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2004 Online Chats
Online Chat with Dean Clifton March 10, 2004 by Dean Clifton

<Chatman> Lets have a big warm welcome for the "Dean" of lake Erie trolling, Dean Clifton!!!
<Satch_MN> clap clap
<B Thomas> yeeeeeey
<EyeBoy> ::waves::
<Ristorapper> Clap Clap CLAp CLAP 
<walleyewacker> hi Rean, I mean dean.lol
<Denied(Oh)> thanks gang happy to be here
<Chatman> glad to see you made it back to Ohio after your vac, Dean!
<Denied(Oh)> just passing through for the third time.
<Denied(Oh)> just counted up, we been in 12 states since December
<Buckets(Pa)> dean how deep do the walleye usually suspend in the western basin port Clinton area in may and what would be your bait of choice for trolling of course?
<dipseydiver> hey dean, what part of the lake you fish
<Satch_MN> Dean, do you use any trolling apparatus like tr1 or Trollmaster?
<Denied(Oh)> depth depends on the temperature, anywhere from the bottom to 10 feet down.
<Chatman> try to give Dean a min to answer the questions, guys
<Denied(Oh)> Where - we start out on the reef and will work all the way to Vermillion in October
<Denied(Oh)> no special apparatus, 
<Satch_MN> i just bought a pro Trollmaster
<Denied(Oh)> trolling bags to slow down
<Denied(Oh)> speed and depth are right up there with finding the fish first.
<dipseydiver> whats your standard program, jets? dipseys? cranks? spoons?
<Denied(Oh)> go to is dipsys and jets with spoons 80% of the time
<PromiseKeeper> hello Dean and everyone 
<Denied(Oh)> hi pk
<Chatman> hey promise
<Buckets(Pa)> 454 or 350 in your sport dean
<EyeBoy> Dean; how long do you troll a non-producing bait before you change?
<dipseydiver> well you Erie guys, they caught fish today out of turtle creek
<Denied(Oh)> I start out using cranks, then go to spoons as soon as they work
<Denied(Oh)> 15 to 20 minutes if we are over fish then change
<B Thomas> ever mess with lead core dean?
<lundlander_WI> hi again guys
<Denied(Oh)> yes i tried lead core but like dipsys and jets better and it produces for me.
<PromiseKeeper> Dean, do you use alot of planer boards?
<Denied(Oh)> Really the most important thing is finding the walleye then staying with them
<Denied(Oh)> Thats where i got it all over you working types.
<lundlander_WI> put my boat in Michigan today and had to pull it right back out, motor would not start so took it to shop and they said if battery is not up on high charge they wont start, is this true?
<Denied(Oh)> if the fish are hitting we can go until we wear out
<Tracy> Hi Dean
<Denied(Oh)> Boards - we have both large and in line boards though we use the inlines most
<Denied(Oh)> it Tracy
<boatnut> hi ya Dean
<dipseydiver> dean, your favorite spoon & color?
<Denied(Oh)> hi 
<Buckets(Pa)> dean do you have a 454 or 350 in your sportcraft
<Denied(Oh)> hi mike
<Denied(Oh)> 350
<Chatman> you're a little late Mike 
<Chatman> lol
<Denied(Oh)> spoons - monkey pk, confusion, chicken wings, cat dog, etc.
<boatnut> yeah yeah Chatman.....so dock me
<Buckets(Pa)> is that enough motor mine have 454 and some days i find myself looking for some more horsepower
<silver shad> Dean what kind of snaps do you use .
<Denied(Oh)> I'm not much in a hurry and it trolls down well
<Tracy> Need earmuffs for the 454
<dipseydiver> just curious dean company name of spoons?
<Buckets(Pa)> they sound good it scares the little boats away
<boatnut> whats slowest you can get with sox, Dean?
<Denied(Oh)> Snaps - on my leaders I use a good quality stainless bb swivel on one end and a duolock snap on the other
<PromiseKeeper> no swivel on the spoon side dean?
<Buckets(Pa)> how do y a keep the drifters from sinking your boat when you outfish them 
<dipseydiver> lol
<Denied(Oh)> spoons - Pas, netcrafters proeyes, L-J krocodiles, Michigan stinger, etc
<Denied(Oh)> no swivel on the spoon end.
<Denied(Oh)> fish during the week, not so many of them.
<PromiseKeeper> does that affect the action of the lure?
<EyeBoy> Dean; What do you use for trolling line on the reel and for leader material?
<dipseydiver> dean ever run single hooks on spoons?
<boatnut> how slow can you get down too, Dean?
<Denied(Oh)> line - Fireline 12#diameter, 30# test I think was the last I bought
<Denied(Oh)> no single hooks, I like trebles
<dipseydiver> yes
<Denied(Oh)> how slow - under 2mph normally but as slow as 1 at times
<Denied(Oh)> leader material is fluorocarbon
<Denied(Oh)> 6 foot leaders
<boatnut> k..wow..thats pretty slow......are you saying your "normal speed" say in summer is under 2mph?
<ETT> test???
<Denied(Oh)> same for jets or dipsys
<tamos46> 2 trolling bags or 1
<PatSea> ever use braided line?
<dipseydiver> ok I'm running out of Lorain this year and other boat will be at Fairport harbor
<EyeBoy> Dean; how light do you set your drags?
<ezmarc> I'm with Dean, rarely go over 2MPH
<silver shad> have you ever tried the 2 -5/8" pro eye spoon.
<Denied(Oh)> speed - right 2mph normally but down to 1 at time or up to 3 but 2 works most times
<dipseydiver> 33ft grady in Lorain and 28 baha Fairport
<Denied(Oh)> drag - just where the line won't run off
<Denied(Oh)> braided line - fusion
<Buckets(Pa)> slow is better you get the big lazy fish
<Denied(Oh)> slow - right I like to work the bottom, big fish are lazy and lay on the bottom
<Denied(Oh)> so slow works for me.
<dipseydiver> Capt Kenny Morris-easy livin
<Denied(Oh)> Remember we fish 3 to 5 time per week for 7 months
<B Thomas> cant find rod holders that I really like, suggestions?
<Troll-King> what is you favorite early season technique?
<FreeByrd Steve> Quit rubbing it in Dean!
<Denied(Oh)> rod holders - Burt's or pursuit
<bountyhunter> <Enter Text Here>is Huron any good this month?
<boatnut> yeah really :)
<Denied(Oh)> working for a living sucks, i did it for nearly 40 years
<dipseydiver> lol
<boatnut> Dean, running dipsys at 2mph ....or less........how does that make them correlate to the typical dive curves?
<Denied(Oh)> this month - nothing is going to be much good until it starts to warm a little
<Denied(Oh)> dive curve - yes the still seem close but I always check the bottom to make sure
<Denied(Oh)> check the bottom - bump the bottom and see how much line is out.
<PromiseKeeper> does that know your rings off?
<dipseydiver> ok Jim
<EyeBoy> What size of dipseys' do you normally use?
<Denied(Oh)> rings - some times but I start with new rings each spring and may replace them again
<Denied(Oh)> dipsy size - big ones, #1s
<PromiseKeeper> so how close is optimum to the bottom, dean?
<dipseydiver> hey dean, is it a tough bite up there during the may fly hatch?
<Denied(Oh)> thanks mike
<B Thomas> I've fished with a buddy that has the same boat Dean but with a 454, the boat sounds like a tank, how much does that spook fish? 
<Denied(Oh)> may flys - tough at time, you have to search for what works
<dipseydiver> ya ok
<Denied(Oh)> we have done well on the short harnesses and half a worm at those times
<dipseydiver> dean do you ever run deep diver cranks?
<ETT> wasn't much of a hatch at Lorain last year
<silver shad> Dean: have you ever used pa's weight forward worm harness
<Denied(Oh)> cranks - early spring and late fall
<Buckets(Pa)> the vibrations put a trance on them b Thomas it attracts em
<FreeByrd Steve> Mayfly hatch can be good if you get your stuff up high - top 10 feet
<B Thomas> good answer Buckets
<Denied(Oh)> pa harnesses - yes that is one we put out to see what the fish want
<dipseydiver> me and a few captains had a awesome year on renosky glows
<dipseydiver> on lead core
<ETT> 5,6 or 7 colors Dipsy
<Denied(Oh)> I have the renoskys and have caught some good fish on them, I just tend to like spoons better
<boatnut> dean, in summer do you run all spoons? any cranks?
<PatSea> any suggestions for a good color fishfinder?
<Denied(Oh)> color dipsys - going to more dark colors, black and purple 
<boatnut> Paul wont allow worms on board...might have to start fishing with you, dean :)
<dipseydiver> dark colors is the ticket!!!!!!!!!!!!
<Denied(Oh)> fish finder - i am looking for a replacement also, looking at raymarine 770c and Lowrance x-104
<Chatman> put them in your pocket, Mike
<dipseydiver> hey dean, are you running the clear see through jets?
<Troll-King> Go 104 its the best!!
<B Thomas> where do you get those renoskys? I cant find them in my neck of the woods
<dipseydiver> where you at b t?
<Denied(Oh)> dark colors - seems to be going that way, may be the clearer water
<FreeByrd Steve> wait a minute mike - you guys bleed fish by darn near gutting them and you cant' bring any worms???
<B Thomas> Canton
<ezmarc> Brian, You can order them off Walleye Central products page. 
<PatSea> anyone have the Lowrance LMS 330C?
<B Thomas> thanks Marc
<dipseydiver> dicks sporting goods Akron
<ezmarc> Make sure you get at least 1 purple
<Chatman> Dean, where are ya heading first once you are in the water?
<boatnut> Steve...yeah know....makes no sense to me!
<Chatman> besides the gas dock lol
<Denied(Oh)> west out past the reefs until I see fish, A,B,C Niagara, etc
<dipseydiver> lol
<stratos> what size on the renoskys. and shallow divers or deep divers
<B Thomas> thanks for the advice, I know you love those things EZ
<spinnerone> dean, always nice to visit your web site, keep it up!!!!
<Chatman> i only get out your way once a year for the get together, would like to try some other times
<Denied(Oh)> thanks spinner, glad you like it
<boatnut> hi Paul, welcome
<Denied(Oh)> hi Paul
<ezmarc> They all work but the shallow seem to take more overall.
<PromiseKeeper> do you think dipsy color matters dean?
<stratos> large size or small on the renoskys
<Denied(Oh)> use to no but anymore I shy away for the shiny ones.
<Denied(Oh)> as i replace them I go purple and black
<bob g> dean do you troll any spinners
<Denied(Oh)> I use the small renoskys
<PromiseKeeper> ok...i thought you meant purple and black on your spoons
<idlewake> <Hi Dean, Good to see your back from world travels. The walleye will be looking for you
<ezmarc> Match the hatch. Small in June/July large the rest of the year.
<Denied(Oh)> not spoons, dipsy and jets color
<PromiseKeeper> thanks for clearing me up on that :)
<Denied(Oh)> spinners - some times if spoons quit working 
<boatnut> dean, what color of jets do you like?
<iboat> how fast do you troll with dipsys and spoons?
<PromiseKeeper> if gas gets any higher we may all need to fish from shore
<boatnut> amen brother
<Denied(Oh)> jets - most colors work but I like the darker colors , black and purple dark colors 
<PromiseKeeper> or go with dean !
<wa_walleye> small lakes and rowboats come back into fashion then
<Denied(Oh)> how fast - depends 2 mph normally but 1 or 3 if need be
<Denied(Oh)> if 2 don't work speed up or slow down
<WarrenMN> Have you seen some thing called an umbrella the striper guys down south are using
<ETT> GPS or wheel speed
<iboat> slow early in the year and speed up as needed?
<Denied(Oh)> nope
<Denied(Oh)> gps
<WarrenMN> I'll let it go then
<Denied(Oh)> slow early and late, we were backing up last fall
<idlewake> Open question-Do any of you have any ideas about using Spectra line for tow line on boards?
<Denied(Oh)> :)
<FreeByrd Steve> Paul - yes 500 pound test
<Denied(Oh)> tow lines - I got some 200# test nylon on now
<FreeByrd Steve> Lakeside Bait has spools of it
<FreeByrd Steve> specifically for running boards
<Denied(Oh)> thats it Steve, same thing
<FreeByrd Steve> about $25 - enough to do both reels
<idlewake> Thanks Steve. Can only find 250lb listed. Is that too small dia?
<Denied(Oh)> works well light and does not belly down
<silver shad> Dean ; how far back do you run your inline boards
<FreeByrd Steve> hang on - I'll go double check what I have - spare in basement
<Denied(Oh)> usually run two inlines per side about 75 and 125 feet out from boat
<ETT> quite slippery also
<Denied(Oh)> two dipsys inside of the boards
<ezmarc> Dean, what kind of reels do you use for the planers? What do the rest of you use? I might get into big boards this year
<PromiseKeeper> do you have better luck on the planers or straight back dean?
<ETT> total of 8 lines , Dean?
<Denied(Oh)> I think mine are willies, old ones been around several years anything will work
<FreeByrd Steve> you will have to speed up then marc!
<Denied(Oh)> usually 4 people, 8 lines
<ezmarc> Anything for the cause Steve!
<ETT> True Marc ....big boards will require more speed
<Denied(Oh)> right ett, i agree, I thank thats why I use the in lines more 
<FreeByrd Steve> Talk to me offline before you buy stuff Marc - I have some extras from the old boat you can try before buying anything - they just sit in garage
<silver shad> Dean: have you ever tried a split ring on your proeye spoons
<ETT> When Steve grows up... I want to be his son!!!
<Denied(Oh)> tried a couple but don't feel they are needed
<FreeByrd Steve> Planar tow line - 500 pound Spectra - 300 foot spool - made by Western Filament - buy it at Lakeside
<Denied(Oh)> Hey Steve I enjoyed you list of watering holes
<ezmarc> I trolled at 3.5 last fall off Ruggles one night and did great. Gotta do what the fish want and that's usually slow for me but I know where the throttle is.
<FreeByrd Steve> yeah I was hungry and thirsty after typing that!
<Denied(Oh)> Mark you hit on the key as far as I see, do what they want
<Denied(Oh)> :) i bet
<ezmarc> I've got homemade planers/Masts and reels that I used years ago. The reels stunk though!
<silver shad> Dean: what size hooks do you have on your harness
<ezmarc> Hey tom!
<Denied(Oh)> #4 as I recall
<Tom Franjesh> Brian: Are you chatting?
<PromiseKeeper> good night everyone, got some studying to do. Thanks for all your help Dean!
<FreeByrd Steve> reels - I have clamp on Riviera Spring Loaded "kachman's" and a set of Big Jon clamp ons that will be coming off the boat as soon as the new electrics arrive
<boatnut> idlewake........see!!!! dean allows worms on HIS boat!!!! 
<idlewake> Thanks for the info on Spectra. I know several are using it because releases slide down better
<Chatman> which Brian ya talking to, Tom?
<B Thomas> hey tom, 
<B Thomas> just was reading your post on the T8
<wa_walleye> not this Brian
<FreeByrd Steve> I think you get a better pull on the boards too - still surge but not as much slingshot effect
<J W> Dean..when will your boat go back in for the year??
<Denied(Oh)> not using the weed eater line anymore Paul?
<Denied(Oh)> boat - mid April if the weather lets me
<FreeByrd Steve> the stuff that comes on most planar reels has a bit of stretch 
<idlewake> Mike, news to me. I never saw any worms on Deans boat
<Tom Franjesh> Call me after 9:00 on mobile. That T8 is sweeeet.
<Tom Franjesh> 
<FreeByrd Steve> and I broke a towline a few years ago and lost about $75 worth of releases
<Tom Franjesh> Why
<ezmarc> Steve, Won't need them till later. Bring them to one of the WWA events and I'll try them.
<J W> when do you think it might be worth driving 4 hours and pulling a boat to try ones luck?
<FreeByrd Steve> no problem Marc
<Tom Franjesh> Really - That's a good thing.
<Denied(Oh)> JW any time the weather will let you on the lake
<Amanda Too> Wow, I feel like I'm back at the sand bar with the guys. Hi Dean, It's Paul--Amanda Too
<ETT> wait till the end of the month if you can stand it
<Denied(Oh)> hi Paul, lets go fishing
<Guest> <Enter Text Here>hi, I'm looking for some info on prespawn smallies, like where to start. i know there is a closed season on them but i will only chase them as they are in prespawn. once they get on their beds I'm out of there. thanks... bob
<J W> end of this month ett??
<Tom Franjesh> You should take him into the workshop and teach him how drive and net.
<Sharpeyes> <Enter Text Here>You better get in the tourney so I can buy you in the Calcutta
<ETT> yes or ASAP which ever comes first
<Amanda Too> Yeah, I hear ya. I have a serious case of cabin fever! Cant wait to see what may and June have in store for us by the can off Kelly's again!
<idlewake> Hi Dean, Not ready to fish yet. Wait until it warms up
<Tom Franjesh> You can't beat that. 
<FreeByrd Steve> Dean - you mentioned a couple times liking to work the bottom - do you pull harnesses behind heavy bottom bouncers at all?
<Denied(Oh)> right
<Denied(Oh)> bottom - I try but do better with harness behind dipsys
<FreeByrd Steve> me too - on the dipseys
<Tom Franjesh> It looks like we have stable weather before the weekend which is a good thing.
<Amanda Too> I've got to give props to Idle wakes boat. I really like that pilothouse shamrock. I've seen you leaving the mouth at Vermilion and Huron. 
<B Thomas> ever run shallow cranks behind the dipseys? this was probably already asked
<B Thomas> or stickbaits I guess I meant
<Denied(Oh)> Steve, dipsys and jets have been so good to me its hard to try much else
<FreeByrd Steve> Think I generally run too fast for the bouncers - or not heavy enough bouncers
<Tom Franjesh> Those Shamrocks are nice boats. Is the cabin area heated?
<Denied(Oh)> Yes shallow cranks work well behind dipsys
<FreeByrd Steve> Agree on that too Dean - tough to beat a dipsy for me
<B Thomas> did decent last May pulling Rogues behind dipseys
<Amanda Too> FreeByrd, Last season I did really well with harnesses off boards in the middle Island area. 
<FreeByrd Steve> Amanda Too - behind jets, or snap weights?
<Denied(Oh)> May was a good month for us after an awful April
<Tom Franjesh> Yeah. Center counsels with a pilot house. Most are diesels with inboards.
<FreeByrd Steve> Last year was "An April to Forget" for the most part
<Denied(Oh)> Amanda too, I though you lived on middle island last year :)
<idlewake> No, The Shamrock cabin isn't heated. Boatnut will drag me around in all kinds of inclement weather
<Amanda Too> No, 36in. leaders off 3oz bottom bouncers behind off shore inline boards. Gold and copper blades were the best. Bright colors worked well. SLoooow. .8-1-1mph.
<boatnut> :)
<B Thomas> how far do you guys put the snap weights up from the bait? I got a set this year and am going to try them out
<Denied(Oh)> you don't need heat in KY
<ETT> how'd you control depth??
<boatnut> them thar Kentucky ladies keep me plenty warm
<Amanda Too> Yeah, I know we sure knocked em dead Dean. I remember you found that school l of fish only 3-4mi out. You were getting them there good at AE shoal
<Denied(Oh)> :)
<Tom Franjesh> Brian: I think there is a program to use those snap weights approx. 50' in front of the lure.
<Chatman> well, we are going to officially wrap up tonight's chat, but Dean you are welcome to hang around as long as you like
<ETT> Amanda too what was your lengths??
<Denied(Oh)> 6 weeks, we nearly died and had to quit for a day
<ezmarc> Brian, Start with 50/50 and then experiment. Clear water maybe less weight further from the harness
<Denied(Oh)> OK chat, thanks for having me
<Chatman> I want to thank Dean for taking the time to talk with us tonight
<ezmarc> Hey dean, you were great!
<J W> thanks Dean!!!!!
<Fishnmagician> clap clap clap


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