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2004 Online Chats
Online Chat with Daryl Christensen March 16, 2004 by Daryl Christensen

<Chatman> lets have a big warm WC welcome for one of the best known walleye personalities around...Daryl Christensen!!!!!
<scooter> hi all
<Fishnmagician> CLAP CLAP CLAP !!!!!
<Satch_MN> clap clap
<shadowman> hi Daryl
<Ristorapper> clap Clap CLap CLAp CLAP
<ETT> welcome Daryl
<Capt: Dan.> HEEE HAWWW 
<shadowman> and more clapping
<Ivan> Way to go Daryl!
<Rippin_eyes> haha
<Capt: Dan.> Whistles shouts.
<Chatman> see how easy it is Daryl when everyone likes you ? LOL
<Daryl Christensen> Thanks, guys. 
<232mn> lets fish
<Ristorapper> Mr. Jigmeister 
<shadowman> favorite jig Daryl???
<Daryl Christensen> I got that name from Dave Csanda years ago because sometimes I fish jigs. Favorite jig is the Oddball made by Bait Rigs Tackle in Madison, WI
<shadowman> only sometimes huh?
<Daryl Christensen> Well, 90% of the time
<Ivan> Why do you like the odd ball jig?
<Capt: Dan.> Daryl. You ever see Hutches jigs he makes with the built in wire holder for the grub?
<shadowman> thats better
<Satch_MN> Daryl, I have read your book and enjoyed it. 
<Ristorapper> Me too on the book enjoyed it too and will there be another someday
<Daryl Christensen> I like the jig because I can fish it under any circumstances either shallow, deep, weeds, rocks, timber and with any bait. I can cast and retrieve it or vertical jig. So I'm not having to change jigs if conditions or depths change
<Daryl Christensen> I am working on a new book right now and really need to get my new jigging book done. Thanks for the compliments on the book.
<Rippin_eyes> Do you put a body on the odd ball
<Rippin_eyes> or just bait
<Capt: Dan.> Whats your favorite jigging rod choice? IM-6/7/8?
<Chatman> would you say jigging is your favorite technique?
<Rippin_eyes> I have done both and found both to work well
<shadowman> how long on the finish of the jigging book
<Daryl Christensen> I usually put a one inch piece of plastic worm on the shank unless I am fishing really big minnows or chubs, then I don't since the minnow takes up half the shank anyway.
<Daryl Christensen> IM7
<Just Hang'n> who are your sponsors this year Daryl?
<ETT> Daryl, are you coming to Erie for RCL & PWT
<Daryl Christensen> Yes, Jigging is by far my favorite technique although if I win one more tournament trolling, I will have matched my overall winnings with jigs.
<Ristorapper> I saw your arsenal of jigging spoons up on Sakakawea the night before the '01 PWT started there , Wow! What percentage of your time walleye fishing is in using jigging spoons? 
<Daryl Christensen> Sponsors are: Tracker, Mercury, Stowmaster Nets, Mustad, MotorGuide, Mack's Lure, BaitRigs, Quantum, Lowrance. I will be fishing the PWT at Erie.
<Capt: Dan.> Do you ever find it better in a tournament to anchor and quarter cast likely areas versus slippin the current?
<Daryl Christensen> I use spoons quite a bit in pre-fishing and have won around $50,000 over the years in tournaments fishing spoons.
<shadowman> any idea when your jigging book will be done Daryl
<reddog> evening folks,
<Lane> do you use mono or fire line?
<Daryl Christensen> I seldom anchor. If it is very windy and I have a small spot, then I will otherwise I like to move around and area and really work it over.
<Rippin_eyes> Do you feel that boat control has added to your success of jig fishing
<Daryl Christensen> I almost always use mono. Old dog, you know.
<Lane> do you prefer short shanked jigs or long?
<Daryl Christensen> Boat control is huge. Yes, without it, I would never be very good at presenting the bait under extreme conditions (which is most of the time)
<Satch_MN> Daryl, what technique is the weakest and why? What do you do to over come it?
<Albe> Are there any special colored lures or crawler harness' you use at LBDN
<Capable Partner Steve> Hey Risto. Evenin all
<Daryl Christensen> My weakest?
<Satch_MN> ya
<Daryl Christensen> I guess leadcore line trolling. To overcome it, I need to fish with it more often and I have been doing that. I just hate the time it takes to reel in a fish.
<Daryl Christensen> When I fish spinners, I stick with silver blades on sunny days and gold on cloudy days. Sometimes I will use the local favorite, but not always
<Lane> what do you as far prefishing tournament 
<ETT> Daryl when prefishing do you guys ever use graph paper to plot everyone's waypoints. So you ca get a total overview (thinking Erie) 
<Daryl Christensen> When prefishing, I pretty much decide before I get to a system what and where I will be fishing. I stick with it for at least 3 days and if it isn't working will change to how others are catching fish.
<Rippin_eyes> do you feel that your anglers help each other out or do you try and keep to yourselves what is working
<Daryl Christensen> I don't know of any pro using graph paper. With Erie, we have so many waypoints after fishing it for 10 years that we really don't need anymore, unless of course, the fish aren't where they're supposed to be and sometimes they aren't
<ETT> thanks
<Lane> what kind of rods do you use for jigging
<Daryl Christensen> Most pros have teams of guys they work with. In the past some would try to steer you wrong, but today, most are pretty honest if a guy is struggling to catch fish and will at least share a pattern.
<Rippin_eyes> Hey Dan
<Dan Van Oss> hello
<Capt: Dan.> When you fish a new body of water or one you haven't fished a lot, do you naturally try all the techniques or go with that waters historical winning combination? i.e. Saginaw Bay (my neck of the woods)=Trolling cranks or harnesses.
<Steven> what do u use for jigging for walleyes what colors
<Daryl Christensen> I've never fished red rock. I use Quantum 6 foot medium rods for jigging and six and half mediums for jigging spoons
<Steven> what do u use as Mr. twisters
<Ristorapper> why the longer rod for spoons???
<Daryl Christensen> I will often go with historical information, although I might try something totally off the wall, like jigging spoons on Mille Lacs and finish 4th.
<Ristorapper> hehe
<Lane> do you like using plastics instead of live bait
<Daryl Christensen> Longer rods give me better control with the heavier spoons. 
<Rippin_eyes> how is that off the wall, you are giving out some secrets HAHA
<Daryl Christensen> Colors for jigs are chartreuse and glow. After that, try anything when they are biting.
<shadowman> i knew you would say chartuese 
<Daryl Christensen> I have used plastics for walleyes for 40 years or more. Nothing new there. I will always prefer live bait over plastics in tournaments but plastics do catch fish at times. I like bucktail jigs as well.
<ETT> typical glow green Daryl or some of the new colored flourecents
<Satch_MN> top choices for live bait?
<Daryl Christensen> Yeah, I fish for crappies for fun and food.
<Daryl Christensen> Live bait: minnows first, crawlers second.
<fish_master> i cant get them to hit on any pan fish spinners
<shadowman> Daryl do you like the older sorta true bucktail or the newer flashy stuff
<Rippin_eyes> Daryl, what body of water are you looking forward to fishing the most?? and have you tried the new Gulp??
<Daryl Christensen> Bull Shoals, but wish it was in April instead of late June.
<Jaren> I'm getting ready for Detroit. Any out of the ordinary tips? Good spots?
<Daryl Christensen> Yes, I've tried Gulp
<Rippin_eyes> do you like it
<Daryl Christensen> Try plastic worms, about five inches long on three quarter ounce jigs fished vertically off the breaks. Brown worms are best.
<Satch_MN> Daryl, are you using the x 104? do you like it?
<Daryl Christensen> Do I like it? I think it tastes terrible. Oh, you mean for fishing. Not sure. Will need to use it more often.
<Rippin_eyes> haha
<Capt: Dan.> Are you a (sharp snap and drop man) when Can you determine in what fashion to work a jigging spoon i.e. (snap jig) (slow lift and fall) by where the fish are located in the water column?
<Chatman> lol
<Ivan> He He!
<Daryl Christensen> I'm using the x-19 but will be using the 104 this year.
<Daryl Christensen> Sharp snap and drop, lay on the bottom for a few seconds, then repeat. Don't try this in timber.
<shadowman> what do you enjoy more lake or river fishing
<Satch_MN> have you had time to break in your new boat this year yet? if so where?
<Daryl Christensen> I think rivers just because I grew up fishing on them.
<Capt: Dan.> Hopkins spoons ever?
<Daryl Christensen> Hopkins spoons almost always.
<shadowman> yeah same here
<shadowman> Daryl do you ever use any type of bladebait?
<James> Hi Grandpa
<Daryl Christensen> Yes, Mr. Zips and a few others.
<Ristorapper> How do you determine what weight jigging spoon to use ?? similar to regular jig??
<Daryl Christensen> Hi James.
<fish_master> o so use Hopkins spoons for trolling for walleyes and cast for muskie
<James> You're the best. I can't wait for the tournament season to start up.
<wa_walleye> hello all
<shadowman> hey WA
<Daryl Christensen> Weight is determined by depth of water. I use eighth to quarter ounce in shallow and heavier in deep or vertical jigging.
<shadowman> any idea on when your jigging book will be out for sale Daryl
<Rippin_eyes> do you use light or heavy jigs river fishing
<Jaren> Whats shallow?
<fish_master> i am a 13yr old trying to learn how to fish better for walleyes does anyone have one tips or baits they can share
<Daryl Christensen> Jigging book is probably a year away. I know I said that last year, but I have 65 speaking engagements booked this year and just no time to write.
<Rippin_eyes> fish master, read and learn, 
<Daryl Christensen> Shallow is under 10 feet.
<Capt: Dan.> Ever fish the Tittabawassee River Daryl? I've guided on it since 1988. Still believe jig fishing is the ultimate test for hands on technique.
<ETT> Daryl what are you expecting to do out of Cleveland In July??
<shadowman> will it be worth the wait LOL!
<fish_master> what is best for trolling for pike
<Daryl Christensen> I have fished the Tib and found it very good for jigging. At Cleveland I most likely will be trolling spinners on leadcore.
<Lane> how did you like fishing Sakakawea Daryl
<Daryl Christensen> Best lure for pike is anything silver (or other color) with lots of hooks on it. They aren't very fussy.
<Rippin_eyes> Daryl seeing you said you don't' use lead much are you learning by trying or doing some research
<Capable Partner Steve> If so, when and where?
<Daryl Christensen> I liked Sak a lot. I should have had a much better tournament than I did although I don't like non-culling tournaments.
<Capable Partner Steve> Oops, Any Twin cities speaking engagements?
<Daryl Christensen> I'm learning by doing. I got the technique down, but would simply prefer to fish with jigs or spoons.
<Lane> you should the terrible shape that Sak. is in now. Very low water
<shadowman> any plans to be in around the Pittsburgh area in the future?
<Ristorapper> Pwt Championship in Bismarck the year you had big fish of the tourney where did you find her???
<Satch_MN> Daryl, what pro's do you chum with? 
<Daryl Christensen> I would love to fish the three rivers area in Pittsburgh, I hear it is great.
<Daryl Christensen> Hold on a second.
<shadowman> give a shout anytime your in the area
<Ristorapper> Hazleton????
<Daryl Christensen> I would like to comment on the 13-year olds question first: Try to find an older good walleye angler to take you fishing. Many would love the company, they can teach you an awful lot in a short time.
<Sharpeyes> Daryl, will you be fishing Chamberlain SD this year? I believe the water will be up so it should be good.
<Jaren> Any speaking in southern Michigan?
<Daryl Christensen> I chum with Chief Papeneau, Jay Janny, Terry Nelson and several others. Actually, I get along with just about everyone.
<Daryl Christensen> I will be fishing all the PWT events, as usual.
<Daryl Christensen> Will not be speaking in Michigan this spring.
<Lane> Do you remember where you fish at Sak.?
<Daryl Christensen> I fished in Mission Creek. Incredible.
<Daryl Christensen> "James" on the chat is my grandson. He is 10 years old and has caught a large number of walleyes on spoons.
<shadowman> cool
<Ivan> Way to go James!
<shadowman> does James fish with you alot?
<Rippin_eyes> kids are great to have fishing with you
<Ristorapper> you use any rattle spoons jigging or not at all ?
<WillyZ> Daryl... I read your book about life on the tournament trail- very nice, good idea- I saw you mentioned a jigging book coming out?
<Daryl Christensen> Unfortunately, none of my grandchildren get to fish with me very often because I am on the road so much. This year we are planning a trip. He fishes with his dad who is a very good angler.
<Chatman> great job James!
<Grape Juice> how do all
<Fishnmagician> hey GJ
<Daryl Christensen> I don't use any rattle spoons, although I am going to try them this year.
<Capt: Dan.> Daryl. Are you a stinger fan? I personally hate them in any jigging circumstances. What type do you prefer if you do use them?
<Rippin_eyes> grape Juice
<Daryl Christensen> I never use stingers.
<shadowman> Daryl what do you pull your rig with ford? chevy?
<Ivan> What conditions, etc. makes you use spoons instead of jig?
<Satch_MN> does the wife still help out the PWT Daryl? 
<Daryl Christensen> Chevy Suburban.
<Ristorapper> didn't see any rattle spoons in your box in '01 that's why i asked
<shadowman> nice
<Jaren> No stingers! Why?
<Daryl Christensen> I use spoons in clear water and during cold fronts, mostly.
<Chatman> hi bob
<Fishnmagician> hi bob
<rod bender bob> hi all
<Lane> did you try them on Sak. and did you have any luck with them?
<shadowman> hey bob
<Daryl Christensen> Stingers mess up my presentation and don't really add that many fish in the bag. Large fish can also be injured by stingers making them non-releasable.
<Daryl Christensen> I did try spoons at Sak and did catch some fish in practice, but weinied-out with live bait during the tournament.
<Swede> hi all
<shadowman> hey swede
<Daryl Christensen> Sherry still helps with the PWT
<Fishnmagician> hi Swede
<Guest> Do you prefer long or short shanked jigs
<Satch_MN> must be nice to have some family along to cheer you on
<Ristorapper> how heavy of jigs have you used in current ?
<Lane> what kind of mono do you use? and is it high vis line?
<Albe> Do you use lightweight super lines at all when jigging
<Daryl Christensen> Long shanked, always.
<Daryl Christensen> No super lines, although I will use them in wood or very deep water.
<Capt: Dan.> Daryl. You a hard water fisherman as well? And if so, whats your favorite jigging lure for that? 
<Daryl Christensen> I use 8 pound mono, Stren magnathin, green colored. no hi-vis.
<Wadet> <Enter Text Here>does anybody know if rainy river is open yet
<Daryl Christensen> Favorite jigging lure is the Swedish Pimple through the ice.
<Rippin_eyes> I'll second that
<Lane> what style of a jig do you use
<Capt: Dan.> I'll bet Chief pushed that on you hey? :-).
<WillyZ> I heard it was open to Birchdale
<Daryl Christensen> Jigging Raps and Nils Masters are no slouch, either.
<Fishnmagician> hi tom
<Swede> hi tom
<tom(wy)> hi all
<Grape Juice> Hi Swede &tom
<Ivan> How much do you watch your line for movement or do you go by feel? 
<Capt: Dan.> Have you ever tried ice type spoons for jigging open water?
<Jaren> Casting Hopkins. Baitcaster or spinning? What model?
<Daryl Christensen> Yes, I have. I have used Nilsmasters in open water and caught some fish.
<Wadet> shouldn't be long until it is open to frontiersman then Yahoo!!
<wa_walleye> Thanks for Walleye Journal book it saved me time deciding not to be pros and I respect true pros even more now
<Swede> Daryl you tried to cast them pimples?
<Capt: Dan.> Ever use Do-Jiggers at all?
<Lane> what do you expect from the tour this year. (the places that you are fishing)
<Daryl Christensen> Casting spoons: I use 10 pound mono with a baitcaster on spoons over a quarter ounce and spinning under a quarter ounce. All quantum IM7 medium action 6 and a half footers.
<Daryl Christensen> I don't cast pimples and have not used do-jiggers.
<Capt: Dan.> Daryl. Do you backreel on fish or use the strip and drag?
<Daryl Christensen> The tour is interesting. What I expect is deep bites on Bull Shoals, Erie. Cass should be good, Winneconne crowded, but good. Chamberlain very good with jigging and trolling. Bay de Noc will be mostly trolling.
<WillyZ> Daryl... could you give me any advice on springtime fishing the Mississippi(pool3, 4)- early May?
<Daryl Christensen> I am a backreeler.
<Lane> have you ever fished bull shoals
<Cspeeder> Ever use otter boats for trolling? 
<Fishnmagician> hey dude
<terroreyes> hello all, little late
<Daryl Christensen> Mississippi early may: fish the shallows downstream from known spawning areas and always fish the clam beds.
<Grape Juice> Hey dude & Terror
<Chatman> Hey Jimbo
<WillyZ> how can you find out where the clam beds are?
<Daryl Christensen> I have not fished bull shoals but will listen to any and all advice for catching walleyes in late June!
<Daryl Christensen> Follow the clam diggers.
<Ristorapper> good answer!
<WillyZ> lol
<DUDE> Daryl great to have you on WC
<Rippin_eyes> right in the lip i hear
<Lane> a good friend of mine is from there and has fished it a lot. He really likes it
<WillyZ> what is the big attraction to the clam beds?
<Daryl Christensen> Thanks, I DO follow the clam diggers every time I fish the Miss. It works.
<Daryl Christensen> Baitfish.
<windy> Daryl you ever fish Wyoming h2o
<Capt: Dan.> Clam diggers are cute blondes in Vegas aren't they?
<Daryl Christensen> Never fished walleyes in Wyoming, only trout
<Chatman> thats gold diggers
<Rippin_eyes> those are gold diggers
<Capt: Dan.> O Ya.
<Chatman> lol
<Grape Juice> lol
<Rippin_eyes> great minds think alike perch
<Jaren> easy!
<Daryl Christensen> Walleyes will also spawn on shallow clam beds.
<eyeamdaman> good eve fellas
<WillyZ> interesting
<WillyZ> thanks
<Capt: Dan.> I'm guessing they think the clams are rocks. As they prefer baseball size rocks to spawn on.
<Satch_MN> good luck to ya Daryl, will be watching for ya on the leader boards
<Rippin_eyes> I have found the old clam beds on Gull and other like that hold some nice fish
<Daryl Christensen> Thanks, I will be at Bass pro in Springfield this week if anyone gets down there. Only Thursday and Friday, though.
<Chatman> guys get the last of your questions in, we are going to wrap this baby up and put it to bed in a few
<Daryl Christensen> I love Gull Lake. Great fishing there.
<Satch_MN> night all!
<Chatman> hi Dean
<Rippin_eyes> YES
<Fishnmagician> Nite Satch
<Capt: Dan.> Thanks for your insight Daryl. 
<Jaren> Hey Dean
<Grape Juice> clap clap clap clap thanks Daryl
<Denied(Oh)> hi gang
<WillyZ> nice talking with you Daryl... good luck this year! Goodnight!
<Daryl Christensen> Thanks, guys.
<Rippin_eyes> thanks Daryl
<DUDE> Daryl did you see the passion
<Lane> thanks Daryl
<Swede> thanks Daryl
<Grape Juice> good luck this year Daryl
<Ivan> Thanks for your input Daryl and I wish you the best on the Tournament Trail!
<Rippin_eyes> good luck to you
<windy> Good luck this year Daryl
<Rippin_eyes> seeya ya at Cass
<Jaren> Thanks Daryl!
<Capt: Dan.> BIG APPLAUSE>
<Rippin_eyes> I'm emailing you back
<Rippin_eyes> a Professional Walleye Fisherman
<Capt: Dan.> You get over my way on the Tib let me know. 
<Daryl Christensen> I sure will
<eyeamdaman> Rippen- you been to so.dak yet this spring? 
<Chatman> Daryl I want to tank you on behalf of all of us at WC for stopping by tonight
<Ristorapper> best wishes this year Daryl and sure looking forward to that new book !
<Fishnmagician> whistle whistle whistle!!
<Daryl Christensen> It was fun, thank you all.
<Rippin_eyes> CLAP CLAP CLAP
<Lane> good night
<Chatman> guys lets hear it for Daryl
<Ristorapper> Clap clap clap clap
<Grape Juice> clap clap


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