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2004 Online Chats
Online chat with Mike Gofron March 3, 2004 by Mike Gofron

<Chatman> Lets have a big warm WC welcome with one of the best known pros on the walleye circuit, Mike Gofron!!! 
<Fishnmagician> CLAP, CLAP, CLAP!!!! 
<WarrenMN> clap clap clap 
<walleyekenny> clap 
<Ristorapper> Hi Champ clap clap CLAP 
<sevenmmm> whistle, WHISTLE! 
<Skis> round o' claps 
<Rippin_eyes> clap clap clap 
<ETT> clap, clap, clap, clap 
<Gofron> Hi Everyone, thanks 
<Chatman> thanks for being here Mike 
<Troll-King> Welcome Mike 
<Gofron> Good to be here 
<champ.Ne> hi risto clap clap. 
<wa_walleye> clap clap 
<Chatman> Tell us what you have up to this winter, Mike 
<Rippin_eyes> Good Luck this year Mike!!! Hate to run but have to go 
<walleyekenny> mike are you upset that the pwt isn't fishing Erie this spring? 
<Ristorapper> two champs!! 
<Chatman> hello Dean 
<Denied(OH)> Hi gang 
<Gofron> I am finishing up my 31000 gallon fish tank in my basement 
<Chatman> wholly cow 
<Skis> What?!? 
<ETT> wow 
<Gofron> I am not upset with Erie, I like new bodies of water 
<WarrenMN> Holy cow, what the dimensions 
<Fishnmagician> stocking walleyes LOL 
<Ristorapper> ufda! 
<Ristorapper> biology 
<Gofron> Yes walleyes , crappies, perch 
<Denied(OH)> gobys 
<sevenmmm> Hey Mr. Gofron, who are your major sponsors this year? 
<WarrenMN> wow, some pressure on that glass 
<ETT> panels made of what ??? 
<Gofron> acrylic 
<Fishnmagician> almost fit your Lund in there 
<ETT> mercy, big bucks 
<walleyekenny> lol 
<WarrenMN> You just put a window over the basement and flood it? 
<Gofron> It is pretty cool to watch the fish 
<stacker> Hi Mike 
<Gofron> Had a perch lay eggs this morning 
<Troll-King> Mike are you fishing any RCL's this year 
<ETT> no doubt 
<Gofron> just about 
<Gofron> Yes, Spring Valley for sure 
<Ristorapper> pretty relaxing just watching I bet 
<Satch_MN> Is that were you going to try your new rapalas? 
<Gofron> it is better than TV 
<Gofron> each fish has its own personality 
<WarrenMN> What sponsors this year 
<Gofron>a lot of the Rapalas and tune them 
<Gofron> No new sponsors, 
<Satch_MN> full circuits this year mike? pwt rcl 
<ETT> how carefully do you tune lures Mike?? 
<Gofron> went to little bay for the walleye school, caught some hogs 
<Gofron> very very carefully 
<Troll-King> What size of Lund are you running this year 
<Gofron> pwt full, rcl maybe 
<Gofron> pro v le 
<champ.Ne> Mike, what are your favorite Rapalas? 
<Chatman> Mike do you usually use a rounded snap to connect to your crankbaits or something else? 
<Gofron> counsel moved in makes a huge difference 
<Gofron> shad rap, jointed shads, husky jerks 
<Gofron> yes a rounded snap, not very big though 
<Chatman> I see 
<Satch_MN> what do you think of the new fire perch color in shad rap RS? 
<Gofron> if i miss a question, ask again 
<WarrenMN> Does a rounded snap allow more action than direct tie 
<Gofron> should be great, looking forward to trying it 
<Gofron> yes, for sure 
<Gofron> i can see it in my fish tank 
<Denied(OH)> what fish finder do you use? 
<WarrenMN> Always wondered that 
<walleyekenny> mike what spinner/rigs do you run? 
<Gofron> Lowrance x19 
<Ristorapper> even with the direct tie loop knot Mike? 
<Gofron> I sometimes tie my own with Northland blades 
<Gofron> They have good perch colors 
<Gofron> and natural looking colors, like bait fish 
<walleyekenny> what pound test line for spinners 
<Gofron> It takes too long to tie the loop knot and just another place for line to break 
<Gofron> 17 LB XT 
<ETT> even on Erie mike? 
<Jaren> Hi Guys! 
<Gofron> for sure, when you get a fish in the net it won't break your spinner 
<Troll-King> even on smaller bodies of water do you use ? 
<Fishnmagician> hi J 
<Chatman> wow I use the same line for my spinners. looks like i am doing the right thing 
<WarrenMN> Your fishing east PWT 
<Gofron> all 
<WarrenMN> OK 
<walleyekenny> hey mike what in line planner boards do you use 
<Troll-King> I go between 2 and 3 depending on the size of fish we are on 
<Gofron> OFF SHORE with the flags 
<Gofron> the only reason I use 17 XT is so the spinner does not break in the net 
<Ristorapper> What makes you such a good jig fisherman; give us one or two of your strong assets as far as jigging goes 
<Troll-King> Makes sense 
<Skis> What line do you prefer for jigging? 
<Gofron> Knowing where the bottom is at ALL times, and trying to picture what exactly I am fishing 
<Ristorapper> do you see the subsurface in D then (or try to ) 
<ETT> mike don't answer if you feel you shouldn't just curious...who most surprised you to be left out of the PWT this year? 
<BottomFeeder> Hi Mike! Its great to have you here.. 
<Gofron> Iron Silk Solar mint, or 10 lb xt for jigging 
<Den> hi all 
<Gofron> honestly, I haven't paid attention to who is not in 
<Denied(OH)> Den, you da man 
<walleyekenny> with the pwt being in 
Cleveland and deep water,will you run lead core? dipseys?s nap weights 
<Chatman> hey Den 
<BottomFeeder> Mike, if you had one jig to use and one color what would you use? 
<Skis> Iron silk is a fluorocarbon (?), right? 
<BottomFeeder> in any water that is a jig lake 
<Satch_MN> what technique do you need to have more practice in than others? 
<Gofron> I will probably try them all, narrow it down in a couple days 
<Chatman> Den its perchjerker posing as Chatman 
<Gofron> Fireball chart. 
<walleyekenny> hey den Kenny Morris here 
<WarrenMN> Bull Shoals 
<Chatman> Mike do you use any mapping software? 
<walleyekenny> salt fork is open Denny 
<Den> great 
<Gofron> naviionics, its awesome with Lowrance 
<walleyekenny> ill see you in Cleveland, IM in the offshore tackle booth this year 
<Denied(OH)> A-men on the avionics 
<WarrenMN> ) 
<Chatman> Yes, I just a Nav chip for my X today as a matter of fact 
<Gofron> maybe trolling 
<Den> yes it is 
<walleyekenny> i agree 
<BottomFeeder> where do you pick the Nav chip up? Does it come with MN lakes? 
<Gofron> I never leave home without my Navionics chip 
<Fishnmagician> yep, BF 
<wa_walleye> are they available for Columbia river? 
<Chatman> it can, I got mine through a connection with the company 
<BottomFeeder> one foot contours? 
<Chatman> you can get them about anywhere 
<Gofron> I'm not sure check their website 
<WarrenMN> hey eye 
<Chatman> I would check their site for lakes coverage 
<Denied(OH)> just don't try and copy one 
<Chatman> www.navionics.com 
<Gofron> it depends on the body of water 
<Chatman> voice of experience Dean? LOL 
<Denied(OH)> ) 
<Gofron> smaller lakes will show more detail 
<Satch_MN> whats better the old solar or ironsilk? 
<BottomFeeder> do you feel that the new spray rail on the Lunds has really improved the splash? And has it made the boats any faster? 
<sevenmmm> What's your favorite jigging rod and reel? 
<Gofron> Yes it has, it gives the boat more lift yes, faster 
<Skis> When jigging, do you have a preference in adding a body to a jig, or just put on a minnow without a plastic body? 
<Gofron> Abu makes an awesome spinning reel and a Berkley Series One Ed 
<ETT> Mike describe your favorite open water harness bead and blade colors, please 
<Gofron> Only if I want to slow the fall down or the bite is finicky. 
<Gofron> Berkley for more scent 
<Fishnmagician> hey skip 
<BottomFeeder> I'm thinking about buying a Lund, but I do a lot of night fishing, to you feel that Lunds has sufficient amount of lighting in their boats? 
<Gofron> Orange, purple and silver or gold blades with #3 single hooks of them 
<Gofron> Lighting is pretty good, if you are out there a lot, you might want to rig a bigger light for tangles 
<Denied(OH)> no boat has enough light for night fishing 
<Denied(OH)> always need more 
<Den> lotsa lights needed 
<elegy/MN> my thoughts topo denied, as my 
eyes get older the more light i require! 
<Gofron> I really like the lighting in the livewells 
<sevenmmm> Is there any event in that you are really looking forward too? A Favorite? 
<Denied(OH)> that may be my problem 
<Gofron> Cass Lake 
<Satch_MN> why 
<sevenmmm> How come? 
<sevenmmm> -) 
<Gofron> its new and more nooks and crannies for fish to hide 
<Gu> hey eyeguy how's the fish 
<Fishnmagician> mike, do you need a pre-fishin partner for Cass? for a day 
<sevenmmm> How do you plan to fish it? 
<Ristorapper> What is your take on Bull Shoals then?? 
<Gofron> i might email me closer to the dates 
<WarrenMN> Have you been to Bull Shoals 
<Gofron> Cass Lake - pull some cranks then fine tune it with jigs or rigs 
<Fishnmagician> WOW, now that would be a good b-day gift LOL 
<Gofron> Bull shoals is totally new, maybe deep water 
<Gofron> cranks 
<Ristorapper> hehe FM 
<Denied(OH)> Mike when looking for fish what are you looking for ie; structure, bait, ? 
<walleyekenny> yes Denny 
<Gofron> i look for weed edges, rock piles that are different than others 
<Denied(OH)> how about on Erie? 
<Chatman> jimbo 
<Gofron> bait fish and water temp 
<Denied(OH)> water temp? 
<roc> hey eyeguy 
<Ristorapper> water temp? 
<Gofron> deep water close to the rock piles or weed edge so the fish feel safe 
<Gofron> it depends what time of year Spring warm water you can find 
<Gofron> mike@mikeGofron.com  
<sevenmmm> How heavy is the large walleye you ever caught, and where? 
<Gofron> I am working on a new website 
<Gofron>13 LB @ Lake Erie 
<Gofron> yes 
<WarrenMN> Risto is just itching to get one 

<Gofron> they are up there for one reason to feed. 
<Satch_MN> pulling spinners over foot rock flats what would you recommend for line out and at what mph? 
<Ristorapper> I'm on one but patient Warren!! 
<Gofron> these shallow weed areas should be adjacent to some deep water 
<sevenmmm> What did that 13 bite on? 
<Gofron> - mph is a good speed, you won't miss anything 
<Gofron> a little faster than normal maybe - mph with heavier weight to keep them down 
<Satch_MN> / oz to oz? 
<Gofron> # husky jerk clown 
<Gofron> No, i would love to try it someday 
<Paul Myrdahl> Mike what areas in your fishing arsenal do you feel to improve on and how do you plan to work on these areas this season ? 
<Gofron> depending on the depth of the rock pile maybe even up to oz or more 
<Wallygetter> <Enter Text Here>Mike, how important do you feel the color of a jig is? 
<early> Mike, are you fishing Spring Valley? 
<walleyekenny> mike any other cranks you like? storm, renosky, reef runners? 
<Gofron> Contour trolling...paying closer attention to mud transitions to hard bottom 
<Satch_MN> How do I determine the size of spinner to run mph? Colorado, Indiana, willow? 
<Gofron> color of the jig could be very important especially in clear water 
<Gofron> yes i have, it is works well for aggressive fish 
<Gofron> I would go with Indiana, it cuts the water better and size depends on size of fish your dealing with 
<Gofron> long, get better hook ups 
<WarrenMN> OK, I got a question for you and every one 
<WarrenMN> any one else hear the TV ad saying some ones soft body caught more fish than live bait 
<Gofron> I would use a spinner the size of your thumbnail 
<Satch_MN> thank mike that should get me started 
<walleyekenny> mike are you running quick change clerisies 
<Paul Myrdahl> what electronics are you using to help you define this soft to hard bottom transition? 
<Ristorapper> No W 
<Gofron> on the bigger spinners but when I am going real slow i run the metal clevis 
<Den> i saw it warren, but i dot believe it without trying it 
<WarrenMN> Gulp? 
<walleyekenny> any comments on bait scents? what brand? 
<Gu> Mike, if it's been asked, don't answer, but who are your sponsors for ? 
<Fishnmagician> tough to swallow huh warren 
<Ristorapper> Good one for mike preference between live bait or scented bodies?? 
<Gofron> some days i will out fish someone using live bait while i am using Powerbaits 
<WarrenMN> ya' 
<Wallygetter> I think the new Gulp baits work as good or better than live bait 
<Gofron> the fish seem to hit a lot harder on power bait 
<Ristorapper> lol FM 
<Skis> That was wierd, I was the "guest" that asked the last question. 
<early> plastics Vs livebait, depends on how you are fishing 
<Gofron> Mark Martin used it in the rcl on Erie and it out fished his nightcrawlers to 
<WarrenMN> Will be interesting 
<Ristorapper> Will we see an all artificial tournament then some day soon 
<Satch_MN> Is it because the powerbait puts out more scent than an live crawler? 
<WarrenMN> I'm waiting for a non electronic tournament 
<Gofron> The Gulp also works well when you are fishing around a lot of perch etc. they don't get it off your hook 
<walleyekenny> mike IM going to Detroit river here next month, what is this -inch worm they use up there while jigging 
<Fishnmagician> good tip Mike! 
<Gofron> ya know, i am not sure about that 
<BottomFeeder> is Mike still here? 
<Gofron> yep still here 
<BottomFeeder> somebody fire questions at him and pick that boys brain! 
<walleyewacker> probably loosening the cramps from his fingers.lol 
<WarrenMN> Good luck at Bull Shoals, I researched it, very vertical, very clear 
<walleyekenny> mike good luck this year,i'll see you in Cleveland 
<early> How many tourneys do you fish every year? 
<Chatman> easy boys lol 
<Skis> Which body of water do you see the big challenge this year? 
<Gofron> In my fish tank, I have 4 inch perch eating inch fatheads WOW that makes a guy wonder 
<Gofron> probably bull shoals 
<walleyewacker> keep your fingers out of that tank mike!! 
<Fishnmagician> Mike, like watchin a little kid eat a big Mac 
<walleyekenny> I've seen walleyes eat 6 inch smelt 
<Satch_MN> Mike do you trap your own bait? 
<Ristorapper> I've caught a northern one time with a pound walleye still hanging out of its mouth 
<Chatman> lol magician 
<Gofron> the fish follow us around the room, who needs a dog 
<BottomFeeder> Mike, just curious. some fisherman have superstitions, do you have your own? or don't you believe in that ? 
<Skis> I fish Chamberlain quite a bit....Does the lower river level make it easier or harder to find fish in your opinion? 
<Gofron> no i don't believe in that 
<Gofron> I do like to make sure i have the key chain my daughter made me years ago 
<early> Skis, you been out there yet? I'm leaving for Chamberlain tonight. 
<Ristorapper> lol 
<Gofron> should make it easier with lower water conditions 
<Skis> Does lack of water movement (flow) make a difference? 
<Paul Myrdahl> Mike what do you like to do away from fishing that helps you relax? 
<Gofron> yes, the fish do not seem as aggressive 
<Gofron> spending time with my family 
<Gofron> Duck hunting!!! 
<Gofron> My year old son is starting to get into also 
<walleyekenny> mike i heard that if you quit fishing you could be a pro golfer 
<early> With slower water they don't expend as much energy, thus feed less. 
<Paul Myrdahl> cool 
<Gofron> he killed his first goose this year 
<Chatman> wow thats great 
<Paul Myrdahl> where your favorite hunting area/ 
<Gofron> with his mom's 20 gauge 
<Gofron> I would love to 
<walleyewacker> would be interested in how you do early, I'll be out late this weekend or beginning next week for a day 
<Chatman> wow he must be pretty strong 
<early> When I get back I'll post in the reports 
<reels> Are you still up in Antioch Mike? 
<Gofron> yeah he is actually 
<Gofron> yep 
<Chatman> hey guys get the last of your questions in for Mike 
<Gofron> I love to hunt in AR and ND 
<walleyewacker> thanks 
<Fishnmagician> from your #1 fan, best of luck to you this year Mike 
<Chatman> another hour has about flown by 
<Ristorapper> where in ND ?? 
<Satch_MN> good luck to you this year mike! 
<terroreyes> if you were going night fishing right now in a river in Mich. for eyes, what would you use first? Shallow water 
<reels> Good luck this year! 
<yellowdogs> hey, Mike, the party up at our house was cancelled due to computer operator problems so sorry we were unable to REALLY bother you 
<Gofron> usually not the same place i look for the birds, depending on the weather 
<Wallygetter> Good luck this year Mike. 
<Skis> B of luck to you Mike. Gotta go!! 
<walleyewacker> lotsa luck to ya Mike, we'll be rootin for ya! 
<Paul Myrdahl> Flooded timber? 
<Chatman> later skis 
<yellowdogs> Just able to log in and now you are ready to leave! 
<Ristorapper> Best wishes this year mike Stay Focused!! 
<Gofron> flooded timber, yeah it warms up faster there 
<walleyekenny> have a great year mike 
<Ristorapper> scents /scented bait your favorite 
<Chatman> ok guys that about wraps it up 
<WarrenMN> Hey banger 
<Fishnmagician> CLAP CLAP CLAP!!!! 
<walleyekenny> thanks for all the info mike 
<terroreyes> good luck......good chat! 
<walleyekenny> clap,clap,clap 
<Chatman> I would like to thanks Mike Gofron for taking the time to visit with us tonight 
<Ristorapper> great job Mike clap clap Clap 
<Fishnmagician> thanks for chatting Mike 
<WarrenMN> clap 
<walleyewacker> thanks mike 
<Gofron> thanks for having me, it was great talking to you 
<Gofron> I am looking forward to another season 
<Chatman> and to wish you great luck this year on the pro circuits 
<Gofron> thanks


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