of them anchor 
<Doc_wi> and long line 
<Gary Gray> oh yes, they take the easy ride back, till they put on the feed bag, then it's fun 
<HARSH> Question for Gary and big John K. Will we all have to wear cheesehead Packer caps to be on the river? 
<Booker> So will you be targeting fish on the way back? 
<Satch_MN> slip bobbers and jigs or what is the technique is the b out there? 
<phil wilson> lol at Pete 
<John Kolinski> Harsh - if you want to make friends! 
<Ristorapper> wouldn't hurt harsh!! 
<phil wilson> I wearing my Tigers hat 
<tyee> Satch, Bring your trolling poles and lots of jigs! 
<Gary Gray> YES, , and can only use Green and Gold 
<Bob> I've got friends that just kill 'em jigging three ways 
<Troll-King> Go Vikings 
<Steve baguette> Good luck this year Gary! 
<Gary Gray> thanks Steve 
<HARSH> How about a Vikings helmet painted green and gold with the horns removed? 
<Doc_wi> harsh, don't forget to buy a bag of cheese curds at the gas station 
<Steve baugnet> i thought you would go back to skeeter 
<Ristorapper> walleyes bite on them Doc?? 
<Doc_wi> shhhhh 
<Gary Gray> I'm going to follow JOHN, he usually know b up in that neck of the woods, I Mainly fish down stream. That is his home turf 
<hooker> <Gary have you made up your mine on a boat? 
<phil wilson> evening marc 
<John Kolinski> I know the system well in May and June but not as well in April - it will be different 
<Doc_wi> This might have been asked, but did they give you guys a no wake boundary 
<Jaren> jigging -ways? 
<Gary Gray> Still court ideas on which one, should know by Friday 
<Jim Carroll> How far is it from the mouth to Gill's? 
<tyee> John, If there was time, which I doubt there will be, do you think many will make the trip to New London and above? 
<Gary Gray> From the railroad bridge on up 
<phil wilson> Jim you doin all six this year? 
<Jim Carroll> Winneconne 
<Jim Carroll> yes 
<ezmarc> Hi Phil and all 
<John Kolinski> Do not believe you will need to go to New London 
<Doc_wi> That will make some good water hard to get at 
<tyee> If so..........., I'll wave to ya, 
<tyee> Well then I'll wave as I go by!...hehe 
<Doc_wi> No, John, but I could see letting the boats get to Guth's on plane where they can legally 
<Gary Gray> Yes, but it was a safety issue, as lots of locals will be out and the river gets pretty narrow
<Jim Carroll> Gary do you see us running at speed up and down that river? 
<billyb> Gary are you going to fish the new Lowrance Pro Team Walleye Circuit with Pete? 
<Booker> And the locals tend to complain loudly about violating no-wake zones 
<Gary Gray> No 
<Gary Gray> We are thinking about it, but dates are too conflicting 
<phil wilson> could be a long ride at a putt 
<Satch_MN> Is the water levels are that high and not much lake shore banking for the tight regulations? 
<John Kolinski> I hope we can all get along with the locals that time of year. I don't want to piss anyone off. The only good thing, the tournament will be on Wed, Thurs, and Fri 
<ezmarc> Hi Chris! 
<phil wilson> real good point john 
<spooner> Hi Marc. any more word on the boat? 
<Gary Gray> Some guys will fish in Ohskosh, some in Winneconne, some in the wolf, I'm going up the Pine, or Pumpkinseed
<Team Javelin> also agree John 
<ezmarc> Not yet 
<HARSH> Lowrance is for my tired eyes. 
<phil wilson> I can see us all goin to the ramp on flats 
<Ristorapper> k thanks 
<Booker> So you've decided to fish out of a canoe this year Gary? 
<Gary Gray> Haven't decided yet 
<Ristorapper> with a - s 
<Jaren> Nite guys 
<tyee> Gary, correct me if you think I'm wrong, But from my experience, Winneconne is the best place for this event at that time of year, there should be three distinct bites going on, Males going up river, generally smaller ones, class as there a re a ton of them, Reef bite on Bago and the post spanners in the lower river system or feeding in the upper lakes! 
<Gary Gray> I'm just going to go fishing, and have fun, but make some money on the way 
<Doc_wi> That's the good part about the timing, there will be fish every where in the system, just who finds the old girls is the trick 
<Ristorapper> any slot limit there?? 
<tyee> Good Luck to you guys I'll be puling for ya! 
<HARSH> Gary what about the Verado? Is that the same motor we ran at the championship? 
<John Kolinski> No slot 
<Gary Gray> I think you've been fishing here at that time of year before, Yes, I think you have hit it on the head 
<spooner> Gary, are you staying with Merc? 
<Jim Carroll> But...looking at results from last year's tourney's in April, if the weather isn't good fishing can be BAD 
<tyee> Ya it's my back yard, like yours! Good Luck 
<Gary Gray> Yes Pete 
<Gary Gray> Absolutely, Mercury 
<Bob> Gary what about sunset ? 
<Team Javelin> Thats very true Jim and also all the beatific 
<Doc_wi> I've got years in on that river and something changes every year 
<Bob> you think that would be good 
<Dan(oh)> darn I'm late, can we start over 
<Gary Gray> We will just have to take the good with the Bad 
<Ristorapper> archives baby!! 
<phil wilson> Doc!!! How are ya? 
<Doc_wi> Great, You 
<phil wilson> Groovy 
<Gary Gray> Sunset, I wished you would not have brought that up, Yes there are lots of fish there 
<Doc_wi> LOL groovy 
<billyb> Gary are you going to stay in a glass boat? 
<phil wilson> You shoulda stayed at the plantation we missed ya 
<Gary Gray> Someone will 
<Fishnmagician> hi FB 
<Booker> But also lots of boats on sunset at that time 
<HARSH> Are stinger hooks allowed on the river that time of year? 
<Bob> Sorry!!!lol...well there's that other one too...lol 
<Gary Gray> Yes, I HOPE TO 
<FreeByrd Steve Carlson> Hi All 
<early> Hey Pete how do you like that ? I just picked one up. 
<Doc_wi> harsh, yes 
<John Kolinski> Pete, you're not allowed to use any hooks 
<Gary Gray> SOMEONE will win, is what I was trying to say 
<Ristorapper> lol john k 
<phil wilson> Pet's so good he don't need hooks 
<Gary Gray> yes to stingers 
<HARSH> Gary knows more about s than I do. Ran X-s last year, which i liked. 
<early> Gary Did you like the s? 
<Ristorapper> Basically same unit just larger screen right 
<Gary Gray> , is the old guy unit, that's so we don't miss anything, ya know, 
<Gary Gray> our eyes 
<John Kolinski> The 's are a blind mans blessing 
<Ristorapper> unit for those over 
<Doc_wi> the new glasses will help Gary 
<Gary Gray> I have not used mine either yet, but I'm looking Forward to it, maybe I can see this one 
<early> Little fish probably look like giants 
<Gary Gray> Ya DOC 
<Dan(oh)> its also a spot light at night 
<Satch_MN> what choice of livebait would be the best for winnieconne? 
<HARSH> Is that Dan O from SD? 
<ezmarc> How would you know Dan! 
<Tyee> Shiners 
<Dan(oh)> no harsh 
<Doc_wi> Shiners 
<Gary Gray> SHINERS 
<Doc_wi> Lol tyee 
<Dan(oh)> just looks like it would be 
<Jim Carroll> PWT JK/CM have been pretty quiet lately. Anybody heard anything positive on new sponsors? 
<Tyee> hi doc, Ice bite in New London is picking up huh? 
<Dan(oh)> with a " screen 
<Doc_wi> No tyee, been slow 
<phil wilson> Jim I hear still quiet 
<John Kolinski> The new sponsors for PWT are not finalized yet 
<Gary Gray> They were going to try and be here tonight 
<Jim Carroll> In the Bahamas with our money? Just kidding? 
<Doc_wi> if your in the right spot you get a bunch, seen lots of willow sticks out, means the fish are moving 
<HARSH> Big John are you going to repeat at IL RCL? 
<Jim Carroll> I meant just kidding....>LOL 
<John Kolinski> I'm not going there to dance! 
<Tyee> We been doin fairly well! 
<spooner> Marc just got his and I think anyone fishing behind him will be able to see it 
<early> What do you guys think about the smaller field in PWT? Should be nice he? 
<Booker> PWT guys, did they cut the number of boats allowed in a tourney this year? 
<HARSH> Really? 
<Dan(oh)> how many Marc 
<John Kolinski> The smaller fields are nice, but the competition is harder 
<Doc_wi> how many guys are doing all six events 
<Jim Carroll> congrats buddy Steve 
<John Kolinski> guys doing all six 
<Jim Carroll> Hope you can prefish some too 
<Gary Gray> I heard 
<FreeByrd Steve Carlson me too 
<spooner> give him time Dan...he types slow! 
<FreeByrd Steve Carlson> should be able to with work / vacation schedule 
<stratos> list for all is posted on the PWT website I believe 
<Dan(oh)> boat in yet Marc 
<John Kolinski> Leaving chat, good night everyone 
<spooner> tomorrow hopefully 
<Fishnmagician> hey dude! 
<Doc_wi> c ya John 
<ezmarc> Should be here tomorrow. How many what? 
<FreeByrd Steve Carlson> I promise to be more awake this time - lol 
<Booker> thanks John 
<phil wilson> c ya John 
<Fishnmagician> Nite john 
<Jim Carroll> seeya JK 
<Ristorapper> Nite john 
<Tyee> John thanks alot for your insight and good luck this year' 
<Dan(oh)> 's 
<Team Javelin> see ya John 
<Gary Gray> THANKS JOHN for stopping in 
<Satch_MN> Nite john; thanks 
<HARSH> See ya Big John 
<Buckets(Pa)> evening everyone 
<John Kolinski> Doc, I will call 
<Doc_wi> OK 
<HARSH> Thanks Gary keep in touch and good fishing to all! 
<Ristorapper> same to you Pete 
<phil wilson> no I am from Mich. 
<Gary Gray> WELL, it's that time, and it went fast, thanks for putting up with us tonight 
<Ristorapper> clap 
<stratos> checked PWT website they have posted for all 
<ezmarc> See ya in Winneconne Gary! 
<Satch_MN> thanks Gary, this was a lot of laughs tonight 
<Doc_wi> thanks 
<Tyee> Good Luck Gary and let us know the ride of choice! 
<Jim Carroll> cheers 
<Booker> Best of luck Gary!!!!!! 
<Driftr> hi Gilligan 
<ezmarc> Good luck again this year! 
<early> I've heard Merc is working on a motor with automatic transmission, any truth? 
<Ristorapper> good luck on the tour this year Gary ! 
<Doc_wi> thanks Gary!! 
<Fishnmagician> best of luck to ya Gary 
<Gary Gray> HI FRED 
<DUDE> I missed it DARN!!!! 
<Gilligan (Fred)> Hi Gary 
<Ristorapper> archives man!! 
<phil wilson> Guys it's been fun. I gotta bug out too. 
<phil wilson> Pete, Gary, Jim see ya on the trail 
<Gilligan (Fred)> Cant get here early on Weed's just wanted to catch ya here and wish you well with the ride for 
<Doc_wi> c ya phil, 
<Doc_wi> stay groovy man 
<Jim Carroll> cyan Phil 
<Ristorapper> hey Jim C I can't get the day off can you change the date of the Walleye University?? 
<Booker> Thanks Phil. 
<Ristorapper> good fishing phil 
<phil wilson> peace out 
<Jim Carroll> sorry buddy...how bout April in Billings? 
<phil wilson> Thanx all 
<ezmarc> Steve, Just waiting for the ramps to open up! 
<Gary Gray> FRED< are we on for Cleveland? 
<Doc_wi> no that's far out phil lol 

<FreeByrd Steve Carlson> shouldn't be too long Marc 
<Jim Carroll> another Saturday I know 
<Ristorapper> serious will have to take a peak 
<FreeByrd Steve Carlson> Was looking at your Marblehead Iceberg picture the other day 
<Gilligan (Fred)> I'll email you, fishing for this season will be real limited for me 
<Driftr> bye folks 
<Ristorapper> wouldn't mind a road trip anyway 
<Fishnmagician> hi W 
<DUDE> EZ I can hardly wait, this weekend should help 
<Jim Carroll> Then there will be May somewhere in Minnesota 
<Ristorapper> Nite drifter 
<Doc_wi> dinner time for me, c y'all later 
<Fishnmagician> Nite doc 
<Jim Carroll> but you will be on the river I hope 
<Tyee> see ya doc 
<WarrenMN> Hi Risto 
<spooner> HIS picture? 
<Ristorapper> May Big Muddy Walleye Classic on the Missouri 
<Ristorapper> hey Warren 
<ezmarc> Vermilion is open but it's a long run to the fish from there! 
<FreeByrd Steve Carlson> OK - Just seeing if you were paying attention Chris 
<DUDE> FreeByrd--do you live south of Akron ? 
<Gary Gray> Everyone have a GOOD Evening.


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